Master Of The Blade Chapter 390

That woman was actually getting fuzzy in his mind.

Or rather, he was already gradually forgetting it!


It would be a lie to say that he didn’t hate it, knowing that he was only twelve years old when the other party left. It was also because of the other party’s sudden departure that he and his sister almost died tragically in the Ye Mansion.

Therefore, for so many years, he had never thought of going over to look for the other party.

And now, the other party’s clan was coming to look for themselves.

Above the temple, the Grand Elder glanced at Ye Xuan, ”If you don’t want to go back to the Dugu family, my Dao Yi Academy will protect you to the end, and if you want to go back, we won’t stop you either. However, this Dugu family may not have any good intentions in letting you go back!”

Ye Xuan’s brows furrowed, “Uneasy intentions? What does the Grand Elder mean?”

The Grand Elder said in a deep voice, “According to my guess, they might be doing it for that supreme treasure on you!”

Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, then said, “May I meet with them?”

The Grand Elder nodded slightly, “I’ll make the arrangements.”

Ye Xuan gave a slight salute, then retreated.

Inside the hall, the Grand Elder sighed in a low voice, “He is indeed a good seedling, but unfortunately, carrying a heavy treasure, I’m afraid that I, Daoyi Academy, won’t be able to keep him!”

Below, an old man nodded slightly, “Indeed, if she stays in our Daoyi Academy, our Daoyi Academy is afraid that we will incur a disaster.”

Inside the hall, everyone was silent.

It was because from the beginning until now, there had been many, many people who had come to the Dao One Academy in search of Ye Xuan.

And the Daoyi Academy had also blocked many people for Ye Xuan, including the current Yun Family and Dugu Family.

If it wasn’t for the Daoyi Academy, these two families would have already gone straight to Ye Xuan.

And they understood that Daoyi Academy wouldn’t be able to support them for much longer!

The thing that was number one on the Interstellar Bounty List, this was too much of a temptation for countless forces!

At this time, the Grand Elder stood up, he sighed in a low voice, “This fellow, Dean, I don’t know if he will come back ……”

Upon hearing this, everyone in the hall laughed bitterly.

It was because this dean, hadn’t been within the academy for several years.

Ye Xuan returned to his cabin, and at this moment, Ming Kun and the others were waiting here.

Seeing Ye Xuan return safely, Ming Kun and the others let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Xuan smiled, “What brings you all here?”

Ming Kun said in a deep voice, “Brother Ye, I got the news that there are two forces outside that seem to be looking for you! Some of them are not coming for good!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Brother Ming Kun is well informed, there are indeed some forces looking for me, but it’s fine, I can handle it!”

Ming Kun glanced at Ye Xuan, “If there is a need for help, just say so.”

The xiaoge at the side also nodded, “If it’s a fight, we inner courtyard students haven’t been afraid of anyone yet!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “If there is a fight, I will definitely call you guys ha!”

Xiao Ge laughed, “It’s a deal.”

Ye Xuan nodded and laughed, “Come, come, let’s have a good gathering of our Xiu Sect brothers tonight!”

Not long after, the laughter of the crowd came from inside the house.

In the middle of the night, Ye Xuan walked out of the wooden house, he sat on the stone steps in front of the wooden house and raised his head to face the sky.

Above the night sky, a bright moon hung.

Ye Xuan just sat there quietly, after a while, Ming Kun walked out and he sat beside Ye Xuan.

Ming Kun looked at Ye Xuan, “The ones who came to find you, are the Dugu family and the Yun family, do you know about these two families?”

Ye Xuan shook his head.

Ming Kun said in a deep voice, “In the Heavenly Domain, there are some powerful clans, this Dugu Family is one of them, they are extremely powerful and influential, especially hundreds of years ago, the entire Heavenly Domain, even the Weiyang Palace had to be afraid of them. And over the years, this Dugu family’s talents have withered, there aren’t any particularly outstanding demons, however, their heritage is still there!”

Saying this, he looked towards Ye Xuan, “My Dao One Academy, is unable to fight against it, unless it’s the Dao One Academy from Ancestor Mu’s era, which is still able to fight against it for a moment or two. And right now, if both sides really want to fight to the death, Dao One Academy has no chance of winning!”

Ye Xuan softly said, “What about the Yun Family?”

Ming Kun said, “The Yun Family is a weapon casting family, and has a transcendent position in the Heavenly Domain, as many forces have to look for them to cast weapons, even the Weiyang Palace. Although their strength is not as powerful as the Dugu family, however, their connections are not something that the Dugu family can compare to.”

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, “In other words, I just have to die?”

Ming Kun was silent for a moment, then said, “Brother Ye was able to get these two forces to target him, so I guess there is something extraordinary about himself, right?”

Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled, “What extraordinary ……You should have heard of it as well, I have a treasure on me, with this treasure, this trouble of mine, ah, will never be less than a lifetime.”

Ming Kun nodded slightly, he glanced at Ye Xuan, “Brother Ye, that supreme treasure is really on you?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “What do you think?”

Ming Kun smiled bitterly, “Brother Ye has a great chance! However, with such a supreme treasure in your possession, I’m afraid that there will really be quite a lot of trouble.”

Saying this, he gave a slight beat and added, “Now, we can only see if the academy can withstand the pressure from these two forces.”

Ye Xuan smiled and didn’t say anything.

When it was about to dawn, the Grand Elder arrived in front of the bamboo house, Ye Xuan got up and smiled, “Let’s go!”

The Grand Elder nodded and then led Ye Xuan to a teahouse in Dao Yi City.

