Martial Champion Chapter 942

“Cough, cough,” just at this time, the Underworld lamp deep cough two, and then secretly transmitting voice: “What are you three waiting for, do not know so many people, are waiting for you?”

“This ……” Hearing this, both Pixie Han and Xuan Xiao Chao were speechless, they knew that the Spectral Lamp was forcing them to step into it.

“The three of us shouldn’t be so divided, why don’t we simply, go in together.” Finally, Fu Feng Ming spoke with a faint smile.

“Good, then the three of us brothers, let’s go in together.” Regarding this proposal, Xuan Xiaochao and Youxian Han also nodded in agreement.

Subsequently, the three of them started off together, walking side by side towards that great formation.

At this moment, the gazes of almost everyone present coalesced onto the three of them, and even the heartbeats of many people became rapid at this moment.

Because they were all very clear that the future Sovereign of the Remnant Night Demon Sect was most likely going to be produced amongst the three of them.

“Swish” The Xuan Xiao Chao trio, with big strides, easily stepped through the tenth floor, such a scene surprised the people present, because it fully illustrated, how strong the talent of the three of them was.

Coming to the ninth floor, the three of them slowed down their pace a little, but they still did not change their faces, and still easily walked into the eighth floor.

Only on this eighth floor, not only did their speed slow down even more, even their faces changed, two words could summarise their current situation, strained.

The three of them, however, still managed to cross the eighth layer to the seventh layer, but when they entered the seventh layer, they were already struggling to walk, and when they crossed the seventh layer to the sixth layer, they were already sweating profusely.

At this moment, the three of them all turned short of breath and their faces were pale, it was as if there were several mountains tied above their feet, and every step they took was so difficult.

One step, two steps, ten steps, twenty steps, finally they came to the edge of entering the fifth layer.

Only at this moment, all three of them stopped their steps, no one took a direct step forward, but instead, they looked at each other, the corners of their mouths lifting up a faint smile.

As for the onlookers, they also could not help but hold their breath, their hearts in their throats, because by now, they were all able to see that the three Xuan Xiao Chao people were indeed dragons amongst men, and that each of them possessed the potential to inherit the position of Patriarch.

However, there was only one Patriarch, and right now the sixth floor was already so difficult, so the fifth floor was definitely the place where the winner would be decided.

“Come on, brothers, go in together, no matter who is the Sovereign, we are all good brothers.” Fu Feng Ming was once again the first to speak.

And Xuan Xiaochao and Youxian Han also nodded their heads, after that, in the eyes of the three of them, a flash of resolution appeared at the same time, and with big strides in unison, they stepped in and stepped into the fifth layer together.

“Woohoo,” however, just after stepping into the fifth layer, Xuan Xiaochao suddenly screamed miserably and flew out backwards.

“Swish” Seeing this scene, Blood Washed Moon frowned slightly, then flew up, carried Xuan Xiaochao into his arms, and landed at the previous place.

“Ai, you brat, why are you so uncontested.” After sizing up Xuan Xiaochao, Bloodwashing Moon hated him and chastised him.

“I’m sorry master, disciple has disgraced you.” And Xuan Xiaochao was also full of apologies as he saluted and admitted his mistake.

“That’s just it, you care too much about brotherhood, when you become the sect leader in the future, you won’t be decisive in dealing with things, instead of letting you be the sect leader, it would be better to let the two of them brats do it, so as to avoid my Crippling Night Demon Sect from falling into your hands.” Blood Washed Moon waved his hand, and although his face was unpleasant, he did not blame too much.

Regarding the dialogue between this master and disciple, many people expressed their disbelief, but Chu Feng could see the truth, Xuan Xiaochao had deliberately withdrawn, and if he insisted, he could have continued on, only that he did not want to fight.

Although Xuan Xiaochao did not want to contend, but You Xiu Han and Fu Feng Ming obviously did not have this, at this moment, the two of them were gritting their teeth, even their eyes had become blood red, it was evident how great a pressure they were under.

However, this is not how much they desire the position of patriarch, just mission is difficult, this honour, they are not fighting for themselves, but for Fu Feng Ming.

For the sake of the master who had cultivated them so diligently, both of them would not give up easily and decided to fight to the end.

However, the two of them, destined to be divided into winners and losers, and this fifth layer is their end, with their strength, neither of them can step through that fifth layer.

“Damn” Suddenly, that Fu Feng Ming face changed, followed by a mouthful of blood, sprayed out from his mouth, his body slightly trembled, the pace of his feet slipped, as if an arrow out of the string, shot out from the big formation.

“Swish” Seeing this, Fu Lian business thoughts, a layer of soft force appeared, will that Fu Feng Ming to his side.

“Master, disciple is incompetent, please forgive me.” After Fu Feng Ming landed on the ground, he fell to his knees with a plop.

“Fair play, what offence do you have? Besides, Master knows that you tried your best.” Fu Liansheng smiled lightly and helped Fu Feng Ming up, compared to Bloodwashing Moon’s chastisement of Xuan Xiao Chao, he was much more calm and easygoing.

However, at this moment, that Pixie Light could be ecstatic, because he knew that it was his disciple Pixie Han who had won, so he didn’t care if it was unseemly or not, he directly opened his mouth and said, “Han’er, you’ve won, there’s no need to continue, come out.”

At this moment, You Xiehan was fully focused on resisting that powerful pressure, he didn’t even notice that Fu Feng Ming had already failed, and only reacted when he heard the call of the Underworld Lamp.

“Swish” After he flew out from the big formation, he first wiped the sweat from his head, before he half-heartedly asked his master, “Master, I won?”

“Han’er, you’ve won, you’ve become the future sect leader of my Remnant Night Demon Sect.” The Spectral Lamp nodded his head, and this ugly-looking old thing was already smiling from ear to ear.

And after hearing the words of the Pantheon Lamp, an incomparably excited smile spread across the face of Pixie Han, as he knew that he had finally won honour for his master.

“Lord Protector, I feel that the position of this sect leader cannot be settled just like that.” But right at this moment, someone suddenly spoke up.

Looking along, it turned out to be the oldest of the golden-robed ten brothers, Old Man Liu, and it was him who had just said those words.

“What do you mean by that?” Hearing these words, the Spectral Lamp’s face was a little displeased.

“Lord Protector, since the Acting Patriarch of my Remnant Night Demon Sect was chosen from amongst the outstanding juniors, how could it be without Chu Feng?”

“As we all know, Chu Feng is a member of my Remnant Night Demon Sect, and he is a recognised genius in the Eastern Seas Region, even Murong Xun is not his opponent, so may I ask who in the younger generation of the Eastern Seas Region can defeat Chu Feng?”

“Furthermore, back then, Chu Feng, but he was close to the Demon Sealing Sword and ran into the Demon Sealing Sword’s person, this matter Lord Earthbound King can also testify to.”

“That’s why I feel that it’s fine for my Remnant Night Demon Sect to choose a Patriarch from the younger generation, but it absolutely cannot be chosen with Chu Feng missing, because it’s unfair.”

Elder Liu said with stern words, and it could be seen from his attitude that he had made a lot of determination before he had the courage to say those words, he was risking his life and also wanted to seek justice for Chu Feng.