Master Of The Blade Chapter 58

Beichen slowly walked towards Ye Xuan, and a green aura flashed within the palm of her right hand.

She naturally wouldn’t take Ye Xuan lightly, I should say that after coming here, she wouldn’t take anyone lightly! When facing anyone, she would go all out!

Looking at Bei Chen who was walking towards him, Ye Xuan’s heart was a bit depressed, why was this guy a bit unorthodox ah!

Without much thought, he suddenly floated out with his sword.

Since he couldn’t stop and make peace, then he would fight!

This was his Ye Xuan’s attitude!

Seeing Ye Xuan strike, the corner of Beichen’s mouth lifted slightly as her body suddenly became illusory, and in the next moment, a residual shadow flashed through the field.


In the blink of an eye, an explosive sound rang out, and immediately after, Ye Xuan retreated back to the entrance of the bamboo house.

Beichen, on the other hand, did not move in place!

Ye Xuan’s right hand tightened the Spirit Heavenly Sword in his hand, and there was a touch of gravity in his eyes, this woman’s strength, was not normally strong!

In front of Ye Xuan, Bei Chen’s eyes were also more than a trace of gravity, a connoisseur’s hand, knows whether there is one or not, and Ye Xuan’s one encounter, so that she also had a rough understanding of Ye Xuan’s strength!

Bei Chen was about to strike again, and just at this moment, the Nine Princesses suddenly walked out from within the bamboo house.

Beichen stopped while Ye Xuan froze!

The Ninth Princess walked over to Ye Xuan’s side, she coldly looked at Beichen who was not far away, “You want to fight two in one?”

As her voice fell, she placed her right hand on top of the golden sword at her waist.

The golden blade trembled slightly, and a wisp of blade aura flashed out!

Beichen laughed softly, “If you use your Lingkong realm body to perform an earth ranked martial skill, your body will definitely be backfired, this backfiring, you will need at least two days to recover from it, right now, you are just a fox pretending to be a tiger!”

After saying that, her entire body directly floated towards the Ninth Princess and Ye Xuan.

It was very decisive!

Seeing Beichen striking, Ye Xuan’s toes tapped, and his whole person stabbed forward, however, this sword was directly blocked by Beichen with her palm, and in her palm, there was a faint green aura!

At this moment, Ye Xuan held the sword gently slipped, this slip, the sword to a strange angle cut to the wrist of the North Star, but, the North Star reaction is faster, the jade hand back a contraction, directly avoid the sword, but the next moment, Ye Xuan held the sword towards the North Star is a diagonal cut!


Above the sword, the sword aura flashed!

Beichen took a step backward, just in time to dodge the sword, and right at that moment, a golden blade suddenly slashed down fiercely from above her head!

Bei Chen’s eye pupils shrunk slightly, and she fiercely pressed her hands downwards.


A green light swept out from within her.


As the golden blade fell, the green light instantly shattered apart, while Beichen had already retreated ten feet behind her!

Beichen looked at the distant Nine Princess in death, “You still dare to make a move!”

The Ninth Princess laughed coldly, “I am at least a royal child, so I don’t have any special means to save my life?”

At those words, Beichen’s brows knitted. But soon, her brows stretched and she laughed, “Is that so? Then let me see how many more times you can make a move!”

After she spoke, she was about to strike, and right at this moment, the Ninth Princess suddenly leapt up in the air, her right hand tightly gripping the golden blade at her waist, and in the next moment, a monstrous pressure swept out from within her body!

Earth rank martial arts!

Seeing this scene, the pupils of Beichen’s eyes shrunk slightly, and the next moment, she turned around and swept a few times, directly disappearing in front of Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess.

Obviously, she didn’t want to fight hard against this Earth ranked martial skill of the Nine Princesses! Although she wasn’t very afraid of it, but if she fought the Ninth Princess in a losing battle, the end result would be

Cheapening others!

Many people were waiting to reap the benefits!

Seeing Beichen retreating, in the air, the Ninth Princess stopped, she landed steadily beside Ye Xuan, “Go in!”

Ye Xuan nodded, then followed the Nine Princess into the bamboo house, just as soon as she entered the bamboo house, the Nine Princess fell backwards, Ye Xuan’s heart was shocked, and he hurriedly helped the Nine Princess, and at this moment, the corner of the Nine Princess’s mouth, there was constantly fresh blood overflowing!

Ye Xuan hurriedly carried the Ninth Princess to the bed, looking at the corner of the mouth is still bleeding Ninth Princess, Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “A ground level martial arts, is it really more important than life?”

The Ninth Princess shook her head, “You don’t understand!”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “I only know that if this continues, you will die!”

The Ninth Princess looked at Ye Xuan, “Do you know what kind of situation the Jiang Kingdom is in right now?”

Ye Xuan was silent.

The Ninth Princess’s eyes slowly closed, “Domestically, there are many lineages, these lineages work on their own, and their sons and daughters, all of them only know about their families and not about the country;and above the lineages, there are the Drunken Immortal Tower and Cang Mu Academy, two behemoths, and these two behemoths do not have any qualms about recruiting talents from within the country, and for those who join these two forces, how many of them are willing to fight for the country?”

Saying this, she opened her eyes to look at Ye Xuan, “Do you know why my Jiang Kingdom doesn’t dare to go to war with the Tang Kingdom so easily? It’s because we can’t coalesce within our country, once we go to war, we simply won’t be able to mobilise those people! And once the Jiang Kingdom is destroyed, yes, Cang Mu Academy and the children of those great families will be fine, but what about the commoners at the bottom? Will the Cang Mu Academy and those families and the Drunken Immortal House be willing to protect those civilians?”

