Mysterious Heir Chapter 1690

As a top-level powerhouse, Cao Yuanbai naturally saw what Li Nan was using at this moment.

At the same time, Cao Yuanbai’s heart had a vague suspicion, but Cao Yuanbai really could not believe that with his opponent’s strength, he could really do that!

At that moment, hundreds of metres up in the sky, forty flaming flying swords, their tips pointing to the sky, formed a huge circle fence, suspended around Li Nan’s body.

The next moment.


With this furious shout from Li Nan that rang out violently, those forty fiery flying swords then immediately received instructions in general.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh ……”

A sound of breaking air sounded out abruptly.

The forty flaming flying swords broke through the sound barrier at the same time and shot up into the sky, flying in all directions!

In the blink of an eye, these forty flaming flying swords had all disappeared from the view of the crowd.

“What the …… hell is going on here?”

“Where did those fiery flying swords go?”

“What is he doing here, Ninth Millennium?”

There was a flurry of chatter from the surrounding crowd, not knowing for a moment what had actually happened.

Jin Feng’s face also revealed a look of suspicion.

He only knew that there were a total of forty fiery flying swords just now.

Earlier, Nine Thousand Years had also said that Grand Commander Cao’s men held a total of four gate guards, as well as thirty-six military chiefs, which added up to a total of forty people.

Forty men, forty fiery flying swords, this absolutely could not be just a coincidence, right?

In the next moment, a shocking thought immediately flashed in Jin Feng’s mind, causing his entire body to be jolted.

This nine thousand year old could not be ……

Jin Feng didn’t dare to hesitate at all, he quickly released his divine sense, and chased in the direction where the blazing flying swords were flying.

    Although Jin Feng’s strength is not weak, but the speed of these raging fire flying swords is extremely fast, and the range is extremely wide. Even Jin Feng’s divine sense can only track the trajectory of three raging fire flying swords at the same time.

Moreover, the three flaming flying swords were the three closest to them.

Not only Jin Feng, but also Cao Yuanbai had already released his divine thoughts to track the direction of the flaming flying swords.

Cao Yuanbai’s strength was much stronger than Jin Feng’s, but at most he could only track six flaming flying swords at the same time.

In fact, Cao Yuanbai did not intend to track all of them, he just wanted to confirm his suspicions!

At the same time, in the imperial capital, the four gates and the 36 barracks of the city defence forces were in the process of mobilising their troops.

In one of the barracks.

A military chief was sitting on a war horse, and in front of him were thousands of soldiers of the city defence army.

“Listen to me carefully, the treacherous Nine Thousand Years old, waiting for the emperor’s favour, is bullying and arrogant, not only framing loyalists, but also attempting to rebel! By order of Commander Cao, all soldiers of the City Defence Force are to protect His Majesty’s safety! All of you, follow me into the palace and kill the Nine Thousand Year old, so that we can restore the clarity of the Great Qian Empire!”

The army chief preached in a righteous and stern manner.

When the soldiers below heard this, they were all slightly surprised.

But after all, they were all just ordinary soldiers, more interested in obeying orders than in questioning them.

Moreover, for so many years, they had already been fully loyal to Cao Yuanbai, who was the great commander, in their hearts.

Now, upon hearing that this was an order from Cao Yuanbai, they had no more doubts and all immediately chose to obey!

“Kill the Nine Thousand Years!”

“Return the clarity of the Great Qian!”

Deafening roars resounded throughout the entire military camp.

Everyone’s blood was at its peak at this moment!

Seeing this scene before him, the army chief on that horse could not help but reveal a smug cold smile at the corner of his mouth.

As the head of the army, he naturally knew very well what they were actually going out for this time.

When he thought that he would soon be able to help Commander Cao to win the throne, and that he would then be able to become the beloved servant of the future emperor, with untold glory and wealth waiting for him, he could not help but feel a surge of ecstasy in his heart.

“Good, troops, move out!”

With a command from the army chief, the thousands of city defence troops were about to move out.

However, just at this moment.


A sound of breaking air suddenly rang out.

It was a loud sound, as if there was a huge palm that tore the sky apart.

When the crowd heard it, they all looked up in the direction where the sound came from.

That army chief was no exception.

Immediately afterwards, that army chief, like everyone else, saw that in that sky, a fiery flying sword was dragging a long tail, cutting through the sky and shooting straight towards his side!

“Not good!”

The army chief suddenly realised what was going on and immediately had to dodge.

However, the army chief had underestimated the fiery flying sword.

