Master Of The Blade Chapter 61

Seeing this scene, the old man in the corner’s face was extremely ugly, I should say very gloomy.

When had my own young lady ever been so intimate with a man?

Right at this moment, not far away from the white clothed woman and Ye Xuan, three silhouettes swept in, the leader, was none other than Bei Chen, behind Bei Chen, was the man and the woman.

An Lan Xiu glanced at the three people, then, she gently handed Ye Xuan over to the Nine Princesses, then she turned to look aside, at this time, the old man in the corner appeared in front of An Lan Xiu, “Miss, it has been checked out clearly, there are some people up there who did not follow the rules of the game.”

An Lanxiu nodded slightly, “Understood!”

After saying that, she slowly walked towards the North Star trio.

The old man hesitated, seemingly wanting to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, because he had already sensed that his own young lady seemed to be angry!

Seeing An Lanxiu, Beichen’s face changed instantly!

The other man and woman didn’t know An Lanxiu, but she could recognise her.

In the entire Jiang Country, who didn’t know An Lanxiu?

Beichen’s expression was scornful!

Many people did not know that An Lan Xiu had been invited to Cang Mu Academy by the Dean of Cang Mu Academy, and at that time, the Dean of Cang Mu Academy had personally invited An Lan Xiu to join Cang Mu Academy. Cang Lan Xiu’s reply was that for those under the age of thirty at Cang Mu Academy, as long as someone was able to defeat her, she would join Cang Mu Academy!

And at that time, there were two people who represented Cang Mu Academy to face An Lan Xiu, and one of them was her!

And the result was that An Lan Xiu did not join Cang Mu Academy!

Seeing An Lanxiu, Beichen knew that that volume of Earth Rank Upper Grade Martial Skills was out of the question!

Beichen already had the intention to withdraw!

And right at this moment, An Lanxiu suddenly disappeared in place, seeing this scene, Beichen’s face changed greatly, her hands violently formed a square hand seal, the next moment, she gently pressed downwards, “Royal Wind Wuji!”

As the voice fell, a wild wind suddenly appeared out of nowhere around her, and that wild wind instantly condensed into a tornado wrapping around her.

And right at this moment, a lance suddenly appeared in An Lan Xiu’s hand, and in the next moment, she violently kicked her right foot on top of the lance’s body.


The lance shot out like a bolt of lightning.


In the distance, the dragon scroll directly burst apart, and at the same time, a residual shadow flashed through the field.


As a muffled sound rang out, a silhouette was directly shaken to dozens of feet away.

This silhouette was none other than Beichen!

Just as Bei Chen stopped, the ground behind her instantly cracked open, and at the corner of her mouth, a flash of crimson slowly overflowed.

Seeing a scene, the faces of a man and a woman not far away changed instantly!

Beichen’s strength was very clear to them, however, in front of this white-clothed woman in front of them, one move was a defeat?

The two men looked towards An Lanxiu, their eyes filled with curiosity and scorn!

An Lanxiu did not stop, after a blow to repel Beichen, her figure flashed, the person directly disappeared in place, in the person disappeared in that instant, a silver gun has come to the front of Beichen, the gun out like a dragon, which contains the power of the domineering unparalleled!

The pupils of Beichen’s eyes shrunk slightly, the corners of her mouth flared up with a grimace, the next moment, her hands once again formed a hand seal, “Beast Soul Seal!”


A powerful aura swept out from within her body, and at the same time, behind her, an illusory beast shadow appeared. As this illusory beast shadow appeared in the field, an invisible pressure shook the field, and the ground was a mess!

The beast shadow let out a roar at An Lan Xiu, and then directly slammed into An Lan Xiu’s lance!

At this time, at the tip of the silver spear, a bit of coldness flashed!

The two just made contact!


The beast shadow instantly dissipated, and the entire Beichen below the beast shadow was even thrown directly out, this flight, flew tens of feet!

On the other side, a man and a woman saw Beichen defeat, without much thought, the two directly towards An Lanxiu rushed over, An Lanxiu did not even look at the two, right hand gun towards the right is a sweep.

This sweep was wide open, with the momentum of sweeping thousands of troops!


Before a man and a woman could even get close to An Lanxiu, they were directly shaken by the might emanating from this gun and retreated backward repeatedly!

On the other hand, An Lanxiu’s figure trembled and instantly appeared in front of that Beichen.


The crowd had not yet seen how An Lanxiu struck, that North Star was directly flying backwards to dozens of feet away, this time, she was smashed to the ground, and just as she landed, An Lanxiu appeared in front of her like a ghost, and immediately after that, An Lanxiu fiercely kicked North Star in the abdomen.


Beichen’s entire body directly bowed and rubbed the ground and flew to a dozen feet away, only stopping after crashing into a huge rock.

An Lan Xiu was about to strike again, and right at this moment, a white-haired old man suddenly appeared in front of An Lan Xiu, this person, was none other than Mo Song, one of the three vice deans of the Cang Mu Academy!

An Lanxiu did not stop, holding his gun from top to bottom was a smash.

Mo Song’s eyes narrowed slightly, and with a vibration of his sleeves, a powerful aura swept out.


That aura instantly popped into pieces, Mo Song retreated several steps backward, while An Lan Xiu was motionless in place!

Seeing this scene, Mo Song had a look of shock in his eyes!

An Lanxiu was about to continue striking when Mo Song hurriedly said, “Guoshi An, the person who injured him was not me, Cang Mu Academy, but Marquis Wu Yunshan of the Ning State.”

