Master Of The Blade Chapter 82

Ye Xuan walked over to Mo Yunqi, he pulled him up as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he looked towards those two in the distance, “Very strong!”

Very strong!

Ye Xuan nodded.

He had exchanged blows with the two just now, and even he was not 100% sure that he would be able to defeat these two!

In this world, there were still many geniuses and demons!

And with Cangi Academy offering such generous conditions, many people were definitely moved!

Not to mention others, he himself was a bit tempted!

A single local ranked martial skill could buy many spirit swords!

Ye Xuan retrieved his thoughts as he glanced at Bai Ze and Mo Yunqi, “You guys pick one!”

Bai Ze turned to look at the burly man not far away!

Without any nonsense, Bai Ze directly rushed towards that lanky man!

And the lanky man wasn’t willing to show weakness either, leaping forward and shooting explosively towards Bai Ze!

Boom boom boom!

Soon, an explosive sound came from behind Ye Xuan and Mo Yun Qi!

Ye Xuan turned his head to look at Mo Yunqi, who was silent for a split second before looking at the man holding the Crescent Moon Blade not far away, and in the next moment, his entire body rushed out like a swift wind!

In the distance, the man holding the Crescent Moon Blade had no fear on his face, he leapt forward and made a vicious chop towards the front!


This slash, directly cleaved through the air!

Mo Yunqi had already appeared behind the man, and the man reacted extremely quickly, turning around to slash out ……

On the eaves, Ji Anzhi leaped towards the black-clothed woman rushed over, the black-clothed woman is towards the back even flash, at the same time, a feather arrow constantly shot towards Ji Anzhi, in the face of these arrows, Ji Anzhi did not dare to be careless ……

Inside the alley, only Ye Xuan and the man in cloth were left to fight!

The man in cloth glanced at Ye Xuan, “We will leave the imperial capital!”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “If you had said this before these brothers of mine came, I would have agreed. But now …… It’s too late!”

As his voice fell, Ye Xuan’s entire body suddenly leapt forward, a leap that had the momentum of a fierce tiger pouncing!

The lance man’s right hand tightly gripped the lance in his hand, and in his hand, the lance trembled violently, while under his feet, the ground began to crack inch by inch!

Silence for an instant, the man holding the lance towards the top was a stab.

Above the tip of the lance, the lance flashed, and a powerful force poured out!

On both sides of the man, the walls shattered!

And right at this moment, as a ray of sword awns flashed by, the field suddenly fell silent!

Ye Xuan was already not far behind the man, and above the tip of the Lingxiu Sword in his hand, a drop of blood slowly dripped down!

Ye Xuan turned to look not far away, at this moment, Bei Ze was in a fierce battle with the burly man, both of them were cultivating their physical bodies, and when they fought, naturally, their fists touched the flesh, however, Bei Ze clearly had the upper hand!

The stout man constantly backward storm retreat, and his body has been everywhere cracks …… On the contrary, White Zephyr, was fighting more and more ferociously!

Ye Xuan sized up Bai Ze, his heart was also a little shocked, I should say shocked, if he relied on his physical body alone, even if he had cultivated the hidden realm, in terms of physical body, he would not have any advantage when facing this Bai Ze!

If he hadn’t cultivated the Golden Body Realm, if he relied on his physical body alone, he estimated that he wouldn’t even be able to receive a single punch from Bai Ze!


Right at this moment, the entire lanky man in the distance directly flew out, a few feet away, the lanky man heavily smashed into the ground, he was just about to get up, but Bai Ze suddenly descended from the sky, and stepped on the lanky man’s head.


The lanky man’s head directly plunged into the ground, his body convulsed, and he was no longer moving!

Bai Ze snatched the lanky man’s pair of black iron fists, then he snatched the bag around the lanky man’s waist before walking over to Ye Xuan, he raised the pair of black gloves in his hands and grinned, “Spiritual weapon!”

