Master Of The Blade Chapter 51

Ye Xuan was completely confused!

Who hit himself?

He jumped up, sacrificed his Spirit Sky Sword, and swept his surroundings warily, however, he found nothing.

He withdrew his gaze and looked at the Spiritual Sky Sword, and from within the blade of the Spiritual Sky Sword, he saw the small claw mark on the right side of his face, and when he saw it, his face immediately sank!

He recognised this paw print!

It was exactly the same as the paw print on the paper that floated out from the second tier tower earlier!

That guy could come out?

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan broke out into a cold sweat. He hurriedly returned to the Realm Prison Tower, however, the Realm Prison Tower was incredibly calm, with no movement at all! The upstairs was also incredibly quiet!

Ye Xuan glanced at the entrance to the first floor with a rather odd expression.

He could be certain that the one who beat him up was definitely this guy on the first floor, however, there was nothing he could do at all!

Going to the second level to fight the other party one on one? Wasn’t that looking for death?

Can’t afford it! Can’t afford it!

Ye Xuan touched and wiped the right side of his fiery face before turning around and leaving the Realm Prison Tower.

It was noon.

Inside the Cang Lan Hall, the crowd was seated around the table, on the table, there were a dozen or so dishes, both meat and vegetarian, with a great aroma.

Ji Anzhi didn’t move his chopsticks this time, he just licked his chopsticks, not caring about his image, and the crowd had long since become accustomed to it.

At this time, old man Ji suddenly said, “After eating this meal, it’s time for you all to leave!”


Ye Xuan looked at Old Man Ji, “They’re also going to the Two Realms Mountain?”

Old man Ji shook his head, “I’m taking the two of them to a place to train alone.”

Ye Xuan nodded before looking towards Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze, “Take care!”

Bai Ze nodded, “You too!”

Mo Yunqi hemmed and hawed, “See you next time, let’s spar.”

Ye Xuan smiled and was about to speak when Ye Ling beside him suddenly hummed, “You definitely can’t beat my brother!”

Mo Yunqi rolled his eyes, “Yes yes, your brother is the best!”

He now sort of understood. In this Cang Lan Academy, the one who should not offend the most is this little girl, because this little girl has a very high status in the hearts of all the people, in addition to being able to cook, she will also beat up old man Ji’s wine, and in the middle of the night, she will get food for Ji Anzhi …… Especially she will help them to wash clothes …… It was Bai Ze who was very fond of her! If he offended her, he would be offending everyone in disguise.

Ye Ling grinned, then chucked a piece of lean meat into Ye Xuan’s bowl, “Brother, eat!”

Ye Xuan gently rubbed Ye Ling’s little head, his eyes full of doting.

Mo Yunqi suddenly shook his head and sighed, “Ai, someone else’s sister!”

The crowd looked at each other and laughed.

Half an hour later, Old Man Ji brought Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze down the mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain, Mo Yunqi waved his hand at Ye Xuan, “See you next time, let’s have a good fight!”

Ye Xuan smiled, “Good!”

Bai Ze, on the other hand, gave a slight salute to Ye Xuan, “Take care!”

After saying that, he turned around and quickly followed Old Man Ji, who was at the forefront, with Mo Yunqi.

Ye Xuan pulled Ye Ling and turned to walk to Ji Anzhi, he looked straight at Ji Anzhi, “My sister is here, is she safe?”

Ji Anzhi looked at Ye Xuan and did not speak.

Ye Xuan also looked at her that way and did not speak.

Right at this moment, Ji Anzhi suddenly sidestepped, in the next moment, a thin, cicada-like blade appeared in her hand, in an instant, her person was already ten feet away, as soon as she stopped, behind her, the ground cracked with a ‘snort’.

It was so deep that it couldn’t be seen!

Not only that, in the middle of that cracked fissure, a mysterious force claimed not to dissipate.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s eye pupils shrunk slightly, his heart shocked beyond measure!

Because that was the realm of intent!

Blade intent!

This eater in front of me is actually so powerful?

Now that he thought about it, he was a bit scared because at first, this eater in front of him had almost hacked him to death with a knife!

At this time, Ye Ling walked to Ye Xuan’s front, she took out a bundle and handed it to Ye Xuan’s arms, “Brother, there is a pair of shoes in here, which I newly hooked, there are also some dry food, which I made, when you go out, fight less, don’t hurt yourself, and also, I’ll be a good boy here, don’t worry about me.”

Ye Xuan gently rubbed Ye Ling’s little head, “Wait for brother to come back!”

After saying that, he picked up his bag and turned towards the distance.

He wasn’t a pretentious person, although he didn’t want to let go of his sister, but, a good man’s ambition was to do something, when doing something, one should do it decisively instead of procrastinating!

Under Ye Ling’s gaze, Ye Xuan’s back became increasingly blurred.

Ye Ling didn’t cry, she just watched, until finally Ye Xuan completely disappeared in the distance, she didn’t even withdraw her gaze.

After a long time, she turned around and walked over to Ji Anzhi’s side, then took Ji Anzhi’s hand, “Sister Ji, let’s go!”

Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Ling, “Don’t worry.”

Ye Ling grinned, “He said for me to wait for him to come back, so he will definitely come back! Brother has never gone back on his word when he promised me something!”

Ji Anzhi nodded, she turned her head to look at the distance, as if she thought of something, shaking her head slightly, “Nice male, but it’s a pity that he likes men ……”


After Ye Xuan descended the mountain, he directly came to the cloud ship base of Drunken Immortal Building outside the imperial capital, he was going to the Two Realms Mountain, naturally, he had to take a cloud ship.

