Master Of The Blade Chapter 404


At this moment, Ye Xuan’s heart was as painful as a pinch!

His goal in this life was to protect his sister, to let her lead a good life, to let her be carefree!

However, his sister was suffering all kinds of tribulations over and over again.


At this moment, he hated the Dugu family, and he hated his own incompetence even more.


At this moment, he wanted to kill, wanted to kill everyone around him, wanted to kill everyone in the Dugu family.

However, his complexion was very calm, without any fluctuation.

Because he knew that the more he showed that he cared about Ling’er, the more dangerous Ling’er would be.

Beside Ye Xuan, Dugu Xuan was also slightly flabbergasted when she saw little Ling’er, and in the next moment, her face also turned grim, and the killing intent in her eyes was like substance.

And the middle-aged man next to Ye Ling was none other than Dugu Family Head Dugu Lian!

Dugu Lian glanced at Ye Xuan and smiled, “According to seniority, you should call me uncle.”

Ye Xuan softly said, “When I was in the Northern Domain, I also heard of the Dugu Family, the Dugu Family is at least one of the three great families in the Heavenly Domain, what, don’t you think it’s too out of character to use a little girl as a hostage to blackmail someone?”

Hearing Ye Xuan’s words, Dugu Lian lightly laughed, “Blackmail? Little nephew, I have to admit, your talent is indeed good, worthy of having my Dugu family’s bloodline! However, you have not overestimated yourself. For you, we don’t care to use such tactics as blackmail yet. ”

Saying this, he looked towards Dugu Xuan, “My good sister, originally, things didn’t have to turn into what they are today. Unfortunately, back then you were bent on ……Now, do you have any regrets?”

Dugu Xuan looked straight at Dugu Lian, “Never regretted. Dugu Lian, this is a matter between me and the Dugu family as well as the Gu family, let their siblings go.”

Dugu Lian shook his head, “They, it’s impossible for them to live.”

With that, he looked towards the Yan Ring as well as Gu Tong who were not far away, “Both of you, this is my Dugu Family’s family matter, so both of you shouldn’t get involved in this hilarity, right?”

Gu Tong shook his head slightly, “This isn’t just the Dugu Family’s matter, it’s also my Gu Family’s matter. What do you say, Dugu family master?”

Dugu Lian pondered slightly before nodding his head, “Good, with Your Excellency here, it’s also good to let the Gu Family see how my Dugu Family treats them.”

Saying that, he looked towards Ye Xuan who was not far away, “Good nephew, I won’t waste time with you, let’s make a deal, return my Dugu family’s treasures to me, I’ll let your sister go, how about it?”

Ye Xuan lightly laughed, “Do you think I’m stupid? If I give it to you, you will immediately kill and kill, won’t you?”

Dugu Lian looked straight at Ye Xuan, “If you don’t give it, there’s no way we can take it?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “I came here, you think I would bring that object with me? You’re too naive!”

Dugu Lian stared at Ye Xuan dead in the face and did not speak.

Ye Xuan added, “If I die, someone will immediately bring that treasure to the Weiyang Palace, at that time, I would like to know if the Dugu Family has the guts to go to the Weiyang Palace to ask for something.”

Dugu Lian laughed, “Are you threatening me?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “Make a deal, let the two of them go, I’ll stay here, as long as the two of them leave safely, that treasure, I’ll give it with both hands.”

Dugu Lian laughed, “You think I would believe you?”

With that, he glanced at Ye Ling in the middle of the iron cage and laughed, “Don’t you care about your sister a lot? I’d like to see if you really care!”

As his voice fell, his right hand grabbed at Ye Ling through the air, and in an instant, a current appeared in the iron cage.

Snort snort snort!

Ye Ling’s body instantly shivered with excitement-

“Dokuro Lian!”

In the distance, Ye Xuan suddenly made a sprint towards the front, and a powerful sword light cut straight through Dugu Lian.

Dugu Lian let out a cold smile and flicked his right hand.


The piece of sword light was directly crushed, and at the same time, Ye Xuan was shocked to the ground as he retreated backward in a series of violent retreats, and this retreat was more than a hundred feet.

While Ye Xuan was being knocked back, Dugu Xuan suddenly disappeared, and in the next moment, countless white lights were like a raging storm that flooded towards Dugu Lian.

Dugu Lian cold smile, and finger towards the front gently point, this finger fall, space like water rippling general a burst of tremor, a moment, those white light disappeared without a trace.

At this time, Dugu Xuan appeared in front of Dugu Lian, she was about to strike, Dugu Lian’s right foot gently stomped–!


The surrounding space trembled violently, and in an instant, Dugu Xuan instantly retreated a hundred feet away.

Dugu Lian glanced at Dugu Xuan, “My good sister, if you were at your peak, I might still be afraid of you for a moment or two, but right now, you are too weak.”

Saying that, he looked towards Ye Xuan who was not far away and was about to speak, just then, Ye Xuan’s complexion in the distance suddenly became hideous, “Dugu Family, I will slaughter everyone in the Dugu Family, everyone!”

As the voice fell, a golden armour appeared on him, and with the appearance of this armour, a powerful aura suddenly appeared in the surroundings.

And this was only the first piece, not long after, the entire Suit of Gods all appeared on Ye Xuan.

After putting on the Suit of Gods, Ye Xuan’s entire aura suddenly changed radically.

The crowd in the arena was astonished!

Even that Dugu Crack and other supreme realm powerhouses were startled because the powerful aura emanating from Ye Xuan’s body made them all palpitate a little.

