Master Of The Blade Chapter 393

In the middle of the vast starry sky, a nebula ship sped towards the depths of the starry sky.

Ye Xuan stood at the bow of the ship, looking at the endless starry sky, he once again felt how small humans were.

At this moment, Ye Xuan thought of the woman in the vegetarian dress.

The universe, endless.

But human potential is also infinite!

Like the Su skirt woman such a strong person, if she stood here, appearing small, afraid of this starry sky.

Thinking back to the time of Qingcheng, at that time, what he thought about every day was just wanting to let his sister live a good life, and cure his sister’s illness!

And nowadays, his original intention remained unchanged.

However, he found that this goal seemed to be getting harder and harder.

The greater the ability, the stronger the people he came into contact with, and the greater the things he encountered naturally became.

A moment later, Ye Xuan lightly laughed, “In this world, living, it’s not easy, and wanting to live well, it’s even more difficult!”

At this moment, Jian Zi Zai’s voice rang out, “If you don’t think it’s easy right now, then I advise you to give up the Realm Prison Tower, and properly be a self-contained Sword Immortal in this world. With your current strength, along with the treasures you have acquired, you will be able to live well in this world.”

Ye Xuan said, “What do you mean?”

Jian Zi Zai laughed lightly, “You are still only fighting with people now, moreover, these people are nothing but ants, when you meet those star realm overlords, you will live a much tougher life. Moreover, behind the people, there is still the sky, as long as you want to keep getting stronger and keep living, you not only have to fight with the people, but also with the sky.”

Ye Xuan was silent.

These words, the woman in the veiled skirt had also said to him.

Fight with people, fight with the heavens.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “Why do we need to fight? Just like Miss Jian, isn’t it good for the two of us to be friends?”

Jian Zi Zi laughed coldly, “You are really naive and cute! Little Ling’er isn’t even as naive as you.”

Ye Xuan: “…….”

Jane Zi Zi added, “When a person lives, if they want to stay alive, they must strive to become stronger, and to strive to become stronger, they must seize the power of heaven and earth, moreover, the stronger you are, the greater the threat you pose to all things in these heavens. Just like you right now, that what’s-his-name Dugu Clan and Yun Clan will definitely not let you go, because they won’t let a demon who can threaten them later grow up.”

Saying this, she gave a slight beat and added, “The more you possess this tower, the stronger your enemies will only become. Therefore, I sincerely suggest that you give this tower to me now, and all the troubles in this future will be borne by me for you, and I mean that sincerely.”

Ye Xuan’s face darkened, this woman was playing this idea ah!

Jian Zi Zi added: “You won’t think about it?”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice: “Miss Jane, I have a question, it might be a bit presumptuous to ask it ……However, I still want to ask. Why would someone as strong as you be imprisoned within this tower?”

Jane Zi Zi was silent.

Ye Xuan added, “Miss Jian, you have lived longer than me, and have naturally seen more people and events than me, so you definitely know more than me when it comes to life’s truths. However, I have a word for Miss Jian. This person, mustn’t be too greedy, and try not to force things that don’t belong to you.”


Ye Xuan knew very well that many people, often died from their own greed.

Just like those gamblers, who had won a lot, but they still wanted to win more, and the end result could all be losing everything.

Jian Zi Zai suddenly laughed, ”Greed? You are now going to search for that social grain seal, how is it not greed? In life, many times if you don’t take a gamble, you will be mediocre for the rest of your life, understand?”

Ye Xuan was silent.

As Jian Zi Zai said, many times in this life, one does need to

to take a gamble!

Jian Zi Zi added: “Earlier you asked me why I was imprisoned here, I want to tell you, the reason why I was imprisoned here is not because I am greedy, but because I am too strong.”

Ye Xuan: “…….”

“Here it is!”

At this moment, Jian Zi Zi suddenly said.

Ye Xuan stopped, he looked up, and not far in front of him, in the starry sky, there was a flow of starry chaos.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “There’s nothing!”

Jian Zi Zi said in a faint voice, “If it was that obvious, would this treasure still be waiting for you to take it? Come, repeat after me ……Heaven and earth are my eyes, one look at all the heavens ……”

Ye Xuan subconsciously followed, “Heaven and earth are my eyes, one look at all heavens ……”

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Xuan’s eyes suddenly opened, and in the next moment, two white lights swept out as if from within his eyes.

In an instant, the starry sky in front of Ye Xuan changed drastically, in front of him, a golden avenue appeared, the avenue went straight to the depths of the distant starry sky.

Ye Xuan was a little shocked, because at this moment, he felt that everything around him was so clear, at this moment, his senses reached the extreme, even an ant tens of thousands of miles away, he was able to feel it clearly.

At this moment, he felt like he dominated everything!

Ye Xuan hurriedly asked, “Jian Zi Zai, what divine ability is this? So powerful!”

Jian Zi Zai said in a faint voice, “What’s the point of asking so many questions, quickly go over.”

Ye Xuan, however, was somewhat excited, “Can you teach me this move!”

