Master Of The Blade Chapter 48

Inside the compound, behind old man Ji, Ye Ling softly said, “Grandpa Ji, are brother and the others in danger?”

Old man Ji got up, he looked at the little girl in front of him, his eyes were quite complicated. She gently rubbed Ye Ling’s little head, “Don’t worry, they will be fine, just stay here with Grandpa Ji, don’t run around, okay?”

Ye Ling nodded obediently, “Grandpa Ji, I’ll go and make you food!”

After saying that, she turned around and ran towards the kitchen.

Her body was trembling slightly because she was worried, worried about her brother’s safety. But again, she knew very well that at this time, she couldn’t go to the back of the mountain, because she couldn’t help in any way. Going there would only add to her brother’s chaos.

Inside the kitchen, Ye Ling was curled up in the corner, her hands hugging her knees, she didn’t cry, she just looked at the blazing fire inside the stove in front of her.

At this moment, it was as if she had returned to the time when she was in the Ye family in Qingcheng.

At that time, when Ye Xuan went out during the day, she would wait for Ye Xuan for a day like this. ……

In her world, there was no father, no mother, only her brother!

Brother was the only and all!

In the courtyard, after Ye Ling left, an old man appeared opposite old man Ji at some point.

The old man was wearing a linen robe, his beard was as long as his chest, his hair was combed into a bunch and scattered behind his head, the whole person looked very gentle and elegant, forming a large contrast with the drunken old man Ji!

This person, was none other than the president of Cang Mu Academy, Li Xuan Cang!

It was also one of the top experts in the Jiang Country right now!

Li Xuan Cang glanced at old man Ji in front of him and shook his head, “After so many years, you are still like this.”

Old man Ji laughed, “You’re getting more refined the more you live.”

Li Xuan Cang glanced around, then said, “Jiang Guo, there is only one academy, I think it’s quite good.”

Old man Ji laughed lightly, “In the current Jiang Country, isn’t it you, Cang Mu Academy, that is dominant?”

Li Xuan Cang looked straight at Old Man Ji, “You’ve found three people, I know what you want to do, but they will be just like the people you once found, they will all end up as a corpse on the Cang Mountain path.”

Old Man Ji nodded, “We’ll see!”

Li Xuan Cang laughed, “Then we’ll see!”

Back Mountain.

Mo Yunqi stopped, Bai Ze also climbed up from the waterfall, while Ye Xuan also stopped to blast the mountain.

In front of a dense forest, the three of them stood side by side, with Ye Xuan in the centre, to his left was Mo Yunqi, and to his right was Bai Ze.

And opposite them were Chen Yan and the other Cang Mu Academy trainees.

Beside Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi suddenly said, “Old man Ji just put them up?”

Ye Xuan looked at Chen Yan and the others in the distance and was silent.

To be honest, although he had not joined Cang Mu Academy, he did not have any hostility or malice towards Cang Mu Academy, however, many times, one could not help it!

The moment he joined Cang Lan Academy, he was destined to be the enemy of Cang Mu Academy. Even if he didn’t go looking for trouble from the Cang Mu Cadets, the Cang Mu Academy cadets would come looking for trouble from him!

A worldly feud that couldn’t be cleared up with words!

However, he, Ye Xuan, had never been a person who was afraid of trouble. On the contrary, if it came to fighting and brawling, he, Ye Xuan, had never been afraid of anyone in his life!

At this moment, Chen Yan suddenly took a step forward, “Three against three?”

Ye Xuan turned his head to look at Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze, who nodded their heads, indicating that there was no problem!

Behind Chen Yan, two men stepped out, the man on the left was dressed in a basalt-coloured garment, delicate yet not too atmospheric, coupled with the man’s clean-cut appearance, the whole person looked very temperamental; while the man on the right was dressed in white, with a slender figure, sword brows and starry eyes, and a clear and cold posture, just like a celestial being.

Both of them were of extraordinary temperament!

Upon seeing these two, Ye Xuan’s complexion immediately sank.

A feeling of danger!

This was his instinctive feeling, and he had never had any doubt in his instincts, as they were honed from countless life and death alley battles!

