Master Of The Blade Chapter 71

Having not seen his sister for a long time, Ye Xuan’s heart was naturally overjoyed this time when he returned!

He had never been separated from his sister for such a long time, this time he had been separated for such a long time, it could be said that he missed it beyond measure, and now, he only wanted to see Ye Ling quickly!

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xuan rushed from the bottom of the mountain to the mountain.

Upon arriving at the top of the mountain, Ye Xuan froze because he did not see Ye Ling!

His voice was loud enough to be heard by the entire Cang Lan Mountain, and normally, his sister should have heard it!

And Ye Ling did not come out!

Something happened?

Ye Xuan’s heart sank, he was about to enter the hall, just then, Ji Anzhi suddenly walked out from within the hall, Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Xuan, “Something happened to her.”



A sword sound suddenly resounded from within Ye Xuan’s body!

Ye Xuan stared deathly at Ji Anzhi, “Where is she!”

Killing intent!

Ye Xuan had undisguised killing intent in his eyes, this killing intent caused Ji Anzhi’s brows to furrow, “You have to calm down, you ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly appeared in front of her, and in the next moment, a sword was directly pressed against her brow as he said in a fierce voice, “I’m asking you, where is she!”

The voice trembled, obviously, it had reached the edge of violent anger.

Not only that, the sword in his hand was trembling violently!

Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Xuan, then said, “Cangshan Mountain Trail, Burning Jie asked you to go, I’ve already passed the order to grandpa, he’ll be back soon, you ……”

Before she finished speaking, Ye Xuan was already turning around and rushing towards the mountain.

“You mo impulsive!”

Behind him, Ji Anzhi hurriedly said.

And Ye Xuan had already disappeared down the mountain.

Seeing this scene, Ji Anzhi’s face changed instantly. She knew that something was going to happen!

She hurriedly crushed another sound transmission stone before rushing down after her.

At the bottom of the mountain, Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way down, his eyes were tinged with tinges of blood red, and his face was not only hideous, but also insane!

His sister was the only scale he had in his life!

For the sake of his sister, he could do anything!

On the road, many people were attracted to Ye Xuan, and when they saw him, some of them recognised him.

“That’s Ye Xuan …… What’s wrong with him?”

“It seems like he’s going to Cang Mu Academy?”

“No way? Is he going to get himself killed?”

“Go, go, follow him over there and take a look ……”

Soon, some of the good people on the streets followed.

Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way, soon, he arrived at the bottom of Cangmu Mountain, and under the Cangmu Mountain trail, Ye Ling was hanging from a log with her hands tied by a black rope, her face was pale, and her whole person looked particularly helpless and scared.

When Ye Xuan came under the Cang Mountain trail and saw Ye Ling, his entire body directly froze in place, at this moment, his head went blank!

And Ye Ling also saw Ye Xuan at this moment, at this moment, her tears flowed down at once, “Brother, quick, run ……”

Ye Xuan’s eyes slowly closed, in the corner of his eyes, two lines of clear liquid slowly flowed down.

Right at this moment, several Cang Mu Academy cadets suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xuan, one of them was about to speak when suddenly, a sword flew and chopped out from within Ye Xuan’s body.


The Lingxiu sword chopped straight down, and the body of the cadet in front of Ye Xuan directly split into two halves.

Fresh blood accompanied by the five organs instantly poured onto the ground!

Seeing this scene, everyone around them froze.

Especially those who had rushed to watch, what was this Ye Xuan going to do? This was to kill someone?

After Ye Xuan killed one of the Cang Mu Academy trainees with a sword, he didn’t stop, as he gripped the Spirit Xiu Sword in his hand and made a snappy stab towards the front.

One of the Cang Mu Academy students’ face changed drastically and he retreated backwards, however, at this moment, the sword in Ye Xuan’s hand suddenly flew out of his hand.


The head of that man who had just retreated directly fell off his neck!

Ye Xuan suddenly appeared behind the already headless Cadet Kuraki, his right hand gripped towards the right, this grip just happened to hold the Spirit Xiu Sword, and in the next moment, he held the sword and violently made a horizontal cut.


A wisp of sword awn flashed through the field, and the remaining

body of the other Cang Mu Academy cadet was directly cut off by his sword!

