Master Of The Blade Chapter 78


The middle-aged man led those three Tang Kingdom’s Cang Mu Cadets towards Cang Lan Academy, while behind them was a group of Jiang Kingdom soldiers, and besides a group of Jiang Kingdom soldiers, there was also a large group of onlookers!

And more and more people joined!

And these people, they were all there to cheer on Cang Lan Academy!

Originally, these people didn’t care at all about the fight between Cang Mu Academy and Cang Lan Academy, or rather, they couldn’t wait for the two academies to fight to the death!

But now was different!

Because the people who came were actually from the Tang Kingdom!

The Kingdom of Tang!

What a sworn enemy of the Jiang Kingdom!

When the two countries fought back then, how many people from the Jiang Kingdom died at the hands of the Tang Kingdom?

Now Tang’s Cadet Kuraki had actually come to the Jiang Kingdom!

And at this time, almost everyone had sided with Cang Lan Academy.

This was no longer a fight between academies, but a fight between two countries!

Seeing this scene, the face of that old man from Cangmu Academy suddenly became a little ugly. At this moment, he suddenly felt that letting the cadets from the Tang Kingdom come to the Jiang Kingdom was a huge mistake ……

The Cang Mu Academy was used to being high and mighty, they didn’t really care about what other people thought, thus, they ignored the relationship between the Jiang Country and the Tang Country, or rather, didn’t care about what these people at the bottom thought!

However, they hadn’t thought about the fact that this move had already offended the public!

The old man hesitated, then rushed back to the Cang Mu Academy.

He felt that this matter had to be dealt with seriously, otherwise, the Cang Mu Academy would lose the hearts of the people within the Jiang country!

The group of soldiers, on the other hand, took the three Cang Mu trainees towards Cang Lan Academy.

The three Cang Mu Cadets looked indifferent, or rather, their eyes were filled with disdain and arrogance.

Soon, the group arrived at the bottom of Cang Lan Academy’s mountain, and at the bottom of the mountain, the group saw a little girl, who was carrying a basket with some wild vegetables.

This little girl was none other than Ye Ling who had come down the mountain to pick wild vegetables!

Ye Ling was slightly flabbergasted when she saw the group of people, she didn’t run, because old man Ji had said that underneath this mountain, it was safe!

At this time, amongst the group of soldiers, the middle-aged man at the head suddenly walked up to Ye Ling, “Little sister, is Ye Xuan available?”

Ye Ling blinked, “What are you looking for him for?”

The middle-aged man pointed to the three Cang Mu trainees not far away, “These three are from the Tang Kingdom, they want to challenge Ye Xuan, we’re here to cheer!”

Ye Ling looked at the three Cang Mu Academy cadets, then turned towards the mountain and shouted, “Brother, the Cang Mu Academy people are here again!”

Crowd: “……”

Right at this moment, on the mountain, a green-shirted man flashed and came.

The person who came was none other than Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan’s speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived at the bottom of the mountain, and he didn’t stop!

Seeing Ye Xuan, the corner of the mouth of the teenager who was the leader of the three Cang Mu cadets rose up in a cold smile as he took a step forward, “So you’re Ye Xuan, I’m a cadet of the Tang Kingdom’s Cang Mu Academy, Li ……”

Right at this moment, the speed of the running Ye Xuan suddenly surged, a distance of ten or so feet, he arrived in front of the speaking man in the blink of an eye, at the same time, a ray of sword light flashed across the field!


Before the speaking man could finish his sentence, his body directly stiffened in place!

A light breeze brushed by.


The man’s head suddenly fell off his neck!

The blood was like a column!

Everyone in the arena was dumbfounded!

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly flickered to the left, and at the same time, he slashed his sword out horizontally.


The head of a Kuraki trainee was instantly thrown out!

At that moment, the last remaining Kuraki Cadet finally came back to his senses, and he turned around and ran.

Ye Xuan didn’t chase after him, instead, he turned towards Ye Ling, but the sword in his hand suddenly flew up, then flew towards behind him and chopped!

A dozen or so feet away.


The head of the Kuraki Academy cadet who was running was directly pierced through by a sword!

The sword brought up a stream of blood that spun in the air before flying back to Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan caught the sword with his right hand and pulled Ye Ling with his left hand, “Let’s go, cook!”

After saying that, the brother and sister duo slowly headed towards the mountain amidst the crowd’s gaze.

Below the mountain, everyone was dumbfounded.

This is dead?

In seconds?

The crowd hadn’t even regained their senses, while Ye Xuan had already disappeared into the distance with his younger sister Ye Ling!

“Sword cultivator …… That’s awesome ……”

“At first, Cang Mu Academy didn’t even want this guy …… Those guys from Kuraki Academy are really blind!”

“Blind? I think it’s stupidity …… This Ye Xuan amongst the younger generation of our Jiang Kingdom, I’m afraid that only An Guoshi can beat him ……”

“I heard that he and An Guoshi are still friends …… Hey, Laozi said long ago that this Ye Xuan is valued by An Guoshi, would he be an ordinary person? You guys see, what I said isn’t false ……”

“Look at you, Laozi remembered that you were the one who said that An Guoshi looked at the wrong person and said that this Ye Xuan was a waste!”


Soon, the matter of Ye Xuan instantly seconding three Cang Mu Academy students spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital like a plague!

And at this moment, the Imperial Capital was abuzz!

Ye Xuan had killed the Cang Mu Academy trainees, but they were also Tang people, and for Ye Xuan to instantly second three Tang people was undoubtedly giving everyone in the Jiang Kingdom a long face!

And more and more people were becoming dissatisfied with Cang Mu Academy in their hearts!

