Master Of The Blade Chapter 380

Immortal Sword Sect.

The Immortal Sword Sect had a pivotal position in the Northern Region, because in the entire Northern Region, there was only this one sword cultivation sect.

Sword cultivators had always been fewer in number because sword cultivators required extremely high talent and huge cultivation resources, thus, without a power to cultivate them, one’s achievements would be limited even if they were extremely talented.

And Ye Xuan, having cultivated until now, deeply felt the importance of money.

If one did not have enough money, it would be difficult to move an inch on the path of cultivation, especially him, who needed to go and devour swords every time he made a breakthrough.

Through Dao Yi City’s teleportation array, Ye Xuan arrived at the Immortal Sword Sect.

The Immortal Sword Sect stood on top of a hanging mountain in the middle of the starry sky, the mountain was huge, like a sword hanging upside down in the starry sky, while around this mountain, flying swords flew by from time to time.


This was Ye Xuan’s first feeling when he saw the Immortal Sword Sect, this Immortal Sword Sect was even more grandiose than the Daoyi Academy.

Ye Xuan did not sneak into the Immortal Sword Sect, instead, he walked towards the Immortal Sword Sect brightly, and soon, an old man carrying a long sword appeared in front of him.

The old man glanced at Ye Xuan, “Who is it?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “The late Ye Xuan, a student of the Daoyi Academy’s inner courtyard, has come to visit the Immortal Sword Sect’s Patriarch on the orders of the Grand Elder.”

Daoyi Academy!

The old man’s brows furrowed, “You are from the Dao One Academy?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Exactly!”

The old man said, “Do you have any credentials?”

Ye Xuan took out a token, seeing this token, the old man nodded slightly, “Wait for a moment!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Ye Xuan glanced around, from time to time, people were passing by with their imperial swords in the surroundings, and all of them were very powerful.

At this time, the old man from earlier appeared in front of Ye Xuan again, the old man said, “Follow me!”

Just like that, Ye Xuan followed the old man into the Immortal Sword Sect.

Inside the Immortal Sword Sect was very spacious, there were very few buildings, only a few large halls, along the way, Ye Xuan met quite a few sword cultivators, he found one thing, these sword cultivators were cold, very very cold, during this time, he greeted these sword cultivators, but the other party all just glanced at him and did not respond.

There was no doubt that the Immortal Sword Sect was much more powerful than the Cang Sword Sect, but compared to the Cang Sword Sect, there was a trace of less humanity.

Soon, Ye Xuan and the old man entered the large hall, and inside the hall, Ye Xuan met a middle-aged man.

This person was none other than the Immortal Sword Sect Patriarch Li Qing.

Li Qing glanced at Ye Xuan, “You are Ye Xuan”

Ye Xuan froze, the other party had heard of him?

Li Qing said in a faint voice, “I heard that you are one of the strongest sword cultivators within Daoyi Academy!”

Ye Xuan smiled, “No no, just average!”

Li Qing glanced at Ye Xuan, “Say the reason for your visit!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “The Grand Elder asked the late generation to come and purchase some Heavenly Rank swords from your clan!”

“Heaven rank swords?”

Li Qing frowned slightly, “What do you, Daoyi Academy, need heaven rank swords for?”

Ye Xuan said, “To make sword formations.”

Li Qing shot a glance at Ye Xuan, “It should be for you!”

Ye Xuan smiled sarcastically, “Yes.”

Li Qing shook his head, “Heavenly rank swords, my Immortal Sword Sect has quite a few of them, however, they are not for sale, you go back!”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then nodded, “Then, senior will leave.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Inside the hall, Li Qing glanced at the departing Ye Xuan, “This person is said to have reached Sword Immortal at the age of sixteen …….What do you think?”

Below, the old man shook his head, “It shouldn’t be possible, however, this person’s talent and battle prowess is certainly undoubted as he has already defeated one of the four great demons of the inner court, Nanshan, who is a person who has already reached the source realm


Li Qing nodded, “Not bad indeed, but unfortunately, joining the Daoyi Academy …….”

The old man laughed, “Indeed it’s a bit of a pity, if it was in my Immortal Sword Sect, my sect would cultivate it with all its might, and within two years it would never be difficult for him to reach the Great Sword Immortal.”

Li Qing nodded slightly, “Tell the people from the Immortal Soldier Pavilion to be careful, Ye Xuan is a somewhat shameless person, he shouldn’t give up like that.”

The old man laughed, “It’s impossible for him to come and steal it, or come and rob it, right?”

Li Qing said, “Just be careful …….”

Right at this moment, a man suddenly walked into the hall, the man gave a slight salute to the two of them, “Patriarch, there is a man within the Immortal Sword City who has set up a ring, threatening that if he defeats him, he will be awarded 100,000 Purple Origin Crystals!”

Li Qing frowned slightly, “But that Ye Xuan?”

The man nodded, “Exactly!”

Li Qing and the old man glanced at each other, the latter said in a deep voice, “What the hell is this guy up to?”

Immortal Sword City.

The city was very lively at the moment, as someone had set up a ring, and it was a sword cultivator, a sword cultivator who was not from the Immortal Sword Sect.

On a ring, Ye Xuan stood silently, on the left and right sides of the ring were two sets of banners, the left banner read ‘The First Sword Cultivator of the Northern Region’ while the right one read ‘Come and fight if you don’t obey’.


Very, very arrogant!

Soon, many sword cultivators from the Immortal Sword Sect arrived at the sound.

