Master Of The Blade Chapter 74

Ye Xuan must die!

This was Li Xuan Cang’s attitude, I should say, this was the attitude of the entire Cang Mu Academy!

The talent and strength that Ye Xuan had displayed was too terrifying, especially since even Burning Jie had died at his hands, if he was allowed to continue growing, the life and death competition between the two academies a year or so later, Cang Mu Academy would be in danger!

This was still secondary, the most important thing was that with the strength and talent that Ye Xuan was displaying, when he grew up completely, he might even threaten Cang Mu Academy!

Moreover, the matter of Ye Xuan beheading so many students of Cang Mu Academy was now feared to have spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital, and if Ye Xuan didn’t die, it would deal a heavy blow to Cang Mu Academy’s reputation and majesty!

Thus, to Li Xuan Cang as well as the entire Cang Mu Academy, Ye Xuan must die!

Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze as well as Ji Anzhi looked towards Old Man Ji, who took a sip of wine before looking towards Li Xuan Cang, “He must die?”

Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “If he dies, everything is negotiable, if he doesn’t die, everything is not negotiable!”

Old man Ji shook his head and smiled, then looked towards Ye Xuan who was not far away, “What do you think?”

Ye Xuan looked towards Old Man Ji, “If Old Man Ji wants to put things to rest, the best solution would naturally be to sacrifice me in exchange for putting things to rest this time.”

Old man Ji laughed, “Are you willing to die?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “Don’t want to die. Moreover, I don’t think Elder Ji is that stupid, sacrificing me alone, although I can temporarily put things to rest, Canglan Academy will forever kneel before Cangmu Academy and will never be able to raise its head for the rest of its life!”

Saying this, he looked towards Elder Ji, “Elder Ji, they bullied us first, why do we still want to make peace with them? Yes, we are not as strong as them now, but so what?”

After saying that, he held his longsword and pointed at those Cang Mu Academy students, “Do you know why these people and those people in the Imperial Capital look down on Cang Lan Academy? It’s because we’re fucking wimpy, we at Cang Lan Academy are always wimpy in front of them, we’re all wimpy ourselves, looking forward and backward, thinking about this and that, so how can people look down on us? Canglan Academy has been kneeling for a long time, anyway, I don’t want to kneel ……”

The words fell, he turned to face those Cang Mu Academy trainees, “You asked me what I think, I just have one attitude, not to make peace, not to stop, fight, fight with them, fight until all five of us are dead!”


Right at this moment, Mo Yunqi on the side suddenly stood out, “Old man Ji, anyway, after I joined Canglan Academy, I don’t even dare to tell my family that I’m from Canglan Academy, when I go out, I don’t even dare to wear Canglan Academy’s uniforms for fear of being recognised by people as being from Canglan Academy, out there, as if the moment I say I’m from Canglan Academy, I’m the son of Cangmu Academy in general, this kind of feeling is too damn suffocating.”

After saying that, he pointed at Ye Xuan who was on the side, “Today, Cang Mu Academy openly ran to Cang Lan Academy to arrest his sister, this is a fucking door-to-door slap in the face ah, too fucking bullying. If we don’t fight this fight, in the future, will the students of Cang Mu Academy not come to our Cang Lan Academy to ride and shit on our heads? Fight, fight them, big deal, we’ll all die together!”

Beside Mo Yunqi, Bai Ze nodded, “Fight, fight to the death!”

Ji Anzhi didn’t say anything, but had already drawn the knife at his waist, the meaning was already obvious.

Old man Ji glanced at Ye Xuan’s trio and smiled faintly before looking at Chen Xuan Cang, who was not far away, “Since you, Cangmu Academy, want to burn with jade and stone, then let’s burn with jade and stone!”

As his voice fell, he suddenly poured himself a mouthful of wine, and in the next moment, a powerful pressure suddenly swept out from within him.


