Master Of The Blade Chapter 85

Ye Xuan turned around and left with his sword, only, this speed of his was really a bit slow!

It was too slow and too slow!

It was like a turtle crawling!

And behind Ye Xuan, Bai Ze looked confused!

Flying with a sword?

Ye Xuan was indeed flying with his sword …… But something doesn’t seem right ……

Soon, Ye Xuan arrived in front of a dense forest with his sword, and just then, the person who was running not far away stopped!

This person was none other than Mo Yunqi, who was frantically cultivating!

Mo Yunqi looked at Ye Xuan who was riding his sword in the distance, his face full of shock, “Bandit Ye …… What the hell are you up to?”

Ye Xuan had his hands behind his back as he glanced at Mo Yunqi, “Please teach me Ye Sword Immortal, thank you!”

After saying that, he slowly went towards the distance with his sword.

Mo Yunqi looked dumbfounded for a while before coming back to his senses, “This guy …..”

I don’t know how much time it took, Ye Xuan rode his sword to Old Man Ji’s compound, but unfortunately, there was no way for him to fly over the wall, as the distance between the sword and the ground was just too close and too close!

Thus, Ye Xuan just imperialised his sword and went in through the gate.

Old man Ji was lying on a chaise longue, as usual, his entire body emitting an unpleasant smell of alcohol.

Right at this moment, Old Man Ji suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan hurriedly straightened his body, he put his hands behind his back and looked at Old Man Ji obliquely, “Old Man Ji, in the future, please teach me Ye Sword Immortal!”


Ji Lao’s mouth suddenly spewed out a stream of wine, he glanced at Ye Xuan before flexing his fingers and a gold coin landed in front of Ye Xuan, “Hurry up and go find a physician to take a look, don’t delay!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

An hour later, Ye Xuan sat in front of the stone steps of Canglan Hall, while in front of him, the Spirit Xiu Sword was silently suspended.

Looking at the Spirit Xiu Sword in front of him, Ye Xuan was a little worried.

He could indeed control the sword now, however, the speed couldn’t be raised, not only that, when he was controlling the sword, he also felt particularly strained.

There must be something wrong somewhere!

But the question was, where was the problem?

A hundred thoughts on it!

After a few moments, Ye Xuan did not think about this problem and instead began to cultivate the Royal Sword Art!

Under his control, the Spirit Xiu Sword continuously swept above his head at a very high speed, at least more than twice as fast as before, not only that, he was now able to control it with even more ease!

When fighting against others, the power of this Sword Royal Art of his was not small, and should be said to have a miraculous effect!

Unfortunately, he always felt that there were some shortcomings, and where there were shortcomings, he was not particularly clear, and when he asked Elder Ji, Elder Ji did not understand at all, or rather, Elder Ji did not want to instruct him in matters of the Sword Dao at all!

This made Ye Xuan somewhat depressed!

And the mysterious woman hadn’t woken up yet, so he simply had no one to ask.

He could only figure it out on his own!

Inside a dense forest in the back of the mountain, Ye Xuan sat on the ground, while a sword constantly flew and chopped through the field, every time the Spirit Xiu sword flew through, a large tree in the field would be cut off ……

And from time to time, Mo Yunqi would come to the dense forest to fight with him, however, every time Mo Yunqi was about to lose the fight he would immediately bolt.

Just like that, day after day passed.

One day early in the morning.

Inside Old Man Ji’s compound, an old man suddenly appeared.

The person who came was none other than Li Xuan Cang, the president of the Cang Mu Academy.

Old Man Ji was lying on a recliner, still drunk and not about to wake up.

Li Xuan Cang glanced at old man Ji and laughed, “Old man Ji is living a really comfortable life!”

Old man Ji said in a faint voice, “If you have a fart, let it go!”

