Master Of The Blade Chapter 392

Inside the tower!

Ye Xuan was completely confused.

This was because this tower was the Realm Prison Tower within him!

Only, what made Ye Xuan more puzzled was that there were no three swords at the top of this tower drawn on the diagram!

And other than that, everything else was the same as the Realm Prison Tower!

This was too much of a coincidence!

Most importantly, who was the person who drew this picture?

How did the other party know about the Boundary Prison Tower?

Moreover, there were no three swords on this diagram, which meant that this diagram could have been there before this tower even suffered a change!

One must know that the reason why this tower had become what it was now was because it had suffered heavy damage!

From this, it could be seen that the person who drew this diagram was not simple!

Ye Xuan withdrew his thoughts, now he was more curious about this third treasure being within the Realm Prison Tower, and on what level?

The diagram didn’t say on the first layer, it was only written that it was within the Boundary Prison Tower!

The fifth level?

Ye Xuan’s mind sank into the Boundary Prison Tower, then he swept the fifth layer with his divine sense, and it seemed as if the fifth layer was blocked by something, his divine sense couldn’t enter at all!

Seemingly thinking of something, Ye Xuan suddenly found Little Spirit Child, Little Spirit Child was holding a spirit fruit and gnawing on it, swinging her head from time to time, very cute.

Ye Xuan hemmed and hawed, “Little Spirit Child, have you been to the fifth floor?”

Little Spirit Child glanced at Ye Xuan, “Haven’t been there!”

Ye Xuan hurriedly asked, “Then can you go?”

Little Spirit Child thought for half a day before shaking her head, “I don’t know!”

Ye Xuan’s face was filled with black lines, you don’t know and you think for half a day!

At this moment, Little Spirit Child looked up at him, “I’ll go and take a look?”

Ye Xuan hurriedly nodded, “Go take a look! En, but be careful, don’t go in if you think it’s dangerous!”

Little Spirit Child nodded her little head before disappearing in front of Ye Xuan.

Not long after, Little Spirit Er appeared again.

And at this moment, her face was a little pale, and her body was even trembling a little ……

Ye Xuan hurriedly said, “What’s wrong?”

Little Spirit Child looked towards Ye Xuan and said with some shivering, “It’s dark ……It’s very dark ……Eyes ……Red eyes ……”

Saying this, she flopped down into Ye Xuan’s arms at once and let out a loud cry, “So scary ah ……”

At this time, Jane Self’s voice suddenly rang out, “At least it’s a World Origin Spirit, and it’s also a Special Origin Spirit, such a powerful spirit, why are you so timid?”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Ye Xuan gently hugged Little Spirit, what exactly did this little guy see?

After a few moments, Ye Xuan decided not to bother with this fifth floor, as he hadn’t even managed the fourth floor yet!

His current priority was to deal with the next retaliation from the Dugu Family and the Yun Family!

Because he knew very well that the matter could not be hidden, the other party would definitely come to retaliate.

After comforting Little Ling’er, Ye Xuan left the Realm Prison Tower.

And at this time, Jian Zi Zai’s voice rang out again, “The first treasure on your diagram, that what’s-her-name Seal of the Gods of Jigoku, I know exactly where the location is!”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “You want me to find it, right?”

Jian Zi Zai laughed, “You don’t want it?”

Ye Xuan coldly said, “You won’t be that kind, you’re probably trying to screw me over again by asking me to find it!”

Jian Ziwei said, “The Jigen

Seal, was condensed by the Divine Emperor of the Heavenly Apocalypse Domain back then with the Qi of the mountains and rivers of the Heavenly Apocalypse Domain as well as the Qi of the stars, sun and moon, possessing this Seal can suppress demons and evils, gather the Qi of the mountains and rivers as well as the Qi of the sun, moon and stars, and most importantly, this Seal has a legacy from the Divine Emperor who was unrivalled in the world. This person created his own Fist of the King’s Path as well as the Invincible Golden Body back then, which could be said to be unrivalled in all the heavens.”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “Is it as powerful as my Sword Fairy sister?”

Jian Zi Zi was silent.

Ye Xuan snorted coldly, “No, right?”

Jian Zi Zai said in a faint voice, “What are you fooling around for? It’s not like you’re the one who’s powerful! Furthermore, why do you always want to rely on others? If she can’t come back, are you just waiting to die?”

Ye Xuan fell silent.

As Jian Zi Zai said, he really couldn’t rely on this Sword Immortal sister ah!

One could not have the thought of dependence!

Jian Zi Zi added, “If you obtain this seal, it will be of great benefit to you personally only, moreover, as far as I know, there should still be the Twilight of the Gods that that Divine Emperor used to wear in this seal, if you obtain this Twilight of the Gods, with your current realm, even if it’s that supreme realm, you can still easily kill it.”

Ye Xuan still shook his head, “I am somewhat moved, but, Jian Zi Zai, celebrities don’t speak in the dark, I don’t believe you!”

Jian Zi Zai said in a faint voice, “I know you don’t believe me, but, if you don’t think about yourself, don’t you also think about your sister?”

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

Jian Zi Zi smiled coldly, “You can escape, but, that Dugu Family and Yun Family will let your sister go? And if they put pressure on Daoyi Academy, do you think that Daoyi Academy would fight to the death with those two families for your sister? Do you think they would?”

Ye Xuan was silent, his face a little ugly.

