Master Of The Blade Chapter 66


At this moment, Ye Xuan only wanted to vent, madly vent!

In the middle of the night.

The sky as a quilt, the ground as a bed, embracing a delicate girl in his arms.

The tree trembles, and the hair is parted, and flies up to the sky with a movement.

Another time, another time, another time, the sound is higher than the sound.

The moon is shy, the moon is shy, quietly putting away its head …..


I don’t know how long it has been, the sky has already risen a touch of fish-belly white.

Under the small tree, it had quieted down!

At this moment, Ye Xuan lying on the ground, and the tree in front of him, is that black robe woman …… No, at this moment, the woman no longer had the black robe, at this moment, the woman’s figure was truly unreservedly displayed in the air.

The woman had a tired face!

At this moment, Ye Xuan on the ground gently moved, then, he sat up.

The head wanted to explode!

This was how Ye Xuan felt at this moment, he shook his head violently, and it went on like this for quite a while before he felt that his head felt more comfortable.

Seemingly thinking of something, he haughtily looked up at the woman in front of him, at this moment, the woman was already without an inch of clothing, that stunningly beautiful body and fire unreservedly displayed in front of his eyes. And on the inside of the woman’s thighs, there were traces of blood!

At this moment, Ye Xuan had remembered everything.

Ye Xuan withdrew his gaze and said in a deep voice in his heart, “Senior? Why didn’t you stop it?”

The mysterious woman’s voice rang out, “Stop it how? Detoxify you?”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “Doesn’t senior have the ability to cure the poison?”

The mysterious woman said, “Yes!”

Ye Xuan was about to speak, the mysterious woman added: “Do you know what I hate most in life? I hate people who do not honour their words, this person’s words are untrustworthy, so she should be allowed to eat her own evil!”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, “Senior, but I ……”

The mysterious woman suddenly said, “The one who got the cheapest is you, what else are you not satisfied with?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

At this time, the mysterious woman added: “Kill it, let’s go!”


Ye Xuan froze.

The mysterious woman said in a faint voice: ”What else? With this woman’s strength, if you don’t kill her, if she wants to kill you in the future, it won’t be like pinching an ant? Don’t count on me, the last time I made a move, it already made me consume a lot of energy, this time I made a move, it made my situation even worse, I can hold on for at most a day, after a day, I will fall into a deep sleep, within this day, we have to get our hands on that Dao Rule!”

Ye Xuan’s expression became grave, “Senior, are you alright?”

“I’ll be better if you get the Dao Rule!” The mysterious woman said.

Ye Xuan nodded, he hesitated, then looked at the woman in front of him, at the moment, the woman was staring at him, the woman’s complexion was calm, there were no ripples in her eyes.

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then he walked in front of the woman, he looked straight at the woman, “I’m your first man, you’re my first woman, none of us are at a disadvantage ……”

Saying that, he picked up the clothes on the ground and dressed the woman, while dressing the woman, he felt some agitation in his body again. It should be said that he was a bit tempted to rush.

It was the medicine!

It was the medicine’s sake!

Ye Xuan took a deep breath, and thought that the medicinal letter in his body must still be there, En, it must be because of the medicine!

“The medicine in your body is gone!” The mysterious woman suddenly said.

Ye Xuan: “……”

A moment later, Ye Xuan forcefully suppressed the agitation in his heart, then dressed the woman, but the woman’s dress had already been torn to shreds by him earlier …… Therefore, at this time, the woman could be said to be in a state of spring.

Ye Xuan took off his robe and covered the woman’s body, then turned around and left.

“If you don’t kill me, you will regret it!” The woman suddenly spoke.

The voice was cold and did not contain a trace of emotion!

Ye Xuan stopped, “If you kill me, I’m also your man, hehehe ……”

After saying that, he pulled out his legs and ran.

Not long after, Ye Xuan disappeared into the woman’s eyes, and not long after Ye Xuan disappeared, the two wisps of sword light on the woman’s body suddenly disappeared.

After regaining her freedom, the woman’s complexion instantly became hideous.


Countless thunderbolts suddenly swept out from within her body, and in an instant, the woods within a radius of tens of feet were directly turned into flat ground!

The woman rose up in the air and swept her surroundings, however, at this moment, she didn’t find Ye Xuan’s aura at all!

That teenager, it was as if he had disappeared from the earth!

The woman’s face was hideous and somewhat terrifying!

A moment later, her figure trembled and disappeared into the sky, and not long after, she arrived at a capital city, a capital city that was none other than the imperial capital of the Ning Kingdom.

The woman had just arrived in front of the city when countless soldiers on the front of the city knelt down in unison, “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

The woman’s figure trembled, and she directly entered the city, and soon, she arrived at the imperial palace, and along the way, wherever she passed, all of the soldiers were kneeling in obeisance.

After the woman entered the palace, she directly came above the main hall, she sat on the dragon chair, her jade hand picked up a brush …… A moment later, a person appeared on the paper in front of her.

This person was none other than Ye Xuan!

The woman glanced at the person on the drawing and said in a cold voice, “Have the Golden Guard go to the Jiang Kingdom to find this person, after three days, I want all the information on this person!”

In the corner, a voice rang out, “To die or to live?”

The woman’s eyes gradually went cold …….


Somewhere in the deep mountains, Ye Xuan ran wildly all the way.

Ye Xuan suddenly asked, “Senior? Will you think that I’m soft-hearted?”

