Master Of The Blade Chapter 371

Xiu Sect!

In fact, Ye Xuan’s creation of this Xiu Sect could be said to be a whim.

After seeing Xiao Ge and these people around him, Ye Xuan knew that these people were different from the cadets of Daoyi Academy, it was hard for the cadets of Daoyi Academy to keep up with him, but Xiao Ge and the others were different. These people were true demons, their future achievements would not necessarily be lower than his Ye Xuan!

There was definitely no harm in making more friends while hanging out!

Ye Xuan was now in control of Nanshan’s territory, and with his previous victory over Nanshan, thus, at this time, his fame could be said to be very high amongst the inner courtyard.

In the Inner Courtyard, if one wanted these geniuses to follow voluntarily, there had to be two things, the first being strength and the second being benefits!

Ye Xuan met both, thus, xiaoguo pulled in some more people, and now, Ye Xuan, a member of the Xiu Sect, had a full nine members.

The lowest were all at the Sky Breaking Realm, no, except for Ye Xuan!

In the middle of the stone cave, Ye Xuan was sitting on a futon, and around him, it was filled with extremely dense purple fire energy, this kind of energy was indeed far, far too much better than normal aura!

At this moment, he also knew why so many people wanted to enter the Daoyi Academy, wanted to enter the inner courtyard.

It was because cultivating inside here was indeed several times faster than outside!

And this also gave Ye Xuan the idea of sprinting to the Sky Breaking Realm, before, in the battle with Nanshan, he was still very overwhelmed!

If he hadn’t used the Sword of Space, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Nanshan at all, as a powerhouse of Nanshan’s realm was already able to easily destroy his Heavenly Rank Sword! Moreover, Nanshan had obviously just reached the Source Realm, otherwise, even if he used the Sword of Space, he was afraid that it would be difficult to defeat the other party.

Realm difference!

His biggest problem right now was the low realm!

And to sprint to the Hollow Breaking Realm, relying on these energies from this Violet Flame Tower alone was not enough, he also needed swords!

And they were Heavenly Rank Upper Grade swords, and the number of them couldn’t be low!

Ye Xuan checked his current finances, now he had a total of nine heaven rank swords, purple source crystals, around one million six hundred thousand!

And for a heaven rank upper grade sword, it was about thirty thousand purple source crystals. In other words, with his current finances, he could buy dozens of swords!

But his intuition told him that it might not be enough!

As his realm rose, his requirements for swords, both in terms of quantity and quality, were also getting higher and higher, which caused him a lot of frustration!

Now every time he made a breakthrough upwards, it meant that huge financial resources were needed!


When he thought of sprinting to the Sky Breaking Realm, Ye Xuan was feeling incomparably poor.

Make money!

Must make money!

Seemingly thinking of something, Ye Xuan found xiao Ge and asked, “Earlier, you said to me that there are purple fire crystals within this Purple Fire Tower?”

Xiao Ge nodded, “Underneath the Purple Flame Tower there is a passageway called the Purple Flame Road, deep within the Purple Flame Road, there are Purple Flame Crystals, however, it’s very dangerous!”

“Dangerous?”Ye Xuan asked, “How dangerous?”

Xiao Ge said in a deep voice, “There is fire poison within the Violet Flame Dao, the further down, the stronger the fire poison becomes, this fire poison is too overbearing, even if it’s someone like us down there, at most, we can only last for a quarter of an hour.”

Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, then asked, “This Purple Fire Crystal is very precious?”

Xiao Ge smiled bitterly, “Very precious, if you exchange it for a Purple Source Crystal, it can be said that one Purple Flame Crystal can be exchanged for a hundred Purple Source Crystals because the energy contained within the Purple Flame Crystals is so much, it’s several times that of a normal Purple Source Crystal!”

Ye Xuan thought for a moment, then said, “I’m going to make a trip to the Violet Flame Dao!”

Xiao Ge flinched, “You want the Purple Flame Crystal?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “It’s a bit tight on my hands.”

Xiao Ge said in a deep voice, “That place is really dangerous, even the Grand Elder and the others can’t penetrate it.”

Ye Xuan laughed, “Don’t worry, if I can’t hold out, I will retreat back, I won’t take my life.”

Xiao Ge nodded, “Then be careful!”

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, then led by xiao Ge down to the Violet Flame Dao, after arriving at the entrance of the Violet Flame Dao, xiao Ge turned around and left.

Ye Xuan took a look at the Purple Flame Road, which was red and deep inside.

Ye Xuan was a little hesitant because at this entrance he felt a heat wave, and within this heat wave, there was a hint of something else, something that made him very uncomfortable.

He knew that this should be the fire poison.

After a moment of silence, Ye Xuan walked in, at the same time, his sword intent began to spread out, these sword intent began to protect around him, with these sword intent, those fire poisons were instantly blocked by the sword intent.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s heart was delighted, his sword intent could really block these fire poisons.

Ye Xuan accelerated his steps, after walking for about half an hour, Ye Xuan’s expression gradually became gloomy, because he found that the further down he walked, the fire poison was getting stronger and stronger, so strong that his current sword intent could not even withstand it anymore.

However, it was still able to hold on!

Ye Xuan continued to walk down, soon, he found some Purple Fire Crystals in the surrounding passages, these Purple Fire Crystals were the size of a fist, their bodies were deep red, as if there were flames burning, and they contained an extremely pure energy!

Unfortunately, there weren’t many of them, only a dozen or so!

