Master Of The Blade Chapter 385

In situ, Ye Xuan’s face was dark, this little spirit child, is also too unreliable!

Ye Xuan still wanted to ask, but the Second Floor Great God suddenly said, “Is there any danger, don’t you know if you’re going in yourself? What are you asking for?”

Ye Xuan laughed bitterly, “I’m just trying to play it safe!”

The Second Floor Great God said, “You’re just afraid of death!”

Ye Xuan heatedly smiled, “Who isn’t afraid of death?”

Saying that, he looked towards the door in front of him, he thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll go in with xiaoge and Brother Mingkun, the rest of you will stand guard outside and wait for news from us.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd looked at each other, among them, some of them wanted to say something, but Ye Xuan said, “It’s decided.”

With that, he walked over to that door before giving it a gentle push.


The door was easily opened, and inside the door, it was somewhat dark.

Ye Xuan walked in with Ming Kun and Xiao Ge, and upon entering, a chilly aura came over him.

The surroundings were dark and quiet.

Ye Xuan swept a glance around, at this moment, they should be in a passageway.

“Brother Ye!”

Ming Kun suddenly said, “There is something not simple about this place, we need to be careful.”

Ye Xuan nodded, he did not dare to be careless about these unfamiliar places.

“Brother Ye you guys look!”

At this moment, Xiao Ge who was on the side suddenly pointed at the wall next to him, “You guys take a look!”

Ye Xuan and Ming Kun looked towards the wall, on top of the wall, there was a set of murals, on the murals, there were some demonic beasts, and some people, however, these people were tall and somewhat different from the average human.


At this time, a startled sound suddenly came from within the Realm Prison Tower.

The voice of the mysterious woman on the fourth floor.

Ye Xuan hurriedly asked, “Vicious Jane, oh no, Senior Jane, do you know what this is?”

“Know!”The mysterious woman on the fourth floor said.

Ye Xuan asked, “What is it?”

The mysterious woman on the fourth floor said, “Not telling you!”

Ye Xuan: “…….”

Ye Xuan didn’t ask in a self-defeating manner, as he continued on with Ming Kun and xiao Ge.

On the way, the mysterious woman on the fourth floor suddenly said, “This is a good place, you have to have a good time before you do.”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice: “You’re scaring me?”

Jian Zi Zai laughed, “You are so bold, who would dare to scare you?”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then said, “Jane Vicious, your purpose should be to come out, and I don’t object to you coming out, so why are you trying to screw me over three times? Shouldn’t you?”

Jane Zi Zi said in a faint voice, “Being locked up for so long, you don’t need to take revenge ah?”

Ye Xuan said with some anger: “It’s not like I imprisoned you, what are you doing looking for me for revenge?”

Jian Ziwei said, “You are the tower master!”

Ye Xuan said, “It wasn’t me who locked you up! You can go find the one who imprisoned you!”

Jane Zi Zi said in a faint voice: “You are the Tower Master.”

Ye Xuan was so angry that he couldn’t speak! Damn, this woman was determined to find him in trouble!

Without paying any attention to this woman, he continued to lead xiaoguo and the others downwards.

The further they went inside, the colder the surroundings became, and all around those mountain walls, there were all sorts of murals.

And the three of them were incomparably on guard, not daring to have the slightest carelessness or contempt.

About half an hour later, the three stopped, not far in front of them, there was a stone door, on both sides of the stone door, stood two stone statues holding spears.

Ye Xuan walked to the stone door, above the stone door, there were some strange words, words that he had never seen before.

“Know what is written on it?”Jian Zi Zi asked suddenly.

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “If you have a fart, just let it go!”

Jian Zizi laughed, “It says: trespassers die! Do you still want to go in?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “It seems like you kind of don’t want me to go in!”

Jane Zi Zi was silent.

Ye Xuan placed his right hand on top of the stone door and then gently pushed it.

The door was directly opened, and when they saw the scene inside the door

when they saw it, Ye Xuan’s three faces immediately became grave.