With Old Man Ji as the centre, the ground within a radius of several hundred feet instantly crumbled, and at the same time, a powerful pressure swept through the field like a whirlwind!

This pressure was pointed directly at Chen Xuan Cang!

Seeing this scene, Chen Xuan Cang’s expression finally changed, because he did not expect that old man Ji would choose to die with him in the

In his opinion, old man Ji must be sacrificing Ye Xuan as a way to preserve the few remaining Cang Lan Academy students and then plan for the aftermath.

However, old man Ji did not do so!

He chose to fish out of water!

Old man Ji was not stupid, if he gave up on Ye Xuan, then Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze would definitely leave Canglan Academy immediately, not only these two, but even his own granddaughter might turn against him!

Furthermore, and most importantly, the potential and strength that Ye Xuan has shown has made Cang Mu Academy scared, however, how is this not the hope of Cang Lan Academy?

How could he possibly sacrifice Ye Xuan!

If he saved Ye Xuan, there might still be a ray of hope, but if he sacrificed Ye Xuan, Cang Lan Academy would definitely not have any hope!

No genius and demon would be willing to join an academy that would sacrifice its students!

In the middle of the field, with Old Man Ji’s strike, the faces of everyone on Cang Mu Academy’s side suddenly changed.

And those Divine Harmony Realm powerhouses surrounding Ye Xuan and the others were even shaken to the ground by that pressure released by Old Man Ji as they retreated violently towards the back!

These people, all of them had horrified expressions on their faces!

Peak Ten Thousand Laws Realm!

If this kind of strong person were to fight to the death, needless to say, even if Ye Xuan and the others were all killed in battle today, however, the entire Cang Mu Academy would be hardened!

Li Xuan Cang’s face was also extremely ugly at the moment, because he didn’t want to fight old man Ji to the death, Cang Mu Academy was now a big family, while Cang Lan Academy? It was all on the verge of fucking closing down!

At this kind of time, Cang Mu Academy is a bloody loss!

Just as the battle was about to start, a voice suddenly rang out in the middle of the field, “Old man Ji, wait a moment!”

As this voice fell, a grey-robed old man suddenly appeared in the middle of the field.

Ji Lao stopped and turned his head to look at the grey-robed old man, “What are you doing out here, you old man?”

The grey-robed old man was none other than the Jiang Country’s previous country lord: Jiang Yue Tian, and he was one of the four great Ten Thousand Law Realm powerhouses of the Jiang Country.

Jiang Yue Tian laughed bitterly, “If I didn’t come out, this imperial capital would have been scrapped in half by you guys, I’m afraid!”

With that, he glanced at Li Xuan Cang, who was not far away, “Brother Li, with things having developed to this extent, it’s not good for old me to say anything more. How about this, let me be a peacemaker, and let today’s matter end here.”

Li Xuan Cang coldly laughed, “End here?”

Saying that, he pointed at the corpses on the ground not far away, “These people died in vain like this?”

Jiang Yue Tian frowned slightly, if he wasn’t afraid of chaos in the imperial capital, he would have wished for the two families to fight to the death. Now that Jiang has a foreign enemy, the Tang Kingdom, there is no room for chaos!

Jiang Yue Tian slightly pondered, then said, “Brother Li, since the ancient dean, Cang Mu Academy has experienced a thousand years of splendour, in this surrounding countries, the Cang Mu Academy in Jiang country is the strongest, and also chased after the splendour, but if you continue to fight on, the Cang Lan Academy in Jiang country may be completely extinct, but with Brother Ji’s strength, he can equally defeat the Cang Mu Academy with his jade and stone, and at that time, you, Brother Li, can be the sinner of the ages.”

At those words, Li Xuan Cang clenched his hands tightly, his face gloomy, not knowing what he was thinking.

