Master Of The Blade Chapter 70

What to do?

Ye Xuan’s face was expressionless as thoughts raced through his mind.

At this time, the more one panics, the faster one dies!

When he was almost a hundred feet away from the ground, he suddenly sacrificed his Spirit Xiu Sword, which he held with both hands in a death grip, “Big brother, whether you live or die, it’s up to you.”

As his voice fell, the Xuan Qi in his body madly surged into the Spirit Xiu Sword in his hand.

In the air, Ye Xuan roared, “Fly with the sword for me!”

However, the Spirit Xiu Sword only trembled slightly and did not fly ……

Ye Xuan did not give up, but continued to frantically urge the Spirit Xiu Sword, giving up at this time was undoubtedly the same as trying to die!

“Imperial Sword! Imperial Qi …… Imperial Sword with Qi ……”

Ye Xuan’s thoughts flew, and a moment later, he suddenly loosened his hands, while the sword in his hand directly transformed into a sword mane and shot out.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan was ecstatic, however, the Spirit Xiu Sword had no intention of coming back, but instead, it kept shooting towards the distance!

Ye Xuan was shocked in his heart and hurriedly said, “Come back!”

As his voice fell, his eyes slowly closed, at this moment, he sensed some connection between himself and the Spirit Xiu Sword, and he hastily catalysed the qi in his body ……

When he was still about ten feet away from the ground, the Lingxiu Sword suddenly flew back in front of him like a bolt of lightning, he hurriedly held the Lingxiu Sword with both hands, and at this moment, he was only less than a few feet away from the ground!

Just as he was about to fall to the ground, the Spirit Xiu Sword suddenly trembled violently, and in an instant, it suddenly dragged Ye Xuan up into the sky, however, before he could rush a few feet away, it suddenly fell down from the air with Ye Xuan!

Soon, the ground was covered with


Ye Xuan smashed into the ground with his sword, and the entire ground violently trembled as countless amounts of dust shot up into the sky!

However, Ye Xuan was laughing madly!

Because with the Lingxiu Sword dragging him upwards just now, all the force he had previously used to fall down from the air was dissolved, and falling down from a height of about ten feet, with the toughness of his physical body, he could completely withstand it, and although it was also a little hard to bear, it wasn’t fatal!

Most importantly, in the midst of this life and death situation, he had actually comprehended the method of sword control by mistake!

This was something he had comprehended on his own!

Imperial Sword!

Using Qi to control the sword!

After laughing for a moment, Ye Xuan seemed to have thought of something, he hurriedly climbed up and then ran towards the distance, in a short while, he ran into a dense forest, then, he hid in a tree!

Ye Xuan raised his head and glanced at the sky, his eyes gradually turned cold!

Why would someone sneak attack the Drunken Immortal Tower’s cloud ship?

What kind of person would dare to do this?

At this moment, the first thing that came to his mind was the Cangi Academy!

In the entire Jiang Country, only Cang Mu Academy dared to do this, and why would Cang Mu Academy do this?

Right at this moment, an aura suddenly appeared in the distance, sensing this scene, Ye Xuan’s face changed slightly, he hurriedly jumped down from the tree and crouched on the ground, at this moment, a tiny ‘earth’ character appeared between his eyebrows.

Dao Rule!

Ye Xuan plopped down on the ground, at this moment, utilising the power of the earth, it was as if his entire person had fused with the earth, and the aura of his body was masked by the aura of the earth!

Not far away, an old man and woman appeared.

Seeing these two people, Ye Xuan’s face instantly turned livid, these two people, he recognised, it was that Cang Mu Academy’s Vice President Mo Song as well as Bei Chen!

Mo Song swept a glance around, then said in a deep voice, “Why is there no body of his!”

Beside him, Bei Chen said in a deep voice: “Master, you don’t need to be like this at all, in the future competition, I have the certainty to kill him!”

Mo Song shook his head, “You don’t know, in our investigation, this person is not simple, not only is he a quasi martial arts master, but he is also a great sword cultivator, in addition to that, it is rumoured that he killed a Drunken Immortal House steward on the Drunken Immortal House cloud ship that day, but the Drunken Immortal House is not pursuing him …… And he was already able to fight you at that Two Realms Mountain at the Qi Royal Realm, but when he was in the Imperial Capital, the strength he displayed at that time was something that simply couldn’t be compared to you, and in just a short period of time, his strength has grown to that …..”

Saying this, he looked towards Beichen and said softly, “Master is not disbelieving you, it’s just that this competition, my Cangmu Academy must win, there can’t be the slightest mistake, Cangmu Academy’s thousand year old reputation, we have to maintain it.”

Beichen was silent and did not speak.