Inside the door, were a pair of long coffins, all of which were made from unknown gold and iron, there were more than thirty pairs of them, and on top of each of the long coffins, there was a lamp.

“This is?”

Beside Ye Xuan, Xiao Ge’s brows furrowed, “All coffins?”

At this moment, Ming Kun suddenly pointed not far away, “Look!”

Ye Xuan and his duo sniffed and looked, not far away from them, sat a person, this person was not quite the same as the average human, he was at least a generation taller than the average human, his ears were larger, his arms were extremely thick, and his entire body was covered in that kind of weird tattoos.

Ming Kun said in a deep voice, “What exactly are these?”

Xiao Ge shook his head, “I don’t know!”

Right at this moment, the stone door behind the three suddenly closed.

Seeing this scene, the three people’s faces changed drastically.

And in the distance, the person sitting on the chair suddenly raised his head and opened his eyes, his eyes were brown, he stared straight at Ye Xuan’s trio and said something that Ye Xuan’s trio could not understand at all.

At this moment, Jian Zi Zai suddenly said, “He said, trespassers, die! You guys are going to die!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

Not far away, the person on the chair suddenly stood up, and in the next moment, a powerful aura suddenly swept towards Ye Xuan’s trio.

So terrifying!

Ye Xuan’s three people’s faces changed drastically as Ye Xuan suddenly turned around and slammed his sword down.


That stone door directly crumbled!


Ye Xuan’s trio directly flew out, and at that moment, a giant hand suddenly grabbed from behind the trio with great speed!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan suddenly stopped, while the two xiao ge also stopped, Ye Xuan suddenly said, “You guys go first!”

With that, he turned around and a sheathed sword suddenly appeared in his hand!

In the next moment, Ye Xuan violently drew his sword and chopped.


A sword sound resounded, and at the same time, that giant hand was stiffly blocked by Ye Xuan’s sword.

While xiao ge and ming kun did not leave, the two of them stood beside Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “You guys go first.”

Xiao Ge smiled bitterly, “To leave like this, it’s not righteous enough!”

Ming Kun nodded, “Can’t be so unrighteous!”

Ye Xuan still wanted to say something, and at this moment, the person from the chair before appeared in front of them, and in the next moment, a huge fist blasted directly towards them!

The three people’s faces changed drastically, and in the next moment, all three of them shot out in unison –


As an explosive sound rang out, the three of them directly flew out and ended up heavily smashing into the wall.

On the ground, Ye Xuan quickly stood up, while at this moment, his head was extremely heavy and his consciousness was a little blurred!

On the other hand, the two people, xiao Ge and Ming Kun, had directly fainted to death!

So strong!

Ye Xuan knew that this mysterious person in front of him was simply not something he could fight against right now!

Right at this moment, Jian Zi Zai’s voice rang out again, “Quick, catalysing this tower, catalysing this tower will definitely be able to repel him!”

Catalysing the Realm Prison Tower!

Ye Xuan’s face sank, this woman originally had this idea in mind.

At this moment, the person in the distance was about to strike again, Ye Xuan’s face changed, in the next moment, his palm spread out and a sword appeared in front of him, the moment this sword appeared, a powerful sword momentum immediately appeared in the field.

The sword at the top of the tower!

And upon seeing this sword, the man in the distance stopped, he looked at the sword in front of Ye Xuan, in his eyes was gravity as well as scorn!

After a moment, he turned around and left.

Ye Xuan let out a sigh of relief!

At this moment, Jane Zi Zi’s voice suddenly rang out from within the tower, ”Stupid! So stupid, no wonder he was exterminated! Stupid! Stupid!”

Ye Xuan ignored the Jian Zi Zai who had gone a little crazy as he hurriedly left the passageway with the two Xiao Ge.


When Ye Xuan came out with the two of them, he found that the Xiu Sect’s people were confronting a group of people, and the other side also had a dozen or so people.

Ye Xuan placed the two of them on the ground before looking at Li Chuan who was not far away, “What happened to the


Li Chuan said in a deep voice, “These people are all from the Upper Xiao Sect.”