A man flew to the ring, he glanced at Ye Xuan and laughed coldly, “What a big mouth, to call yourself the number one sword cultivator in the Northern Region, come, let me meet you!”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “If you want to challenge, it’s fine, follow the rules, first take out a heaven ranked sword, if you lose, the sword belongs to me, if I lose, I’ll give you 100,000 purple source crystals!”

The man’s face was a little ugly, “I don’t have a sword!”

Ye Xuan said angrily, “Without a sword you come to hit the hammer? Change to the next one!”

The man said angrily, “I just want to beat you, you ……”

The man’s voice suddenly came to an abrupt end as a sword was pressed against his brow.

And the surroundings were suddenly quiet.

Ye Xuan put away the sword, “Go down!”

The man didn’t say anything as he turned around and ran.

Just like that, Ye Xuan waited for about half a quarter of an hour before a sword-wielding sword cultivator suddenly flew up to the ring.

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “Know the rules?”

The sword cultivator glanced at Ye Xuan, “Yes.”

After saying that, he flexed his fingers and a sword flew to the side.

A heaven rank sword!

Ye Xuan laughed, “Take your shot!”

The sword cultivator suddenly disappeared, and in the next moment, a sword light chopped down directly from above Ye Xuan’s head.

A very quick sword!

However, the sword stopped hard when it was still inches away from Ye Xuan’s head, as the sword in Ye Xuan’s hand was already against the sword cultivator’s throat.


The sword cultivator stared at Ye Xuan, and in his eyes was gravity.

Ye Xuan put away his sword and smiled, “Change to the next one!”

The sword cultivator glanced at Ye Xuan before turning to leave.

Ye Xuan put away the Heavenly Rank Sword on the side, his heart was happy.

In fact, he knew very well that it was easy to get beaten up for being so high-profile. However, he had no choice but to resort to this.

He now wanted to break through, he had to get the sword, and the Taihe Chamber of Commerce certainly could not go, this Immortal Sword Sect people do not sell, he could only use this way to get the sword!

Soon, another man leaped onto the ring …….

In this way, after about an hour, Ye Xuan had already obtained seven heaven rank swords.

And gradually, there were fewer people going up to the ring.

It was because the crowd

discovered that Ye Xuan’s strength was very strong …….None of the people who went to the ring were able to receive a sword from Ye Xuan.

Right at this moment, a sword sound suddenly rang out from the distant sky, and immediately after, a sword light landed on the ring.

It was a young man, the man was around twenty years old, wearing a white robe, with a sword box on his back, and on the man’s left chest, there was a small ‘immortal’ character tattooed.

“It’s from the Immortal Sword Sect!”

Someone in the arena exclaimed.

Immortal Sword Sect!

The arena was suddenly abuzz.

The white-robed man looked at Ye Xuan, “You’re from Daoyi Academy!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Of the Daoyi Academy!”

The white-robed man glanced at the two banners of Ye Xuan, “I will make you swallow them later!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Where’s the sword?”

The white-robed man waved his right hand and a Heavenly Ranked Sword fell aside.

Ye Xuan smiled faintly, “Take your shot!”

The white-robed man, however, shook his head as he waved his right hand once again, and four Heavenly Rank swords fell aside, making a total of five swords!

The white-robed man looked towards Ye Xuan, “Increase the blockage, dare you?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “How to increase?”

The white-robed man said in a faint voice, “If I lose, these five swords are yours, if you lose, not only do you have to swallow those two banners, you also have to kneel at the foot of my Immortal Sword Sect’s mountain for three days and three nights, dare you?”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Good!”

The white-robed man glanced at Ye Xuan, “Very confident!”

As the voice fell, within the scabbard behind him, a sword suddenly shot up into the sky, the sword went straight into the clouds, the next moment, a sword Qi shot down from that cloudy sky, pointing straight at Ye Xuan in the ring.

Sword Emperor!

The moment this white-robed man launched his sword, a powerful sword momentum swept out from the ring.

Sword Emperor’s momentum!

A very quick sword!

However, Ye Xuan was even faster ……Before the sword energy landed on the ring, Ye Xuan had already appeared in front of the white-robed man, and at the same time, a sword was pressed against the white-robed man’s throat.


There was silence in the arena.

In front of Ye Xuan, the white-robed man stared at Ye Xuan, “You’re a Sword Immortal!”

Ye Xuan smiled faintly, he put away his sword, then walked to the side and put away all those five swords, together with the seven from before, there were now a total of twelve heavenly ranked swords, and he originally had about ten heavenly ranked swords, which meant that there were now more than twenty.

But it wasn’t enough!

Far from enough!

Right now for him, the more of these Heavenly Rank swords the better!

In the ring, the white-robed man glanced at Ye Xuan before turning to leave.

Somewhere in the shadows, Immortal Sword Sect Patriarch Li Qing looked at Ye Xuan in the ring, not knowing what he was thinking.

Beside Li Qing, there was also an old man standing, the old man said in a deep voice, “This person’s battle power is extraordinary, even those true disciples may not be able to defeat him.”

Li Qing’s face was expressionless, “His aim should be for the sword!”

The old man nodded his head, “I didn’t think that he would use this way to ask for the sword ……”

Saying this, he gave a slight beat and added, “What should we do next? One can’t just ignore it! If I don’t care, my Immortal Sword Sect will become a laughing stock in this Northern Region.”

Li Qing said in a faint voice, “Don’t those guys from the Inner Sect usually fight very hard? It’s time to let them come out and show their performance.”

The old man thought for a moment, then said, “That’s right, being able to fight internally isn’t much of a skill, now it’s time for them to show their performance.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

An hour later, within the Immortal Sword Sect, nearly a hundred sword cultivators suddenly descended the mountain and headed straight for Immortal Sword City.