The speed of this fiery flying sword was so fast that it was almost impossible for anyone below the level of a Golden Immortal to dodge it.

At this moment, before this army head could make any move, the fiery flying sword had already come down.

“Boom!” There was a muffled sound.

The army head’s entire body was directly pierced by the fiery flying sword.

Immediately afterwards, “Boom!” There was a loud bang.

The army chief’s entire body was instantly set ablaze by the fiery flying sword, and his entire body instantly turned into a huge pillar of fire, with flames rushing to the sky, and even the war horse under his crotch was not spared.


The army chief let out a miserable scream in the midst of the blazing fire.


Those soldiers around him were all terrified.

This scene had come so suddenly that all of them were somewhat unresponsive.

However, there was no longer much need for them to react.

In a matter of two or three seconds, the burning head in front of them was completely reduced to ashes.

When the wind blew, the ashes of the head, together with the flames, dissipated into nothingness, as if nothing had happened.

Only the charred blackness on the ground reminded everyone of how tragic that scene had been!

For a moment, everyone in the entire camp was completely dumbfounded, not daring to make any other move.

The same scene happened almost at the same time in other parts of the imperial capital.

One by one, the military leaders who had attempted to rebel in the camp followed in the footsteps of the previous military leaders, and were all burnt to ashes by the fiery flying swords that descended from the sky, without even a single cinder remaining.

Among them, the four gate guards were relatively more powerful.

When they saw the fiery flying sword descending from the sky, they reacted at first.

They jumped straight down from their horses, expecting that the fiery flying swords would mistakenly strike the war horses, but that was not the case.

Those fiery flying swords were connected to and controlled by Li Nan’s divine thoughts, so naturally they could not be so foolish.

The flaming swords that were about to hit the horses turned in mid-air and came straight at the guards!

One of the gatekeepers drew his long sword and tried to resist.

However, the moment his longsword collided with the fiery flying sword, it was completely melted.

Immediately afterwards, this Gatekeeper was directly pierced through by the fiery flying sword and turned into a pillar of fire.

There was another gatekeeper who fled into his room, thinking that he could escape.

However, the flaming flying sword pierced through the heavy door of the room and set the whole room ablaze, burying the gatekeeper in a sea of fire!

The other two guards ended up in similar circumstances.

All of this happened in just ten seconds or so.

By the time all the flaming flying swords had landed, the four gate guards and the 36 military leaders had all been killed, all by the flying swords!

With the killing of these leaders, the originally agitated forty barracks were completely silenced, and no one dared to make the slightest move!

At that moment, on this side of Hengdian Street.

With the withdrawal of his divine thoughts, Jin Feng violently opened his eyes.

And his face was now occupied by a deep shock.


It was truly too shocking!

Just now, Jin Feng’s divine thoughts had personally witnessed the entire process of those army heads being killed by the fiery flying swords.

Although it was only three of them, it was already enough to make Jin Feng feel overwhelmed!

Taking the head of an enemy commander from more than ten miles away!

Such a tactic was simply too terrifying!

This was beyond Jin Feng’s comprehension!

If Jin Feng had only respected this Nine Thousand Year old before, he was now in awe and even fear of this Nine Thousand Year old!

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai had also opened his eyes.

Like Jin Feng, his divine mind had also witnessed what had just happened.

At this moment, the shock in Cao Yuanbai’s heart was even more intense than Jin Feng’s.

“How is that possible! How could you have done it?!”

Cao Yuanbai’s face was filled with incredulity, simply unable to believe it all.

Cao Yuanbai had only heard of the Sword Technique Distraction before, but had never seen it with his own eyes.

When he saw it today, he had never expected it to be so terrifyingly powerful!

In fact, this was not just the power of the Sword Technique Deity.

Although the Sword Technique Divination was powerful, an ordinary strong man could only divide his spirit by two or three lines at most, hovering around his body for a few metres.

However, it was unheard of for someone like this Nine-thousand-Year-Old to be able to divide his mind by forty lines and take the life of a military leader tens of miles away!

Although Cao Yuanbai was not very clear about this, he knew that in order to achieve such a level, one must have reached the middle stage of Golden Immortality or even a higher level of martial arts cultivation, otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible to do so!

For a moment, Cao Yuanbai’s heart was appalled.

No wonder he had lost to his opponent, his strength was so much higher than his own!

What made Cao Yuanbai even more desperate was that the four gate guards and the 36 military chiefs were his greatest reliance on his rebellion.

Now, all of them were gone, and Cao Yuanbai was plunged into complete despair!