Martial Champion Chapter 943

“Yes, why is there no Chu Feng? Although You Xiehan is powerful, he seems to be much inferior to Chu Feng.”

“Actually, I’ve wanted to ask this question for a long time now, on such an important day, why didn’t Chu Feng attend?” And as soon as Elder Liu’s words came out, it was like a fuse, and an outcry was immediately set off amongst the crowd, as many people began to speculate on this question.

“Hey, you guys don’t know, it is said that Chu Feng is greedy for life and death, and because he is afraid of the Immortal Execution Archipelago and doesn’t want to be implicated by my Crippled Night Demon Sect, he has already withdrawn from the Crippled Night Demon Sect.”

“You’re f*cking farting, I’ve seen Brother Chu Feng’s majestic style with my own eyes, where is he someone who would be greedy for life and fearful of the Immortal Execution Archipelago?”

“Furthermore, Chu Feng once slaughtered the clans of the Ice Snow Plains and beheaded the experts of the Immortal Execution Archipelago for my brothers of the Remnant Night Demon Sect.”

“It is said that in the Gale Plains, Chu Feng even fought Murong Xun, and not only saved Xuan Xiaochao and the others, but also saved the two Lords of the Water Walking King and the Fire Walking King, and for that matter, more than one person has gone ahead, and there are many people who can testify.”

“Chu Feng is willing to risk his life for the people of my Crippled Night Demon Sect, how could he possibly defect from my Crippled Night Demon Sect because he is greedy and afraid of death? In my opinion, there is simply someone who is jealous of Chu Feng’s talents and deliberately forced Chu Feng away from the Remnant Night Demon Sect.”

“Shhh, you can’t say such words carelessly, the three Protectors intend to elect their own disciple to be the Acting Sect Leader, don’t you still understand what they mean?”

“You guys don’t make wild guesses, how could the three Protectors intentionally suppress Chu Feng, that day when the Immortal Punishing Archipelago united with the three major demonic clans and attacked the Piaomiao Immortal Peak, Chu Feng was there as well, Chu Feng was heavily wounded that day, and now it’s hard to predict if he will live or die, in my opinion most likely he’s dead, and that’s the truth that he was unable to attend.”

“Ai, really dead? That’s too much of a pity, isn’t it, I wanted to see Chu Feng’s style ah, if Chu Feng had stepped into that formation, he definitely wouldn’t have been bound at more than just the fifth level, right?”

In the midst of the debate, people all began to discuss Chu Feng’s matter, and many even began to speak out on Chu Feng’s behalf, feeling that Chu Feng had rebelled against the Remnant Night Demon Sect.

There were also people who felt that Chu Feng had met an untimely end during that day’s Immortal Execution Archipelago, when he had captured the Piaomiao Immortal Peak.

Regardless, no matter how they guessed, they were able to hear from their every word and action that they actually very much hoped that Chu Feng would be able to assume the role of Sovereign.

“It is truly unimaginable that this brat, Chu Feng, has actually erected such prestige in the Remnant Night Demon Sect within this short period of two years.” While listening to the crowd praising his disciple in such a manner, Chu Ruifeng, who stood in the middle of the crowd, smiled smugly and could not help but feel somewhat proud.

“All of you shut up!!!” And just at this moment, that Underworld Lamp was suddenly bursting out, and at this moment, his face could be described as unusually ugly.

“All of you listen to me carefully, this person Chu Feng’s origins are unknown and his heart is full of evil intentions, everything he did for my Crippling Night Demon Sect was a conspiracy.”

“Not to mention, his life and death are unknown today, and even if he came, it would be impossible to make him the Sect Leader.”

“You all should not think that this statement of mine is believable… Earthbound King, you should instead tell them what exactly happened when you carved the Broken Moon Formation on Chu Feng’s body that day?” The Spectral Lamp said angrily.

“This …… little friend Chu Feng’s body is special, and it is indeed impossible to inscribe a Broken Moon Formation on his body.” The Earthbound King spoke.