Jian Zi Zi said, “You can! However, how will you repay me?”

Ye Xuan said, “How do you want me to repay you?”

Jian Zi Zi said, “You can give me this tower!”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “How can this tower show my sincerity? How about I give my body in return!”

Jane Self said, “You? Haha …….”

Laughing loudly and loudly, after laughing for a moment, she said, “Are you trying to laugh me to death?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “You don’t think about it? I think I’m still quite good.”

Jian Zi Zai laughed, “Your cheek, it’s thicker than all these heavens, seriously, I suggest you create your own cheeky technique, with this level of cheekiness, dominating the heavens and the worlds is just around the corner!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Ye Xuan was not presenting a verbal argument with this woman, when he walked towards the golden avenue.

Walking on the golden avenue, Ye Xuan immediately felt a wave of golden energy, these golden energies were extremely pure, a little purer than even the Violet Flame Crystals.

Jian Ziwei said, “These are the dragon qi emanating from that divine Emperor back then, if you have dragon yuan, you can absorb all of this, but unfortunately, you don’t have it.”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “Is there no other way?”

Jian Ziyi said, “There is!”

“What?”Ye Xuan hurriedly asked.

“Not telling you!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Jane Zi Zi said she wouldn’t tell and she really wouldn’t tell, Ye Xuan knew that this woman was definitely retaliating for what happened just now!

Unable to do anything about it, he could only continue on.

After about half an hour, Ye Xuan stopped, in front of him, there was a golden door.

Ye Xuan stood in front of the door and stopped for a long time.

Jane Self said, “What, scared?”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “Miss Jian, to be sincere, you won’t be shady this time, right?”

Jane Self said, “If you are afraid, you can turn around and go back.”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything else, when he walked in.

The moment Ye Xuan walked into the light door, the golden avenue suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared, and the entire starry sky returned to calm.

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Xuan felt his surroundings quieten down, he swept a glance around, at this moment, he was in front of a city.

An extremely magnificent city!

The city wall was extremely high, at least a hundred feet, at the entrance of the city, there were two giant dragons lying on their backs, these two giant dragons were huge, the scales around their bodies were like blades, emitting a harsh and piercing cold light, at first glance, it was lifelike, just like the real thing.

Ye Xuan walked to those two giant dragons and sighed, “Just like the real thing …….”

Saying that, he was about to touch them.

And at that moment, a voice suddenly rang out from his mind, “Go and touch it if you want to die!”

Ye Xuan’s face changed slightly, “What do you mean!”

Jian Ziyi said, “You’re taking a closer look!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Xuan once again looked at the two giant dragons, and in the next moment, his face changed drastically and he backed away, because these two giant dragons were real!

Living giant dragons!

Ye Xuan was a bit shocked because this was the first time he had seen such huge giant dragons, and to know, he had only heard of demonic beasts of this level.

Jian Zi Zai suddenly added, “Go in!”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “These two dragons are guarding this …….”

Jane Ziyi said, “They have fallen into a deep sleep, as long as you don’t deliberately mess with them, they won’t wake up.”

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, “So that’s how it is, it’s just that, Miss Jane, I’m a bit curious, who exactly is this Divine Emperor?”

Jane Ziyi said, “Once the Lord of the Heavenly Apocalypse Starfield, founded the God Emperor Kingdom, called himself the God Emperor, and was powerful.”

Ye Xuan said, “He fell?”

Jian Ziwei said, “Nonsense, if he didn’t fall, how would this Heavenly Apocalypse Realm die?”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “Who killed him?”

Jian Ziwei said, “Why are you talking so much rubbish?”

Ye Xuan said, “I’m just asking!”

Jane Self said, “You didn’t kill him anyway, go inside.”

Ye Xuan was a bit speechless, he didn’t ask any more questions and walked into the city, and at this moment, the city was dead silent, not a single living thing!

Extremely cold and clear.

Ye Xuan walked down the street, he found that on both sides of the street, there was a portrait of a middle-aged man, and in the portrait, the middle-aged man was imposing, with a domineering momentum of looking down on the world.

Ye Xuan softly said, “This should be that Divine Emperor!”

Jian Ziwei said, “When this person was thirteen years old, he had already reached the supreme realm, when he was sixteen years old, his martial arts path was divine, and he comprehended the true meaning of the martial arts path, at that time, amongst the younger generation of this Heavenly Enlightenment Star Region, he was already unrivalled, not only the younger generation, but also the older generation of powerhouses, there were not many who were comparable to him.”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan sweated a little, this was truly not to be compared to others! He himself was only a Great Sword Immortal at the age of nineteen, compared to the other party, it seemed like he was that much worse ah!

Jian Zi Zai added; “Don’t be shocked. One mountain is still as high as another, he is demonic, there are others who are even more demonic than him.”

Ye Xuan nodded, indeed, there are people outside of people and mountains outside of mountains ah!

There was no most demonic, only more demonic.

Ye Xuan continued to walk down, suddenly, his face changed slightly, because in front, he sensed sword intent.

An extremely powerful sword intent!