Master Of The Blade Chapter 75

There were three continents in the Qing Cang Realm, the Qing Zhou, the Middle Earth God’s State, and the Cang Lan Continent.

In this Qingzhou realm, apart from the largest empire in Qingzhou, the Great Cloud Empire, the rest of the large and small countries also have nearly a hundred, in addition to these small countries, there are also a variety of thousand year old families and some mysterious mountain forces!

Cang Mu Academy, does not belong to the mountain forces, but even those mysterious mountain forces, to this academy is not dare to underestimate.

Because Cang Mu Academy is spread throughout the entire Qingzhou!

Even in the Great Cloud Empire, there was a Cang Mu Academy, and that wasn’t even the most terrifying, it was rumoured that the headquarters of Cang Mu Academy stood in the Middle Earth Divine State, where the martial arts civilisation was the most glorious!

In the realm of Qingzhou, the Cang Mu Academy of each country operated on their own, as if they were princes and lords, and they only listened to the Cang Mu Academy of the Middle Earth Divine Prefecture. However, this didn’t mean that there was no connection between them.

All the Cang Mu Institutes in the entire Qingzhou had competition, but there was also co-operation.

Summoning Order!

This was one of their means of co-operation, if one party was in trouble, offering the summoning order would cause the eight parties to support them!

Of course, it’s not free support, there is a price to pay!

And this price paid by the Kuraki Academy was no longer big, but very, very big!

Earth rank upper grade techniques, earth rank upper grade martial arts, earth rank upper grade stance xuan techniques, and half a million extreme spirit stones …… At these prices, not to mention going to kill a Qi Royal Realm as well as a few Lingkong Realms, even if it was to kill a Divine Harmony Realm powerhouse, there would be countless people who would do it.

There would be courageous people with heavy rewards!

Soon, countless spirit pigeons rushed up from the sky within the Cang Mu Academy, then flew off in all directions.

This scene was quite spectacular.

Imperial Capital.

What Ye Xuan had done in Cang Mu Academy, Cang Mu Academy did not have the ability to suppress it, and soon, the entire Imperial Capital basically knew about what Ye Xuan had done in Cang Mu Academy!


The entire imperial capital was shocked!

How many years had it been for Canglan Academy, it had almost faded out of people’s sight, no, it had faded out of people’s sight, and now, Canglan Academy actually dared to go head to head with Kuraki Academy!

And it had just won!

The most terrifying thing was that Ye Xuan had actually beheaded one of Cang Mu Academy’s most demonic Burning Jie, and even piled up the four words ‘Cang Mu Academy’ with the corpses of Cang Mu’s trainees in front of Cang Mu Academy.

This was ruthlessly slapping Cang Mu Academy’s face!

Ye Xuan!

This time, Ye Xuan’s name had once again spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital, and unlike the last time, this time, it was countless people who had curiosity about him, and some who worshipped him!

Sword cultivators, were always easy to be worshipped!

Overall, this time, Cang Lan Academy could be said to have impressed the entire Imperial Capital!


Elder Ji brought Ye Xuan and the four of them back to Cang Lan Academy, and in front of the Cang Lan Hall, Ye Xuan met Ye Ling!

Ye Ling immediately jumped into Ye Xuan’s arms, she hugged Ye Xuan tightly, fearing that Ye Xuan had disappeared. She didn’t cry, she just hugged Ye Xuan like that, and in her eyes, there was a trace of unusual firmness.

Looking at Ye Ling in his arms, Ye Xuan’s icy complexion also softened, he gently rubbed Ye Ling’s small head, “Brother promised that you would return!”

Saying that, he looked towards the black-skirted woman sitting in a wheelchair not far away, “What’s your name?”

The black-skirted woman pondered slightly, then said, “Lu Jiu Ge.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Miss Lu, thanks a lot!”

The black-skirted woman shook her head, “You are a national scholar, my Jiang Kingdom is on your side, Cang Mu Academy will not stop this time, take care!”

