Master Of The Blade Chapter 69

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s heart was undoubtedly panicking!

Going to find Master?

Find a ghost!

He just walked towards the distance, and was walking faster and faster, while on his forehead, cold sweat had gradually surfaced!

Right at this moment, the white-haired old man not far away suddenly said, “Little friend, wait!”

This voice was like heavenly music to Ye Xuan!

Without calling out to him, he would really have no choice but to go ……

Ye Xuan stopped his steps and turned to look at the white-haired old man, who smiled, “Little friend, why bother your master’s father with this small matter?”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at the black-robed old man beside him, “Go row fifty million gold coins over.”

Hearing the white-haired old man’s words, everyone in the arena froze.

Especially the black-robed old man, after he was stunned for a while, he said, “Third floor master, this fifty million ……”

The white-haired old man frowned slightly, “Go quickly!”

Upon hearing this, the black-robed old man didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, he glanced at Ye Xuan who was not far away and turned around to leave.

On the other hand, Jiang Jiu, who was not far beside Ye Xuan, glanced at Ye Xuan with nothing but curiosity in his eyes!

The white haired old man’s gaze landed on Ye Xuan, after he took a glance at Ye Xuan, soon, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, a moment later, he shook his head and smiled, “Worthy of being a sword ……”

After saying this, he gave a slight beat, then said, “Worthy of being that senior’s disciple, your foundation of this physical body, even within my Drunken Immortal Building, there are not able to be a few people to match, young man, very promising ah!”

Ye Xuan smiled faintly, “Senior is too kind.”

The white-haired old man laughed, “Not arrogant, not impatient, heart can be!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Right at this moment, the black-robed old man who had left earlier reentered the field, the black-robed old man handed Ye Xuan a golden card, “There are 50 million gold coins in this card, Your Excellency can withdraw it from any gold bank anywhere in this Qingzhou, or come to my Drunken Immortal House as well.”

Ye Xuan accepted the golden card, then cupped his fists at the white-haired old man, “Many thanks.”

The white-haired old man hesitated, then said, “Young friend, although there are many misunderstandings between you and my Drunken Immortal House, but these are just misunderstandings, don’t you think?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Of course.”

The white-haired old man smiled, “Old me still has things to do, so I’ll take my leave first. By the way, please ask little friend to send my regards to your esteemed master on behalf of my old husband, and if possible, in the future, little friend can come to my Drunken Immortal Tower with your esteemed master as a guest!”

Ye Xuan gave a slight salute, “I might be disturbed then!”

The white-haired old man laughed, “You are most welcome! Farewell!”

After saying that, he turned around and disappeared into thin air, and the black-robed old man disappeared right behind him.

Somewhere, the black-robed old man suddenly asked, “Third floor master, that fifty million, I Drunken Immortal House can not go out at all, I ……”

The white-haired old man coldly glanced at the black-robed old man, “Not out? Not out want to die?”

The black-robed old man’s heart was shocked, “What exactly is the origin of that young man?”

The white-haired old man’s eyes slowly closed, “I can’t afford to mess with the existence of Drunken Immortal Tower.”

At those words, the black-robed old man’s face showed horror, “How is it possible ……”

The white-haired old man said softly, “Do you know how the Cold Floor Master and the Eighth Floor Master fell?”

Not waiting for the black-robed old man to answer, the white-haired old man added, “Being the result of that youngster’s master with a single sword, just a single sword, the two of them failed to receive even a single sword!”

The black-robed old man had frozen.

The white-haired old man turned his head to look at

the distant sky, “Originally, I thought that this youngster would join the Cang Mu Academy, but I didn’t expect that the group of fools from the Cang Mu Academy would actually turn him away, huh, this is a good show.”

Saying that, he looked towards the black-robed old man, “Everything about this teenager shall not be advertised to the outside world, so let the Cang Mu Academy continue to play dead. Also, this teenager in the future in the Jiang Country, give me a good pull, don’t have something to do to find him trouble, I don’t want to wipe your arse every day.”

After saying that, the white-haired old man’s figure trembled and directly disappeared at the end of the distant sky.

In place, the black-robed old man did not return to his senses for a long time.


In front of the tent, after the white-haired old man and the black-robed old man left, Jiang Jiu walked up to Ye Xuan, she just stared straight at Ye Xuan as if she was seeing him for the first time.

Ye Xuan smiled, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Jiu said in a faint voice, “Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger!”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, “Actually, this is a bit ……”

Jiang Jiu suddenly interrupted Ye Xuan’s words, “No need to talk to me, be a human being, keep your eyes open, understand?”

Ye Xuan smiled, “Alright!”

Hearing this, Jiang Jiu glared at him, “If you’re not allowed to say it you really won’t say it ah?”

Ye Xuan was dumbfounded ……

Seeing Ye Xuan’s dumbfounded look, Jiang Jiu couldn’t help but ‘pfft’ laugh as she turned her head to look around, and soon, those strong men and soldiers around them retreated.

At this moment, Ye Xuan handed the gold card in his hand to Jiang Jiu, “Here you go!”

Jiang Jiu looked at the gold card in Ye Xuan’s hand and fell silent. The smile on her face was also fading.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xuan asked.

Jiang Jiu looked up at Ye Xuan, “This is fifty million gold coins.”

Ye Xuan grinned, “I know, to be honest, when I first received this card, my hands were a little shaky because I’ve never taken this much money before …….”

