Master Of The Blade Chapter 52

Foam Sui Qing looked at Ye Xuan in death, her fists clenched tightly and her entire body was trembling slightly.

The man on the side, on the other hand, looked at Ye Xuan in shock.

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he turned around and left, and right at this moment, Mor Sui Qing suddenly said in a fierce voice, “You dare to insult me!”

Ye Xuan stopped his steps as he turned around and walked to Mor Sui Qing, “Insult you? I’ve already let you go twice, you’re the one who’s chasing after me, okay?”

Saying that, he gently pinched Mo Sui Qing’s cheeks, “Miss Mo, ask yourself, what do you have besides this face of yours and this identity of yours? Or rather, without this face, without this identity of the Mori family, do you think there are still men around you? If they surround you, do you think they really like you? No, they just like your skin, they like your identity, without this skin, without the identity of the Foam Family, you are worthless in their eyes!”

After saying that, he let go of his hand, and added: “You think you are playing with those men, but, with all due respect, is it meaningful for you to play with those men? Is it meaningful? Men with a little bit of intelligence will not be toyed with by you. Miss An is right, your Foam Family is at least a big family, and you engage in this kind of nonsense all day long, don’t you think you’re a disgrace to your family? Think about it. Also, don’t come counting on me. I don’t want to be endlessly hunted down by your Foam Family after I punch you to death!”

As his words fell, he turned around and left.

In the original spot, Foam Sui Qing’s fists were clenched tightly, his face was ice-cold, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Ye Xuan returned to his own box, for Fo Sui Qing, he couldn’t talk about being particularly disgusted, but he really didn’t have a trace of good feelings either, this kind of woman, she was really too self-righteous.

He did not think about Mo Sui Qing, he returned to the Realm Prison Tower.


Ye Xuan swept his surroundings and said softly.

All around, it was incredibly quiet, and the mysterious woman still didn’t reply.

Ye Xuan’s face immediately sank, the mysterious woman was not there, he was really a bit panicked!

Right at this moment, a piece of paper suddenly floated out from the entrance of the first floor, seeing this piece of paper, Ye Xuan’s eyelids jumped, here we go again!

Soon, the piece of paper floated in front of him, on it was a calm face, very calm, no joy or anger could be seen. And underneath this calm face was a claw mark.

The corners of Ye Xuan’s mouth twitched slightly as he swept his surroundings before rushing out of the Realm Prison Tower.

What kind of existence was imprisoned on this second level?

Ye Xuan’s heart was filled with doubts.

However, no matter what was imprisoned, there was one thing that he could be sure of, and that was that it was definitely not something that he was able to fight against right now!

Hurry up and look for that whatever dao rule!

Ye Xuan had made up his mind in his heart!

In the next few hours, Ye Xuan began to cultivate frantically!

Now he was already at the Royal Qi Realm, and for this realm, he had yet to fully penetrate it, especially for the use of sword qi and sword awnings, but unfortunately the mysterious woman had not spoken recently, so for the use of sword qi as well as sword awnings, he could only rely on his own to slowly grope his way through it!

What was worth saying was that when he cast One Sword to Define Life and Death now, it wasn’t so difficult anymore. Not only that, the power of One Sword Defining Life and Death had also increased by a lot. His current One Sword Fixation of Life and Death was completely capable of killing an Empty Sky Realm powerhouse!

And this Sword Determination of Life and Death could also be said to be his greatest killing move and card!

In the next few hours, Ye Xuan began to frantically practice his sword and fist!

Whether it was sword or fist, he didn’t want to fall behind.

Time passed quickly, and two days later, the cloud ship began to slowly descend.

The Two Realms City had arrived!

Ye Xuan left the box and came to the deck of the cloud ship, he stood at the bow of the ship and looked downwards, the Two Realms City was getting bigger and bigger. When he saw the Two Realms City, he was a little surprised, because at the moment, there were soldiers standing on the walls all around the Two Realms City, not only that, under the city there were thousands of soldiers who were drilling, on the whole, these soldiers were moving in a neat and tidy manner, and all of them carried a killing aura on their bodies, at a glance, they were the sharpest division!