Li Xuan Cang wasn’t angry as he glanced at the location of the back mountains and laughed, “An unknown secret realm has been discovered in the Jade Mountain range of the Ning Kingdom’s imperial capital, and the owner of that secret realm should be the one left behind by the Ning Kingdom’s once number one powerhouse, Tuoba Fu. We must know that this Tuoba Fu had already broken through the Ten Thousand Laws Realm back then, and there must be quite a few good things within this secret realm. The Ning Country is open to all the neighbouring countries this time, as long as they are under twenty years old in the Lingkong Realm, they can participate. How about it, is Canglan Academy participating?

“Not participating!” Old man Ji replied decisively.

Li Xuan Cang laughed, “Not participating? You guys will definitely participate!”

Right at this moment, Old Man Ji violently opened his eyes, and in the next moment, he was about to disappear in place, and right at this moment, Li Xuan Cang in front of him suddenly violently slammed his palm towards in front of him.


In an instant, the entire small courtyard shattered.

At the back of the mountain, Ye Xuan and the others’ faces changed drastically as they rushed towards the Canglan Hall.

On top of a ruin, Li Xuan Cang and Ji Lao were facing each other from a distance, and behind Li Xuan Cang, there was a folk of black-robed people, in the hands of the black-robed people, they were carrying a little girl, and this little girl, was none other than Ye Ling!

Li Xuan Cang coldly glanced at Ji Lao and laughed, “Tell Ye Xuan, if he doesn’t participate, then let his sister die within the secret territory!”

After saying that, he and the black-robed man turned around and were about to leave.

And right at this moment, an angry roar suddenly came from below, “Old dog, put down my sister!”

As this voice fell, a sword light shot up into the sky, cutting straight through Li Xuan Cang.

In the air, the corners of Li Xuan Cang’s mouth flared with a touch of sarcasm as he gently pressed his right hand downwards.


That sword light shattered, and at the same time, a sword fell straight down, pointing straight at Ye Xuan below.

Elder Ji suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan, as he gently guided his right hand, the power in that sword was instantly discharged cleanly, followed by a wave of his right hand, and the Spirit Xiu Sword landed steadily in front of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan still wanted to make a move, but he was stopped by Ji Lao, who stared at Li Xuan Cang in the air, ”It seems that in order to kill him, you, Cang Mu Academy, don’t have any face at all, ah! Surprisingly, you sent out two Ten Thousand Law Realms to capture an unarmed little girl.”


The corner of Li Xuan Cang’s mouth flared up with a touch of sarcasm, “If you, Cang Mu Academy, had been able to decisively behead the ancient dean back then, why would you have been reduced to such a state?”

Ji Lao’s hands slowly clenched up, “If you dare to touch her, I will make sure that all of your Cangmu Academy’s students die!”

Li Xuan Cang laughed coldly, “If you dare to make a move, she will die without a doubt!”

With that, he pointed at Ye Xuan, “I believe that he won’t let you make a move, no?”

Ye Xuan stared at Li Xuan Cang in death, “Old dog, you are at least the dean of a courtyard, what is it that you can’t charge at us big old men?”

Li Xuan Cang shook his head and smiled, “Face? How much is it worth? Old me only knows that if you don’t die, in the future, what my Cang Mu Academy will lose is not face, but a thousand years of foundation.”

After saying that, he coldly glanced at old man Ji, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm her, I will only throw her into the secret realm, but if you dare to make a move, she will definitely die!”

As his voice fell, he turned around and disappeared into the end of the sky with the black-robed man.

Ye Xuan was about to chase after him, but he was stopped by Old Man Ji, Ye Xuan looked at Old Man Ji, his eyes red.

Old man Ji shook his head, “I’m sorry, I also did not expect that they would be like this.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes slowly closed!

After an instant of silence, Ye Xuan suddenly turned around with his sword, “I don’t blame anyone but me for being too weak!”

In the middle of the field, Elder Ji sighed in a low voice.

At this moment, Mo Yunqi appeared beside Old Man Ji with Ji Anzhi and Bai Ze.

Mo Yunqi’s face was blue, “Old man Ji, this Cang Mu Academy is too damn shameless!”