Jiang Jiu looked straight at Ye Xuan, “You could have not given it to me.”

Ye Xuan shoved the gold card into Jiang Jiu’s hands, “Why have you become a mother-in-law?”

Jiang Jiu grinned, “Good.”

Saying that, she put away the gold card, seemingly thinking of something, she turned her head to look to the side, soon, an old man appeared beside her, the old man handed Ye Xuan an icy blue box, “Ye Gongzi, this is the fire spirit, is His Highness sent the old man to the imperial capital to look for the State Lord to come a few days ago overnight, this fire spirit, the imperial family is only second to one, His Highness in order to ask the State Lord for this fire spirit, but ……”


At this time, Jiang Jiu suddenly said, “What’s the point of talking about these things?”

Saying that, she looked towards Ye Xuan, “I know that your sister is physically ill, and this Fire Spirit should be helpful to her, and also, I’ve already requested my father to send the Jiang Kingdom’s best Healing Grandmaster to Cang Lan Academy, I just don’t know what the result will be!”

Ye Xuan put away the blue box, then looked at Jiang Jiu and said seriously, “Thanks a lot.”

Jiang Jiu glanced at the gold card in his hand and shook his head with a sigh, “You nerd hey …… You’ve suffered a big loss, yet you still want to thank me, you’re a real dork!”

Ye Xuan: “……”


Right at this moment, a shocking sound suddenly came from the side of the Two Realms Mountain, and immediately after, a white mushroom cloud appeared in the sky above the Two Realms.

Ye Xuan and Jiang Jiu turned their heads to look at the location of the Two Realms Mountain, and Jiang Jiu’s brows immediately furrowed, “They’ve already broken through that Spirit Vein Restriction, it seems like a war is coming soon!”

“Why?” Ye Xuan was puzzled.

Jiang Jiu said softly, ”

The spirit vein prohibition there was broken, the spirit qi will definitely leak out, and the one who will benefit the most is this Two Realms City, at that time, this place will become a piece of feng shui treasure land, many forces and families will definitely be willing to come here, and here, will not just be a soldier’s heavy land …… The Tang Kingdom will definitely not let go of this place.”

Saying that, she turned her head to look at Ye Xuan, “Go back to the Imperial Capital!”

Ye Xuan thought for a while, then nodded his head, he didn’t know much about these two military affairs and couldn’t help much, moreover, it had been quite a long time since he came out, it was time to go back!

At this time, Jiang Jiu added, “When you go back, be careful.”

“What do you mean?” Ye Xuan didn’t understand.

Jiang Jiu said in a deep voice, “As far as I know, Cang Mu Academy is fully investigating you, this academy acts in an overbearing manner, it’s not worse than Drunken Immortal Tower at all, after they find out some of your details, they might put a dark arrow in the back.”

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, “They are so unconfident?”

Jiang Jiu shook his head, “It’s not lack of confidence, but to ensure that nothing goes wrong …… Back then, several geniuses from Canglan Academy just disappeared without a sound. In short, be careful with everything!”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then nodded, “Understood! Then I’ll take my leave, see you in the future!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Jiang Jiu looked at Ye Xuan, just like that, until Ye Xuan completely disappeared at the end of the distance, then she shook her head and smiled, “What a nerd ……”

Two hours later, Ye Xuan boarded the cloud ship heading to the Imperial Capital.

Because of the Purple Card, Ye Xuan was staying in a special class compartment and was living for free!

Inside the Realm Prison Tower.

On the deck of the cloud ship, Ye Xuan looked at Ye Ling’s little wooden figure in his hand, and there was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

After coming out for so many days, the one he was most attached to was undoubtedly Ye Ling!

He hadn’t been away from Ye Ling for such a long time!

Seems to think of something, he took out the small wooden man of An Lan Xiu, looking at the small wooden man in his hand, the corner of his mouth smile more and more thick! But soon, his smile gradually disappeared, and he was left with gravity!

An Lanxiu!

He looked up to the far end of the sky, and An Lanxiu contact a few times, he naturally knew that An Lanxiu origin is not simple, even the Drunken Immortal House and Cangmu Academy do not dare to easily offend the person, this origin can be general?

A moment later, the corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth suddenly spread a smile, ”I will come to you! At that time, I will beat anyone who dares to stop me to death!”

Right at this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared in the air above the cloud ship, and in the next moment, a terrifying pressure accompanied by an illusory giant hand suddenly fell like thunder from above!

The moment the powerful pressure appeared, the True Seat Cloud Ship directly cracked open!

Countless horrified voices resounded continuously!

On the deck of the cloud ship, when he saw that illusory giant hand fall at that instant, Ye Xuan’s face and pupils suddenly shrunk, without the slightest hesitation, he directly jumped off the cloud ship ……

The cloud ship was at least hundreds of feet high from the ground!

However, he had to jump at this moment, if he didn’t jump, when that hand fell, he would definitely die, jump, there might still be a chance of survival!

Ye Xuan just jumped off the cloud ship, behind him, the entire cloud ship directly exploded.

Ye Xuan, on the other hand, kept falling towards the bottom of the cloud ship, his speed getting faster and faster ……. With this current speed of his descent, when he waited until the ground, he was afraid that he would directly become a puddle of flesh!

Not to mention him, even if a Tongyi realm demonic beast fell from this, it would fall to pieces!

The speed is getting faster and faster …… In the end, Ye Xuan’s whole body clothes had been torn to shreds …….