Soon, the cloud ship steadily stopped in the two worlds city, Ye Xuan jumped down from the cloud ship, and just at this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared on him!

in front of him.

It was none other than that Foam Sui Qing!

Ye Xuan frowned slightly and was about to speak when Fo Sui Qing suddenly said, “Remember this!”

After saying that, she turned around and left.


Ye Xuan shook his head, then took out a map, which was given to him by Old Man Ji before he came, and it had the exact location of the Sword Master’s cave. Soon, he found the location.

Without stopping in the city, Ye Xuan directly ran out of the city and then ran towards the mountain range on the right. Soon, he entered the vast mountains. He was not a stranger to big mountains at all!

Following the direction pointed out by the map, after about two hours, the deeper Ye Xuan went, the hotter the air around him became, after another hour had passed, Ye Xuan stopped, not far in front of him, three large mountains stood on top of each other, and in the middle of them was a large canyon!


Ye Xuan was about to continue walking forward, and just then, an invisible pressure suddenly enveloped him.

Ye Xuan’s face changed slightly as he swept his surroundings and found no one.


A voice suddenly rang in Ye Xuan’s ears.

Ye Xuan hurriedly took out the jade pendant that An Lanxiu had given him, he held it and raised it, and soon, the pressure disappeared cleanly.

Ye Xuan continued to advance, and soon, he entered the canyon, and the moment he entered the canyon, the Spirit Heavenly Sword in his body unexpectedly trembled and was about to rush out of his body!

Ye Xuan was shocked in his heart and hurriedly suppressed that Spirit Heavenly Sword.

What’s going on?

Ye Xuan’s brows were furrowed and his heart was filled with doubts.

“You’re here!”

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out from Ye Xuan’s right side, Ye Xuan sniffed and looked, to his right, there stood a woman.

The woman was dressed in a long silver-coloured dress, and a golden curved sword was skimmed around her waist!

Princess Nine!

Ye Xuan walked up to the Ninth Princess and said in surprise, “You knew I was coming?”

The Ninth Princess shot a glance at Ye Xuan and nodded, “Follow me!”

After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the side.

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then followed.

On the way, Princess Jiu didn’t say anything, so Ye Xuan couldn’t help but ask again, “You knew I was coming?”

“She is my dear friend!” The Ninth Princess returned.

An Lan Xiu!

Ye Xuan understood. Needless to say, An Lanxiu had definitely told this Ninth Princess in front of him about giving him the jade pendant!

Soon, under the Ninth Princess’s leadership, the two of them arrived in the middle of a dense forest clearing.

The Ninth Princess sat down on the ground, and she signalled Ye Xuan to sit down as well, and Ye Xuan didn’t squirm and directly sat down on the ground.

The Ninth Princess took a branch and drew a circle on the ground, ”This cave was left behind by the Cang Realm Sword Master, as for who the Cang Realm Sword Master is, I won’t give much of an introduction. Anyway, it’s a character who once amazed the entire Qing Cang Realm. This cave mansion, it wasn’t left behind during his peak, it was left behind in his early years, but even so, that value is incalculable. And this time, the ones involved in developing this cave mansion are those bigwigs up there, as well as various countries and some of the mountain clan forces.”

Saying this, she gave a slight beat and glanced at Ye Xuan, ” No single power was able to monopolise this cave mansion, so in order to not cause any major disputes, the above issued some qualification orders for the younger generation below each power to go in and look for the chance. All in all, this time around, it’s not just people from the Jiang Kingdom that are coming, there are also geniuses from other countries, as well as some sect disciples, this time around, you’ll get to see the pride of the heavens other than the Jiang Kingdom.”

Ye Xuan suddenly asked, “Is there anyone from Cang Mu Academy coming as well?”

Princess Nine glanced at Ye Xuan, “Yes, but I don’t know who will come this time.”