Old Man Ji said softly, “Shame? The talent and strength shown by Kid Ye has already made them scornful! If they don’t jump over the wall in a hurry, after waiting for him to grow for a while, at that time, the main courtyard of my Cangmu Academy may accept him, and at that time, they will no longer be able to get rid of him!”

Mo Yunqi said in a deep voice, “Can’t we just inform the main courtyard? Let them come over to help?”

Ji Lao shook his head, “He’s not enough …… He must at least reach Sword Dao Master before twenty, at that time, perhaps he will attract the attention of the main courtyard ……”

Mo Yunqi took a deep breath, “This Cang Mu Academy, too damn shameless!”

Right at this moment, Ji Anzhi, who was on the side, suddenly said, “He’s descending the mountain! Should be heading to Ning!”

Mo Yunqi suddenly said, “I’ll go with him!”

Bai Ze nodded, “Together!”

After saying that, the two of them turned around and left.

At this moment, Elder Ji suddenly said, “This is a set up, a set up against him, and within that secret area, it’s desperation for him! And for you guys to go, for you, it’s also extinction!”

Mo Yunqi stopped, he thought for a moment, then smiled bitterly, “I know that it is a desperate situation …… That’s why it’s even more important to go!”

After saying that, he quickly disappeared into the distance.

Bai Ze also hurriedly followed.

In place, Old Man Ji looked towards Ji Anzhi, who softly said, “Take care!”

After saying that, she turned around and went back inside the Cang Lan Palace, and in a short while, she descended the mountain with a large bag.

Amidst the ruins, after Old Man Ji was silent for a moment, he arrived at a small hall in the back of the mountain, where all sorts of spirit cards were piled up. There were many, as many as thousands!

Looking at those spirit cards, Old Man Ji did not have a trace of drunkenness at this moment.

I don’t know how long it took, but he suddenly lay down on the ground, then took down the wine gourd on his waist and drank himself violently, “It’s the dean’s incompetence, failing to keep you all ……”

A quarter of an hour later, an old man suddenly left Canglan Mountain, not knowing where he had travelled to.

The Imperial Palace of the Jiang Kingdom.

Somewhere inside a gloomy hall, an old man was sitting on the ground, teasing a black puppy.

At that moment, a middle-aged man appeared at the entrance of the hall, the middle-aged man gave a slight salute to the hall and said something.

A moment later, the old man inside the hall suddenly said: ”Kuraki Academy …… Not the usual underhanded ah ……”

The middle-aged man said in a deep voice: “That teenager has travelled to Ning!”

The old man was silent for a moment, then said, “Find out who the black-robed man who struck tonight is, and also, send shadow guards to escort that teenager …… Forget it, I’ll personally go and escort a ride, after all, it’s someone who once dared to fight for the Jiang Kingdom ……”

As his voice fell, the old man disappeared into thin air.

Drunken Immortal Tower, inside a certain box.

A man in black suddenly appeared inside the box, and the man in black gave a slight salute to the old man in front of him ……

A moment later, the old man coldly laughed, ”A good Cang Mu Academy, really is not generally good at making deaths! Pass the order down, use all the power to check the black-robed man who struck out this night, and also, send someone to escort that teenager to Ning …… Forget it, I’ll go there myself!”

The black-robed man said in a deep voice, “Building Master, are you openly taking sides?”

The old man said in a faint voice, “That’s right, old me is taking sides this time, on the side of Battle Canglan Academy. Adding flowers to the brocade is never as good as sending charcoal in the snow, isn’t it?”

After saying that, his entire person disappeared in place.


Two Realms Mountain.

A man suddenly appeared in front of a grass hut, the man kneeled down on one knee, “Your Holiness, that little girl was hijacked by the Kuraki Academy ……”

A moment later, the grass hut exploded.

A little girl walked out from it, the little girl’s face turning blue, “Cang Mu Academy? What rubbish thing! If anything happens to her, this father will slaughter all the students of Cang Mu Academy!”