Master Of The Blade Chapter 378

In front of the young man, Ye Xuan was silent, the other party unexpectedly did not even give face to the Dao One Academy, obviously, the source was not small.

Since the face of Daoyi Academy was useless, it seemed that he had no choice but to strike!

And he chose to strike first!

Ye Xuan suddenly struck out his sword, which came out very quickly and without any signs.

Before the young man could react, Ye Xuan’s sword was already between his eyebrows.

The old man who was not far away had already appeared on Ye Xuan’s left at some point, his left hand was still a dozen inches away from Ye Xuan’s shoulder, he didn’t dare to grab it.

Ye Xuan’s sudden strike was something that both the old man and the young man did not expect, of course, they were too confident and belittled Ye Xuan.

The old man stared deathly at Ye Xuan, “Release him!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “I have no ill intentions, I just don’t want the two of you to disturb one of my seniors, that’s all!”

The old man stared at Ye Xuan, his eyes were calm but filled with killing intent, “Three times, if you don’t let him go, the old man ……”

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s right hand suddenly flicked forward!


The sword entered half an inch between the young man’s eyebrows and blood splattered!

Ye Xuan turned his head towards the old man and laughed, “Count! Why don’t you count! I’m listening!”

The old man looked at Ye Xuan for a long time, then said, “You will pay for this …….”

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s sword pushed forward again, the sword entered deeper, and the young man’s body directly trembled!

If it went in a little bit, he would definitely die!

And the old man’s voice was completely quiet at this moment!

Ye Xuan looked at the old man and smiled, “Come on, continue!”

The old man stared at Ye Xuan and wasn’t speaking anymore.

In front of Ye Xuan, the young man looked a little grim, “Do you know who I am!”

Ye Xuan turned his head to look at the young man, “Then do you know who I am?”

The young man laughed fiercely, “Is that so? I would like to know who you are!”

Ye Xuan grinned, “Actually, I’m your father!”


The young man became furious, and at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly said angrily, “Shut the hell up! One more word of gibberish and I’ll chop you up!”

The young man still wanted to say something, but the old man not far away shook his head slightly, signalling him not to say anything.

The young man said in a deep voice, “Uncle Yun Xiao, I don’t believe he dares to kill me!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Do you want to try?”

The young man was about to speak when the old man named Yun Xiao on the side suddenly said, “Young man, say it, what exactly do you want to do!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “It’s nothing, I just want you guys to wait, is this okay?”

Yun Xiao asked, “Just like that?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “That’s it!”

Yun Xiao was about to speak, just then, the iron furnace not far away suddenly trembled violently, and immediately after, a silhouette flew out!

It was none other than the old man from the blacksmith shop, the old man walked over to Ye Xuan, while in his hand, he was holding a long box.

Ye Xuan said with some excitement, “It’s done?”

The old man shook his head, “Still missing the last process!”

Saying that, he suddenly looked towards the two Yun Xiao people not far away, when he saw these two people, his face instantly turned grim, “What have you come to do?”

Not far away, the young man said, “Third uncle, father asked me to ask you to go back!”

“Go back?”

The old man sneered, “Go back for what? Also, I am no longer a member of the Yun family, nor am I your third uncle! The two of you hurry up and get out!”

The young man

son said in a deep voice, “Third uncle, you are also a member of the Yun family …….”

The old man said in a cold voice, “Did you not hear what I said?”

The young man still wanted to say something, not far away Yun Xiao suddenly said, “Brother Yun Sheng, the family head has an explanation, it’s fine if you don’t want to go back, however, this Yun family’s supreme treasure, the Earth Vein Furnace, must be returned to the Yun family, in addition to that, the Yun family’s art of casting weapons must not be spread out or else …….”

The old man laughed coldly, “Otherwise what? Otherwise kill me?”

Yun Xiao looked at Yun Sheng and did not speak.

Yun Sheng suddenly looked at Ye Xuan in front of him, “He is my heir, kill him if you have the ability!”

Ye Xuan’s face was filled with black lines, Nima, this old man was trying to mess with himself!

Hearing Yun Sheng’s words, Yun Xiao and the two of them immediately looked at Ye Xuan, their expressions extremely unfavourable.

Ye Xuan laughed, “Both of you, you have opinions?”

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, and finally, he looked towards Yun Sheng, “You take care of yourself!”

After saying that, he turned around and left with the young man.

Yun Sheng was silent for a moment before he looked towards Ye Xuan, “Let’s go!”

After saying that, he also led Ye Xuan away.

Under Yun Sheng’s leadership, the two came to a teleportation array, and soon, the two disappeared.

About half a quarter of an hour later, the two arrived under a waterfall that was tens of feet long, and below it was a small pool of water!

“This is?”Ye Xuan asked.

Yun Sheng said in a faint voice, “My Yun Family opened up an Earth Spirit Spring back then, this is the last process, Spirit Spring Watering. When my Yun family left back then, almost all of it was taken away, and now down there, there shouldn’t be much left! However, for us, it’s enough!”

Saying that, he threw his right hand, and the long box in his hand flew directly into the pool of water, and soon, the pool of water trembled violently, and a ray of sword light continued to vibrate out from within the pool of water.


At this moment, Yun Sheng looked towards Ye Xuan, “Two drops of essence blood!”