As it turned out, the Kuraki Academy wasn’t taking them lightly and wouldn’t be sending little shrimps for them to practice on!

Ye Xuan glanced at Bai Ze and Mo Yunqi, “Be careful!”

The two nodded.

The man in white walked across to Mo Yunqi, while the man in Xuan walked in front of Bai Ze, and it was clear that Ye Xuan was interested in Chen Yan!

Right at this moment, the man in Xuan clothes suddenly disappeared in place, opposite him, Bai Ze’s face changed drastically, his hands fiercely interlaced in front of him, and at this moment, the man in Xuan clothes to.


As an explosive sound rang out, Bai Ze was directly shaken back a full seven or eight feet!

And on both of his arms, there was a deep blood-red handprint!

Just at this moment, the man in Xuan Clothes gently pointed his toes, and the whole person directly jumped up in the air and rushed towards Bai Ze, with an extremely fast speed, just like an eagle pouncing on food.

Airborne realm!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s complexion changed slightly, the man in front of him who was less than twenty was actually in the Sky Realm!

Such a young genius of the Emptiness Realm!

In the distance, Bai Ze’s complexion also changed drastically, his legs suddenly half squatted, supporting the earth with his feet, at the same time, his hands fiercely closed together, in an instant, the muscles of his upper body directly bulged, a green vein was like tiny little snakes writhing, appalling!

At this time, the man in Xuan Clothes from the air, a palm split down, this palm split down, like a giant axe, which contains a powerful pressure and power instantly tear the air.

Bai Ze raised his head fiercely, and his hands joined together towards the top to make a seal, and in the centre of his palm, there was earth-yellow energy that shook out.

Clearly, it was a martial art!

When the man in Xuan clothes palm fell at that moment, the field immediately rang a piercing explosive sound, in an instant, Bai Ze the whole person was directly shocked to seven or eight feet away, and the man in Xuan clothes did not stop, the body shape of a tremor, just like a wisp of light wind directly floated towards the white ze ……

On the other hand, the white clothed man opposite Mo Yunqi suddenly disappeared in place, Mo Yunqi’s face changed slightly, his toes gently pointed to the ground, and the whole person glided backward for ten or so zhang, however, just as he stopped, the white clothed man flew in the air to the top of his head!

The Sky Realm!

Mo Yunqi was shocked in his heart, he didn’t dare to be careless and retreated backwards, at the same time, in his palm, a flying knife suddenly chopped out!

In the air, the white clothed man’s body suddenly flashed, staggering away from the flying dagger, and at that moment, Mo Yunqi was already ten feet away, completely distancing himself from the white clothed man. However, his complexion was grave!

Without any nonsense, the man in white once again charged towards Mo Yunqi ……

Not far away, Ye Xuan withdrew his gaze, his complexion was similarly grave as he realised that Bai Ze and Mo Yunqi had already been suppressed by those two men!

Obviously, before these people came, they had already investigated Bai Ze and Mo Yunqi as well as him.

Ye Xuan looked towards Chen Yan in front of him, there was no doubt that this person in front of him was definitely not an ordinary person either!

Chen Yan suddenly made a sprint forward, and at the same time, two cold lights pushed straight towards Ye Xuan.

Dual knives!

Ye Xuan’s reaction was extremely fast, at the moment Chen Yan launched his knives, he violently blasted both fists against each other.

It was still the Fist Avalanche, the Fist Avalanche that was enriched with battle intent!

At this moment, the trajectory of Chen Yan’s knives suddenly changed, his blades sliced towards Ye Xuan’s wrists at a weird angle, and at almost the same moment, Ye Xuan’s hands suddenly opened to both sides, and immediately after that, he violently kicked towards Chen Yan!

The foot was longer than the blade!

And at the instant when Ye Xuan kicked, Chen Yan’s dual swords immediately returned to defence!


Chen Yan even retreated a few feet towards the back with his blades, and before he could stop, Ye Xuan rushed in front of him, and then threw another punch towards Chen Yan!

Fist Crash!