Upper Xiao Sect!

Ye Xuan’s brows furrowed, amongst the strong men who wanted to rob the tower outside Daoyi City last time, there was the Upper Xiao Sect Patriarch Mo Yanxiao.

At this moment, Li Chuan added, “They are going in.”

Ye Xuan smiled, “It’s fine, it’s not ours, whoever wants to go in can go in!”

Li Chuan glanced at Ye Xuan, “Listen to Brother Ye.”

With that, he stepped back to the side.

Ye Xuan said, “Let’s retreat first!”

With regards to the inside of that mountain, although he was also curious, he knew very well that with his current strength, if he were to go back in, it would be tantamount to sending him to his death.

Therefore, he decided to withdraw first!

At this moment, a disciple of the Upper Sky Sect not far away suddenly walked up to Ye Xuan, he sized up Ye Xuan, “What’s inside?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “I won’t tell you if you have a bad attitude!”

Upon hearing this, the man’s eyes narrowed slightly, the next moment, he violently slapped out a palm towards Ye Xuan, this palm slapped out, in the centre of his palm, a current of water flooded towards Ye Xuan like a decision.

Ye Xuan had already prepared, in the moment the man shot out, he violently drew his sword and chopped.


Amidst everyone’s gazes, the man who had struck out was directly shaken and flew out, and in one flight, flew hundreds of feet!

Everyone in the arena froze.

Ye Xuan carried his sword and walked to the man, at this moment, the man was lying on the ground, his entire body had cracked, and blood was continuously gushing out of his mouth.

Ye Xuan pointed at the man with his sword, “Who gave you the courage to strike?”

The man stared at Ye Xuan in death, “Kill if you want to kill, kill if you want to ……”

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s sword suddenly stabbed downwards.


The man’s eyebrows were directly pierced through by Ye Xuan’s sword!

Seeing this scene, not far away, the Shang Xiao Sect and other disciples were furious and directly rushed towards Ye Xuan, while behind Ye Xuan, Li Chuan and others saw this scene and also directly rushed towards the Shang Xiao Sect and other disciples.

In an instant, the two sides were at war.

Ye Xuan was about to make a move, and right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out from Ye Xuan’s brain, “If I were you, I would run immediately.”

The voice of the Great God on the first floor!

Ye Xuan was about to ask, when the fourth floor Jane Zi Zi suddenly said, “Run for what? There’s no need to run, nothing happened!”

“Old me believes you damn it!”

Ye Xuan cursed angrily, then turned his head to look at Li Chuan and the others not far away, “Don’t fight, run!”

Li Chuan flinched, then said, “Brother Ye, we can win a fight!”

Ye Xuan said, “Hit the hammer, hurry up, all run for me, get out of here!”

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn’t seem to be telling lies, Li Chuan hesitated, then hurriedly looked at the Xiu Men students on the side, “Everyone run! Hurry up and run!”

Hearing Li Chuan’s words, the crowd was flabbergasted, but they didn’t think too much about it and hurriedly followed Li Chuan and ran.

Seeing Ye Xuan and the others fleeing, those Upper Sky Sect disciples froze.

This is how they wimped out?

Ye Xuan led the crowd back to the Nebula Ship, he immediately activated it, and the Nebula Ship was about to leave, and at that moment, the stone door of that big mountain in the distance suddenly opened, and at the same time, a person walked out!

It was the same person who had struck out at the three of them in the passageway earlier!

After that person came out, with a wave of his right hand, all those disciples of the Upper Sky Sect not far away directly flew into dust!

Then, that person looked up at the Nebula Ship, or to be precise, at Ye Xuan.

The other party was looking right at himself!

At this moment, that person raised his right hand and aimed it at the Nebula Ship!

Noticing this scene, Ye Xuan’s face changed drastically as he hurriedly jumped off the Nebula Ship, and with that, that person’s hand sank downwards, aiming at him.

Ye Xuan put up his hands, “Surrender!”

In the distance, the man flinched, and in the next moment, he lowered his right hand.