Master Of The Blade Chapter 408

Behind Ye Xuan, a man appeared who was a soul body, and this man, was none other than Dugu Lian.


Ye Xuan knew that he had fallen into someone’s trap!

He didn’t panic and turned around.

And at this moment, a dozen strong men appeared around him.

All of them were at the Supreme Realm!

Obviously, the Dugu family was out in full force.

The leader was none other than Dugu Feng.

Dugu Feng looked at Ye Xuan coldly, “I didn’t think it was really you.”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Surprised?”

Dugu Feng coldly said; “Ye Xuan, I didn’t expect that you would dare to come to my Dugu Family, you have good guts.”

Ye Xuan smiled faintly, “Are you that sure that I came alone?”

Upon hearing this, Dugu Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Who else is behind you.”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Guess!”

Dugu Feng was about to speak when Dugu Lian, who was on the side, suddenly laughed fiercely, “What are you still wasting words with him? Kill him!”

Just as his voice fell, Ye Xuan, who was opposite him, suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and in an instant, a powerful aura swept out from within him, and the entire hall instantly popped into pieces.

Invincible Golden Body plus the Set of Gods!

At this moment, he was facing so many powerful people, he didn’t have any choice but to use his bottom card.

Seeing Ye Xuan put on this set of divine suits again, that Dugu Lian’s face changed drastically, “Be careful!”

And just as his voice fell, a golden sword light instantly pierced through the head of one of the strongest members of the Dugu family.

Seconds to kill!

It was a direct second kill!

Seeing this scene, the faces of everyone in the arena changed drastically!

Because this was too exaggerated!

Killing a Supreme Realm powerhouse in seconds?

And at that moment, Ye Xuan looked towards Dugu Feng, the latter’s face changed and he was about to retreat when Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared, and in the next moment, a sword light had appeared in front of him.

A sword to fix the soul!

This sword, targeted the soul body!

Upon seeing Ye Xuan’s sword, that Dugu Feng’s heart trembled violently as he felt the terror of this sword!

If his physical body was still there, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of this sword, but at this moment, he was already in his soul body, and his strength wasn’t just a little bit weaker than before. Especially this sword, or specifically targeting the soul body.

Without even thinking, Dugu Feng turned around and ran, however, Ye Xuan’s sword was even faster!


In the eyes of the crowd, Ye Xuan’s sword directly pierced through between Dugu Feng’s eyebrows, and being pierced by this sword, that Dugu Feng’s soul instantly started to become illusory.

At this moment, Dugu Feng’s face was like ashes, he knew that he was finished!

On the other hand, that Dugu Lian, who was also a soul body, retreated violently and retreated behind a group of strong people.

It was because he sensed the danger!

After killing Dugu Feng with a sword, Ye Xuan grinned, a grin that was somewhat hideous and sent shivers down one’s spine.

Opposite Ye Xuan, that Dugu Lian hurriedly said, “Please, Old Ancestor! Quickly, please Old Ancestor!”

And at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared, and in the next moment, a golden sword light flashed through the field.


In the middle of the field, another Dugu Family powerhouse’s head flew out.


After executing the Invincible Golden Body as well as the Suit of Gods, Ye Xuan’s strength could be said to have grown to an extremely terrifying level.

The Suit of Gods, in particular, made him invincible as all these supreme realm powerhouses had difficulty injuring him!

Soon, Ye Xuan began to slaughter madly in the Dugu Family Residence, and almost no one was able to block one of his swords.

The once Dugu Feng could, but unfortunately, this Dugu Feng was seriously injured by that little demonic beast on the ninth floor …….

A miserable scream continuously resounded from the Dugu family.

As for Ye Xuan’s target, it was that Dugu Lian, he frantically chased after Dugu Lian, he hadn’t forgotten how this person in front of him had treated Ye Ling in the first place.

Seeing Ye Xuan targeting himself, that Dugu Lian’s face changed drastically, and he retreated violently towards the back, while in front of him, those Dugu Family powerhouses died one after another.

At this moment, Dugu Lian was truly panicked!

They had set up a trap and waited for Ye Xuan to come, however, what he hadn’t thought of was that this Ye Xuan’s strength was terrifying to such an extent after putting on this divine outfit.

The ambush did not work and he was killed instead!

Dugu Lian retreated violently and soon, he retreated to the ancestral shrine of the Dugu family, while Ye Xuan one chased him all the way here.

After Ye Xuan had killed a Dugu Family powerhouse, he slashed his sword towards the Dugu Family’s ancestral shrine, and when this sword was close to the position a few feet in front of that ancestral shrine, a mysterious force suddenly appeared around it, and in an instant –


Ye Xuan’s sword aura instantly popped into pieces.

Seeing this scene, Dugu Lian turned his head to look inside the ancestral shrine, and at that moment, not far away, Ye Xuan turned around and fled, his speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he had already disappeared at the end of the sky.

At the moment Ye Xuan disappeared, an illusory white shadow suddenly floated out from within the ancestral shrine, as this white shadow appeared, the surrounding space directly trembled.

Seeing this white shadow, Dugu Lian hurriedly gave a deep salute, “Greetings to the ancestor.”

With that, he turned his head to look at the location where Ye Xuan originally stood, and there, it was empty at the moment.

Ran away!

Ran away!