“Sword cultivator …… This guy is a great sword cultivator ……”

In the field, someone exclaimed in shock.

Great Sword Cultivator!

At this statement, the field was in an uproar!

Sword cultivators were very rare in the Jiang Country, not that there weren’t any, but they were very, very few, and many people aspired to be a sword cultivator, holding a sword at large and riding the sword between heaven and earth, this was a beautiful fantasy in the hearts of many people!

At this moment, seeing that Ye Xuan was actually a great sword cultivator, many people in the arena were instantly a little excited.

At this time, they had already forgotten about Mysterious Cang Mu Academy and Cang Lan Academy, and only wanted to see a sword cultivator killing people!

And the matter of Ye Xuan coming to Cang Mu Academy was spread by whoever, soon, countless people rushed towards Cang Mountain, and soon, there were more and more people at the foot of Cang Mountain.

In the distance, in a matter of moments, Ye Xuan had already killed several Cang Mu Academy students!

It was all instantaneous kills!

Right at this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan, the person who came was none other than Lixiu, one of the three Vice-Presidents of Cang Mu Academy.

Lixiu looked at Ye Xuan coldly, “You openly came to my Cang Mu Academy to kill, you ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly pointed at Lixiu with his sword and said in a fierce voice, “Murder? Wasn’t it you Cang Mu Academy students who told me to come? I’m here, where are your people?”

Saying that, he violently chopped off the head of a Cang Mu Academy cadet who was constantly wailing in front of him with a single blow of his sword.


Blood splattered all over Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan looked up at Lixiu and roared, ”This point is too few, how can it be enough for me to kill? Where are the cadets from Cang Mu Academy? Come with more!”

Lixiu looked at Ye Xuan, there was already killing intent in his eyes, and he was about to make his move, just then, a voice suddenly rang out from the side, “Tsk tsk, the Cang Mu Academy cadets are asking for a one-on-one fight, is it just for the sake of bullying the small by the big?”

Li Xiu Huo Ran turned his head to look into the distance, not far away, an old man pushed a black-robed woman sitting in a wheelchair to come slowly, the black-robed woman’s eyes were closed, just now that sentence, it was what she said.

Li Xiu stared at the black-robed woman in death, but the black-robed woman was not afraid at all, ”Cang Lan Academy used this youngster’s sister to ask him to come, what, just to bully the young with the big? Or is it that there is no one left in the younger generation of Cangmu Academy?”

Hearing the black-robed woman’s words, many people in the arena immediately began to talk, and many people’s eyes were already a bit strange when they looked at Lixiu!

Bullying the small with the big?

This was absolutely shameful!

Right at this moment, a silhouette suddenly swept down from the distant Cangshan Mountain path, and behind this silhouette, there were dozens of Cangmu Academy’s trainees!

Soon, the silhouette in the lead arrived not far in front of Ye Xuan, this person, was none other than Burning Jade!

And behind Burning Jie, there was also a large group of Cang Mu Academy trainees.

Burning Jie glanced at Ye Xuan, then turned his head to look at Li Xiu who was not far away, “Vice Dean, why does this person need your help? It’s fine for us to come!”

Lixiu nodded slightly, “Don’t be gullible!”

The corner of Burning Jade’s mouth lifted slightly as he turned his head to look at Ye Xuan, “I didn’t expect you to actually come to save your sister, it seems like you still have some guts, you ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared in place.

Seeing this scene, Burning Jie’s face changed slightly, he should also be extremely fast, when Ye Xuan’s sword came in front of him, he staggered and flickered, at the same time, his right hand spaced out towards Ye Xuan’s waist was a horizontal cut.


A wind blade flashed out from his palm, this wind blade, pointing directly at Ye Xuan’s abdomen fatal position!

Ye Xuan held his sword and sliced down with a backhand.


The wind blade was directly shattered by the sword!

And at that moment, Burning Jade suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan, and in an instant, countless wind blades sliced from all sides of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan violently stomped his foot on the ground, his body rose off the ground, and then chopped down with his sword!

One sword to determine life and death!

The moment this sword appeared, the face of Lixiu, who was not far away, immediately changed drastically, because the power of this sword had completely exceeded the realm of the Royal Qi Realm!

Burning Jie’s face also changed slightly, obviously, he also did not expect Ye Xuan’s sword to be so terrifying!