Ye Xuan nodded

nodded, “Minimum value of two million gold coins!”

Bai Ze grinned, “I finally know why you like to fight! In future fights, remember to bring me along!”

Ye Xuan: “……”


Right at this moment, an explosive sound suddenly came from the distance.

Ye Xuan and Bai Ze turned their heads to look, and not far away, Mo Yunqi’s entire body was shaken back by several feet!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan frowned slightly as he and Bai Ze were about to make a move, while Mo Yunqi in the distance suddenly said, “You guys watch, I’ll do it myself!”

Ye Xuan and Bai Ze hesitated, but in the end, they did not choose to make a move!

They trusted Mo Yunqi!

This fellow, if he really couldn’t fight, he would definitely run away faster than anyone else!

Right at this moment, Mo Yunqi in the distance suddenly pinched a decision with both hands, and in an instant, a silhouette appeared behind the knife-wielding man in the distance …… It was precisely Mo Yunqi, however, Mo Yunqi remained in his original position.

Two Mo Yunqi?

Ye Xuan and Bai Ze looked flabbergasted!

Not only the two of them, the man with the sword also froze!

Just then, two cold auras flashed through the field!

Flying knives!

Two flying daggers, one thousand and one, flew towards the man with the knife, their speed was extremely fast, even Ye Xuan and Bei Ze could not see the trajectory of the two flying daggers!

The pupils of the knife-wielding man’s eyes shrunk slightly as he realised that the two flying daggers were actually real!

Not being able to think about anything else, the man with the knife suddenly held his knife in a fierce horizontal sweep.


A half-moon shaped blade aura shook out, the powerful blade aura forced the two flying daggers to a halt, however, right at this moment, another flying dagger flashed through the field!

In an instant.


The knife-wielding man’s body stiffened, and at his throat, an inch-long flying knife was inserted!

Ye Xuan and Bei Ze looked towards Mo Yunqi, at this moment, Mo Yunqi’s face was a little pale, Ye Xuan walked to him, “Is everything alright?”

Mo Yunqi hurriedly straightened his back, “Do I look like I’m not alright to you?”

Ye Xuan gently patted Mo Yunqi’s shoulder, “Wait go back and have a good rest.”

Saying that, he picked up the knife-wielding man’s long knife and the money bag around his waist before handing it to Mo Yunqi, “This knife is also a spiritual weapon, worth at least two million gold coins. If you don’t want it ……”

Mo Yunqi snatched the knife and the money bag as he glared at Ye Xuan, “Why are you acting like a bandit?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Two million gold coins!

Mo Yunqi glanced at the long knife in his hand, his eyes were filled with awe, knowing that in his original family, although there were spiritual weapons, none of them were within his reach, moreover, two million gold coins were all a huge sum of money for their family!

Mo Yunqi sighed softly, “Bandit Ye, I finally know why you like to fight! Fighting can make you rich!”

With that, he glanced at Ye Xuan, “Next time you fight, please call me, otherwise you’re not a brother!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Right at this moment, the three of them suddenly raised their heads to look at the distant rooftop, above the distant rooftop, Ji Anzhi was shocked by an arrow and retreated violently, while the woman in black was not striking out, but turned around and swept towards the distance!

The speed was extremely fast, just like a hawk.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Kill!”

As his voice fell, his right foot violently stomped the ground, and his entire body flew up in the air, but very quickly, he fell down again ……

Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze looked at Ye Xuan, who looked a little embarrassed because he was only at the Qi Royal Realm, he couldn’t fly in the air at all!

Bei Ze looked at Mo Yunqi, the fastest in the field was definitely this Mo Yunqi, but Mo Yunqi was shaking his head, “I consumed too much just now, I can’t lift my speed at all.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Nothing.”

Saying this, he

seemed to think of something and looked towards Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze, “How did you guys rush here?”

Mo Yunqi said in a deep voice, “It was Old Man Ji who notified us that you were beaten up by a group, and then we came!”