Originally, how the two academies were fighting, it was a matter within the Jiang Kingdom, while Cang Mu Academy actually invited foreign aid, and it was also from the Tang Kingdom!

Although many people looked at Cang Mu Academy with displeasure, no one dared to come out and publicly accuse Cang Mu Academy!

This behemoth, no one dared to come out and offend it easily!

It is worth saying that Canglan College is a bit lively under the mountain, every day there are some people come to the mountain, among them there are some women, seems to be waiting for something ……

Cangmu Academy.

Inside a large hall, Li Xuan Cang was sitting at the first place, and on the two sides below, was a group of tutors and elders of Cang Mu Academy.

All of them were Cang Mu Academy’s real power figures!

Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “All three of them are in the Lingkong realm, and all three of them failed to receive a single sword from that Ye Xuan, what do you guys think?”

There was silence in the great hall.

The complexion of the crowd was somewhat gloomy!

Those three people who came from the Tang Kingdom were not as good as Burning Jade, but they weren’t weak either! However, they didn’t even manage to receive a single sword from Ye Xuan!

They were directly killed in seconds!

This Ye Xuan was still only at the Royal Qi Realm!

This isn’t a challenge that crosses the rank, this is a second kill that crosses the rank!

In the field, after a moment of silence, an old man stood out, “This person’s strength, I’m afraid that he’s only under that An Guoshi, I suggest informing those trainees who have come from elsewhere, so that they may not rashly go to challenge this person, sacrificing their lives for nothing ……”

“Why notify?”

Just then, Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “Let them go ahead and challenge him!”

The crowd looked at Li Xuan Cang in puzzlement!

Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “The more people he kills, the more people he makes enemies, seventy-two Cangmu Academies in Qingzhou, then let him offend them all!”

Borrowing a knife to kill!

The people in the arena were not stupid and naturally understood Li Xuan Cang’s


Li Xuan Cang’s eyes slowly closed, since the death of Burning Jie, this Cang Mu Academy of Jiang Kingdom’s young generation of vitality was only left with Bei Chen!

A single Beichen would not be able to suppress the scene!

If there were no outstanding geniuses on their side to send to the Middle Earth Divine Region, the resources they received on their side would definitely decrease, which would undoubtedly be fatal to this Cang Mu Academy of the Jiang Kingdom!

You have to know that every year, they would get some help from coming to the General Academy, these help, there are gongfa, martial arts, spirit weapons ……

But the prerequisite was that there had to be talented demons sent over from this side!


What’s most lacking in this era? Apart from resources, it’s talent!

In the Middle Earth Divine Region, the Cangi Academy naturally had enemies, and to keep a power from falling, one needed talent!

But this time, they had suffered heavy losses on their side, and it could be said that they were already at an absolute disadvantage compared to the other Cang Mu academies. Now that it was too late to cultivate new geniuses, the only way was for the other academies to lose their geniuses as well!

It would allow Cang Lan Academy to make enemies and also be able to consume the geniuses of those academies.

Of course, if someone really killed Ye Xuan, that would naturally be good as well!

In short, right now, they only needed to sit back and watch the tigers fight!

Ye Xuan!

Thinking of this person, Li Xuan Cang’s complexion instantly became gloomy, this time, Cang Mu Academy’s loss, it was not an ordinary heavy ah!

In fact, this was nothing, what made him somewhat unable to let go of the knot was that this Ye Xuan was originally going to come and join Cang Mu Academy ah!

If Cang Mu Academy had accepted Ye Xuan in the first place, then this Cang Lan Academy deliberately said that it was basically out of the question!

And now that Cang Lan Academy had Ye Xuan in it, it was an unknown number ah!

An unknown number!

At this time, Li Xuan Cang added, “Pass the order down, anyone who can kill Ye Xuan, will be presented with two volumes of earth ranked upper grade martial arts, two volumes of earth ranked techniques, and one million extreme energy stones, not only that, but they will also be able to enter the secret realm of my Jiang Kingdom’s Cangmu Academy for cultivation.”

At those words, the crowd in the arena all changed colour!

Two volumes of Earth rank upper grade martial arts! Two volumes of Earth ranked techniques! Plus one million Extreme Energy Stones!

This is already a haemorrhage!

This was enough to take it as a bounty to kill a Divine Harmony realm powerhouse!

Ye Xuan, on the other hand, was only at the Royal Qi Realm!

In the middle of the field, an old man hesitated, then said, “Dean, this price, isn’t it a bit too big?”


Li Xuan Cang coldly glanced at the old man, “If this son doesn’t die, he will definitely become a great enemy of our Cang Mu Academy in the future! Right now against him, our academy will definitely do its best! There can’t be the slightest bit of contempt, otherwise, we will all die without a burial place in the future!”

In the face of genius, if one cannot draw them in, the best method is to destroy them, and Ye Xuan was still a genius of Cang Lan Academy!

He didn’t want Cang Mu Academy to have one more sword cultivator enemy at the Sword Lord level or even the Sword Emperor level in the future!

Sword Lord! Sword Emperor!

Thinking of this, Li Xuan Cang’s complexion gradually became gloomy.

Right at this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly walked quickly into the hall, ”Dean, Ye Xuan …… He …… He’s here.”

At those words, everyone in the arena froze.

Ye Xuan had come?

Under the Cangshan Mountain Path, a man stood with a sword, and not far away opposite him stood a group of Cangmu cadets, who all looked on guard.

The man looked up at the group of cadets, “Don’t be nervous, I just came to practice!”

As his voice fell, he began to swing his longsword in his hand.

Soon, on the ground in front of him, a line of large characters appeared, “Hit me! You guys come over and hit me!”