The mysterious woman said, “If you kill her, I will look down on you!”

Ye Xuan was slightly flabbergasted, “Why? Wasn’t it you who told me to kill her?”

The mysterious woman said, “If you kill her, it means that you are afraid of her, sword cultivators are most afraid of having ‘fear’ in their hearts, not killing her proves that you are not afraid of her, or that you believe that you will be able to outperform her in the future. This point, is good.”

Ye Xuan hesitated, then said, “That, senior …… Actually, I didn’t think that much ……”

Mysterious woman: “……”

Seeing that the mysterious woman didn’t say anything, Ye Xuan secretly said something bad in his heart and hurriedly added: “Of course, what senior said is right, as a man, how can I be afraid of a woman? In the future, I’m going to become even stronger, I’m going to become a Sword Immortal, I want that woman to know that having slept with me is the proudest thing in her life ……”

“Stop stop …… Stop!”

The mysterious woman suddenly said, “If you keep talking, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist ending you with a sword!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

A day later, Ye Xuan returned to the Two Realms Mountain.

“Senior, I remember that woman didn’t say where she felt the power of the earth ……”

“Just go as I say!”

Ye Xuan nodded and quickened his pace.

As night approached, Ye Xuan returned to that Sword Master’s Cave according to the route that the mysterious woman had said, he walked all the way downwards, and in a short while, he arrived at the entrance of that underground palace, and at this time, the mysterious woman suddenly said, “There’s no need to go in, just go from the right side!”

Ye Xuan turned his head, the right side was a mountain wall, there was no path at all.

The mysterious woman said, “Fight!”

Ye Xuan nodded and walked over to the mountain wall and threw out a punch!


The mountain wall popped directly into pieces, but behind it, there was still a mountain wall.

“Keep fighting!” The mysterious woman added.

Ye Xuan nodded and continued to bombard, and just like that, after nearly half a quarter of an hour of bombardment

later, a stone step path appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

There was another cave!

Ye Xuan froze.

The mysterious woman said, “Go down.”

Ye Xuan nodded and slowly walked downwards, the more he walked, the more alarmed he became, because down here, it was simply an underground world. Just like this, he had walked for almost an hour, yet he still hadn’t reached the end.

Half an hour later, Ye Xuan realised that the surroundings were getting hotter and hotter.

“Keep walking!”

The mysterious woman’s voice sounded once again.

Ye Xuan nodded and continued to walk down, another half an hour had passed, and at this moment, he was already hot and red.

Ye Xuan stopped, “Senior, it’s too hot!”

The mysterious woman was silent for a moment, then said, “Protect your body with a sword aura!”

Ye Xuan nodded and took out his Spirit Xiu Sword, releasing the sword aura to protect his surroundings, with the sword aura blocking the temperature, he instantly felt much better.

“Keep going!” The mysterious woman’s voice sounded again.

Ye Xuan nodded and accelerated his steps, the further down he went, the hotter the temperature around him became, but he endured it hard!


He hadn’t forgotten what the mysterious woman had said, with the Dao Rules, his strength could be increased drastically!

Of course, the most important thing was that with the Dao Rule, he could make that guy on the second level worry about it. Otherwise, it would be hard for the other party to run out and slap him from time to time!

Just like that, after walking for about an hour, Ye Xuan stopped because at the moment, in front of him, was a piece of lava!

There really was no road!

Ye Xuan was about to speak, when suddenly, he looked towards the centre of the magma not far away, and in the centre of that, there was an earthy yellow thing floating.

Ye Xuan gazed at it and soon, he froze.

That earth-coloured thing, surprisingly, was a ‘earth’ character.

That word was just floating in the centre of the magma, and that magma would directly turn into nothingness every time it encountered it.


Ye Xuan asked, “This wouldn’t be that ……”

“The Dao!”

The mysterious woman’s voice rang out, “The Dao Rule of Earth! If you are able to take it in, if you fight someone in the future, all you need to do is to step on the earth and you will be able to obtain a constant stream of earth power, on top of that, with it, you will be able to control the first layer of the Boundary Prison Tower, at that time, you will be able to receive everything into the first layer of the Boundary Prison Tower, and you will even be able to utilise the first layer to suppress your enemies.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Xuan was instantly a little excited, “Senior, how do I receive it?”

The mysterious woman said, “Don’t be too happy too early, although this Dao has been heavily traumatised, it will instinctively resist, so it might be a little difficult and painful for you to take it in!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “A little pain is fine, I can endure it!”

“That’s good!”

The mysterious woman said, “Now, sink your heart and listen to my instructions, slowly feel the Boundary Prison Tower, then call it out ……”

Ye Xuan’s eyes slowly closed, and after a dozen of breaths, he suddenly opened his eyes.

A small illusory tower appeared between his eyebrows!


In an instant, all the magma in the entire underground directly turned into nothingness, and at that moment, the earth-coloured ‘earth’ character in the distance slightly trembled, and immediately after, it turned into an earth-coloured light and disappeared between Ye Xuan’s eyebrows.


As a cracking sound rang out, Ye Xuan’s eyes widened roundly, and within his eyes, blood streaks were all over, “Ah……”

Around Ye Xuan’s body, almost at a speed visible to the naked eye, layers of cracks began to appear, and blood splattered!

“Senior …… This isn’t a little bit of pain …… This is killing ah ……”

“That …… I may have overestimated your strength …….”

Ye Xuan: “……”