Master Of The Blade Chapter 407

In front of Ye Xuan, the little demonic beast stared at Ye Xuan with killing intent in its eyes.

Obviously, this human in front of it had angered it.

But soon, that killing intent gradually disappeared.

The little demonic beast retreated to the side, “Human, tell me why she would accept a human as her disciple.”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Because I am excellent! Very, very excellent!”

Inside the Boundary Prison Tower, Jane Ziyi’s voice rang out, “Please have some face.”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Hearing Ye Xuan’s words, the little demonic beast’s eyelids jumped for a while, she stared at Ye Xuan for a long time before retreating to a corner, not saying anything at all.

Ye Xuan’s heart however was relieved as he turned to look at Dugu Xuan, “Take good care of Ling’er.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Dugu Xuan suddenly pulled his arm, “You’re going to the Dugu family?”

Ye Xuan nodded his head.

Dugu Xuan said in a deep voice, “Although the Dugu Family’s two family heads were seriously injured, the overall strength of the Dugu Family is still there.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “I know.”

Dugu Xuan’s brows knitted slightly, “Then you’re still going?”

Ye Xuan softly said, “They beat up their sister!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Looking at Ye Xuan’s departing back, Dugu Xuan froze.

Soon, Ye Xuan quietly left the Infernal Purgatory.

In the middle of the vast starry sky, Ye Xuan swept his surroundings, and in the darkness around him, there were still some strong people.

In the dark, Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, and in the next moment, he suddenly disappeared.

About a quarter of an hour later, a dozen corpses appeared in the field, and all of them were sucked clean.


Facing the Dugu family, he certainly wouldn’t choose to go for a hard fight!

If he couldn’t beat them in the open, then he would come in the dark!

Not long after, Ye Xuan disappeared into the field.

And shortly after Ye Xuan disappeared, a black shadow suddenly appeared above the Infernal Purgatory. The black shadow glanced at the Infernal Purgatory and softly said, “That tower has appeared ……The Holy Lord has to be notified.”

After saying that, he turned around and disappeared.

In the middle of a distant piece of starry sky, there was a palace, and above the palace, there were nine giant dragons soaring and hovering.

The Unseen Palace!

This was the number one power in the Unseen Star Region, the Unseen Star Palace!

Inside the great hall, a petite woman sat quietly, and not far in front of her, a black-robed man was kneeling and crouching.

After an unknown amount of time, the petite woman suddenly opened her eyes, she looked at the black-robed man in front of her, her face expressionless, “Sure?”

The black-robed man hurriedly said, “He has already arrived at the Unseen Star Region. However, at this moment, the Dugu Family seems to be targeting him, besides the Dugu Family, the Ancient Family, the Words Family, as well as the Sacred Ground, and the North and South Martial Sect, all of these forces have already been mobilised.”

Saying this, he looked towards the little girl, “Palace Master, my subordinate suggests that we should immediately strike and seize that treasure.”

The little girl looked towards the black-robed man, “In this matter, I, Weiyang Palace, shall not participate.”

The black-robed man flinched, then hurriedly said, ‘Yes!”

After saying that, he quietly retreated.

After the black-robed man left, the little girl’s eyes slowly closed.

In her mind, a silhouette lingered ……

Dugu Family.

As one of the three great families in the Heavenly Domain, the Dugu Family was naturally famous throughout the entire Heavenly Domain, thus, Ye Xuan easily inquired about the location of the Dugu Family.

Pavilion City.

This Pavilion City was the subsidiary city of the Dugu Family, and the Dugu Family was located in this Pavilion City.

Ye Xuan quietly sneaked into You City, and on the streets, he walked slowly.

Jian Zi Zai suddenly said: ”For the sake of

your sister, you are willing to do anything?”

Ye Xuan said, “What are you trying to say.”

Jian Zi Zi laughed, “Nothing, just telling you that on your future path of the Great Dao, emotions will be your biggest stumbling block and your biggest break.”

Ye Xuan stopped and said softly, “Miss Jian, forgive me for taking the liberty, if your mother could live, would you be willing to use your entire life’s cultivation in exchange?”

Jian Zi Zi was silent.

Ye Xuan added, “I, Ye Xuan, live and want to become stronger, and I also want to see the prosperity of all these worlds, more like having that kind of strength that destroys the heavens and the earth with a single sword. ……However, I prefer to have friends and relatives around me. If I don’t have my family and friends, what’s the point of being at the peak of the Sword Dao?”

After saying that, he walked towards the distance.

Jian Zi Zai added, “Longevity, the Great Dao, is it really not that important to you?”

Ye Xuan smiled, “Important, but, sister is more important.”

Saying that, he looked up to the far end, “The Dugu family captured my sister and beat her up ……I will make them pay a hundred times the price.”

Jian Zi Zi said softly, “Favourite sister fiend ……”

Not long after, Ye Xuan arrived at the Dugu family’s residence.

It was huge, like a palace.

Looking at that Dugu family residence, Ye Xuan smiled faintly, and in the next moment, he directly disappeared.

A quarter of an hour later, a corpse suddenly appeared in front of the Dugu family residence.

The Dugu family shook!

Not long after, two more corpses blocked the front of the Dugu family residence.

They were all from the Dugu Family!

At this time, an old man appeared at the doorway, the old man coldly swept the surroundings before stopping at the doorway without leaving.

However, not long after, a corpse appeared in front of the Dugu family residence again, not far from the old man.

Seeing this scene, the old man’s face immediately changed.


Because he hadn’t even realised how this corpse had appeared.