Mo Song added, “Don’t think too much, the academy has absolute confidence in you and Burning Jade, it’s just that this Ye Xuan, is really a bit of a mystery, he might really be the legendary sword body, if we let him develop, the future will definitely be my

Cang Mu Academy’s great enemy, this time he came out alone, and that An Guoshi has left the Jiang Kingdom, this is the right time to kill him, in order to not leave any future troubles, I have no choice but to do so.”

Beichen hesitated, then said, “Master, if this matter spreads out ……”

Mo Song sneered, “Spread out? Firstly, no one knows about this matter, even if some people guess that it was us, Cang Mu Academy, who would dare to come out and accuse us? Who would dare? In this Jiang Country, no one dares. After a month or so, the world will completely forget about this person, Ye Xuan.”

Northstar wasn’t talking anymore.

Mo Song swept the surroundings, his brows furrowed, “Why isn’t there a body of his?”

Beichen glanced around, then said, “He is only at the Royal Qi realm, falling from such a high height, there is categorically no possibility of surviving, perhaps he was directly torn apart and shattered in the air.”

Mo Song nodded, “That’s right, that’s just it, let’s not look for his body. Let’s go back to the imperial capital! Burning Jie has already returned to the Imperial Capital, with that character of his, this time, when he returns to the Imperial Capital, those few students from Cang Lan Academy should experience what is meant by ‘life is worse than death’. It’s a pity that this Ye Xuan is already dead, otherwise, it would be possible for Burning Jie to properly sanction him.”

After saying that, he and Beichen turned around and disappeared not far away.

On the other side, Ye Xuan’s expression was ice-cold to the extreme.

Sure enough, it was the Cang Mu Academy that messed things up!

Obviously, the strength he had displayed had made Cang Mu Academy a little scared!

“Playing dirty!”

Ye Xuan jumped to the ground, he looked up with undisguised killing intent in his eyes, “Wait for me when I go back, wait for me!”

He was naturally annoyed in his heart, this time, if he hadn’t comprehended this Qi Imperial Sword in a life and death situation, he was afraid that he would have been a pile of mush by now!

However, this time, it also gave him a wake up call that these forces in this Imperial Capital were probably even more despicable and shameless than those small forces in Qingcheng!

These lineage academies, in order to achieve their goals, they could absolutely do anything!

Ye Xuan retrieved his thoughts and after resting for a while, he got up and ran towards the Two Realms City.

He naturally couldn’t run to the imperial capital like this, it was just too far, and by the time he ran to the imperial capital, he was afraid that it would be half a month later!

In the middle of the mountain range, Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way, in front of him, was the suspended Spirit Xiu Sword!

He found that he wanted to fly with the sword or some not, a little bit of heart, he did not know what is missing, but, the sword is possible!

In the future, he could already use the imperial sword against his enemies!

To him, this was another killing move, and it was still a very powerful killing move! As for the imperial sword, he could only put it down for the time being!

Two Realms City.

In the middle of Jiang Jiu’s tent, an old man suddenly filled into the tent, and the old man said in a deep voice, “Your Highness, Ye, something has happened to the cloud ship that Duke Ye is travelling on!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Jiu raised his head in a hugh manner to look at the old man, “What do you mean!”

The old man said in a deep voice, “The cloud ship suddenly shattered …… What exactly is the reason for this is still unclear, however, it should be man-made! It’s still ……”

Jiang Jiu suddenly interrupted the old man, “What about him?”

The old man hesitated, then shook his head, “I don’t know if he’s alive or dead, but, falling from such a high height ……”


The table in front of Jiang Jiu popped and shattered with a bang, and she looked incomparably grim, “Damn Cang Mu Academy! Damn it!”

The old man glanced at Jiang Jiu, “Your Highness ……”

Jiang Jiu suddenly looked up at him, “Send out a team of a hundred cavalrymen, find him for me, for sure!”

The old man nodded, then turned to leave!

Inside the tent, Jiang Jiu took out the golden card, looking at the golden card in her hand, her expression was incomparably cold, “If you die, in the future, I will make Cangmu Academy pay the price, for sure!”

Saying this, she got up and walked outside the tent, she looked up into the distant sky, “No, you can’t die …… Have to give me a good life ……”

She squeezed her right hand so tightly that her nails were already deep in her palm …..


At night, Ye Xuan quietly returned to Two Realms City, and at this time, he had already put on a long black robe, completely hiding his appearance.

He didn’t go looking for Jiang Jiu, right now, he didn’t want to expose himself for safety’s sake.

He once again came to the Drunken Immortal Building, and then quietly made a ticket for the Cloud Boat.

Half an hour later, a cloud ship slowly flew up from within the Two Realms City, and in no time it disappeared into the distant night!

On the cloud ship, inside an ordinary compartment.

After Ye Xuan unlocked the door, he entered the Realm Prison Tower by himself.

Practising the sword!

This time, he wasn’t practising sword moves, but rather using his Qi to harness the sword!