Ye Xuan nodded, flexed his fingers and two drops of essence blood flew into the water pool –


The entire water pool suddenly trembled violently!

Ye Xuan said with some nervousness, “Senior, there shouldn’t be any problem with this, right?”

Yun Sheng said in a faint voice: “What problem could there be?”

Ye Xuan smiled sarcastically, “No problem, how could there be a problem with senior’s strike?”

Yun Sheng glanced at Ye Xuan, “You are the slickest of all the sword cultivators I have seen, I am curious, how did you become a sword cultivator with your kind of nature? And also became a Sword Immortal!”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Talent! My master said that I am one of the most gifted in the ancient world ……”

“Your master put ……”

Yun Sheng suddenly almost burst into foul language, as if he thought of something, he paused and added, “The master of that sword said that?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Naturally, my master said that I am an excellent sword dao genius, and that all of the Unseen Star Region will be subjugated to my sword in this future, and that I, Ye Xuan, will be ……”


The old man suddenly waved his hand, “Just pretend that the old man didn’t ask, you hurry up and stop!”

Ye Xuan: “……”

In this manner, after lasting for about an hour, Yun Sheng suddenly made a move with his right hand, and a sword with a scabbard suddenly flew out from the water pool, and finally landed steadily in front of him.

Yun Sheng turned his head towards Ye Xuan and handed the sword to him, “Look!”

Ye Xuan hurriedly received the sword and then drew it ……


A sword sound suddenly resounded through the sky!


In Ye Xuan’s hand, the sword was three feet long and two fingers wide, the sword body was ordinary, at first glance, it was a very, very ordinary sword!

Ye Xuan looked towards the scabbard, the scabbard was dark black in colour, there were some mysterious patterns around the scabbard, on top of that, it also exuded a cold aura.

At this moment, Yun Sheng suddenly said, ”This sword only has the form of your sword, there is no god, however, for you right now, this sword should be just right. As for this scabbard, this scabbard was forged by me with ice cold iron …….Regardless of whether it’s this sword, or this scabbard, both are Saint Grade, and both are Extreme Grade Saint Grade.”

Extreme grade Saint rank!

Ye Xuan’s expression moved as he knew that Saint Ranks were further divided into Lower Grade Saint Ranks, Upper Grade Saint Ranks, and Extreme Grade Saint Ranks.

And as this sword domain scabbard was all Extreme Grade Saint Rank, it could be said to be truly valuable!

Ye Xuan put away the sword and looked towards Yun Sheng, “Senior, many thanks!”

Yun Sheng glanced at Ye Xuan and said in a faint voice, “There’s no need to thank you, old man is just willing to gamble! Oh, if you really want to thank, just don’t come looking for old me in the future.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Ye Xuan suddenly said, “Senior, when will you teach me the Forging Art?”

“Forging art?”

Yun Sheng turned his head to look at Ye Xuan, “When did old man promise you to teach you the forging art?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Earlier, senior had said that I am your heir!”

Yun Sheng blinked, “You believe this?”

Ye Xuan said, “Of course I believe it!”

Yun Sheng snorted coldly, “The old man casually said it, what do you believe!”

Ye Xuan said in a faint voice, “Senior casually said, before that those two have already taken it seriously ……”

Speaking of this, he lowered his voice and sighed, “Ai, seniors teach or not teach is nothing, I’m afraid of this in the future, if I’m corrupting the reputation of seniors, then I’ll be guilty of ten thousand deaths!”

Yun Sheng frowned slightly, “Tarnish my reputation? How did you tarnish my reputation?”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face, “Outsiders all know that I am senior’s disciple, and if I were to forge something rubbish out then, at that time, wouldn’t it be senior’s reputation that would be tarnished?”

At those words, Yun Sheng’s face sank as he just stared at Ye Xuan, who turned around and ran away.

In situ, Yun Sheng was silent for a moment before turning around and leaving.

Ye Xuan returned to Daoyi Academy, and just as he returned to Daoyi Academy, he was called by the Grand Elder to the Daoyi Hall.

Ye Xuan froze when he arrived at the hall!

There were two people in the hall, it was the two Yun Xiao from before.

Seeing Ye Xuan, Yun Xiao’s face was expressionless while that young man’s face was somewhat grim.

The Grand Elder glanced at Ye Xuan below, “These two are from the Yun Family of the Heavenly Domain, I heard Yun Xiao say that you had some conflicts with them?”


Ye Xuan flinched, a little confused, “What kind of conflict?”

The corner of the Grand Elder’s eyes twitched slightly, this guy was here to act crazy again!

On the side, Yun Xiao coldly glanced at Ye Xuan, “What contradiction?”

Saying so, he pointed at the young man not far away, “Did you do this sword wound between his eyebrows? He was nearly killed in your hands earlier, you ……”

Ye Xuan suddenly said, “Senior, don’t talk nonsense! I and this elder brother and sister previously sparred, it was a difficult fight, no match, if it wasn’t for senior calling a halt in time, I might have lost in this elder brother and sister’s hands earlier.”

Saying that, he cupped his fists at the young man, “Brother Tai’s strength is powerful, I, Ye Xuan, admire it!”

At those words, the young man froze, while not far away, Yun Xiao’s face became incomparably gloomy.