Master Of The Blade Chapter 47

Hit the mountain with your fist?

Before, this kind of thing Ye Xuan wouldn’t even dare to think about, but now, he was doing it!

He and his sister had to stay in Cang Lan Academy!

One was that this old man Ji in front of him was able to heal his sister, and the other was that if they left here now, without this old man Ji’s shelter, he and his sister would definitely end up in a miserable situation!

He must stay here!

For the sake of his sister, he could level ten mountains, not to mention one!

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was bombarding the big mountain with punch after punch in the distance, Ji Anzhi suddenly said, “You should let them leave!”

Old man Ji shook his head, “If they leave now, they will surely die!”

Ji Anzhi said, “We shouldn’t have let them come in the first place!”

Old Man Ji looked at Ji Anzhi, “Yes, if they came here, it would mean that they would have to go up against the Cangi Academy, but how is coming here not an opportunity for them? Furthermore, if they hadn’t met me, each and every one of their lives must have been much, much worse than it is now.”

Ji Anzhi was silent.

Old man Ji looked towards Ye Xuan who was not far away, “Regardless of what they once came to Cangmu Academy for, now, they are Cangmu Academy trainees, and they treat themselves as Cangmu Academy trainees, then, I will be responsible for them to the end.”

After saying that, he turned around and headed towards the distance, but within a few steps, he collapsed in a drunken stupor.

Ji Anzhi didn’t go to help either, as she was already used to it. She turned her head to look into the distance, Ye Xuan was still frantically bombarding the mountain, but compared to the entire hill, he hadn’t even bombed off a single corner!

Instead, his hands were completely bloody.

Ji Anzhi shook her head and turned to leave.

As Old Man Ji had said, since he had become a student of the Canglan Academy, if he was not strong, he would inevitably add a corpse to the Cangshan Trail in the future.

Under the night, Ye Xuan blasted fist after fist, asking in his heart, “Senior, can this method be effective?”

The mysterious woman did not answer.

Ye Xuan asked two more times in succession, the mysterious woman still didn’t reply, so he had no choice but to continue blasting punch after punch.

Does it hurt?

Naturally, it hurt!

Although he was already at the Golden Body Realm and his physical body was much tougher than a normal martial artist, it didn’t mean that he was invincible. However, he didn’t doubt this method of old man Ji’s, and although he didn’t know what the point of doing so was yet, he knew that perhaps he would find out soon.

Time passed quickly, in the blink of an eye it was almost dawn, Ye Xuan stopped, just as he stopped, old man Ji appeared in front of him, old man Ji threw him a packet of herbs, “Crush it, use it on your fists and arms!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Ye Xuan opened the packet of herbs, then crushed it with force, then he applied it on his arms, the moment the herbs just touched his skin, he jumped straight up in pain!


Those herbs touching his skin was like a piece of red-hot iron placed on his skin, the burning pain was incomparable!

But fortunately, he endured it hard!

Because he found that the injury on his hand was slowly healing!

In fact, this point of pain for him, there is no big deal, to know, when he was cultivating the hidden realm of the Golden Body Realm, at that time, the pain suffered is truly unforgettable to him for the rest of his life….. Thinking about it now was a bit scary!

A moment later, Ye Xuan looked at his arms, at the moment, his arms were red, like a piece of red iron, he turned around and charged towards that small mountain once again.

Boom boom boom ……

In the middle of the field, an explosive sound resounded continuously.

Just like that, these explosions lasted until midday

hour before they stopped.

Time to make lunch!

Ye Xuan came to the waterfall and washed himself and was about to leave, just then, a figure floated up under the waterfall, it was none other than that Bai Ze.

At this moment, the white zephyr’s upper body, has completely shed a layer of skin …… Is really off a layer of skin …… Miserable to see!

Bai Ze climbed to the stone and threw a packet of herbs to Ye Xuan, “Help, do me a favour ……”

Ye Xuan picked up the packet of herbs and walked over to Bai Ze, then crushed the herbs within that packet, then he passed those herbs over Bai Ze’s body ……

Bai Ze immediately sucked in a mouthful of cool air and almost screamed out, but he held it back hard! However, his entire body was trembling.

Watching the injuries on Bai Ze’s body slowly heal, Ye Xuan softly said, “This medicine is good!”

Bai Ze took a deep breath before saying, “Naturally, this is a fine superior spirit herb, a single leaf can be sold for at least fifty gold coins!”

Ye Xuan suddenly stopped as he looked at the remaining herbs in his hand, “Really?”

Bai Ze nodded, “Naturally, it’s not false!”

Ye Xuan hesitated, then said, “How about we don’t paint it and take this to sell?”

“Big brother …… Don’t joke ……”


“Hurry up and paint ……”


“Can I …… can beat you to death?”


Half an hour later, Ye Xuan and Bai Ze returned to the Cang Lan Palace, and at the entrance of the shop of the Cang Lan Palace, there was a man sprawled on his back, it was that Mo Yunqi!

Mo Yunqi was lying on his back, his legs twitching like a pendulum. Last night, he had been chased by that demonic wolf all night, and his legs had almost broken!

Ye Xuan glanced at Mo Yunqi and turned to leave.

Half an hour later, the crowd sat around the table, and today, the atmosphere was a little different.

When Ye Ling served everyone a good meal, Mo Yunqi directly started sweeping up, Bai Ze also started sweeping like crazy after hesitating, and Ye Xuan also ate a good invisible line.

After cultivating all night, the first was tired, the second was hungry!