This aura had already exceeded the Supreme Realm!

Even Dugu Lian’s expression was a little gloomy at this moment, the feeling Ye Xuan gave him at this moment was dangerous!

Very dangerous!

In the distance, Ye Xuan laughed hideously, “Give me death to come!”

As his voice fell, he stole a gentle stomp from his home.


In the field, a golden light flashed by.


So fast that there was nothing in the field to see this golden light clearly!

And that Dugu Lian’s face also changed instantly, because he also wasn’t able to see this golden light clearly, and when he reacted, a powerful aura had enveloped him.


In the middle of the field, as an explosive sound rang out, a silhouette directly flew out.

This silhouette was none other than Dokuro Lian!

And in the process of retreating, Dugu Lian’s physical body began to crumble apart inch by inch, and when he came to a stop, he only had his soul body left!

Seeing this scene, everyone around him was confused.

This Dugu Family Head, Dugu Lian, was defeated just like that?

The Dugu Lian who was already in his soul body also had a blank head as he looked at Ye Xuan across from him with some disbelief, “You, what kind of equipment is this ……”

At this moment Ye Xuan, has come to Ye Ling that iron cage before, looking at the iron cage in the middle of the already fainted past the death of Ye Ling, Ye Xuan circumference, a powerful killing intent is like a tidal wave that constantly vibrates out.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath!

Ye Xuan took a deep breath, “Take care of her!”

As his voice fell, he turned around and charged directly towards that Dugu Lian, seeing this scene, Dugu Lian who was already in his soul body’s face changed drastically and retreated violently towards the back, and at this moment, Dugu Crack as well as the three strongest members of the Dugu family blocked in front of Ye Xuan!

All of them were at the Supreme Realm!

Ye Xuan didn’t have any nonsense and chopped down with a sword.

At this moment

At this moment, his entire body had a mysterious power convergence, and this sword chopped down as if it was going to split the heaven and earth into two, horrifyingly incomparable.

Dugu Crack three people’s faces changed greatly, the three people did not dare to be careless, they all struck out, three destructive forces directly bombarded towards Ye Xuan.

However, as Ye Xuan chopped down with this sword, those three forces instantly turned into nothingness.

At the same time, the entire body of the leading Dugu Cracker directly disintegrated into two halves, failing to leave even his soul body behind.

Seeing this scene, the faces of Gu Tong and the others not far away changed drastically, and a few of them began to retreat towards the back.

However, Ye Xuan did not stop and continued to charge towards the two Supreme Realm powerhouses of the Dugu family, seeing this scene, those two turned around and fled, however, at this moment, Ye Xuan’s speed was far superior to theirs, and in an instant, the two men’s heads flew directly out.


Seconds to kill the Supreme Realm!

Seeing this scene, the surrounding crowd was horrified and retreated violently.

That Dugu Lian had even escaped long ago.

Ye Xuan turned to look at Gu Tong and the others who were not far away, the latter was about to speak when Ye Xuan leapt forward and chopped down with a sword.

A golden sword light descended from the sky.


This was the last thought in Gu Tong’s head.


Before the crowd could react, Gu Tong’s body directly split in half and his soul was destroyed!

After killing Gu Tong with a sword, Ye Xuan turned around and slashed his sword, this sword slashed out and a sword light flashed through the field.

Thumbs up ……

In the surroundings, more than twenty Source Realm powerhouses were instantly killed by this sword, none were spared!

And in the middle of the field, there was still one person left, and it was that Yan Family’s Yan Ring.

Ye Xuan looked towards the Yan Ring and was about to strike, when he saw this scene, the Yan Ring’s face changed and he hurriedly said, “Little friend Ye, my Yan Family has no ill will towards Your Excellency!”

Ye Xuan’s right hand held the hilt of his sword, seemingly hesitating.

The Ring of Words hurriedly added, “Little friend, my Yan Family truly does not have any ill will towards you.”

Ye Xuan was silent for a split second before saying, “I don’t have any ill will towards the Yan Family either, Your Excellency go.”

Upon hearing this, the Yan Ring let out a sigh of relief, as if he thought of something, he hurriedly added: “Little friend, this time, the Ancient Family and the Dugu Family won’t let up, be more careful!”

After saying that, he directly turned around and left.

After the Ring of Words left, Ye Xuan was silent for a split second before walking over to Ye Ling and Dugu Xuan, “Let’s go!”

At this moment, Dugu Xuan said, “Go back to the Infernal Purgatory!”

Ye Xuan looked at Dugu Xuan, “Why?”

Dugu Xuan said, “Escape, can’t get far. The Dugu Family and the Ancient Family won’t let up, and besides, you need to heal your wounds now, right?”

Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, then nodded, “Then go back to the Infernal Purgatory.”

With that, he looked at Ye Ling in front of him, “How is she?”

Dugu Xuan gently stroked Ye Ling’s cheek, “It’s alright, it’s just that her Yuan Shen is a little damaged.”

Ye Xuan slowly clenched his hands, “I won’t let the Dugu family go!”

After saying that, he picked up Ye Ling and walked towards the Infernal Purgatory.

Dugu Xuan hurriedly followed.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the eighth level of the Infernal Purgatory.

And just as they reached the eighth level, the Gods’ Suit on Ye Xuan’s body directly disappeared, and immediately after, Ye Xuan’s entire body directly collapsed towards the back.

At the same time, Ye Xuan’s entire person began to tremble violently, and his body constantly clicked, as if it was about to break apart ……