Martial Champion Chapter 944

“I won’t bother Lord Protector with that.” Chu Feng faintly smiled, and did not thank or salute that Underworld Lamp, but instead took large strides and walked straight towards that so-called Grand Formation.

With regard to Chu Feng’s move, many people were merely holding on to the idea of watching a joke, so almost everyone present did not even look at him squarely.

However, when Chu Feng stepped into the large formation, and continued to walk forward with an unchanged face and unabated speed, and crossed the tenth, ninth, eighth, and seventh layers in chaotic order at an unbelievable speed, almost everyone present was unable to remain calm.

“What’s going on, this brat, is actually able to walk through so many layers without any pressure?”

At this moment, not to mention the others, even the three Protectors of the Underworld Lamp, the Blood Washed Moon, and Fu Lian Sheng’s faces changed drastically, because this formation was personally set up by them, and they invited out just how powerful the power contained in this formation was.

Even the Xuanxiao Chao three people, all withstood that huge pressure, and eventually was limited to the fifth layer, how could this kid so easily, will cross so many layers.

And under the shocked gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng still walked with an easy gait, his speed not decreasing in the slightest as he continued to move forward, unexpectedly crossing over the sixth layer, the fifth layer, and even walking into the fourth layer that Xuan Xiaochao and the others were unable to step into, he still had an unchanged countenance, his speed not decreasing, and he was just as if he was walking on the normal ground without the slightest amount of pressure.

“Gosh, it’s incredible, how did he do it?”

Seeing this, the people present even felt their heads tingle and their backs whoosh with cool air, feeling so incredulous, because even at the fourth layer, Chu Feng still had a relaxed face.

And thinking about the previous performance of Xuan Xiaochao and the others, they were truly stunned.

“Lord Protector, is this the formation that you used to select the Acting Patriarch? It’s nothing more than that.” After arriving at the fourth level, Chu Feng stopped his footsteps and said to the Underworld Light in an extremely sarcastic tone.

“You ……,” And hearing that, the Underworld Light was even more furious as he gnashed his teeth, but he did not know how to retort, and was only so furious that he clenched both of his fists and shivered.

“Impossible, it’s impossible for him to enter the fourth floor so easily, there must be something wrong with this formation.” Seeing her master’s father being insulted, You Hitomi Han on the other hand couldn’t help herself.

After he took a deep breath, he stepped and ran wildly, surprisingly running directly towards that formation, only when he had just stepped into the fifth layer, he suddenly let out a miserable scream and was ejected by the powerful force of that formation.


Seeing this, the Underworld Lights immediately changed greatly, rushed to stop You Hitomi Han, only because You Hitomi Han, earlier was really careless, so suffered an extremely strong blow, at this moment was already by the pressure of the big formation, hard to shock fainted to the past.

“This …… days, the power of the big array did not reduce, is this kid with strength, walked to the fourth layer.”

“Too unbelievable, who the hell is he? Why is there such a demonic genius in my Remnant Night Demon Sect that I’ve never heard of?”

Pixie Han’s behaviour was undoubtedly a wake-up call to the crowd, telling them that the formation hadn’t changed and was still as terrifying as ever, it was just that this nameless brat was too strong on his own, and that was why he had walked into the fourth layer.

After seeing You Hithan being stunned, Chu Feng then let out a helpless sigh, in the end, he had a good relationship with You Hithan and did not wish for You Hithan to be injured.

However, it could not be helped, and one could not blame You Xiyan for being too impulsive, after all, Chu Feng was insulting his master, and if someone else insulted Chu Feng’s master, Chu Feng would not be able to hold back either.

However, Chu Feng had made an appearance this time in order to be angry at the Pantheon Lantern, so he did not care about that much, and instead looked at the Pantheon Lantern and said with a smile, “Lord Protector, it seems that the position of Acting Patriarch is going to be replaced.”

After saying that, Chu Feng turned around and continued walking, surprisingly, in the gazes of the crowd that were so shocked that they could hardly take care of themselves, he passed through the third layer, the second layer, and came straight to the first layer.

At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded, even Bloodwashing Moon and Fu Liansheng, their eyes were covered in shock.

However, Chu Feng, clearly did not intend to stop there, but instead swept his gaze towards the Underworld Lamp, Blood Washed Moon, and Fu Liansheng, and opened his mouth to ask:

“The three Lord Protectors, you said earlier that the Lord Sovereign had a last word during his lifetime, that as long as someone was able to pull out this Demon Sealing Sword, whoever was able to do so would be the Sovereign of my Crippling Night Demon Sect, correct?”

Hearing these words, Bloodwashed Moon and Spectral Lamp were both frowning tightly, and no one opened their mouths to speak.

But Fu Liansheng said with a faint smile, “Indeed, the Patriarch said that no matter who it is, as long as they are able to pull out this Demon Sealing Sword, they can be the Patriarch of my Crippled Night Demon Sect.”

“If someone becomes the Sovereign of the Remnant Night Demon Sect, is it true that the three of you, too, will have to listen to his dispositions?” Chu Feng asked once again.

“Of course, the Patriarch is the leader of my Crippling Night Demon Sect, and not to mention the three of us, all the people of the Crippling Night Demon Sect must listen to the Patriarch’s dispositions without fail.” Fu Liansheng nodded his head and said.

“Then since that’s the case, I won’t be the Acting Patriarch, it’s more cost-effective to simply be the Patriarch.” Chu Feng heatedly laughed, and as he spoke, he also cast his gaze towards the Demon Sealing Sword that was close at hand.

“Truly unimportant, that Demon Sealing Sword, even the four of us cannot pull it out, could it be that you think that you can pull it out?” At that moment, that Blood Washed Moon opened her mouth, and her words were unusually sarcastic, she was satirising Chu Feng’s ignorance.

“Blood Washed Moon is right, that Demon Sealing Sword is very powerful, I advise you not to touch it, or else if it were to get upset and kill you, we wouldn’t be able to save you.” The Spectral Lamp also spoke out in a threatening manner.

“This kind of thing is not something that you guys say, but rather, it is something that I say.” Chu Feng coldly laughed, then he probed out his palm under the eyes of everyone and directly gripped it on top of the Demon Sealing Sword.


After Chu Feng gripped the Demon Sealing Sword, a layer of majestic breath began to sweep out from the Demon Sealing Sword like a hurricane.

The strength of that breath was so strong that many of the people present were unable to resist it, and were struck backwards, and even the entire hall was trembling violently.

“Heavens, he actually tried to pull out the Demon Sealing Sword, that’s too bold, isn’t it?” As for Chu Feng’s move, the people of the Remnant Night Demon Sect were even more frightened.

If one were to say that what Chu Feng had done earlier had only shocked them, then Chu Feng’s immediate actions had truly frightened them.

“Hey, truly a good sword, let me be your master.”

The arc of Chu Feng’s mouth curved upwards once again, and between his words, his palms clenched tightly, and then his large arm swung violently, and he only heard a “tinkling of gems”, and then the earth trembled for a moment, and a heavy object, which had already risen up from the ground, was gripped in Chu Feng’s hands.

That black demonic sealing great sword, had been pulled out by Chu Feng from within the great formation.