Master Of The Blade Chapter 53

Ye Xuan was flabbergasted.

Wasn’t he himself ruthless enough?

In all fairness, he felt that he was already ruthless enough!

Of course, this Ninth Princess in front of him seemed to be a ruthless character as well!

Right at this moment, the Ninth Princess who was not far away suddenly stopped, she turned her head to look at Ye Xuan, “What are you still waiting for? Go kill someone!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Just like that, Ye Xuan followed the Nine Princess towards the distance.

However, as he left, he searched the body of the lanky man, and his harvest was not small, gaining several top grade spirit stones, together with the ones he had saved earlier, he now had a total of fifteen top grade spirit stones, and on top of that, there were about a hundred gold coins!

It was considered a considerable fortune!

Led by the Ninth Princess, the two of them arrived at a ravine, and within the ravine, Ye Xuan met the two of them.

Two men, looking at their costumes, both were undoubtedly from the Tang Kingdom!

There were still some differences in the customs and dress between the Tang Kingdom and the Jiang Kingdom, especially the accents, there were obvious differences!

In the distance, the two men were first flabbergasted when they saw the Nine Princesses and Ye Xuan… Jiang Guo people?

Soon, the two men’s gazes landed on the bloody head in the hands of the Ninth Princess, when they saw the head, the two men’s complexion instantly went cold, and right at this moment, the Ninth Princess suddenly threw the head towards one of the men, at the same time, her entire body was like a speedy wind instantly rushed out.

What a fast speed!

Ye Xuan’s eye pupils shrunk slightly, the strength of this Ninth Princess greatly exceeded his expectations!

Without much thought, he followed suit and rushed out as one of the men also rushed towards him. Upon arriving in front of that man, Ye Xuan thoughtlessly threw out a punch!

Fist momentum!

With one punch, some of the rocks around him directly exploded!

The man opposite Ye Xuan was shocked in his heart when he sensed the power in Ye Xuan’s fist, he didn’t dare to be careless, he hurriedly stopped, his body half crouched, then his arms violently crossed.


The ground under the man’s feet directly cracked, at the same time, the sleeves of the man’s arms directly exploded, and at this moment, his arms unexpectedly turned into a reddish-gold colour, rigid and hard as gold!

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s fist arrived.


As an explosive sound rang out, the man was directly shaken back several feet away, while Ye Xuan also retreated towards the back by a distance of about ten feet!

After Ye Xuan stopped, he glanced at his fist, which was already red!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, none of the people who came were really simple goods ah!

At this moment, the man suddenly took a step forward, this step, directly came in front of Ye Xuan, the man’s arms violently slammed down towards Ye Xuan, as the arms fell, the field was immediately resounding with the sound of an air explosion!

What a terrifying power!

Ye Xuan’s right hand slowly clenched up, fist, battle intent condensed, was about to strike, and at this moment, a residual shadow suddenly flashed from in front of him, the next moment, the man’s head directly flew out!

Ye Xuan looked at the front of his eyes in shock, in front of him, stood a woman!

Silver skirt, golden sword!

It was none other than that Nine Princess!

A knife for a second!

Ye Xuan’s head went a little blank!

The Ninth Princess put away her golden blade, she turned around and walked to Ye Xuan, she just looked at him, “Why didn’t you put out your full strength?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Princess Nine looked straight at Ye Xuan, “You are a sword cultivator, you can obviously put out your full strength to kill him in the shortest possible time, why do you need to retain your strength? Do you know that in a place like this, if you can’t kill him in the fastest time

resolve the fight, it is highly likely that you will attract more enemies and then be surrounded by more people?”

Ye Xuan was silent.

The Ninth Princess took another step forward, her eyes were like knives, and her voice was a little colder again, “In here, it’s not for you to practice, in here, either you kill others, or others kill you.”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, “Understood.”

Princess Nine coldly said, “Be serious!”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Understood!”

The Ninth Princess nodded slightly, “Follow me!”

Ye Xuan packed up the loot again and got five top grade spirit stones as well as more than fifty gold coins. The current him as well had twenty top grade spirit stones along with one hundred and fifty no gold coins!

Looking at the small pouch on his waist, Ye Xuan giggled, then hurriedly followed him.

Under the lead of the Ninth Princess, the two of them came to a hidden cave, the Ninth Princess sat down on the ground, then raised a pile of fire, then she took out a chicken and started to roast it as if she was doing a magic trick.

Ye Xuan looked dumbfounded because when they arrived, the Ninth Princess had empty hands!

The Ninth Princess glanced at Ye Xuan, “What, curious?”

Ye Xuan hurriedly nodded his head.

The Ninth Princess lit up a ring on her finger, “Nascent ring, it has its own space inside, it can hold some things, except living things.”

Ye Xuan blinked, “Can you show me?”

Princess Nine was generous, flexing her fingers, the Nascent Ring flew directly to Ye Xuan’s face, Ye Xuan carefully surveyed the Nascent Ring, his eyes filled with curiosity, “How many things can be contained within this?”

Nine Princess said in a faint voice, “Almost as big as a room!”

Ye Xuan was flabbergasted, then had asked, “How many gold coins does it take to buy one?”

The Nine Princess looked at Ye Xuan faintly, “Half a million gold coins, there’s a price for it!”

Half a million!