Too little!

A mosquito is meat even if it is small, Ye Xuan directly put it away and continued to walk down, while this Violet Flame Path seemed like it had no end.

After another hour, Ye Xuan stopped because at this moment, those sword intent around him unexpectedly began to be corroded!

It couldn’t continue walking anymore!

He did want to continue walking because the further down he went, the more Purple Flame Crystals there were, and by now, he had obtained nearly a thousand Purple Flame Crystals.

However, he knew very well that he couldn’t continue walking, because if he did, the fire poison would enter his body, and he would be in big trouble then!

Fire poison?

Ye Xuan suddenly froze!

Fire poison?

Didn’t he have Chaotic Qi?

At this moment, Ye Xuan thought of the Chaotic Qi!

In place, Ye Xuan hesitated, then his palm spread out, a strand of Chaotic Qi appeared in his palm, when this strand of Chaotic Qi appeared, those fire poisons around him even quickly retreated towards the back, in a short while, the fire poisons around him all disappeared!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan was ecstatic, this Chaotic Qi was really the nemesis of these poisons!

With this Chaotic Qi, Ye Xuan had no more worries and continued down the path, this time, he sped up, at the same time, those Purple Flame Crystals on the walls on both sides of the Purple Flame Path were all taken down by him.


Ye Xuan’s speed was getting faster and faster, after about an hour, at this moment, he had already collected more than 3,000 Purple Flame Crystals, which when converted, was equivalent to 300,000 Purple Source Crystals!

And the further down he went, the more Purple Flame Crystals there were!

Therefore, Ye Xuan continued to go down, after about one and a half hours, Ye Xuan who was collecting Purple Fire Crystals suddenly stopped, he looked up, not far away stood a man in white, the man was about in his twenties, dressed in white, at his waist, skimmed a long knife with a sheath.

The man in white was holding the hilt of the sword in his left hand as he stood there quietly.

Ye Xuan realised that the man in white was resisting those fire poisons.

Blade awnings!

There was a thin

The man in white had a thin blade awn around him, and it was these blade awns that were blocking the surrounding fire poisons to death.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan’s expression became grave.

The other party was using the fire poison to cultivate!

And most importantly, the other party was able to rely on these blade awnings to get here.

So strong!

At this moment, the man in white suddenly turned to look at Ye Xuan, when he saw Ye Xuan, he was slightly flabbergasted, a hint of surprise in his eyes, “You are?”

Ye Xuan smiled faintly, “Ye Xuan!”

The man in white shook his head, “Never heard of it!”

Ye Xuan smiled, “Just entered the inner courtyard!”

The man in white nodded slightly as he shot a glance at Ye Xuan, “How did you get here?”

Ye Xuan’s palm spread out and a sword appeared in his palm.

“Sword cultivator?”The man in white asked.

Ye Xuan nodded, “Sword cultivator.”

After saying this, he continued to walk forwards, walking very, very easily.

Seeing this scene, the man in white flinched, and soon, he looked grave, “Brother Ye, why are you walking so easily? You’re not afraid of these fire poisons?”

Ye Xuan stopped his steps and laughed, “A mere fire poison, what is there to fear? Your Excellency still needs to work harder!”

The white-clothed man said in a deep voice, “Brother Ye this strength ……Admirable, admirable!”

Ye Xuan laughed, “What’s your name?”

The man in white said, “Ming Kun.”

Ye Xuan said, “Brother Ming Kun, I’ll go first.”

After saying that, he continued to walk forward.

Watching Ye Xuan disappear a short distance away, Ming Kun’s face was incomparably grave, “So strong ……”

Saying that, his eyes gradually became firm, then, he continued to walk forward, but very, very slowly ……

In the distance, Ye Xuan collected purple fire crystals as he walked, the deeper he walked, the fire poison was more and more, and more and more terrifying, terrifying to the point that Ye Xuan was terrified by it, if it wasn’t for the Chaos Qi, these fire poisons would instantly take his life!

If it wasn’t for the Chaotic Qi, these fire poisons would have killed him instantly. Not to mention him, even a source realm powerhouse would be killed in seconds if he inhaled a mouthful here!

Ye Xuan thought about it and continued to go down, as there were a lot of Purple Fire Crystals and the quality was still very good.

Although there was Chaotic Qi, Ye Xuan still didn’t dare to be careless because the further down he went, the more he felt that this place wasn’t simple and was afraid that even the Grand Elder and others in the academy hadn’t gone this deep.

About half an hour later, Ye Xuan stopped, not far in front of him, there was a vortex, within the vortex, was magma, which was still bubbling, and in the vortex, he also saw some purple fire crystals, which were extremely large, as big as a watermelon.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice: “Second Floor Great God, is there any danger in here?”

The Second Floor Great God said in a faint voice: “Wouldn’t you know if you go and try?”

Ye Xuan’s face was filled with black lines, what kind of words are these! Go and try, what if it’s gone?

And next, no matter how much he asked, the Second Floor Great God did not respond.

In the end, Ye Xuan had no choice but to rely on himself as he walked over, and just as he did, the vortex suddenly trembled violently, and immediately after, a powerful force directly swept Ye Xuan in.

And at this time, Little Spirit’s voice suddenly rang out from Ye Xuan’s brain, “Dangerous …….”

“Couldn’t you have said it earlier …….”

This was Ye Xuan’s last wailing sound.

“You didn’t ask me either ah …….”