If Ye Xuan’s last sword was just good, then this current sword was destroying the heavens and destroying the earth!

The contrast was so great that Burning Jie was flabbergasted for a moment, but he quickly came back to his senses!

Immediately after, his hands violently closed, in an instant, a wild wind appeared out of nowhere around him, soon, these wild winds formed a wind blade shooting towards Ye Xuan’s sword!

However, when Ye Xuan’s sword chopped down, those wind blades shattered in an instant.

The sword came straight down with a sword aura!


Burning Jade’s entire body was instantly shaken ten feet away!

And as soon as he stopped, Ye Xuan appeared in front of him once again, followed by another sword chop.

It was still a sword that determined life and death!

This sword was even stronger than the one just now, and the sword fell as if it was going to split the earth!

The pupils of Burning Jade’s eyes shrunk slightly, and he stomped the ground violently with his right foot.


With the force of the ground, his entire body stormed backwards while Ye Xuan’s sword still fell.


The entire ground instantly crumbled, the powerful force and sword aura directly shook Burning Jie away, when Burning Jie smashed into the ground, Ye Xuan suddenly appeared in front of him, he held his sword in both hands and fiercely chopped down towards Burning Jie!

Just at this moment, a silhouette rushed over towards Ye Xuan from the side.

It was another student from Cang Mu Academy!

Seeing this scene, the arena was in an uproar!

It’s actually not a one-on-one fight?

Ye Xuan turned his head horribly, and in the next moment, he abruptly changed his sword’s momentum and made a horizontal cut towards the right.


The trainee who had just rushed in front of him was instantly chopped away by this sword, and the moment this trainee flew out, the sword in Ye Xuan’s hand suddenly flew and chopped out.


In the distance, that academy head was instantly thrown out!

Blood splashed straight out, and that head rolled out several feet away!

Ye Xuan made a move with his right hand and the Spirit Xiu Sword flew back into his hand, while that Burning Jade in front of him had already retreated dozens of feet away, and at this moment, there was a look of gravity in Burning Jade’s eyes!

Not only Burning Jie, all the students of Cang Mu Academy in the field had a look of gravity in their eyes!

Obviously, Ye Xuan’s strength had greatly exceeded their expectations!

And Ye Xuan didn’t stop, he directly charged towards Burning Jie and the other group of people in the distance!

Everyone in the arena froze!

This was to fight a group of people by himself?

Burning Jade’s complexion became hideous, “I’ll do it myself!”

As his voice fell, he suddenly flexed his finger a little bit at the centre of his eyebrow, and in the next moment, an aura suddenly swept out from within him!


An invisible pressure appeared in the field out of nowhere!

“Tongyi realm!”

In the middle of the field, someone exclaimed, “He must have used some sort of secret technique!”

Burning Jade walked slowly towards Ye Xuan, and the aura emanating from his body became more and more terrifying.

And at this moment, everyone did not notice that underneath Ye Xuan’s feet, a powerful force was quietly converging …….

Soon, the two of them were getting closer and closer, and at this moment, Burning Jie suddenly blasted out a fist!

Fist out, the power contained in it was like a volcano erupting, the powerful force hard forced Ye Xuan to stop!

At this time, a force of the earth suddenly converged from the soles of Ye Xuan’s feet to his whole body, in an instant, Ye Xuan’s sword chopped down!


The force released by Burning Jie instantly popped apart, immediately after, his entire body flew backwards, and just as he landed on the ground, Ye Xuan appeared in front of him, and at the same time, Ye Xuan’s sword chopped straight down.

“Ye Xuan!”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan’s voice suddenly rang out in his head as Lixiu’s voice, “If you kill him, my Cang Mu Academy will make it necessary for your siblings to not die a good death, you ……”

Suddenly, Ye Xuan slammed his sword down.


That Burning Jade’s body directly split down the middle.

Ye Xuan did not stop, instead, he held his sword and swung it briskly, and in an instant, that Burning Jedi’s body directly turned into countless small pieces, and these small pieces of the body formed a large ‘Cang’ character.

Ye Xuan raised his head to look at the group of Cang Mu Academy students in the distance and growled like a wild beast, “What, are you all impotent? Fucking all come over and fuck me!”