“What? Chu Feng is unable to inscribe the Remnant Night Formation?”

“The Remnant Moon Formation is the symbol of my Remnant Night Demon Sect… if one is unable to carve the formation, then that would be the same as not joining my Remnant Night Demon Sect.”

“Could it be that from the beginning to the end, Chu Feng did not join my Remnant Night Demon Sect?”

After hearing these words from the Underworld Lamp, many people also felt that it was reasonable that as a person of the Remnant Night Demon Sect, they were all proud of the Remnant Moon Formation on their backs.

And likewise, that was also a representation of the Remnant Night Demon Sect, so they rightfully thought that those who did not have that formation were definitely not a member of the Remnant Night Demon Sect.

“I know that you have a deep friendship with Chu Feng, but as Brother Qiu Ruifeng’s old subordinate, you had better do things with some measure, if you dare to speak out again to help that Chu Feng, be careful that I will be impolite to you.” The Spectral Lamp pointed at Old Man Liu again and sternly reprimanded.

At this moment, Liu Lao wanted to say something else, but he was blocked back by several of his other brothers, and in the end, he did not say anything more considering the situation at hand.

“It’s not that I, Spectral Lamp, am selfish, it’s just that this formation, reasonably set up by the three of us, Bloodwashed Moon Fu Liansheng and I, is absolutely fair and just.”

“And my disciple Pixie Han, in that formation in the deepest walk, from the sealing sword closest, rightfully by him to do my residual night magic clan’s acting patriarch, for this matter, the people present, can there be objections?” The Underworld Lamp said once again.

At this moment, the crowd that was in turmoil once again returned to tranquility, no one uttered a single word, and even more so, no one dared to raise any objections.

Seeing this, the corner of the Spectral Lamp’s mouth, could not help but lift up a smug smile, and then said, “That’s good, since this is the case, I will announce that the Spectral Pupil Han ……”

“Wait.” However, who had thought that before the words of the Spectral Lamp were finished, a shout suddenly exploded amongst the crowd.

And this word out, none of the people present is not a big shock, especially that the direction of the voice came, the crowd rushed to retreat, afraid of being implicated by that shouting people.

Thus, very quickly, Chu Feng’s figure appeared within the crowd’s line of sight.

“Who are you?” After the Spectral Lamp sized up Chu Feng, his brows slightly circumscribed, and he asked without good humour, because Chu Feng had concealed his appearance, so he did not know that this was Chu Feng.

However, daring to open his mouth and speak at such a critical time made the Spectral Lamp feel irritated, it was simply a blasphemy against his authority.

“I am a member of the Remnant Night Demon Sect, and I have heard that as long as I step into that formation, the one who is closest to the Demon Sealing Sword will be able to obtain the position of Acting Sovereign, so I would like to give it a try, and I wonder if the Lord Protector, can you make it easier.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Who is this person, so many people have failed, and he even wants to enter the grand formation, could it be that he really thinks that his strength will outperform the Pixie Han? It’s too presumptuous.” And upon hearing those words, a burst of cold mockery came from within the crowd, all of them feeling that Chu Feng was simply making a fool of himself.

Originally, regarding Chu Feng’s appearance, the Pixie Lamp was still very unhappy, but after hearing the ridicule of the crowd, the corners of his mouth once again lifted up in a bizarre arc.

Because, like the crowd, he felt that Chu Feng was simply taking his own humiliation, and since Chu Feng was not afraid of being humiliated, he was even less afraid, so he decided to fulfil Chu Feng, and let Chu Feng be humiliated to the end.

“Of course you can, all the juniors of my Broken Night Demon Sect have the right to compete for the position of Sovereign, go, but be careful, the power of that formation is very strong, if you get injured because of it, no one can help you.”

The Underworld Lamp smiled and said, and the meaning of his words was also very clear, that was to tell everyone present, wait for this insouciant brat, to blast out from this big formation, no one can help him, it was to make this person suffer a heavy injury, and to learn a long lesson.