Saying this, he hesitated, then said, “Bandit Ye, seriously, although your strength is only a little bit worse than mine, but, you should know by now how many people are trying to kill you, next time, if you want to go down the mountain, it’s better to call the three of us together! More people, more protection ah!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Bai Ze glanced at Mo Yunqi, “Both of you, shameless!”

Ye Xuan’s cheek was thick, he knew that, and now it seemed that this Mo Yunqi’s cheek was also thick!

Mo Yunqi glared at Bai Ze, “People like you wouldn’t survive long in a chivalrous novel!”

Bai Ze glanced at Mo Yunqi, “Believe it or not, I’ll send you flying!”

Mo Yunqi stepped back several feet towards the back, he waved at Bai Ze, “Come on, come over here!”

The corner of Bai Ze’s eyes jumped slightly as he directly ignored Mo Yunqi before looking at Ye Xuan, “Let’s go back!”

Ye Xuan nodded as he looked towards Ji Anzhi on the roof, “Ji Eater ….. Oh no, Ji big beauty, let’s go!”

“Ji Eater?”

Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Xuan with an unfavourable expression.

Ye Xuan secretly said that it was bad, he flinched before pointing at Mo Yunqi who was not far away, “He said it, he said that you are an eater.”

Mo Yunqi froze.

At this moment, Ye Xuan turned to look at Bai Ze, “It was Mo Grizzly who said that, right?”

Bai Ze glanced at Ye Xuan, at which point, Ye Xuan opened his mouth, “Do you want to eat?”

There was only a mouth shape, no sound.

Bai Ze obviously read it. He turned his head to look at Mo Yunqi, who was not far away, “That’s what he said!”

“Wo grass!”

Mo Yunqi jumped up at once, and right at this moment, a blade awn suddenly descended from the sky and pushed straight at Mo Yunqi.

Mo Yunqi’s face changed drastically and he turned around to run, “You two bastards ……”

Beside Ye Xuan, Bai Ze suddenly said, “I want to eat roast chicken tonight!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “No problem!”

Just like that, the two of them walked side by side towards the distance.

Not long after, the two arrived at a dense forest, and through this dense forest, they arrived at the bottom of Canglan Mountain.

And right at this moment, two explosions suddenly appeared in the dense forest, and soon, two silhouettes retreated from the dense forest, it was none other than Mo Yunqi and Ji Anzhi!

At this moment, the corners of their mouths were both covered in blood, not only that, on both sides of Ji Anzhi’s shoulders, there were two feathered arrows inserted, while Mo Yunqi’s right foot, above the thigh, was also inserted with a feathered arrow!

The two were not as strong as Ye Xuan’s physical body, thus, the feather arrows were directly penetrating!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan and Bai Ze’s faces changed drastically as they rushed over, and at that moment, in the middle of the dense forest, a man and a woman walked out.

The woman was none other than the black-clothed woman who had fled earlier!

The man, on the other hand, was around twenty years old, wearing a wide, ink-coloured robe, his black hair was draped over his shoulders, and on his shoulders, there was a small, pitch-black coloured snake coiled around him!

Beside Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi said in a deep voice, “Be careful, that man is very strong!”

Ye Xuan raised his head to look at the man not far away, the man grinned, “Chu Kingdom, Cang Mu Academy’s Inner Academy Chief, Feng Yixiu, 19th in the Qingzhou Martial Ranking!”

Ye Xuan suddenly walked slowly towards the man, in his hand, a sword quietly appeared!

Ye Xuan looked straight at Feng Yixiu, “Jiang Country, Cangmu Academy, Ye Xuan, number one on the Qingzhou Martial Ranking!”

Behind him, Mo Yunqi flinched, then said, “Bandit Ye, when did you come first?”

Ye Xuan didn’t look back, “Being number one in the countdown doesn’t work!!!”

As the voice fell, his speed suddenly accelerated, getting faster and faster ……

Mo Yunqi: “……”