Master Of The Blade Chapter 79

Seeing those words, the faces of that group of Cangi Academy trainees became incomparably ugly!

This was nakedly humiliating the Kuraki Academy! Nakedly humiliating the Cangi Academy ah!

Some of the young trainees were about to rush over, and right at that moment, Li Xuan Cang and the others appeared in the arena.

Li Xuan Cang coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, who was not far away, and was about to speak, but Ye Xuan turned his head and left.

He walked very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared not far away!

And behind Ye Xuan, there was one more line, “Hundreds of trainees, none with eggs!”

Seeing this line, Li Xuan Cang’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

And that group of Cang Mu Academy trainees were even more furious, their faces reddening.

This was too damn insulting!

Some of the trainees were about to charge towards Ye Xuan, but they were stopped dead in their tracks by those tutors.

Li Xuan Cang coldly glanced at those Cang Mu trainees, “Go back to the mountain!”

Those trainees didn’t dare to disobey, so they reluctantly walked towards the mountain at that moment.

Somewhere, a woman stared deathly at Ye Xuan’s back in the distance, “Why didn’t you let me make a move?”

This person was none other than Beichen!

And beside Bei Chen, was Kukumaku!

Kuk Maku shook his head, “This person’s strength, within my Jiang country, I’m afraid that only that An Guoshi who has already left the Jiang country can suppress him!”

Beichen was silent.

Her strength was comparable to Burning Jade, Ye Xuan could kill Burning Jade, obviously, he could also kill her!

Kukumaku glanced at Ye Xuan who had disappeared in the distance, “He didn’t even die that day …… This person, too mysterious!”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Beichen, “You shall not go looking for him privately, leave everything to the academy.”

Beichen was silent.

After Ye Xuan left Cang Mu Academy, he didn’t wander around but prepared to return to Cang Lan Academy.

This time he came to Cang Mu Academy, he came secretly by himself, the reason why he came was purely because he was unhappy with Cang Mu Academy and came over to disgust Cang Mu Academy, of course, if he could, he still wanted to kill a few people!

Ever since Cang Mu Academy kidnapped his sister, he could be said to hate this academy to the extreme!

Now if he ran into a Cangi Academy student on the street, he wouldn’t hesitate to go up and fuck them to death!

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly stopped, in front of a house not far to his right, there squatted a little girl wearing a black dress, the little girl was about twelve or thirteen years old, the black dress was a bit special, on it was painted a white skull flower.

The little girl was carving a small piece of wood, her technique was a bit clumsy, carving up some effort.

Right at this moment, the little girl suddenly looked up at Ye Xuan!

At this moment, Ye Xuan saw the little girl’s appearance, in terms of appearance, the little girl was not particularly good looking, on the contrary, it was a bit eerie, especially her eyes, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling, as if they would die if they were given a look by her!

Ye Xuan hesitated, then he walked to the front of the little girl, he squatted down, then took the wood and carving knife in the little girl’s hand, and laughed, “What are you trying to carve?”

The little girl glanced at Ye Xuan, then pointed to the eaves of the distant house.

Ye Xuan looked up, there was a pitch-black coloured bird there, the bird was a bit strange and only had one foot!

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then began to carve it quickly.

Not long after, a lifelike bird appeared in front of the little girl.


In fact, when he used to be fine, he liked to carve, because when he was a child, the brother and sister duo were one poor two hundred, while Ye Ling sometimes wanted toys, he naturally couldn’t afford to buy any toys, so he carved some trinkets for Ye Ling by himself, and every

time, he was able to coax Ye Ling to be happy! Over time, he is also considered a carving everyone. No matter what kind of bird ah, fish ah, or people, he was able to carve lifelike!

Of course, in addition to coaxing Ye Ling to be happy, this craft has no use …… But for him, being able to coax Ye Ling to be happy was already enough!

Ye Xuan handed the ‘little bird ‘ in his hand to the black-skirted girl, “Here you go!”

The black-skirted maiden took over the carved wooden bird, she glanced at it before looking at Ye Xuan, who laughed, “What about carving, you have to be quiet, you can’t rush it, the more you rush it, the easier it is to make mistakes!”

Saying that, he picked up a piece of wood beside the black-skirted maiden, then began to quickly carve it, not long after, a small wooden man appeared in Ye Xuan’s hands!

This small wooden man was practically identical to the black-skirted maiden!

When she saw this small wooden figure, the black-skirted maiden’s gaze was instantly attracted.

Ye Xuan handed the small wooden figure to the black-skirted maiden and smiled, “For you!”

The black-skirted maiden glanced at Ye Xuan as she took the small wooden figure, still not speaking!

Ye Xuan smiled, then touched the black-skirted maiden’s head, this touch, in fact, was subconscious, I should say habitual, because he usually liked to touch Ye Ling’s little head like this!

And right at this moment, the black-skirted maiden suddenly looked towards him, she just looked!

Ye Xuan suddenly felt his heart panicking a little, inexplicably, he frowned slightly and hurriedly calmed himself down!

The black-skirted maiden suddenly withdrew her gaze and looked at the small wooden man in her hand, Ye Xuan suddenly felt much better.

Ye Xuan glanced at the black-skirted maiden in front of him, the maiden in front of him did not have half a bit of Xuan Qi fluctuation on her body, she looked like an ordinary person!

