Master Of The Blade Chapter 81


Very poor!

This was how Ye Xuan felt at the moment!

When he was in Two Worlds City, he was aware of the price of a Spiritual Weapon, the minimum was from two million gold coins ah!

And the sword, it was probably even more expensive!

Now he was so poor that he wanted to rob!

Not long after, Ye Xuan arrived at the Drunken Immortal Mansion, and after he took out his purple card, he was instantly invited into a luxurious box, and he was received by an old man.

The old man gave a slight salute to Ye Xuan, “Does Prince Ye have any orders?”

Ye Xuan nodded, then took out the nine jade spirit stones, “How much can I sell these for?”

“Jade Grade Spirit Stones!”

There was a hint of surprise in the old man’s eyes, “In this Jiang Country, there aren’t many of these Jade Grade Spirit Stones.”

Saying that, he mused for a moment, then said, “A Jade Grade Spirit Stone is around half a million gold coins!”

Half a million gold coins!

Ye Xuan pondered slightly, then said, “Is it at most four and a half million gold coins in total?”

The old man nodded.

Ye Xuan asked again, “About how much can I buy a Spirit Sword?”

The old man glanced at Ye Xuan, “From at least three million, and it might even have a price!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, he now knew why there were so few sword cultivators!

For fuck’s sake, it was simply not something that ordinary people could afford to cultivate ah!

A spirit sword cost three million gold coins!

Not to mention one person, even some big families can’t afford that much gold!

On top of that, there are also sword techniques for sword cultivators, all of these together are afraid to be a huge expense!

Inside the box, Ye Xuan thought about it, he took out a whole bunch of things again, they were all the trophies he obtained after killing people, there were quite a lot of messy things, among them, the most valuable one was naturally the folding fan spirit weapon that he got just now!

The old man’s gaze paused on that folding fan, then said, “Ye gongzi, with all due respect, just this folding fan is slightly more valuable, the rest, are not worth much ……”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Together, can you buy two spirit swords?”

The old man was a little embarrassed.

And just then, he flinched slightly, and in the next moment, he glanced at the door before looking at Ye Xuan, “Sir Ye is wanting two spirit swords?”

Ye Xuan nodded his head.

The old man smiled faintly, “No harm, Sir Ye is our honoured guest, we will find a way for Sir Ye, please wait for a moment.”

After saying that, he put away those things of Ye Xuan’s before exiting the box.

Almost half an hour later, the old man returned to the box, and in the old man’s arms, he was holding two black boxes.

The old man walked to Ye Xuan, “I’ve kept Prince Ye waiting.”

With that, he handed the two boxes to Ye Xuan, “These are two spirit swords, please have a look at them, Sir Ye!”

Ye Xuan opened one of the caskets, within the caskets, was a three feet long sword, the sword was about two fingers wide and very sharp.

The most important thing was that the sword had a hint of spirituality!

It was a spirit sword without a doubt!

Ye Xuan closed the box, then looked at the old man, “With all that money I have, I shouldn’t be able to buy these two swords!”

The old man smiled faintly, “Prince Ye is my Drunken Immortal House’s honoured guest, this bit of convenience, my Drunken Immortal House can still give.”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then said, “Thank you then.”

This was the goodwill released by Drunken Immortal Tower, so he naturally wouldn’t reject it.

Seeing that Ye Xuan did not refuse, the smile on the old man’s face grew brighter, “Also, Prince Ye should be careful of the Cang Mu Academy, as far as we know, the Cang Mu Academy has set its mind on killing Prince Ye, the last time Prince Ye had an accident on the Cloud Ship, my Drunken Immortal Tower has already found out that it was the Cang Mu Academy that did it. And they, for sure, will not stop, Duke Ye is out there, so be careful!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Thanks for telling me. If your building has some other news, please let me know when the time comes, I am grateful!”

The old man smiled, “Definitely!”

Ye Xuan clasped his fists, “Farewell!”

After saying that, he turned around holding the two spirit swords and left.

