Master Of The Blade Chapter 49

How can that be!”

Inside the compound, Li Xuan Cang stared at the back of the mountain with a hint of disbelief in his eyes, “A sword enters the body but is absorbed, it’s impossible …… Could it be that this is the legendary innate sword body?”

Saying this, the pupils of his eyes suddenly shrunk.

There were some special physiques in the legends, and the Innate Sword Physique was one of them, capable of devouring swords. Those who possessed this kind of physique could be said to be born sword cultivators! And this kind of physique, that was extremely rare to see!

But once it appears, it is definitely an existence against the heavens!

Back Mountain.

The moment Ye Xuan instantly broke through to the Royal Qi Realm, he turned around and fiercely punched.

This punch had at least doubled in power again compared to before, this was the benefit that came from the breakthrough!


In front of Ye Xuan, a silhouette retreated backward for about ten feet.

And at this moment, Ye Xuan also saw who the person who had sneaked up on him was, a man dressed in a tight black robe, about twenty or so years old, with a cold gaze, obviously, a sword cultivator! Moreover, it might be a little bit close to reaching a great sword cultivator!

Because at that moment just now, Ye Xuan felt a faint sword aura in the sword!

The black-robed man stared at Ye Xuan dead on, “How could you possibly devour my sword!”

Ye Xuan’s expression became quite hideous, “Saying goodbye to single combat, but playing this kind of trick, give me death to come!”

As his voice fell, his entire body directly rushed out, and at the same time, a sword appeared in his palm!

Spirit Sky Sword!

When Ye Xuan reached the Qi Royalty Realm, he was already able to control his qi, so as soon as the Spirit Heavenly Sword appeared, strands of sword awns were continuously emanating from the sword body.

Sword awns!

The sign of a great sword cultivator!

Seeing this scene, those Cang Mu Academy students in the arena were all shocked!

The black-robed man opposite Ye Xuan was also filled with disbelief, “Great Sword Cultivator, you have actually reached the Great Sword Cultivator ……”

Don’t look at the fact that he was only a little bit away from a Great Sword Cultivator, and this little bit of distance could trap him for ten or twenty years, or even longer!

The black-robed man didn’t have time to think more, because Ye Xuan had already arrived in front of him, and chopped down with a sword, and just as the sword fell, several strands of sword awns shot out like sharp arrows.

The black-robed man’s face changed drastically, he stomped his right foot violently and retreated violently backward with the help of the thrust from the ground, however, he was still too slow, and a few strands of sword awns directly pierced through his chest.

Snort snort snort!

The black-robed man staggered and fell to the ground, and in his chest, blood splattered!

Ye Xuan just stopped, just then, his face changed slightly, and he sidestepped with a huff, when a white shadow came towards him!

It was that white clothed man who had just fought with Mo Yunqi, and at this moment, the other party was clearly trying to save the black robed man.

Ye Xuan’s face was expressionless, holding his longsword towards the front was a blistering stab!

At the tip of the sword, a ray of sword aura flashed!

The pupils of the white man’s eyes shrunk slightly, his hands suddenly trembled violently, a powerful blue air current swept out from his body to form a blue barrier, however, it did not block Ye Xuan’s sword.

Ye Xuan’s sword directly sliced through the blue barrier, but stopped a few inches away from the white man’s eyebrows, as the white man’s hands closed around Ye Xuan’s sword!

At this moment, the man in white’s hands were emitting a light blue flame, and it was these flames that resisted the sword aura emanating from Ye Xuan’s sword!

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly bullied his way up and kicked the man in white, the man in white reacted very quickly and directly let go of his sword!

Ye Xuan’s sword and pressed downwards.


Ye Xuan and the white-clothed man simultaneously stormed back several feet in succession!

Ye Xuan just stopped, Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze came to his left and right sides, at this moment, Bai Ze upper body, all over the red palm prints, especially in front of the chest, where there has been a serious concave down, it looks quite oozing; Mo Yunqi is not good either, the whole right arm has been completely fractured, can not be in the move, the corners of the mouth are still flowing blood, obviously not light injuries.

On the other hand, the white-clothed man and the Xuan-clothed man were not injured!

At this moment, the white clothed man and the Xuan clothed man’s gazes both landed on Ye Xuan, and the two of them were about to make a move, when an old man suddenly appeared in front of the three of Ye Xuan.

It was none other than Old Man Ji!

Just as Old Man Ji landed on the ground, Li Xuan Cang appeared in front of him with him.

Old Man Ji viciously poured a mouthful of wine before looking at Li Xuan Cang, “How about this? These three little guys are for you to kill, kill?”

Li Xuan Cang’s eyes narrowed slightly, he naturally knew what Old Man Ji meant, if he killed Ye Xuan’s three, then Old Man Ji would surely fish out of water, and to a powerhouse of Old Man Ji’s level, if he messed around, Cangmu Academy would surely suffer a heavy blow, especially if he laid his hands on the younger generation, Cangmu Academy was not at all confident of being able to save those youngsters.

This kind of strong person would be hard to stop!

A moment later, Li Xuan Cang suddenly turned his head to look at Ye Xuan, “You are really surprising, but it doesn’t matter, in the coming year, on the Cang Mountain trail, there will be your corpse.”

After saying that, he turned around and left with the crowd of Cang Mu Academy students.

After Li Xuan Cang and the others left, Old Man Ji turned his head to look at Ye Xuan’s trio, “Do you know who that white-clothed man and Xuan-clothed man were just now?”