Ye Xuan hesitated, “Little sister, are you one of those very, very powerful Jie Shi powerhouses?”

The black-skirted young girl glanced at Ye Xuan and did not speak.

Ye Xuan heatedly smiled, then he stole a glance around before whispering, “I’ll tell you a secret!”

The black-skirted girl looked at Ye Xuan and still didn’t speak.

Ye Xuan’s wrist slightly moved and the Spirit Xiu Sword appeared in his hand.

The black-skirted maiden glanced at the Spirit Xiu Sword, and there was no hint of fluctuation in her eyes.

Ye Xuan pointed at himself and said somewhat mysteriously, “Sword cultivator, I’m a great sword cultivator. Amazing, isn’t it?”

The black-skirted girl blinked, that expression was a bit strange.

Ye Xuan subconsciously rubbed the black-skirted girl’s small head again, then laughed, “Brother still has things to do, so I’ll leave first haha.”

After saying that, he got up and headed towards the distance.

Not long after, Ye Xuan disappeared from the black-skirted girl’s sight.

The black-skirted maiden withdrew her gaze as she looked at the small wooden man in her hand, and a moment later, she got up and looked up at the small one-legged bird not far away, “Can you sense it?”

The one-legged little bird shook its head.

The black-skirted maiden turned her head to look at the sky, her eyebrows knitted slightly, “A sword immortal appears in the Jiang Kingdom’s land boundary, and we, the Protectors of the Dao, actually know nothing about it, this is really ridiculous ……”

Saying this, she seemed to think of something and suddenly looked towards the end of the street in the distance, at the end of the street, Ye Xuan’s silhouette had disappeared, however, the black-skirted maiden was still able to see him!

“This person offended master, I’ll go kill him!”

At this moment, the one-legged bird was about to fly away.

The black-skirted girl reached out and grabbed it, and the one-legged bird landed steadily in her palm!

The black dress girl said in a faint voice: “This person’s sword heart is clear, the heart has good intentions, is a potential talent, do not move him, let him develop. And wait for the next day, if he is still like this day, the heart of the sword clarity, can be well cultivated, for my Qingzhou realm to add a talent.”

After saying this, she turned around and took a step


With this step, her entire person directly disappeared.


Ye Xuan arrived at the bottom of Cang Lan Academy’s mountain, when a group of people surrounded him, and there were many women among them.

“Prince Ye ……”

A teenager walked up to Ye Xuan and gave a respectful salute, “My son Yu Lin of the Yu Family, Prince Ye, there is a dinner party today, and I would also like to ask Prince Ye to attend ……”

On the other side, another man hurriedly said, “Sir Ye, I would like to join Cang Lan Academy, I would also like to invite Ye ……”

“Sir Ye, are you really a great sword cultivator?”

“Duke Ye, my daughter is polite ….. Are you really a sword cultivator? Play a couple of swords to see ……”

Ye Xuan fled.

Back Mountain.

Ye Xuan arrived under the waterfall, Bai Ze was still cultivating hard, at this moment, Bai Ze’s body, surprisingly, had a faint red lustre!

At this moment, Bai Ze suddenly glanced at Ye Xuan, “You, don’t, cultivate, practice?”

The words were trembling!

Ye Xuan nodded and said with a straight face, “Geniuses usually don’t cultivate, like me.”

Bai Ze glared at Ye Xuan, “Go, far, away!”

Ye Xuan hemmed and hawed, just then, a strong wind came from his right!

Ye Xuan turned around with a huff and blasted out with a fist.


A silhouette was shaken back, and just then, a cold aura silently appeared in front of Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan dodged towards the back and dodged the cold aura!

Just then, a shadow appeared in front of him again, and at the same time, a long black stick violently smashed down from above his head!

Ye Xuan clenched his right hand into a fist!


A fist momentum swept out from within him, and with this fist momentum, it hardened and forced that long stick to stop!

Ye Xuan threw out a fist!

However, that silhouette was already ten feet away!

The silhouette was none other than Mo Yunqi!

Mo Yunqi shot a glance at Ye Xuan, “Why has your punch become powerful again!”

Ye Xuan didn’t say anything as he suddenly disappeared in place.

Seeing this scene, Mo Yunqi’s face changed slightly, he gently pointed his toes on the ground, and his entire body instantly retreated violently by ten or so feet, at the same time, a flying sword flashed across the field!

Very fast!


Ye Xuan stopped hard, and just as he stopped, another flying blade arrived in front of him!

And right at this moment, as a sword sound rang out, a flying sword chopped directly on top of that flying sword.


The flying sword flew backwards back in front of Mo Yunqi!

Mo Yunqi hemmed and hawed, “This flying dagger of mine, it’s awesome, isn’t it?”

Ye Xuan suddenly looked behind Mo Yunqi, “Elder Ji?”

Mo Yunqi subconsciously turned back, yet behind him, there was no one!


Mo Yun’s face changed drastically and he turned around in a hurry, and at this time one by one


As a muffled sound rang out, Mo Yunqi’s entire body was directly thrown and flew out, which also flew, a full dozen feet away!

On the ground, Mo Yunqi angrily pointed at Ye Xuan, “Ye Xuan you son of a bitch, you, you actually play dirty, are you still not a human being!”

Ye Xuan blinked, “You can lie to me too! Come on, quickly tell me that there’s someone behind me!”

Mo Yunqi was so angry that he almost spat out blood, “I’m fucking ……”