Ye Xuan stayed in place, and in an instant, he returned the ring to the Nine Princesses. Half a million! Just kidding, he couldn’t even afford to buy it even if he was sold!

The Nine Princess glanced at the Nano Ring before saying, “If you want it, I can give it to you!”

Ye Xuan shook his head decisively.

The Ninth Princess was a bit surprised, “Why?”

Ye Xuan said, “With getting comes giving.”

The Ninth Princess looked at Ye Xuan and said seriously, “Come to my army, I will cover you in the future!”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, “I promised old man Ji, I’m now a cadet of Cang Lan Academy, to be a human being, credit must still be spoken!”

Princess Jiu nodded and didn’t say anything else. If Ye Xuan had just promised her so decisively, she would have been reluctant instead. A person, strength should be there, but, character should also be there!

Ye Xuan turned his head to look outside the cave, “When are we going to enter that Sword Master’s Cave?”

Princess Nine said, “Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the deadline, those who should come will come.”

Ye Xuan glanced at the Ninth Princess, “You’re strong!”

The Ninth Princess said in a faint voice, “That’s because you haven’t seen more demons and geniuses, the Jiang Kingdom is very small, the Qingzhou is very big, when tomorrow comes, you’ll realise that in this world, there are a lot of excellent people. That’s nothing, the most frightening thing is that those excellent people also work very hard!”

Ye Xuan sat in front of Princess Nine, “You and Miss An are both excellent!”

The Ninth Princess tore off a chicken leg and threw it to Ye Xuan, “Little An, although she was born in the Jiang Kingdom, her origins are not ordinary, being friends with her will be very stressful, if there are other ideas, the pressure will be even greater, greater than the sky.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “I will endeavour to become stronger!”

The corner of Princess Nine’s mouth lifted slightly, “I like your nature.”

After saying that, she lay on her side on a side mountain wall, “Sleep after you finish eating

and go into the mountains tomorrow to kill people!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

One night passed.

The next day at the crack of dawn, Ye Xuan and the Nine Princess were out of the cave, and the two of them headed straight to the depths of the great mountain.

The two of them arrived in front of a large mountain, and at the waist of that large mountain, there was a huge cave entrance, and around the cave entrance, there was surprisingly a sword light sorcery!

“Is that the entrance?” Ye Xuan asked.

The Nine Princesses nodded, “An entrance that was forcibly broken open by those big shots up there, and it was said that two Tongyi Realm powerhouses died when they broke open this entrance. So, after we go in later, apart from being careful of the people, we have to be even more careful of some unknown existences inside.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Understood!”

The two of them accelerated their steps, and right at this moment, a black-clothed man suddenly flashed past the two of them at an extremely fast speed!

Ye Xuan’s heart was flabbergasted, this man’s speed was not much worse than Mo Yunqi’s ah.

As expected, none of the ones who came here were simple!

As the man missed the two of them, he suddenly turned his head to look at Ye Xuan and the Nine Princesses, sneered and laughed before making a neck wiping motion!

Ye Xuan: “……”

The man in black didn’t stop, instead, his speed increased and he disappeared into the distance in a puff of smoke.

Ye Xuan was about to speak a


Right at this moment, a mournful scream suddenly sounded in the distance, and in an instant, a bloody head rolled in front of the Nine Princesses and Ye Xuan!

Seeing this head, Ye Xuan froze. This was because this bloody head was none other than the black-clothed man’s from before!

This was gone?

Beside Ye Xuan, the Nine Princess said in a faint voice, “This kind of goods looks like they are out to mix for the first time… When you’re mixing outside, if you’re not really particularly powerful, such as Xiao An, it’s best to keep a low profile.”

Ye Xuan nodded seriously, “I will keep a low profile!”

Princess Nine suddenly turned her head to look at him, “Lay low what? You have to keep a low profile when you should keep a low profile, and when you should keep a high profile, you have to make a strong high profile, or else people will think that you are good at bullying!”

As the voice fell, she suddenly pulled out the golden sword on her waist and violently made a chop towards the distance.


A golden blade aura flashed through the field, and a dozen feet away, a large tree directly exploded, and at the same time, a silhouette was directly sent flying a dozen feet away.

Princess Nine coldly glanced at that distant silhouette, “Scram!”

That silhouette didn’t say anything, his figure trembled and directly vanished.

The Ninth Princess raised her head and coldly swept the surroundings, “Scum just don’t come out, wasting my blade Qi!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

The Ninth Princess turned her head and glanced at Ye Xuan, “Go!”

The two of them continued to move forward, and soon, the two of them arrived at the entrance, and at the entrance, sat a man with long hair, the man’s hair was extremely long, longer than the woman’s, and half of the man’s face was covered by his long hair.

In the man’s hand, he held a blood-red blade, while at his feet, there were several bloody heads.

At this moment, the long-haired man looked up at the Nine Princesses and Ye Xuan, and he grinned, his mouth, full of yellow teeth, and this smile was also oozing. On top of that, the man’s appearance was also strangely ugly, as if he had been burnt by fire!

The long-haired man suddenly gripped his long sword and gently stomped the ground, hissing, “One hundred top-grade spirit stones, the toll!”

The Ninth Princess glanced at the long-haired man, “It’s not your fault that you’re ugly, but it’s your fault that you’ve disgusted me.”

With that, she looked at Ye Xuan, “Beat him to death!”

Ye Xuan: “……”