Master Of The Blade Chapter 59

To Ye Xuan’s left, the man and woman looked wary and took several steps backward!

Because how Bei Chen was just beaten, the two of them didn’t see it at all, to be able to unknowingly beat Bei Chen away under their noses, this kind of person, was definitely not something they could fight against!

On the other hand, Bei Chen’s face became a little ugly.

Because she herself didn’t even realise how she was sent flying just now!

Who was the one who struck out?

She coldly swept her surroundings, yet there was nothing around. In the end, she looked towards Ye Xuan who was not far away, Ye Xuan straightened his clothes and looked emboldened, “You guys think that there are only people above you?”

Saying this, he raised a finger and gently shook it, “No, in fact, I also have someone above me. Coming out to mix, who doesn’t have a backstage backer? You ……”


Right at this moment, with the sound of a crisp slap, a silhouette instantly flew out.

The one who flew out was not Beichen, but Ye Xuan!

The three Beichen people looked confused.

Ye Xuan himself was a bit confused, paralysed, this guy was hitting whoever he saw as unhappy ah! However, if you want to fight, can you fight later when no one is around? How to get off the stage now ah!

Ye Xuan slowly climbed up, on the right side of his face, there was also a small claw mark.

The atmosphere in the arena was getting a little weird.

Ye Xuan ‘coughed’, then said, “Everyone goes out for nothing more than a chance, everyone ……”

“Let’s all sit down and talk, right?”

Not far away, Beichen laughed lightly, “Is that what you mean?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “I didn’t expect us to think of a piece. I ……”

Not far away, Bei Chen shook his head, interrupting Ye Xuan’s words, “Previously, I thought that you were not in your right mind, but now it seems that it’s not a thought, your mind is really just not ……”

Saying this, her voice ended abruptly.

Because not far away opposite her Ye Xuan had already turned around and slipped away! Speed thief fast, in the blink of an eye is disappeared in the night.

Beichen’s face became incomparably ugly!

Not far away, the man wearing an ink-white robe coldly glanced at Bei Chen, “Too many words!”

After saying that, he and the woman beside him turned around and chased after Ye Xuan in the distance.

Bei Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a hint of a scowl at the corner of her mouth, and in the next moment, her entire body directly floated out, and wherever she passed, there was a mess!

In the night, Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way, his complexion was a bit gloomy.

Because from Beichen’s words just now, he got a message that the reason why his whereabouts were exposed was because someone from above had been revealing it to Beichen and the others!

Someone was breaking the rules of the game!

And the reason why the other party dared to break the rules of the game, without a doubt, was because there was no one behind him, if the one who came was An Lan Xiu, those bigwigs up there would never dare to do so. And the reason why those bigwigs up there dared to do so, without a doubt, was because there was no one behind him!

Ye Xuan’s right hand slowly clenched up, the problem he was facing on his own right now was very serious, because no matter how much he hid, Beichen and the others would find him!

And without escaping, with his own strength, he definitely wouldn’t be able to single-handedly take on the three Beichen men!

As he ran, Ye Xuan’s brows gradually locked up. After a while, Ye Xuan seemed to have thought of something, and his brows stretched. He swept his surroundings, finally, he ran towards a small hill in the distance, when he came to the front of the hill, he rolled on the ground, and in the moment of rolling, the volume of earth ranked martial skill was unknowingly

hidden in a pile of leaves.

He had done it very stealthily!

As for himself, he rolled to the other side of the small hill in a smooth manner, and he ran towards the front for another distance before stopping, and almost five breaths after he stopped, a white shadow swept in!

It was none other than North Star!

Bei Chen was almost three to four breaths faster than that man and woman!

Seeing Bei Chen, Ye Xuan directly rushed towards her, the corner of Bei Chen’s mouth flashed a cold smile, her figure trembled, turning into a residual shadow and exploded towards Ye Xuan. When she came in front of Ye Xuan, she slapped her palm towards Ye Xuan’s chest, this palm, in fact, was only a test, did not do her best, the real killing move was still in the back. However, when Ye Xuan came in front of her, he did not make a move, letting her slap this palm on his chest.


Ye Xuan’s entire person was like a kite with broken strings as he was thrown out towards the middle of the back, and in the end, he crashed into a tree before smashing to the ground.

Beichen frowned slightly, “What the hell are you up to?”

Right at this moment, the man and woman from before rushed over, and when they saw the scene in the field, they were slightly flabbergasted.

Ye Xuan suddenly climbed up from the ground, blood sprayed continuously from his mouth as he stared at Bei Chen dead in the face, “The Earth ranked martial arts have already been given to you, why are you still rushing to kill everyone!”

Beichen was dumbfounded.

While a man and a woman on the side turned their heads to look at Bei Chen in a hugh manner, the two of them looked unkind!

Ye Xuan’s blood was still spraying from his mouth, he looked at Bei Chen with a hideous look, “You woman is so vicious, you promised to let me off by handing over the upper grade of the earth rank martial arts, I didn’t think that, for fear of leaking it, you would want to kill me to silence me …… You’re so ruthless!”

Beichen’s eyes narrowed slightly, his complexion was quite hideous, “What kind of ghost trick are you playing?”