Inside the teahouse, Ye Xuan met an old man, the old man was wearing a gorgeous brocade robe, and on his right hand’s finger, he wore a white jade ring, and on top of the white jade ring, there were two tiny characters, Dugu!

And behind the old man, there were two black-robed men standing.

The Grand Elder brought Ye Xuan to the front of the old man, at this time, the old man’s gaze fell on Ye Xuan, he sized up Ye Xuan, then said: ”A Sword Immortal of less than twenty years of age, and with a battle strength that far exceeds that of the average Sword Immortal …….It’s worthy of having the blood of my Dugu family in your body!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “I wonder how many Sword Immortals there are in the Dugu Family?”

The brocade-robed old man said in a faint voice, “Among the younger generation, there are no Sword Immortals!”

Ye Xuan’s smile grew brighter, “Then what does my becoming a Sword Immortal have to do with the Dugu Family’s bloodline?”

At those words, the brocade-robed old man’s eyes narrowed and his gaze turned cold.

The atmosphere in the arena immediately became somewhat tense.

A moment later, the brocade-robed old man said in a faint voice, “The old man came here this time, not to present words with you. Hand over that object and follow me back to the Dugu Family.”

The tone of his voice was not to be questioned.

Ye Xuan laughed, “What if I don’t?”

The brocade-robed elder laughed coldly, “You can try and see if Dao Yi Academy can protect you!”

On the side, the Grand Elder suddenly said, “Your Excellency, his talent, even if he is put into the Heavenly Domain, he is still considered one of the best, can’t the Dugu Family accommodate him?”

The brocade-robed elder was silent.

In fact, the Dugu Family had investigated Ye Xuan, and they were somewhat shocked at Ye Xuan’s talent.

If this kind of person stayed in the Dugu Family, it would naturally be a good thing for the Dugu Family.

However, no one in the entire Dugu Family dared to keep Ye Xuan.

Because Ye Xuan’s mother was still locked up in the Infernal Purgatory to this day, and not only that, the

Because of Ye Xuan’s mother, the Ancient Family, another super family in the Heavenly Domain, was still holding a grudge. If the Dugu Family accepted Ye Xuan, it would definitely annoy the Ancient Family!

Moreover, the Dugu family was also afraid that Ye Xuan would grow up completely and then turn against the family.

The Dugu Family didn’t want to raise a tiger!

Thus, the more demonic Ye Xuan was, the more fearful the Dugu Family was, the more uneasy they were!

The brocade-robed old man retrieved his thoughts as he glanced at Ye Xuan and said in a faint voice, “Hand over that object and follow me back to the Dugu family, and you might still be able to live!”

Still able to live!

Hearing this, the Grand Elder’s brows furrowed, was this Dugu Family sick in the head?

A genius like Ye Xuan, if he could stay within the clan and cultivate properly, he would definitely be a super power in the future.

But this Dugu family actually wanted to put him to death!

In front of the brocade-robed old man, Ye Xuan laughed, “In fact, you understand very well that if I go back with you, there is only one way to die, or rather, living is better than dying! Right?”

The brocade-robed old man looked at Ye Xuan coldly, “I understand what you mean!”

With that, he stood up, “Watch well, the Daoyi Academy won’t be able to protect your brother and sister!”

And right at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly stood up, he grinned, “What, and dragged my sister into this?”

The brocade-robed old man sneered, “Your brother and sister, none of them can run away! I ……”

Right at this moment, in front of him, Ye Xuan suddenly drew his sword and chopped.

The sword in Ye Xuan’s hand was the Immortal Spirit Sword, and this sword was a combination of a sword to determine life and death plus that sword drawing technique!

As soon as the sword was drawn, the entire teahouse instantly collapsed, not only the teahouse, but even the surrounding space was directly cracked open at this moment.

And everyone did not expect Ye Xuan to suddenly strike, especially that brocade-robed old man, thus, he only reacted when Ye Xuan’s sword chopped down.

And at this moment, it was already a bit slow!

Hence, he could only instinctively swing his right hand, trying to block Ye Xuan’s sword.

Ye Xuan’s sword fell.


A silhouette instantly flew out, this flight was a hundred feet away, and the houses where this silhouette passed through directly crumbled layer by layer.

This silhouette was none other than that brocade-robed old man.

A hundred feet away, as soon as the brocade-robed old man stopped, his physical body directly crumbled apart, and at the same time, the earth under his feet also crumbled at this moment.

The brocade-robed old man glanced at his own soul, his heart was shocked beyond measure, he was actually destroyed by a young man with a sword!

A sword!

The other party had destroyed his physical body with just one sword!

What kind of demon is this?

The brocade-robed old man looked at Ye Xuan in the distance, and his heart was rolling like a wave.

Not only the brocade-robed elder, even the Grand Elder on the side was stunned.

He knew that Ye Xuan’s battle prowess was extremely strong, and that he was able to easily defeat even a source realm powerhouse, but he did not expect that within a short period of time, Ye Xuan’s strength had actually increased to this extent!

He should know that the brocade-robed old man on the other side was an existence on the same level as him!

However, he failed to receive Ye Xuan’s sword?

At this moment, Ye Xuan carried his sword towards the brocade-robed old man, his face was wearing a smile, only this smile was really a bit oozing.

Gradually, this smile of his became a bit hideous, he raised his sword and pointed at the brocade-robed old man, “What Dugu family is not Dugu family, dare to hit my sister’s idea, I’ll tell you all right now, I don’t share the same fate with you!”

Saying that, he directly disappeared in place.

To him, Ye Xuan, his sister would always be his scales!

Whoever touches it, dies!