After Ye Xuan left, a black-robed old man came out

inside the box now.

This person was none other than the ninth floor master of the Drunken Immortal Building!

The Ninth Floor Master glanced at the direction Ye Xuan left in the distance, then said, “In the future, if I’m not in the Imperial Capital, try to give this person some convenience, as well as, pay attention to the side of the Cangmu Academy, and if you find anything, you can sell a favour to this teenager at that time!”

The old man gave a slight salute, “Understood!”

The ninth floor master’s eyes slowly closed, “Kuraki Academy …… Continue to die!”


After Ye Xuan left the Drunken Immortal Building, he couldn’t wait to rush towards Cang Lan Academy.

Two spirit swords!

With his current condition, if he was able to devour these two spirit swords, he had an 80% chance of reaching the Lingkong realm!

Once he reached the Air Lingering Realm, not only would he be able to greatly increase his strength in all aspects then, but most importantly, he would be able to attempt to fly with his sword!

If he was able to fly with his sword, he would be able to fly around the Imperial Capital, how cool would that be?

Thinking of this, the corners of Ye Xuan’s mouth couldn’t help but spread a bright smile.

Ye Xuan’s speed increased!

And just as he passed through a narrow street, he suddenly stopped.

The street was only about ten feet wide, and on both sides were house buildings!

The point was that there was not a single person above this street!

Something was wrong!

Ye Xuan prepared to retreat!

Although he was confident, he wouldn’t jump into a trap knowing that it was there.

And right at this moment, behind him, a sound of breaking wind came.

Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he turned around and threw a punch.


Ye Xuan’s entire body retreated several steps backward, and with each step, the ground under his feet instantly exploded.

Ye Xuan looked at his fist, which was already red and had blood marks on it. He raised his head to look into the distance, not far in front of him, there stood a man, the man was around twenty or so years old, his body was extremely stout, not far from Bai Ze, and on his right fist, he was wearing a thick black iron fist glove.

Spiritual weapon!

Seeing this black iron fist glove, Ye Xuan’s eyes had a hint of a different colour.

The man had a fierce look on his face as he glanced at Ye Xuan, and there was a hideous smile at the corner of his mouth.

Ye Xuan was about to make a move, just then, he suddenly turned around, not far behind him, there stood two men, the man on the left was dressed in a long cloth coat, holding a long lance, the tip of the lance was like a cold star;while the man on the right, with a short head of hair, was holding a supine moon knife, the body of the knife was pitch-black and thick, the edge of the blade was extremely thin, the back of the knife had three black iron rings.

All three of them were in the Lingkong realm!

No, it should be said that all three had reached the half-step Tongyi realm!

At this moment, the man in cloth holding the spear suddenly said, “Earlier, the three of us have seen you strike! Unexpectedly, the Jiang Kingdom has a demon like you besides that An Guoshi.”

Saying that, he slowly stepped towards Ye Xuan, “One on one, none of the three of us are your opponent, so ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly made a sprint towards the front!

With this dash, he came directly to the zhang in front of the man with the long spear, and right at this moment, his face suddenly changed abruptly, and in the next moment, he flickered sideways and retreated to the right.

At his shoulder, there was a black feathered arrow sticking out!

Ye Xuan raised his head to look into the distance, on a distant house, there stood a woman dressed in tight black clothes, the woman was holding a longbow and carrying a quiver of arrows!

Not three people, but four!

Ye Xuan coldly glanced at the woman on the roof of the house before breaking the feathered arrow on his shoulder, and right at this moment, behind him, a wind breaking sound suddenly rang out, and immediately after, the burly man appeared behind Ye Xuan, and he blasted his fist towards Ye Xuan’s head!

The fist came out like a tiger coming out of a cage, with a domineering fist momentum that chose to devour people!

The corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth flared up with a grimace as he violently turned around and punched!

One punch to explode your head!

With one punch, the ground under his feet instantly exploded, not only under his feet, the walls on both sides also cracked at this moment!

Fist to fist!