However, as soon as he left the city, a group of people rushed out from within the city.

Judging from their clothes, it was obvious that they were all students of the Cang Mu Academy!

After Ye Xuan killed the Cang Mu Academy trainees last time, it could be said that the trainees of Cang Mu Academy were always thinking about revenge, however, they were still a little apprehensive and did not dare to go up to Cang Lan Academy to look for Ye Xuan’s trio directly. However, they did not stop, but always sent people to guard under the mountain of Cang Lan Academy, and now that Ye Xuan had descended the mountain, they got the news and immediately rushed over.

Ye Xuan stopped in his tracks.

Seeing Ye Xuan stop, a group of Cang Mu Academy’s trainees also stopped.

Ye Xuan turned to look at the group of Cang Mu Academy cadets, “Single combat?”

Single combat?

The crowd froze, so direct?

At this time, a Cang Mu Academy cadet stood out, he slowly walked to Ye Xuan’s face and said in a fierce voice, “Ye Xuan, you killed my Cang Mu Academy cadet, today, I ……”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared in place.


Before the man could finish his sentence, his entire body directly flew several feet away!

Directly crushed!

Seeing this scene, the group of Cang Mu Academy students directly froze.

So fierce?

Those cadets looked at each other and were about to go on together, and right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly said, “There are so many of you, why don’t you go on together? You Cang Mu Academy doesn’t want any face anyway, come on, go together!”

Upon hearing this, the faces of the group of Cang Mu Academy trainees suddenly became a bit ugly.

Go together?

Originally, they wanted to go together, but with Ye Xuan saying this now, they didn’t dare to go together instead. Because this was in broad daylight, if they went together, even if they won the fight, it would still not be good to hear!

Seeing that none of those Cang Mu Academy trainees made a move, Ye Xuan pointed at them, “You’re just a bunch of younger brothers!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Behind Ye Xuan, the faces of those Cang Mu Academy cadets were hard to see, but none of them dared to make a move.

They weren’t stupid, from the way Ye Xuan had just struck out, there was simply no one amongst their group who was Ye Xuan’s opponent. Continuing to fight would only be a self

humiliation. To put it simply, they had now recognised the fact that Ye Xuan could only be dealt with by people from the inner courtyard.

Just like that, under the gaze of a group of Cang Mu Academy students, Ye Xuan disappeared into the distance.


Half an hour later, Ye Xuan boarded the cloud ship, this time, he stayed in a special class room, naturally because of that purple . Card, with that Purple. With that purple. card, one could stay in a special class room for free. For such a good thing, Ye Xuan naturally wouldn’t refuse, it’s a son of a bitch if you don’t take advantage of a bargain!

After the cloud ship started, Ye Xuan arrived on the cloud ship deck.

“It’s you!”

Just then, a somewhat familiar voice came from Ye Xuan’s ears.

Ye Xuan turned his head to look, not far in front of him stood a red-skirted woman, the woman was extremely beautiful, especially that slender figure, one could not help but want to stop it in one’s arms and play with it!

This woman was no one else, it was the Fo Sui Qing who had a history with him!

In the foam Sui Qing side, also stood a man, the man dressed in a gorgeous brocade coat, gold crown and jade belt, face like white jade, long is very handsome.

The man’s gaze also landed on Ye Xuan, constantly sizing him up.

Ye Xuan took a glance at Mo Sui Qing then withdrew his gaze, then walked to the position of the bow of the boat, looking at the scenery below getting smaller and smaller, the more and more in his heart he longed for the legendary Sword Immortal.

The sword between heaven and earth!

This is the dream of every sword cultivator ah!

Seeing Ye Xuan ignoring himself, Mo Sui Qing’s complexion immediately went cold, from her birth until now, no matter where she went, she was the centre of attention, when was she ignored like this?

She walked to Ye Xuan’s side, Ye Xuan turned his head to look at her, his brows slightly frowning. This woman in front of him was indeed very beautiful, a man would probably love to look at her, but he really didn’t like it, I should say he was disgusted!

He very much hated this kind of disrespectful and self-righteous woman!

It was still An Lan Xiu who was good!

Thinking of that woman dressed in white like snow, Ye Xuan’s brows stretched and there was a hint of a smile on his face.

“Ye Xuan!”

Right at this moment, Mor Sui Qing suddenly laughed, “What, am I so unpopular with you?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “Miss Foam, the paths are different.”

Fo Sui Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I heard that you joined Cang Lan Academy!”

Ye Xuan nodded his head.

“Congratulations!” Mor Sui Qing laughed. The smile was bright, but the words spoken were a bit harsh.

Ye Xuan nodded and didn’t say anything more, nor did he want to say anything as he turned around and walked to the other side.

Fo Sui Qing, however, didn’t have the intention to stop, and immediately followed, “In a year or so, it can be the big competition between Cang Mu Academy and Cang Lan Academy.”

Ye Xuan did not reply.

Mo Sui Qing added, “I will definitely be there to watch at that time.”

Ye Xuan glanced at Mor Sui Qing before walking to the other side.

Seeing this scene, Fo Sui Qing’s complexion instantly became gloomy, as if she thought of something, she glanced at the man beside her and laughed, “Brother Mu, look, people are very unimpressed with me!”

The man glanced at Ye Xuan, and then at Mo Sui Qing, and did not say anything. He was not stupid and naturally understood that the woman beside him was trying to use him as a gun!

And at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly turned to look at Mor Sui Qing, “Can’t you see that I hate you? Can you stop getting so fucking close to me? Being close to me, I’m really afraid that I can’t help but punch you to death!”

Mo Suiqing: “……”