An Lanxiu stopped, and Mo Song pointed to a man and a woman not far away, “These two are also from the Ning Kingdom.”

An Lan Xiu turned her head to look at the man and woman, both of them changed colour, at this moment, they obviously also recognised An Lan Xiu’s identity.

An Lanxiu!

This proud son of the Jiang Kingdom!

An Lanxiu looked at the two men, her right hand slowly tightened its grip on the lance, when, behind An Lanxiu, a faint voice came over, “Miss An!”

An Lanxiu immediately turned around and walked to the Ninth Princess, at this moment, Ye Xuan had already come to his senses, but was incredibly weak.

Ye Xuan grinned, “There’s no need to fight.”

An Lanxiu was silent.

Ye Xuan laughed, “I suffered a big loss today, I can just find it back on my own in another day.” He didn’t want to rely on An Lanxiu for everything, it made him feel like a little white boy, a feeling that he didn’t really like.

An Lan Xiu glanced at Ye Xuan and nodded, “Good!”

Seeing this scene, not far away, Mo Song let out a sigh of relief, if An Lan Xiu was really unforgiving, he really didn’t know what to do. The man and woman on the other side also looked slightly relieved, obviously, they did not want to fight with An Lanxiu!

Mo Song glanced at Ye Xuan who was not far away, then turned around and left with Beichen.

The man and woman on the other side also didn’t dare to stay for long and turned around.

Ye Xuan still wanted to say something, but the Ninth Princess suddenly said, “Just stop talking, don’t you think you’ve shed enough blood?”

An Lanxiu was about to approach Ye Xuan, when the Spirit Elder on the side suddenly walked up to her, “Miss, do you really want him to die?”

Hearing Spirit Elder’s words, Princess Nine and Ye Xuan looked towards Spirit Elder.

An Lanxiu looked towards Spirit Old Man, who smiled bitterly, “Miss ah! You are

The most outstanding person in my clan for nearly a thousand years, how many forces and clans want to marry with my clan, at this time, if you let them know that you are so close to that teenager, what do you think they will do? Those people wouldn’t dare to make a move against you, but, I can guarantee that one day, he might just disappear from this world without realising it, those people have the strength to do that!”

Speaking of this, he gave a slight beat, and then said, “There is also the head of the family, his expectations of you, Miss, you should be aware of …… Miss can like people, but, you can’t like mediocre people …… Yes, this Ye Xuan’s talent is really good in all aspects, but, he really doesn’t have the qualifications to be with Miss, unless he can become a Sword Emperor or a Sword Lord before the age of thirty, but that’s something that’s simply impossible. Miss, the closer you get to him, the faster he will die, this is something that Miss should know clearly in her heart!”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t small either, and the Nine Princesses and Ye Xuan on the side could hear him clearly. Obviously, he was deliberately speaking to Ye Xuan.

An Lan Xiu was silent.

Spirit Elder said in a deep voice again, ”Miss, you really can’t get close to him. The world you live in is completely different from him, he is not qualified to enter your world right now.”

An Lanxiu ignored Spirit Elder and instead looked at Ye Xuan who was on the side, “What do you think?”

Ye Xuan looked at An Lanxiu, “Do you consider me a friend?”

An Lanxiu nodded her head.

Ye Xuan grinned, “Then leave the rest to me!”

At those words, An Lanxiu smiled.

Ye Xuan instantly looked a little dumbfounded.

An Lanxiu walked to Ye Xuan’s front, she took out a white silk handkerchief and gently wiped off the blood from the corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth, then softly said, “When we meet again in the future, I hope that you’ll still be a flamboyant young man.”

After saying that, she put away the silk handkerchief and turned around to leave.

“Can I go find you in another day?”

Behind her, Ye Xuan suddenly asked.

An Lanxiu stopped in her tracks, “Middle Earth Divine Continent, I’ll wait for you!”

After saying that, she quickly disappeared into the distance.

Spirit Elder glanced deeply at Ye Xuan, “What are you doing here looking for Miss?”

Ye Xuan grinned, “To talk about life and ideals!”

Spirit old man’s face turned blue with anger, he coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, “Don’t come to make a fool of yourself!”

After saying that, he turned around and hurriedly followed.

Ye Xuan just looked into the distance, until after An Lan Xiu had completely disappeared into the distance, he still did not withdraw his gaze.

At this time, the Ninth Princess who was beside Ye Xuan suddenly said, “What are you still looking at? The people have all left.”

Ye Xuan retracted his gaze, he gently moved his body, seemingly moving his wounds and sucking in cool air in pain.

The ninth princess glanced at Ye Xuan, “Yo, now you know it hurts?”

Ye Xuan put one hand on the ninth princess’s shoulder, his entire body leaned on her, the ninth princess’s eyebrows slightly knitted, she was about to push Ye Xuan away, but when she saw the wound on Ye Xuan’s chest, she froze.

That wound was exactly what Ye Xuan had received in order to save her earlier! At the moment, there was still blood spilling out of that wound from time to time.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath, “Elder sister, can’t you quickly help me to get medical attention?”

Jiu Gong returned to her senses and said in a faint voice, “Heal what? I see that you’ve already forgotten that you’re injured just now from looking at Xiao An. It turns out that looking at beautiful women can also heal injuries!”

Although she said that, she still slowly helped Ye Xuan walk towards the city.

“I, my waist hurts and my legs hurt, can you carry me? No, I can’t, I can’t walk anymore.”

“Do you believe that I will beat you to death?”

“Cough …… Actually, I can still walk two steps …..