Inside the ground floor of the Boundary Prison Tower, a sword constantly flickered and flew through the field, only that it flew in a messy manner, and sometimes it would even fall down halfway through the flight, or stop.

Obviously, he is not very skilled in this sword control method, but for him, this is not a matter, not skilled, more practice will be skilled!

A day and a half later, the cloud ship was getting closer and closer to the imperial capital.

And Ye Xuan still didn’t come out of the tower, still cultivating like crazy, his talent and perception are both OK, gradually, he has slowly mastered some knocking, and the Lingxiu sword is also flying more and more smoothly ……

Two hours later, the cloud ship was already getting closer and closer to the imperial capital, and looking from the cloud ship, one could already see the outline of the imperial capital.

Imperial Capital.

Cang Lan Academy, in front of Cang Lan Hall.

Ye Ling was sitting on the stone steps, she was holding a small person in her hand, this small person, was none other than Ye Xuan.

Looking at it, Ye Ling sighed in a low voice, she raised her head to look at the bottom of the mountain in the distance, “Brother, I miss you so much.”

Every day, she would come here and sit for an hour waiting for Ye Xuan!

Just then, Ji Anzhi suddenly came to Ye Ling’s side, Ye Ling looked up at Ji Anzhi, “Sister Ji, are you hungry again?”

Ji Anzhi shook her head as she sat beside Ye Ling, she glanced at the wooden man in Ye Ling’s hand, “Your brother?”

Ye Ling nodded her little head, “My brother carved it, it’s very handsome, right? Hee hee ……”

Ji Anzhi was about to speak, when suddenly, she looked up to a short distance away, there, a man came slowly with about ten people.

The man and a dozen people were all Cang Mu Academy students!

And when Ji Anzhi saw the man at the head of the group, her face instantly changed!

Burning Jade!

The man in front of her was Burning Jade, who was known as one of the two great demons of Cang Mu Academy along with Bei Chen!

Burning Jie glanced at Ji Anzhi, “Where is Ye Xuan?”

Ji Anzhi slowly got up, “Not there.”

Burning Jade’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I’m not in the Imperial Capital, and you people from Cang Lan Academy are the ones killing my Cang Mu Academy’s students, who gave you the guts?”

As his voice fell, he suddenly disappeared in place.


The ground in front of Ji Anzhi directly cracked!

Ji Anzhi drew his sword and slashed!


As an explosive sound rang out, Ji Anzhi’s entire body was directly shaken back into the great hall.

Burning Jie was about to continue his action, when a Cang Mu Academy student behind him suddenly pointed at Ye Ling who was not far away, “Senior Burning Jie, this person is that Ye Xuan’s sister, his sister is here, he must be hiding!”

Hearing this, Burning Jade turned his head to look at Ye Ling, Ye Ling hurriedly turned around and ran, and right at this moment, Burning Jade suddenly appeared in front of Ye Ling, he grabbed Ye Ling’s hair and stiffly lifted Ye Ling up, Ye Ling’s tears of pain flowed down at once.

Inside the hall, Ji Anzhi suddenly leapt up and slashed at Burning Jie!

This slash directly tore through the air!

However, very quickly, Ji Anzhi suddenly stopped and then retreated back to her original position as the Burning Jie in front of her carried Ye Ling in front of her.

Ji Anzhi stared at Burning Jie in death, “Despicable!”


Burning Jie laughed coldly, “Don’t think that I’m afraid of you, I don’t want to kill you, remember, tell Ye Xuan to roll over to Cang Mu Academy to die within an hour, otherwise, there will be one more corpse on the Cang Mountain path!”

After saying that, he carried Ye Ling and turned around.

Behind Burning Jade, Ji Anzhi suddenly said in a cold voice, “Using a little girl as a threat, aren’t you afraid that Cang Mu Academy will become the laughing stock of the world?”


Burning Jedi turned his head and coldly glanced at Ji Anzhi, “In this Jiang Country, who dares to laugh at my Cang Mu Academy?”

Ji Anzhi’s eyes were undisguised with killing intent, “You’re a man, using this method, don’t you think it’s too underhanded?”

The corner of Burning Jade’s mouth spread a touch of sarcasm, “Manly man, doing things by any means, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, remember, within one hour, that Ye Xuan who killed my Cang Mu Academy’s students, if he doesn’t come to Cang Mountain under the trail, let him collect the corpse for his sister. He killed my Cang Mu Academy students, if he doesn’t come to pay for his life, I will kill his sister!”

After saying that, he turned around with Ye Ling and left.

Inside the hall, Ji Anzhi hurriedly crushed a sound transmission stone.

Not long after Burning Jade and the others brought Ye Ling, a silhouette suddenly ran up the mountain from the bottom of the mountain, and the person who came was none other than Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way up the mountain and laughed loudly, “Ling’er, old brother is back.”