He only knows this low level martial art, however, the power of this low level martial art is not weak, a fist blast out, directly crushing the air ……


Chen Yan was once again shaken back, while Ye Xuan was once again bullying his way up …… In an instant, Chen Yan was directly suppressed by Ye Xuan, suppressed with his fist!

At this moment, Ye Xuan was just as

The Chen Yan in front of him was a small mountain, the power of his punches was greater than that of his punches, and his battle intent was similarly more powerful than that of his punches at a time.

Using his power to suppress others!

Bang Bang Bang Bang ……

Chen Yan retreated violently back and forth, right now, he was unable to sheath his sword at all, he could only passively defend, his entire body, had been enveloped by Ye Xuan’s momentum. To be precise, fist potential!

Originally, Ye Xuan’s fist had no potential, but after this period of frantically bombarding the mountain, his fist had gradually gained its own ‘potential’. Together with his battle intent, a low-grade human ranked martial skill was hardened to the feel of an upper-grade Spirit ranked martial skill!

A certain courtyard.

Opposite old man Ji, Li Xuan Cang withdrew his gaze and laughed softly, “What a battle intent, at such a young age he has comprehended the battle intent, with a foundation that even in the Inner Courtyard, he can be at the forefront, it’s a pity, it’s a pity!”

Even said two sentences of pity!

Because this teenager, was originally going to join their Cang Mu Academy, if Ye Xuan joins Cang Mu Academy, to Cang Mu Academy, naturally, it is another genius to lick!

Opposite Li Xuan Cang, old man Ji was about to speak, when Li Xuan Cang suddenly laughed: ”In fact, there is nothing to pity, not joining my Cang Mu Academy, is his loss. Furthermore, a genius is just a genius, just kill it.”

Saying that, he looked towards Old Man Ji, “What do you say?”

Old man Ji glanced at Li Xuan Cang, “Geniuses who don’t enter your Cang Mu Academy will all end up like this, right?”

Li Xuan Cang laughed, “Either they’re one of their own, or they’re an enemy.”

With that, he turned his head to look at the back of the mountain, “The three of them, they are all very good, especially that Battle Intentions teenager, Ye Xuan, unfortunately, he’s on the wrong team.”

Old man Ji laughed coldly, “It seems like you’re the ones who don’t want him!”

Li Xuan Cang’s expression grew cold, “Rather I, Cang Mu Academy, can negatively affect the world, however, whoever dares to negatively affect my Cang Mu Academy, he shall not die a good death.”


No, to him, this was self-confidence, and the Cang Mu Academy, too, had this underlying confidence!

Old man Ji reclined on his chair, sipping his wine with a smile at the corner of his mouth. Once upon a time, Cang Lan Academy was this rampant, no, it was even more rampant than that! And now ……

At the back of the mountain, the great battle was still going on!


As an explosive sound rang out, a silhouette was directly sent flying!

This silhouette was none other than Chen Yan!

Ye Xuan was about to continue striking, and right at this moment, his face suddenly changed drastically, a sword had silently appeared at the back of his neck at an unknown time.

The sword was a good sword!

When he said that he was going to fight alone, someone suddenly sneaked up on him, coupled with the speed of the sword, Ye Xuan was unable to dodge in time, and allowed the sword to stab into the back of his neck.

Inside the courtyard, old man Ji suddenly stood up, he stared at Li Xuan Cang dead in the face, “You play dirty!”

Li Xuan Cang stood up and laughed, “After today, everyone will only know one result, and that is that all of your Cang Lan Academy’s students have been beheaded. Everyone will only care about the result and not the process! It’s over!”

After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave, and right at this moment, both of them suddenly turned their heads in unison to look towards the back of the mountain.

Back mountain, when that sword stabbed into the back of Ye Xuan’s neck, Ye Xuan did not matter, on the contrary, that sword directly turned into a bit of energy didn’t enter Ye Xuan’s body ……

Invincible Sword Body Decision, casting a sword with his body, as long as the sword that injured him wasn’t as high in level as the one inside his body, then he would be immune to it and absorb it!

The moment that sword energy was absorbed by Ye Xuan, a terrifying aura suddenly swept out from within Ye Xuan’s body!

Imperial Qi realm aura!