An explosive sound rang out, and the lanky man’s black boxing gloves directly cracked, and at the same time

, his entire person retreated several feet in a row, and with every step he took, a deep pit appeared on the ground.

The lanky man glanced at his right hand, his entire right hand was trembling violently!

At this moment, the lanky man had a look of horror in his eyes!

He majored in physical body, and within the same rank, amongst physical bodies, he rarely lost!

And this person in front of him was a sword cultivator!

After Ye Xuan repelled the lanky man with a punch, he was about to ride on his victory, and right at this moment, he suddenly turned around, and a long spear had already arrived in front of him, the tip of the spear spinning, carrying a stern spear aura!

Ye Xuan dodged sideways, missing this shot, and just then, the lance suddenly made a horizontal sweep.

Ye Xuan was unable to retreat and had no choice but to put up his arms in front of him.


Ye Xuan was directly shaken back to the wall by the power in the lance, and right at this moment, a man suddenly flew through the air in front of Ye Xuan, and right after that, a long blade slashed down fiercely.

This blade, the momentum had been established, and the power was domineering and unrivalled!

It was simply too late to dodge, because this blade was too closely connected to the shot just now!

Ye Xuan’s hands violently closed upwards!


With this close, his hands directly closed around the long blade, but his feet were deeply sunk into the ground.

And right at this moment, a long spear suddenly stabbed towards his abdomen!

Ye Xuan let go of the long sword with both hands and rolled towards the side!

Bang Bang!

The ground where he was originally standing was directly split into a deep gully by that long blade, and the wall behind him was instantly penetrated!

After Ye Xuan dodged the shot and the knife, before he could stand still, an overbearing force suddenly came from behind him.

Ye Xuan turned around, and in front of him was none other than that lanky man!

The lanky man leapt up in the air and slammed his fist down towards Ye Xuan’s head!

Above the man’s fist, a pitch-black coloured fist aura flashed!

The corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth flashed with a grimace as he did not retreat, but instead, he similarly blasted his fist towards the top!

It was hard contact again!

Still a punch that explodes your head!

This punch, not only did it have battle intent, but it also had a powerful and unrivalled domineering fist momentum!

The two fists just made contact!


The entire stout man was instantly sent flying to the ground several feet away!

Ye Xuan was also jolted backwards for several feet!

And right at this moment, there was a slight sound of breaking wind!

Ye Xuan’s face changed drastically and he dodged a body position towards the side, however, he was still a little late.

At his right shoulder, there was a feathered arrow sticking out!

Ye Xuan looked up to the eaves in the distance, the woman’s right hand was drawing her bow like a full moon, an arrow was aimed at him, ready to fire!

The woman in black coldly looked at Ye Xuan and was about to loosen the tail of the arrow, just then, she suddenly turned around, and a cold aura slashed down fiercely from above her head!

The pupils of the black clothed woman’s eyes shrunk slightly, she tapped her toes, and her entire body directly floated to the other side of the house!

And in the position where she originally stood, there stood a woman wearing a landscape dress!

Ji Anzhi!

At the same time, two silhouettes suddenly landed on Ye Xuan’s left and right sides!

The people who came were none other than Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze!

Four against four!

Ye Xuan glanced at the two and was about to strike, just then, Mo Yunqi’s right hand suddenly stopped Ye Xuan, “Wait ……”

Ye Xuan and Bai Ze looked at Mo Yunqi, who grunted, “You were the one who made a splash before, the imperial girls only know you Ye Xuan …… You guys don’t make a move now, just watch me perform! Let me finish them off!”

With that, he charged towards the two men in cloth in the distance. And in the distance, those two also disappeared in place at the same time!

Silence fell for an instant.


Mo Yunqi smashed heavily in front of Ye Xuan and Bai Ze, and at the corner of his mouth, a smear of blood slowly spilled out.

Bai Ze looked towards Mo Yunqi, “Mo Grizzly, are you showing us how to get beaten?”

Mo Yunqi: “……”