After saying that, the old man behind her pushed her and turned to leave.

Jiang Kingdom!

Ye Xuan glanced at the black-skirted woman’s back, “I’ll make a note of it!”

The black-skirted woman nodded slightly, and soon, the two disappeared not far away.

At this moment, Ye Ling suddenly said, “Brother, I’ll go cook for you.”

“We want to eat too!”

At this time, Mo Yunqi behind Ye Xuan suddenly heatedly smiled, “Little Ling’er, make us some too…….”

Bai Ze nodded, “I want some too!”

Ye Ling smiled cheekily, “It’ll all be there.”

After saying that, she turned around and ran quickly towards the distance.

At this moment, the old man Ji on the side suddenly flexed his fingers and soon, four golden pills landed in front of Ye Xuan’s four, “Go and heal your wounds first!”

Ye Xuan nodded before picking up his own piece of elixir and walking towards his room.

Mo Yunqi took a glance at the pills in front of him before exclaiming, “Old man Ji, this pill is not bad ah……”

With that, he looked at Old Man Ji, “Actually, you’re quite rich! That said, if you’re so rich, can you improve our quality of life? Or recruit a few girl trainees to come as well ah ……”

Ji Lao said in a faint voice, “Scram!”

Mo Yunqi heatedly smiled, “You can think about it haha, especially the last one ……”

After saying that he turned around and ran.

Bai Ze and Ji Anzhi also turned to leave.

Just then, Jiang Yue Tian appeared not far in front of Elder Ji.

Jiang Yue Tian glanced at the distance before saying, “These three little fellows you recruited are all good, especially that Ye Xuan. This son, is not simple!”

Ji Lao said in a faint voice, “Normally, your royal family can’t wait for me, Cang Lan Academy, to fight to the death with Cang Mu Academy, yet today you came out to be a peacemaker, not normal!”

Jiang Yuetian laughed, “Indeed, I am anxious for you to fight with Li Xuan Cang to the death …… But what about after that? Your Cang Lan Academy was completely annihilated, and the Cang Mu Academy was heavily damaged, yet, is that the end of it? No, that Cang Mu Academy in Qingzhou will continue to send people over to this side to reorganise the Cang Mu Academy, and at that time, they will truly be the dominant one.”

Elder Ji said in a faint voice, “I see, wanting me, Canglan Academy, to continue to wear out Cangmu Academy!”

Jiang Yuetian shook his head, “Elder Ji, old me also explicitly said with you, this time, my royal family is on your side. Of course, it’s impossible to come out openly to help you guys, but, secretly, my royal family is still willing to give you some help, after all, that kid is a national scholar, and has a good relationship with Xiao Jiu, my royal family holds him, in high regard.”

Elder Ji took a sip of wine and fell silent.

Jiang Yue Tian laughed, “Elder Ji, you shouldn’t object, right?”

Ji Lao shook his head, “No objections, just, don’t make small moves against him.”

Jiang Yuetian laughed, “Naturally not, for him, we will likewise protect him secretly. This son is not only affectionate, but also has the idea of family and country, this time, he even helped Xiao Jiu with a great favour, for him, my royal family does not have half a bit of malice, this point, I can guarantee it!”

Elder Ji nodded, “That’s good.”

After saying that, he took a sip of wine and turned to leave.

Jiang Yue Tian turned his head to look behind the Cang Lan Palace and laughed, “Great Sword Cultivator …… What a great sword cultivator ……”

After saying that, he turned around and disappeared in place.

Inside the kitchen, Ye Ling was burning the fire and cooking.

Right at this moment, a little girl suddenly appeared not far away from her, the little girl was wearing a small cotton jacket, with a long braid tied at the back of her head, looking quite a bit cute.

Ye Ling glanced at the little girl and didn’t say anything.

The little girl said in a faint voice, “Your brother almost died today!”