Ye Xuan sighed in a low voice and was about to speak when Princess Nine added, “And most of the lucrative industries in the country are in the hands of the Drunken Immortal Building, they almost monopolise every industry, thus, the national treasury is almost always in a state of loss all year round. With this Earth Rank Upper Grade Martial Skill, as long as it is auctioned off, it can at least keep the treasury full for three years.”

Saying this, she shook her head slightly and added, “I have tens of thousands of generals under my command, and they haven’t been paid for two months.”

Ye Xuan glanced at Princess Nine, “Is that why you came here?”

The Ninth Princess said in a faint voice, “Or else?”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then said, “I know you have bitter feelings, but have you ever thought that only when a person is alive, everything is hopeful, if a person dies, everything is bullshit.”

Saying that, he glanced outside the bamboo house, “That woman definitely didn’t leave, not only did she not leave, there are definitely more people rushing towards this side. Moreover, just now, that woman also said that certain bigwigs up there are eyeing this Earth Rank Martial Skill. In this situation, whoever takes this Earth Rank Upper Grade Martial Skill will be targeted.”

Princess Nine’s eyes slowly closed, “You leave!”

Ye Xuan’s brows furrowed as he remained silent for a long time, and finally, his expression went cold before he looked straight at the Ninth Princess, “Take out that volume of Earth Rank Upper Grade Martial Skill!”

At those words, the Ninth Princess opened her eyes to look at Ye Xuan, in her eyes, there was a trace of disbelief.

Ye Xuan’s expression grew colder, “Hand it over!”

The Ninth Princess looked at Ye Xuan for a long time, and eventually, she smiled to herself, “It seems that I have underestimated the charm of the Earth ranked martial skills. However, I didn’t expect that both she and I would have moments of looking away!”

After saying that, she gently moved her jade finger, and soon, a black scroll landed in front of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan glanced at the black scroll, the scroll was smooth and incomparably smooth, he didn’t know what material it was made of. He opened it and glanced at it, and several large words entered his eyes: top grade of the earth rank: Silent Destruction Finger.

Without looking at it, Ye Xuan put away the scroll and got up to walk towards the outside of the bamboo house.

Nine Princess just looked at Ye Xuan, her eyes were cold, she didn’t say anything, a moment later, she took out a pitch-black coloured stone, she held that pitch-black coloured stone, a strand of xuan qi surged into it, and tightened it.

Then, her eyes slowly closed, “Xiao An, this person cannot be trusted!”

Thousands of miles away in a certain mountain range, a woman in white clothes like snow stopped, the woman took out a pitch-black coloured stone, looking at the stone in her hand for a long, long time, the woman suddenly turned around.

“Miss? You have an appointment to compete with the Demon Marshal!”

Behind her, someone shouted.

However, the woman in white didn’t turn her head back.


After Ye Xuan left the bamboo house, he made a few jumps and came to the top of that palace, he swept his surroundings and then looked at the scroll in his hand and laughed, “Finally!”

After saying that, his figure flashed and floated towards the distance below.

“It’s that Earth Rank Martial Skill!”

In the darkness, I don’t know who said a word, and soon, several residual shadows chased after Ye Xuan towards his location. The leader of the group was none other than Bei Chen, besides Bei Chen, there was also the man and woman from before, these two were also extremely strong, even Bei Chen was scared by them!

Ye Xuan’s speed was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, he rushed out of the Sword Master’s Cave, and then escaped into the deep forest, and behind him, a group of people were frantically chasing after him.

As for the Nine Princesses, there was no one to pay attention to her anymore!

Everyone’s gazes were on Ye Xuan, as the volume of earth ranked martial arts was on Ye Xuan’s body!

Ye Xuan ran furiously all the way, he specialised in drilling towards those dense forests as well as places with complex terrain, because of this, Beichen and the others didn’t catch up with him in the first place! Not only that, he used those complicated mountainous terrains to distance himself from Beichen and the others!

However, North Star and the others clearly did not have the slightest intention of giving up, and chased after him furiously all the way!

As for Ye Xuan, he was like a nimble monkey, constantly jumping around in the middle of the vast mountain ranges, he didn’t fight either, his first reaction to seeing people was to run, just like that, he ran and ran, and finally reached the night!

As night fell, Ye Xuan smiled.

As night fell, he couldn’t see his fingers, but to Ye Xuan, it wasn’t the slightest bit difficult, as he was already used to this kind of night deep in the mountains.

On the other hand, Beichen and the others’ colours were a bit gloomy, among them, although most of them had experienced in the mountain ranges, they hadn’t fought with people in the mountain ranges almost all year round like Ye Xuan, thus, when night descended, Beichen’s few people had become a bit scrupulous. This scruple was not only because of Ye Xuan, but there was also a mutual scruple between each of them!

One must know that things like backstabbing could be said to be commonplace outside!

In the night, Ye Xuan hid on top of a dense old tree, he took out the Ye Ling lookalike villain and smiled faintly, “Brother will be back soon.”

“You’re afraid that you won’t be able to return!”

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly came from the side.

Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he turned his head haughtily, and not far below him on his right, there stood a woman.

The person who came was none other than Bei Chen, not only Bei Chen, on his left, there was also a man and a woman.

Ye Xuan’s face sank, “How could you possibly find me!”

The corner of Bei Chen’s mouth lifted slightly, “Because we have someone above us, while you seem to have no one above you, so, do you understand?”

Ye Xuan was about to speak, and right at this moment, a strange change occurred in the field.


As a crisp slapping sound rang out, Bei Chen’s entire body flew directly to a dozen feet away, and when she stood up, on the right side of her face, a reddish claw mark appeared.

Crowd: “……”

Ye Xuan was also flabbergasted, and soon, he said with a straight face, “Actually, there is someone above me!”

Beichen trio: “……”