Dugu Lian’s expression was suddenly as ugly as if he had eaten a turd ……

Ye Xuan left You City and then entered a mountain range.

A cave, Ye Xuan just entered the cave, the whole person is directly lying on the ground, and then the whole body began to twitch.


Every time he used the Invincible Golden Body and the Suit of Gods, he would be backfired, and although the taste was very unpleasant, however, he had no choice.

The current him, if he didn’t use these external items, how would he be able to fight against the Dugu family?

Just like this, it was only after a day and a night that Ye Xuan in the cave slowly came to his senses, and at this moment, he still felt weak all over.

Ye Xuan hurriedly took out the Purple Flame Crystal and began to devour it!

At this time, Jian Zi Zai suddenly said, “If you didn’t escape earlier, you would have died.”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “You couldn’t beat that person even with this Gods Suit?”

Jian Zi Zi laughed coldly, “The current you, if you were to speak in terms of normal strength, you wouldn’t even be able to defeat the Supreme Realm. If it wasn’t for this Invincible Golden Body and the Suit of Gods, you would have died a white time ago. However, this Martial Emperor’s Golden Body and the Set of Gods are not invincible, and you simply cannot bring the power of the Set of Gods into true play. In simple words, that person can’t destroy this Suit of Gods, but he is able to destroy you, understand?”

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, “Understood.”

An hour later, Ye Xuan left the cave before heading straight to the Dugu family.

Not long after, Ye Xuan once again arrived in front of the Dugu family residence, and this time, he was still concealing his aura.

The matter wasn’t over yet!

Soon after, Ye Xuan once again silently sneaked into the low stock, and half a quarter of an hour later, a corpse appeared inside the Dugu family ……

These corpses appeared without a sound!

In a large hall, Dugu Lian, who was sitting at the first place, was staring dead in front of him, and at this moment, the strongest members of the Dugu family were basically in this hall.

Inside the hall, one of the strongest members of the Dugu Family said in a deep voice, “It’s here, he’s here again!”

Dugu Lian looked to Dugu Ming who was at the side, “Uncle Ming, you have always been resourceful, what do you think?”

Dugu Ming was silent for a moment, then said, “This person will definitely not stop, and if he doesn’t come out

, my Dugu family has no way of taking him unless …….”

Dugu Lian quickly asked, “Unless what?”

Dugu Ming said in a deep voice, “Unless looking for help.”

Dugu Lian frowned slightly, “Find the Gu Family or the Yan Family?”

Dugu Ming said softly, “The Yan Family will definitely not make a move, because my Dugu Family has always been close to the Gu Family, they can’t wait for us to perish. Therefore, we can only look for the Ancient Family, and if we look for the Ancient Family, we must sacrifice something ……”

Hearing this, the field instantly fell silent.

Sacrifice something!

Dugu Ming smiled bitterly, “The Yan family is not kind, and this Gu family, is not a good person, if my Dugu family asks for help from them, I will definitely have to have my blood sucked by them. Moreover, that supreme treasure, my Dugu family will not dare to hit any ideas in the future ……”

Saying this, he shook his head slightly, “In fact, my Dugu Family is now incapable of hitting this supreme treasure again. Now before us, there are only two paths, either make peace with Ye Xuan, or find a way to completely wipe him out!”

“Make peace?”

Dugu Lian laughed coldly, “Uncle Ming, do you think we can still make peace with him now? He killed my father and killed so many people from the Dugu family, how can we make peace with him?”

Dugu Ming said in a deep voice, “Then there is only one last way left!”

Dugu Lian said in a sardonic voice, “If this person doesn’t die, in the future, my Dugu Family will die, no, right now, my Dugu Family already has no peace! Go to the Ancient Family!”

Dugu Ming glanced at Dugu Lian and said in a deep voice, “There will be a great price to pay!”

Dugu Lian glanced coldly at Dugu Ming, “Now it’s on the verge of extinction!”

Dugu Ming sighed in a low voice, “Then let me go to the Ancient Family!”

Dugu Lian nodded, “That would be best!”

Dugu Ming turned around and left.

Inside the temple, Dugu Lian’s eyes were slightly closed, not knowing what he was thinking.

And in the entire Dugu Family residence, people kept dying every moment, it could be said that the Dugu Family was now in a panic.

Many, many people had begun to flee, especially those underlings of the Dugu family, who had pretty much fled.

And in the face of this person in the dark, the Dugu family could do nothing.

In the middle of the room, Dugu Lian, who was already a soul body, was also panicking at this moment. Originally, the Dugu family’s Dugu Feng was capable of checking Ye Xuan, however, Dugu Feng had to go down to the ninth floor of the Infernal Purgatory, and was heavily injured by that mysterious demonic beast ……

As for now, the Dugu Family no longer had anyone who could check Ye Xuan.

That day, the Dugu family’s old ancestor appeared, however, Ye Xuan turned and fled …….That day, it nearly infuriated him, Dugu Lian, to death!


All Dugu Lian could do now was wait, wait for Dugu Ming to invite the Ancient Family’s powerhouses.

And right at this moment, Dugu Ming suddenly looked up at the door, and there, a bloody head flew in.

Seeing this scene, Dugu Lian’s eyelids jumped, he hurriedly stood up, and at that moment, another bloody head flew in …….