Soon, the entire Dugu Family was shaken by it, and in no time, many, many strong people appeared around the entire Dugu Family Residence.

Inside a large hall, Dugu Lian sat quietly, at this moment, he, along with his father, Dugu Feng, were both already soul bodies.

Both father and son were sitting within the large hall!

Trying to mould a physical body wasn’t that simple, thus, both of them hadn’t moulded their physical bodies yet.

Apart from the two, there were also several old men within the hall.

At this moment, the faces of all of them were incomparably ugly.

“Someone is targeting my Dugu Family!”

At this moment, an old man suddenly said in a deep voice, “And so far, we don’t even know who the other party is.”

Dugu Feng suddenly said in a deep voice, “My Dugu Family hasn’t had any opponents lately, is it that Ye Xuan?” Below, the old man shook his head, “It’s unlikely, although this person’s strength is good, it’s not strong enough to this extent.”

Dugu Feng said softly, “If it’s not him, then who is it!”

The old man said in a deep voice, “No matter who it is, this person is now targeting my Dugu Family, we must find out the other party.”

Dugu Feng was about to speak, just at this moment, a guard suddenly ran in, everyone looked at the guard, the guard was a bit panicked and said, “Family master, there are more than a dozen corpses outside the door, among them, most of them are Source realm powerhouses! All of them were killed with a single sword, and the method was clean and sharp!”

“It’s him!”

Right at this moment, Dugu Lian, who was on the side, suddenly said, “It’s him!”

The crowd looked towards Dugu Lian, who laughed fiercely, “I’ve seen the expression on that little brute’s face, he’s a ruthless man. He said he wanted to overthrow my Dugu Family, and now, he’s here.”

Dugu Feng said in a deep voice, “He can’t have such strength, he ……”

Dugu Lian laughed, “Father, that supreme treasure is on him, with this supreme treasure, anything is possible!”

Dugu Feng was silent.

Below, the old man stood out, “If it’s really him, then maybe there’s more than one person behind him. And now that he’s silent, we can’t stop him at all.”

Dugu Lian said, “Call up all the shadows, I don’t believe it, he won’t reveal a single thing!”

Soon, all the strong men of the Dugu family were mobilised, and around the Dugu family residence, there were guards standing all over the place, not only in the open, but also in the shadows.

And when so many strong men appeared, no more people died in the Dugu Family.

Outside the Dugu family residence, in the corner of a street, Ye Xuan held his sword in both hands and quietly leaned against the wall.

Jian Zi Zai suddenly asked, “You’re not going to make a move?”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “There’s no rush, this person has to be killed slowly to be interesting.”

Jane Zi Zai laughed, “Actually Ye Xuan, many times, I still quite appreciate you, having revenge, this point, I like it.”

Ye Xuan faintly said, “Haven’t you always wanted to kill me?”

Jane Ziyi said, “If I appreciate you, I can’t get you killed?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Jian Zi Zi suddenly said, “Do you know what the little demonic beast on that ninth floor is?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “It seems to be afraid of you.”

Jian Zi Zi said in a faint voice, “Do you know why it is so weak?”

Ye Xuan’s face was filled with black lines, this Nima is still weak?

Jian Zi Zai added, “Because it was hardened by me back then and dispersed its Yuan Shen, otherwise, with its strength, this Infernal Purgatory wouldn’t necessarily be able to trap it.”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “Miss Jian, did you really overthrow the entire God Race back then?”

Jane Zi Zi was silent for a moment, then said, “The overthrow of the Divine Race did not have much to do with me, I only killed some people in the Divine Race, what really overthrew the Divine Race was their arrogance, incomparable arrogance.”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then said, “Among the clans you know, what clan is the most powerful?”

Jian Ziyi said, “It should be the legendary Taigu.”

“Too Ancient?”Ye Xuan frowned slightly.

Jian Ziyi said, “A clan that was once going to attack the Five Dimensional Realm, but unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they suddenly disappeared as a whole without any news. They either fought their way into the Five Dimensional Realm, or the group was wiped out.”

Ye Xuan softly said, “This Five Dimensional Realm, can’t we go in?”

Jian Zi Zi said in a faint voice, “You kid is blessed, because you have the best chance to enter, of course, the advance is that you can survive.”

Saying this, she gave a slight beat and added, “I’ve always been curious, curious as to why this broken tower has appeared in this four-dimensional realm.”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “I think it came for me!”

“Haha ……”

Jane Zi Zi suddenly burst out laughing, and after laughing for a moment, she said, “Ye Xuan, ah Ye Xuan, this cheek of yours is truly the thickest in all the heavens and all the worlds.”

Ye Xuan: “……”

A day later, Ye Xuan disappeared around the corner and when he reappeared, he was already in the middle of the Dugu Family Residence.

Not long after, there were more corpses of powerful people in the Dugu Family Residence, and all of these corpses had their throats slit by a sword!

Dugu Feng appeared in the sky above the Dugu Family Residence, he coldly swept the surroundings, “Ye Xuan, what kind of a man is it to be shady behind someone’s back, come out if you have the ability!”

There was no response.

And at this moment, Ye Xuan had appeared in a large hall, in front of him was Dugu Lian, and at this moment, Dugu Lian was looking at Ye Xuan in front of him in shock.

On Dugu Lian’s neck, there was a sword across it.

Dugu Lian forced himself to calm down, “Ye Xuan, you ……”

Ye Xuan grinned, “Good uncle, nephew sends you on your way.”

As his voice fell, he slashed his sword down.


Dugu Lian’s soul body directly disappeared in an illusory manner, but Ye Xuan’s face changed drastically ……