Saying that, she pointed at a man and a woman not far away, “Do you think they will believe it?”

In the distance, a man and a woman looked at each other, and soon, the two of them turned their heads to look at Ye Xuan, and at that moment, Ye Xuan suddenly took off his robe, and soon, he stripped down to his underwear and panties …….

Seeing this scene, not far away, the woman wearing an ink-white long dress suddenly frowned.

Ye Xuan pointed at his entire body, ”Did you see that? There isn’t even a single hair on my body ……”

With that, he pointed at Beichen, “What about you? Do you dare to show that Nascent Sacred Ring you’re wearing on your hand? Do you dare?”

Upon hearing this, a man and a woman on the side looked towards Bei Chen, or to be precise, towards the ring that Bei Chen wore on his finger.

Bei Chen stared at Ye Xuan dead on, the killing intent in his eyes was like substance, “You are at least a great sword cultivator, but you are actually shameless to such an extent, I can see that you are so cheap, you are a cheap cultivator, aren’t you?”

As her voice fell, a terrifying aura suddenly swept out from within her, this aura pressure directly pressed towards Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan’s eyelids jumped, and right at this moment, not far away, the man and woman wearing ink white robes suddenly struck out, both of them unleashed their own auras, and the two of them instantly shattered Beichen’s aura and pressure!

Seeing this man and woman striking out, Ye Xuan was instantly relieved!

On the other hand, Beichen stared at the man and woman, “Are you two pigs? You two believe his bullshit!”

The man glanced at Ye Xuan who was still bleeding at the corner of his mouth not far away, “He is at least a sword cultivator, what he said should not be false ……”

Saying that, he glanced at the Nascent Ring in Beichen’s hand, “Whether it’s true or not, wouldn’t it be fine if you let go of the Nascent Ring and let the two of us take a look?”

At those words, Beichen’s expression instantly went cold.

Look at the Nascent Sacred Ring?

That was a big no-no in the world of martial artists!

This request could be said to be very excessive!

Beichen’s right hand slowly clenched up, and when that man and woman saw Beichen’s right hand clenched up, they immediately turned around to face her, and the two of them were on guard, ready to strike at any time!

And right at this moment, not far away, Ye Xuan suddenly said: ”She’s waiting, waiting for reinforcements from the Cang Mu Academy, I just saw her release the Cang Mu Academy’s distress signal, surely there will be Cang Mu Academy’s trainees rushing over right away! She’s just stalling for time now!”

Upon hearing this, the man and woman’s complexion suddenly turned cold!

Looking for help, stalling for time!

The two men looked towards Beichen, and around the two men, a mysterious air current was flowing!

Bei Chen took a deadly glance at Ye Xuan who was not far away, if his eyes could kill, Ye Xuan would have died a hundred times!

“Fuck her to death!”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly rushed towards Beichen.

Seeing Ye Xuan strike, a man and a woman also rushed towards Beichen immediately after hesitating.

Ye Xuan rushed in the front, he just exchanged a front with Bei Chen was once again shocked out, after being shocked out, he did not strike again, but towards the side of a few rolls, very quickly, he returned to the previous hill, he copied the volume of the ground level martial arts buried in a pile of leaves, and then in the same trend towards the front of a few rolls, blink of an eye is disappeared in the distance.

And behind him, there were sounds of a fight.

Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way to Two Realms City.

Just as Ye Xuan hadn’t run for long, Bei Chen floated towards the back and distanced herself from the man and the woman, she coldly glanced at the two of them, “Two fools, ask the people behind you!”

The man and the woman looked at each other, soon, they looked up into the sky, after almost half a quarter of an hour, the two of them looked extremely ugly.


The people behind the two had not been paying attention to Ye Xuan at all times in the beginning, thus, they had not been able to notify the two of them in the first place. Although only a few moments had passed, it was already enough for Ye Xuan to run far, far away!

Beichen turned his head and glanced at the direction Ye Xuan had escaped from in the distance, “A sword cultivator shameless to such an extent, this is truly an eye-opener for me!”

Not far away, the man said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, he can’t run away. I, Ning, will take this volume of Earth Rank Upper Grade Martial Skills!”

Ning Guo!

Beichen glanced at the man and turned to leave.

Ning Country? The Jiang Kingdom? The Tang Kingdom?

To her, none of these had any significance! Because all of them, these geniuses, would one day travel to a better place!


In front of the gates of the Two Realms City, the Ninth Princess leaned against the city wall, her arms wrapped around her hands, not knowing what she was thinking.

At this moment, she suddenly raised her head to look into the distance, and not far away, a woman walked head on.

The person who came, was dressed in white clothes like snow, spotless!

It was none other than An Lan Xiu!

An Lan Xiu walked in front of the Ninth Princess, the Ninth Princess was about to speak, when An Lan Xiu turned her head to look at the vast mountain range in the distance, “You’re wrong about him!”

The Ninth Princess frowned slightly, An Lan Xiu added, “He’s not that kind of person!”

The Ninth Princess said in a deep voice, “That’s a top grade earth ranked martial art, no one wouldn’t be moved!”

An Lanxiu smiled faintly, “I believe him!”