Ye Xuan nodded and didn’t say anything more, anyway, the big deal would be a fight when the time comes!

Seemingly knowing what Ye Xuan was thinking, the Ninth Princess glanced at him, “Remember, you came here this time to look for a chance, not to fight and kill.

Ye Xuan lightly laughed, “I wouldn’t take the initiative to go looking for them to fight, I’m afraid that they will come and beat me up if they see me, and you know about the matter between Cang Lan Academy and Cang Mu Academy!”

Princess Nine nodded, “Let’s talk about it then!”

Saying this, she seemed to think of something and suddenly looked up at Ye Xuan, “If I remember correctly, you are a sword cultivator?”

Ye Xuan nodded.

Princess Nine was silent for a moment, then said, “Don’t easily expose your identity as a sword cultivator later.”

“Why?” Ye Xuan was puzzled.

The Nine Princess said in a deep voice, “This is the cave residence of the Cang Realm Sword Master, the Cang Realm Sword Master is a sword cultivator, and a sword cultivator coming here is bound to have some advantages. If you reveal your identity as a sword cultivator, you will likely be targeted.”

Saying that, she glanced to the right, “After going in, the chance is not sought, it’s snatched, and whoever snatches it is the one who gets it!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

At this moment, the Nine Princess took out two green pills, she flexed her fingers and one of them flew to Ye Xuan, “Poison Avoidance Pill, just in case!”

Ye Xuan nodded and directly ate it.

The Ninth Princess saw that Ye Xuan ate it without the slightest hesitation, she glanced at Ye Xuan, “Trust me so much?”

Ye Xuan softly said, “I trust her!”

An Lan Xiu!

Since An Lanxiu was a close friend of this Ninth Princess in front of him, there was no doubt that this person in front of him was absolutely trustworthy!

The Ninth Princess shot a glance at Ye Xuan, “You like her?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

The Ninth Princess withdrew her gaze before swallowing her poison avoidance pill, “Work hard!”

Ye Xuan was about to speak, just then, a footstep suddenly came from not far away, Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess turned their heads towards the source of the footsteps.

The one who came was a man, about twenty or so years old, with a stout figure and a cheek beard on his face.

Seeing the visitor, Ye Xuan frowned as the man in front of him was wearing the costume of the Tang Kingdom.

When he saw Ye Xuan and the Nine Princesses, the lanky man was also slightly flabbergasted, and it was obvious that he had also arrived here by mistake. He was about to leave, and at that moment, he suddenly looked towards the Nine Princesses not far away, his eyes narrowing slightly, “From the Jiang Kingdom!”

The Ninth Princess withdrew her gaze and leaned against a tree.

The lanky man sized up the Nine Princess, the corner of his mouth suddenly lifted up, his smile was a little lewd, “I just like sleeping with Jiang Country women, get comfortable. You ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan, who was originally sitting on the ground, suddenly jumped away, and in the next moment, his entire body was like a cheetah pouncing on a meal directly rushing to the front of the lanky man, who’s face changed greatly!

It was already too late to retreat, the lanky man could only blast out a fist in haste!

And at that moment, Ye Xuan also blasted out a fist.

Fist Crash!

This fist was not only mixed with battle intent, but also a fist pressure!

The two fists collided!



The stout man’s entire body was directly thrown away, and at the same time, his entire arm was directly fractured into a bizarre shape!

Ye Xuan immediately rushed over after blowing away the lanky man with his fist ……

A breath later, Ye Xuan carried the constantly wailing lanky man to the front of the Nine Princesses as he kicked the lanky man, “Apologise!”

The Ninth Princess glanced at Ye Xuan, “Apologise for what?”

In the next moment, she suddenly pulled out the golden knife at her waist and slammed it at the lanky man’s throat.


The lanky man’s head directly separated from his neck!

The Ninth Princess put away her golden blade, she carried the bloody head, then glanced at Ye Xuan, “You’re not ruthless enough, learn from it! He should still have companions, go, I’ll take you to kill someone!”

Ye Xuan: “…….”