Ye Ling hugged her knees and didn’t speak.

The little girl looked straight at Ye Ling, “You’ve already dragged him down many times. Today, he almost died because of you, and in the future, his enemies might still target you.”

Ye Ling’s tears suddenly flowed down, and she couldn’t wipe them away.

The little girl walked over to Ye Ling, “You must be independent, and you must also become stronger, only then can you not drag your brother down, no, I should say that in the future, you will be able to protect your brother better!”

Ye Ling looked up at the little girl, “Brother is very powerful …… Can I protect him?”

The corner of the little girl’s mouth lifted slightly, “He is very powerful, but compared to you, he is far inferior. As long as you come with me, I guarantee that in the future, you will definitely shine even brighter than that An Guoshi from the current Jiang Kingdom!”

Ye Ling froze, then said, “For, why ……”

The smile at the corner of the little girl’s mouth gradually widened, I should say that she was a little excited, “Because you’re a Cold Spirit Physique, the legendary special physique, as long as you come with me, my North Cold Sect will definitely raise the entire sect to cultivate you, so that you can kill your way through that Qing Cang Realm’s Demon Ranking.”

Ye Ling was silent for a long, long time, and finally, she looked up at the little girl, “I promise you.”

The little girl was ecstatic, and at that moment, Ye Ling added, “However, I have to accompany my brother for a period of time ……”

The little girl hesitated, then nodded, “Yes, I’ll come find you then!”

After saying that, she turned around and disappeared into thin air.

In front of the stove pit, Ye Ling hugged her legs at the knees and just stared blankly at the flames within the stove pit.


Inside the Cang Lan Palace, the crowd gathered.


There were more than a dozen dishes on the dining table, all of which Ye Ling and Ye Xuan personally manipulated out, during which, Ye Ling gave Ye Xuan dishes from time to time, all of which were meat, which made Mo Yunqi and the others on the side of the table look at them with a speechless face!

This was a pro-sister ah!

After the meal, old man Ji took a sip of wine, then said: ”To tell you a not so good news, the Cang Mu Academy has issued a summoning order, the entire Qingzhou realm, there are a total of seventy-two Cang Mu Academy branches, the Cang Mu Academy in the Jiang Kingdom, is just one of them, now, they issued a summoning order, and gave an extremely high remuneration, that is to say, the remaining seventy-one super geniuses and devils of Cang Mu Academy may all rush to come! and demons may all rush to the Jiang Country.”

After saying that, he glanced at Ye Xuan’s few people, “What you guys are going to face next is not one or two geniuses and demons, but a group of them, and I can’t make a move!”

Ye Xuan lifted the soup in front of him and drank it all in one go, “Dry and it’s over!”

Beside Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi nodded, “It can only be dry!”

Speaking of this, he seemed to think of something, then looked at Old Man Ji, “Old man, Cang Mu Academy has so many branches, what about our Cang Lan Academy? That said, doesn’t our Canglan Academy have some background backstage?”

Ye Xuan also looked towards Old Man Ji, this was also where his curiosity lay.

Old man Ji was silent, a moment later, he took a sip of wine, then softly said, “My Cang Lan Academy’s headquarters is located in the Middle Earth Divine Continent, and it is known as the two academies alongside the Cang Mu Academy, and my Cang Lan Academy, in the Cang Lan Continent, has a total of one hundred and eight academies ……”

At this time, Mo Yunqi suddenly stood up, “Old man, then what are you still waiting for, hurry up and call someone!”

Bai Ze hurriedly nodded his head in agreement, “Call!”

Old man Ji shook his head, “Can’t call!”

Mo Yunqi flinched, then said, “Why?”

Old Man Ji said softly, “This side is not falling …… We are the weakest of all the Canglan Academy branches …… To put it bluntly, it’s because they look down on us and simply don’t care to be with us or acknowledge us, understand?”

Crowd: “……”