Jiang Yue Tian added, “With Brother Li’s ability, in the future, it is extremely possible for him to travel to the Middle Earth Divine Prefecture’s Cang Mu Academy Headquarters and enter the Cang Mu Academy Headquarters’ Hall of Cai Ying, but if the Jiang Kingdom’s Cang Mu Academy is destroyed in Brother Li’s hands, it might not be a good thing for Brother Li.”

At those words, Li Xuan Cang’s expression moved a little.

Ying Palace!

This was the ultimate goal of all the students, tutors, and even the dean of Cang Mu Academy!

At this time, Jiang Yue Tian added, “Speaking of which, it’s all a struggle between the juniors, how about this, let’s continue to let these juniors fight and battle it out, Brother Ji, Brother Li, what do you think?”

Old man Ji said in a faint voice, “I have no problem with that.”

Li Xuan Cang coldly glanced at old man Ji

, “Yes, I’m fine with it too!”

With that, he looked towards Jiang Yue Tian, “Brother Jiang, I also ask you to be a witness, my Cang Mu Academy and his Cang Lan Academy from this moment onwards, are immortal, and both of us, those who are above twenty-five, are not allowed to make a move, what do you think? If any party violates the law, then please also ask brother Jiang to come out and preside over justice, can you?”

At those words, Old Man Ji and Jiang Yue Tian both looked towards Li Xuan Cang!

Not normal!

Because at the moment, this Cang Mu Academy obviously had no one who could suppress Ye Xuan’s several people, and at this time, Li Xuan Cang still made this kind of proposal, which was very abnormal!

Jiang Yue Tian pondered slightly, then looked towards Old Man Ji who was not far away, while Old Man Ji looked towards Ye Xuan’s few people, Ye Xuan shrugged, “We’re fine with it!”

Old man Ji looked towards Li Xuan Cang, “Yes!”

After saying that, he glanced at Ye Xuan’s few people, “Let’s go!”

Just like that, Ye Xuan’s few people left Cang Mu Academy under the leadership of Old Man Ji!

Jiang Yue Tian also let out a low sigh before leaving Cang Mu Academy.

In the middle of the field, Li Xuan Cang looked at the corpses on the ground with a gloomy expression, not knowing what he was thinking.

On the side, when Lishi was about to speak, Li Xuan Cang suddenly turned his head and gave him a cold look, “This is what you did!”

Li Xiu’s complexion was a bit ugly.

Those powerhouses from the surrounding Cang Mu Academy also looked towards Li Xiu, all of their expressions were unkind.

To know, at first this Ye Xuan but first came to beg to enter the Cang Mu Academy, and it is this Li Xiu and that Cang Chong hard to force this Ye Xuan away ……. Now, this Ye Xuan has become a formidable enemy of Cang Mu Academy!

If this Ye Xuan is in Cang Mu Academy, there is no doubt that Cang Lan Academy will be crushed for a hundred years and will not be able to raise its head!

Unfortunately, he went to Cang Lan Academy instead!


Too bad!

They didn’t feel it before, but now after seeing Ye Xuan’s strength and potential, it would be a lie to say that they didn’t regret and lament.

Even Li Xuan Cang felt some pity and regret, regretting that he didn’t come out to take a look himself, if he came out to take a look, Ye Xuan Cang Mu Academy wouldn’t have missed out on a super demon!

A moment later, Li Xuan Cang suddenly said, “That Cang Chong can still be within the academy?”

To the side, an old man nodded, “Still there!”

Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “What’s the point of keeping it? Hang him immediately!”

The old man hesitated before nodding, “Yes!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Li Xuan Cang glanced at Lixiu, “As for you, reflect on yourself as well.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the mountain, “Send a summoning order to all the Cangmu Academies in Qingzhou, tell them that my Cangmu Academy in the Jiang Kingdom needs support, and that those who are able to kill Ye Xuan and other Canglang Academy trainees will be rewarded with a top grade Xuan Technique of the Earth Order, a volume of top grade stance techniques, a volume of top grade feats, and five hundred thousand top grade Spirit Stones. ……”

Inviting external assistance!