Jian Zi Zai added, “They can’t even protect you, so how could they possibly protect your sister? Furthermore, you are carrying a heavy treasure, when that time comes, there will still be some strong people beyond your knowledge coming for you, at that time, what are you going to do? Could it be that you want her to protect you for the rest of your life?”

Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, then said, “You’ve been wanting me to search for this Saji Seal, what is your purpose?”

Jian Zi Zai laughed, “Don’t worry, this time my purpose is not to have you die, on the contrary, I also want you to obtain this seal, because this seal has a role to play for me, that’s my purpose.”

Ye Xuan asked, “Just like that?”

Jian Zi Zai said in a faint voice, “If you don’t believe me, just don’t go, I can wait anyway, while you, you probably can’t afford to wait.”

Ye Xuan thought for a long time, then said, “Miss Jane, lead the way!”

In the end, he decided to go and find it.

As Jane Ziyi said, he couldn’t trust his and his sister’s future on others, and he didn’t want to drag the Dao Yi Academy into it.

And if he wanted to protect himself, if he wanted to have the ability to survive in this world, he had to become stronger!

As for Jane Zizai’s words, he naturally didn’t believe all of them, for this woman, he would always keep an extra eye out!

Compared to Jian Zi Zai, he suddenly felt that this Second Floor Great God was quite good, although her temper was violent, but, she didn’t come to the dark side! On the other hand, this Jane Zi Zai, on the surface, seemed to have a good temper, but in reality, she was very underhanded.

Soon, Ye Xuan returned to Dao Yi City, then bought a nebula ship, and not long after, he entered the vast starry sky ……

Heavenly Domain, Dugu Family.

Inside a large hall, a middle-aged man quietly looked at the scroll in front of him.

This person was none other than the Dugu Family’s head, Dugu Lian!

A moment later, Dugu Lian smiled faintly, ”Instantly killing a peak source realm powerhouse …….Tsk, it seems that this nephew of mine is quite extraordinary!”

Below, an old man said in a deep voice, “For this person to be able to grow to such a level in a place like the Qing Cang Realm, it must be because of that supreme treasure of my Dugu Family, this treasure, my Dugu Family must recover.”

Dugu Lian said in a faint voice, “Elder Yu, don’t you want to learn about his talent first?”

Dugu Yu’s face was expressionless, “The old man has already looked at it! The talent is indeed not bad, but so what, do we have to bring him back to cultivate him properly?”

Dugu Lian laughed, “Isn’t it possible?”

Dugu Yu shook his head, “The patriarch should know that he will not willingly hand over this treasure, and even if he does, he must be resentful, furthermore, her mother has been imprisoned by my Dugu family in the Infernal Purgatory, if he learns of this, do you think that he will just sit back and do nothing?”

Speaking of this, he gave a slight beat, and then said, “And there is also the ancient family, if we take him back, the ancient family that must be furious ……”

At those words, the calm smile on Dugu Lian’s face gradually disappeared.

A moment later, Dugu Lian laughed and said, “Then according to Elder Yu, what should we do?”

Dugu Yu coldly said, “Immediately send a strong person to kill him to eliminate any future problems. And this person’s battle power is extremely strong, and the Daoyi Academy seems to be harbouring him, so we must send …… them this time.”

Dugu Lian suddenly said, “Then how about Elder Yu personally go there?”

Dugu Yu was silent for a moment, then said, “Naturally.”

Dugu Lian nodded, “I heard that he also has a younger sister who is also extremely talented, and that the dean of that Daoyi Academy has personally taken her in as a student ……”

Saying this, he looked towards Dugu Yu, “Remove them all together! So as not to add some trouble in the future!”

Dugu Yu said in a deep voice, “There is one more thing, I have investigated, there seems to be a mysterious strong person behind this person, however, the specific information of this mysterious person is unknown.”

Dugu Lian lightly laughed, “Qing Cang Realm ……In that place, it seems that there was a Cang Realm Sword Master, this person was not bad back then, and then there was the founder of that Realm Protection Alliance ……After so many years, it’s only these two who are still good. And even if it’s these two, what does my Dugu Family have to fear?”

Dugu Yu nodded, “Also ……”

Dugu Lian added, “Let’s not let the Ancient Family know about this matter for now! So as not to create a lot of trouble!”

Dugu Yu said, “Naturally.”

Saying that, he gave a slight beat and added, “In order to avoid accidents, I would like to bring four Shadows forward.”

Dugu Lian pondered for a moment, then said, “Granted. Remember, bring back the heads of his siblings, I think that Brother Gu will definitely be very happy if he sees the heads of his siblings.”

Saying that, he smiled to himself, “Unexpectedly, my Dugu family will be entrusted to such a point ……”

Dugu Yu was silent, because nowadays, the lifeblood of the Dugu family was in the hands of others.

In a vast grassland, an old man was walking slowly with a little girl.

On the way, the old man suddenly asked, “Ling’er, those two Saint-ranked treasures I gave you earlier, why didn’t you refine them?”

Behind the old man, the little girl said, “I want to keep them for my brother!”

“Those Saint Rank Spirit Fruits you don’t eat, are you saving them for him as well?”

“Definitely! Such a good thing, my brother hasn’t even eaten it, so how can I eat it first.”

“Those Purple Flame Crystals I gave you …….”

“Brother is alone, it’s hard, I’m going to save them for him ……”

“What’s your brother’s name, I’m going to beat him to death!”