Ye Xuan’s trio shook their heads.

Li Xuan Cang said in a faint voice, “It’s two of the three great wizards of the Cang Mu Academy’s inner courtyard, you guys should be thankful that the other one didn’t come today, or else, I would be collecting your corpses right now!”

Ye Xuan’s trio was silent.

Old man Ji added, “Those two just now, both of them have not exerted their full power, while you guys, basically, have already exerted your full power. I let them come up here so that you can see how weak your current strength is compared to Cang Mu Academy. As that old miscreant said just now, if you guys don’t work hard, after a year or so, the three of you will really have your corpses hanging on the Cangshan Mountain Trail. At that time, old me won’t even be able to collect your corpses!”

After saying that, he turned around and left, but stopped again after taking a few steps, “That’s right. Those two people just now, within the Cang Mu Academy, are not the top, the top is the one called Burning Jade and North Star, with your current strength if you were to face the two of them, ten deaths would be impossible.”

In the field, Ye Xuan’s three were silent.

All three of them looked grave as they knew that old man Ji wasn’t scaring them, they had already seen the strength of the white clothed man and the Xuan clothed man just now!

It was terrifying!

Even Ye Xuan, who had already reached the Qi Royalty Realm, didn’t have the certainty to dare to say that he would definitely be able to defeat the other party, unless he made a sword to determine life and death, perhaps he would have a chance to defeat the other party! And those two were not the strongest within the Cang Mu Academy!

Sense of crisis!

This time, all three of them felt a sense of crisis. Before, the three of them were heartless every day, and even when they cultivated, they were all forced to do so by Old Man Ji, with very little voluntary component.

But now, all three of them knew very well that if they didn’t become stronger, in the future, their corpses would definitely be hung on the road!

Even Ye Xuan felt the crisis.

Regardless of how it used to be, there was one thing that he had to admit now, and that was that he was now a student of Canglan Academy, and that Canglan Academy had a relationship with the

Cang Mu Academy had once had some grudges that he had to carry even if he didn’t want to. Moreover, when old man Ji saved his sister, he had also promised old man Ji that he would do his best to meet Cang Mu Academy in the future and bring back those corpses on the Cang Mountain Path!


The three of them silently left the field, and then the three of them began to go cultivate individually.

Ye Xuan was still bombarding the mountain, after the battle just now, he had come to a realisation, this time, he wasn’t just bombarding the mountain, instead, he was trying to make his fist have ‘momentum’ after adding his battle intent.

Fist momentum!

This was also surely the purpose of Old Man Ji wanting him to blast the mountain!

To throw a punch to throw a punch, to strike with momentum! The momentum of a punch will crack the ground and shatter the mountain!

After realising this, the power and momentum of Ye Xuan’s punches became stronger and stronger. Of course, there was a price to pay, his hands, long ago, had become bloody!

At night, Ye Xuan tiredly spread out in front of the small mountain, he lay on the ground, looking at the sky full of stars panting heavily.

Now his feeling was not only tired, but also cool!

Very cool!

He felt like his whole body’s strength was being vented, and that feeling was very painful!

Seemingly thinking of something, Ye Xuan suddenly sat up, his palm spread out, and within his palm, a sword was suspended!

Spirit Heavenly Sword!

At this moment, the Spirit Heavenly Sword was slightly different compared to before, this difference, he couldn’t tell, he was only able to feel it!

According to his wrong guess, it should be because he had devoured that sword before, the level of that sword was not low, it should be a spirit sword level, of course, it must not be as good as this Spirit Heavenly Sword, otherwise, that sword would have directly taken his life!

The core of his Invincible Sword Body Decision was the sword, the stronger the sword in the dantian location, the stronger this gong method of his would be, and he would be able to use this gong method to devour more swords!


Thinking of this, Ye Xuan seemed to have thought of something, he swept his surroundings, seeing that no one was around, he immediately disappeared into the Realm Prison Tower.

In the endless starry sky, Ye Xuan stood underneath the tower, he looked up at the top of the tower, at its top, three swords were inserted!

From his angle, he could only see an approximation of those three swords, he would have liked to take a closer look, but unfortunately, he had not reached the Air Lingering Realm and was able to fly in the air, thus, he could only look at them from afar.

Looking at those three swords, Ye Xuan’s eyes were a little fiery, his intuition told him that if he was able to use those three swords as his dantian, there was afraid to be no sword in the world that he couldn’t suck!

Right at this moment, the Realm Prison Tower suddenly trembled, Ye Xuan was flabbergasted, then he hurriedly entered the ground floor, he swept a glance around, “Elder?”

The mysterious woman did not reply!

Ye Xuan’s brows furrowed and he was about to speak, and just then, he suddenly looked up.

Silence fell for an instant.

Dang ……

Above Ye Xuan’s head, footsteps sounded.

Upon hearing the footsteps, Ye Xuan froze, at first he thought he had misheard them, but soon a

dun dun dun dun dun …..

The sound of footsteps upstairs grew louder and louder!

Ye Xuan’s eyelids jumped, “Who ……”

No one answered, however, the footsteps were getting denser, louder and louder, and in the end, the entire ground floor of the Realm Prison Tower directly trembled.

Right at this moment, Ye Xuan raised his head haughtily to look towards the entrance of the second layer, where it suddenly trembled violently. Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s eyelids jumped, ”This guy, he’s not going to come out right ….