Seeing Ye Xuan wolfing down his food, Ye Ling looked really distressed, she hurriedly gave Ye Xuan a bowl of soup, then gently patted Ye Xuan’s back, “Brother, eat slowly, eat slowly, don’t choke ……”

Not far away, Mo Yunqi glanced at Ye Xuan’s siblings, then sighed in a low voice, “Why is someone else’s sister so well-behaved, while his own family’s …… Hey ……”

After saying that, he continued to bury his head and eat bitterly.

At this time, old man Ji got up, “From today onwards, you may not casually go down the mountain!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

“Why?” Mo Yunqi suddenly asked.

Old man Ji did not stop, “Go down if you want to die!”

Mo Yunqi looked at Ji Anzhi, who licked his chopsticks, “There are some Cang Mu Academy trainees coming down the mountain, waiting for you to come down every day!”

Mo Yunqi sneered, “Fear their hammers!”

Ji Anzhi glanced at Mo Yunqi, “You can beat one, but can you beat ten? Moreover, I heard that there are disciples from the inner courtyard arriving, in short, don’t underestimate the Cang Mu Academy, last time, they belittled you and were taken by surprise, but now, it won’t be. Anyone who dares to come won’t be any rubbish, of course, if you guys are bored of cultivating and want to find a bit of excitement, you can also go down the mountain and fight them!”

After saying that, she got up and headed towards the kitchen.

Because every time Ye Xuan would leave a meal for her ……

After eating, Ye Xuan changed into a set of clothes and then continued to go to Boom Mountain.

Bai Ze, on the other hand, continued back under the waterfall, and as for Mo Yunqi, he went into the mountain, and behind him, there was that demonic wolf again ……

At the back of the mountain, Ye Xuan blasted the mountain in front of him with punch after punch, every time he blasted out, he would use his battle intent, at first everything was normal, but gradually, he realised that his battle intent seemed to have become stronger!

Not only the battle intent, even the power of his fist avalanche had become somewhat stronger!

Discovering this, Ye Xuan’s heart was instantly delighted, clearly, this way of cultivation was still very effective. Thus, he worked even harder!

Just like this, the three of them, Ye Xuan, cultivated like this every day, and one day passed by ……

And every single day, there would be Cang Mu Academy’s trainees coming to the bottom of Cang Lan Academy’s mountain, at first, they just waited, wanting to wait for Ye Xuan and the others to come down from the mountain, but gradually, they realised that Ye Xuan and the others didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of coming down from the mountain!

Thus, some of them began to walk up the mountain in pairs.

At the head of the group was a man wearing a brocade robe, the man was about twenty years old, tall in stature, and had two short swords skimming at his waist.

This man, was none other than one of the three great geniuses of the Cang Mu Academy’s outer courtyard: Chen Yan!

And behind Chen Yan, were six Cang Mu Academy students, all of them were at the peak of the Royal Qi realm, and their breaths were thick, obviously, the ones who had come were the top experts of the Outer Academy!

Beside Chen Diem, a cadet suddenly said, “Senior Chen Diem, I’ve inquired, that Ye Xuan trio, their strength is not weak, especially Ye Xuan, I heard that he’s also a sword cultivator, An Guoshi is treating him differently, this time, we can’t be careless!”

Chen Yan nodded, “Naturally we can’t be careless, Zuo Li died under his own carelessness, but it’s normal, not to mention him, even if I had met the Cang Lan Academy’s trainees before, I would have taken them lightly.”

Saying that, he looked upwards, “The death of Zuo Li and the others gave us a wake up call.”

The crowd nodded.

Cang Mu Academy would despise Cang Lan Academy once, but would not despise it a second time, at least it was a thousand year academy, and the trainees it taught would not be any fools.

Soon, Chen Yan and his group arrived in front of the Cang Lan Hall, at the entrance of the Cang Lan Hall, a little girl was washing clothes, this little girl was naturally Ye Ling.

When she saw Chen Yan and the others, Ye Ling quickly turned around and ran, she ran to old man Ji’s compound, old man Ji was lying on a chair, his body was still emitting an unpleasant smell of alcohol as usual!

Ye Ling walked to Old Man Ji’s side, then gently pushed Old Man Ji and anxiously said, “Grandpa Ji, wake up, they’re fighting up!”

Old man Ji did not move.

And at this time, Chen Yan and the others had already arrived at the entrance of Old Man Ji’s compound, seeing this scene, Ye Ling hurriedly hid behind Old Man Ji.

Chen Yan glanced at Old Man Ji, who was lying on a chair, then gave a slight salute, “The late Chen Yan, a student of Cang Mu Academy’s outer courtyard, has come here to ask for advice from the students of Cang Lan Academy.”

With that, he looked straight at old man Ji, “Let’s decide life and death!”

Life and death challenge!

The entire Imperial Capital was now looking at Cang Mu Academy, if Cang Mu Academy couldn’t avenge Zuo Li and the others, there was no doubt that it would affect Cang Mu Academy’s reputation, while Cang Lan Academy’s reputation would surely rise and rise!

Most importantly, Cang Mu Academy had suppressed Cang Lan Academy for so many years, they couldn’t afford to make a mistake in this own term, or else, their term of cadets would be a disgrace to Cang Mu Academy!

At this time, old man Ji suddenly spoke, “At the back of the mountain, go.”

Chen Yan and the others turned around and left.

On this day, at the back mountain of Cang Lan, only one side of the academy trainees were destined to survive!