Martial Champion Chapter 941

“Quiet everyone, revenge must be avenged, but before that, we still need to elect a Patriarch before we can do so.”

“I believe, everyone must feel that the three of us, me, Bloodwashed Moon and Fu Liansheng, are the most suitable to lead the Remnant Night Demon Sect, in fact, at the beginning, the three of us also thought the same.”

“But, we are old, even if we take the position of Sovereign, how many years will we be able to reign?”

“So, after serious discussions between the three of us, it was decided that we would give up the position of Sovereign and instead choose to cultivate a new Acting Sovereign.” The Spectral Lamp said.

“What? Choosing a new Acting Sovereign?”

“But besides the three Protectors, who else is qualified for this Acting Patriarch position?”

“Could it be the five lineage kings? That’s not right, the five lineage king lords are already not young, if the three protector lords aren’t going to be the Acting Sovereign, they obviously won’t be either.”

The moment the Underworld Lamp said this, the crowd was doubly surprised and began to talk, some even began to panic, because they felt that the three Great Protectors, were the most suitable to be the Sovereign, if they didn’t do it, then there was no one else, who was worthy of this position.

“Heh, I would like to see what kind of trickery you are planning to play.”

However, Chu Feng, was unusually calm, he had already seen through the nature of the Underworld Lantern, he would not give up his power, so if he had not guessed wrongly, in the end, he would still try to find a way to take the power of the Sect Leader, into his hands, and that phrase of cultivating the Acting Sect Leader, had already made his intentions clear.

“Acting Patriarch, surely it must be a young man, one with both ability and potential.”

“And looking at the younger generation of my Remnant Night Demon Sect, the three of them, Xuan Xiaochao, Youxian Han, and Fu Fengming, are definitely the most qualified candidates for the Acting Sovereign of my Remnant Night Demon Sect, so I’m going to push for the three of them first.”

“Of course, for this election of the Crippled Night Demon Sect’s Acting Sovereign, we must be fair and impartial, as long as it’s my Crippled Night Demon Sect’s younger generation, no matter who they are, they can all participate in it.”

“As for, the method of this election is also very simple, the Demon Sealing Sword, is the supreme treasure of my Crippled Night Demon Sect, the Patriarch had a last word during his lifetime, no matter who it is, as long as they are able to pull out the Demon Sealing Sword, then they can inherit his throne and be the Patriarch of the Crippled Night Demon Sect, and all of the people of my Crippled Night Demon Sect, must listen to his dispositions.”

“However, the Demon Sealing Sword is too powerful, apart from the Lord Sovereign, there is simply no one with the qualifications to master him, even the three of us, including big brother Qiu Ruifeng, are unable to pull out the Demon Sealing Sword.”

“And nowadays, my Remnant Night Demon Sect is facing an unprecedented crisis, and a Sovereign must be elected as soon as possible, so we can only change the wishes of the Sovereign Lord.”

“We, borrowing the power of the Demon Sealing Attacking and Killing Formation, have rearranged a formation, a formation that is divided into ten layers from the outside to the inside, and the closer we get to the Demon Sealing Sword, the greater the pressure will be.”

“So after stepping into the formation, whoever is closest to the Demon Sealing Sword will be able to be the Acting Patriarch of my Crippled Night Demon Sect, and the three of us, Blood Washed Moon Fu Lian Sheng and I, will work together to cultivate him until he becomes the true Patriarch.”

“Below, the election of the Sovereign officially begins, all juniors of my Crippled Night Demon Sect can step into this formation.” The Spectral Lamp said in a loud voice.

And as soon as his words fell, amongst the crowd, there was a commotion, the Xuan Xiao Chao trio, were the recognised geniuses of the Remnant Night Demon Sect, and if they were to select the Patriarch from amongst the juniors, only the three of them would be the most qualified.

What’s more, personal ability aside, they also have three protector level master backing, there is really no one, worthy of competing with them.

Therefore, anyone who is self-aware will not come forward to compete with them for the position of Patriarch, but there are always exceptions to the rule, even if most people are wolves, but inevitably there are individuals, the art of the high and mighty, or the two-person tiger towards the sky, this kind of person, always is self-confidence is inflated, defying anyone.

This is not, after a moment of silence, there are really a few young people one by one came out.

They were all strong at the Martial Monarch realm, and their cultivation was not weak, the weakest were all Third Grade Martial Monarchs, and counting the three of You Xiehan, there were a total of eighteen people who were prepared to run for the position of Sovereign this time.

“Not bad, courage is commendable, our Remnant Night Demon Sect, we need brave young men like you.”

Looking at the young man who was competing for the position of Sovereign along with his own disciples, the Pantheon Lamp was superficially very happy, but from within his smiling gaze, Chu Feng was able to discern four words, that is, not self-importance, and from his heart, the Pantheon Lamp was looking down on those who had gone up to the front.

“Three Lord Protectors, three senior brothers, Zhao Hu is untalented, so I will take a step forward.” A young man with a big waist, after hugging his fists to the three guardians, as well as the three Xuanxiao Chao, he directly travelled towards the formation.

“Buzz,” his pace was calm and steady, and his hands were athletic, but just after he stepped into the first layer, his face suddenly changed drastically, as he felt an enormous pressure.

However, he did not give up, but clenched his teeth, his eyes rounded, and marched forward step by step.



But suddenly between him, his feet slipped, screamed miserably, a mouthful of old blood directly sprayed out, at the same time his body unexpectedly lost control, from that formation burst out and flew out.

And, the speed of his flying speed, if he hit other things, certainly will be seriously injured.


The Underworld Lamp seemed to have prepared for this, and after seeing this scene, with a wave of his sleeve, a gust of clear wind came, dragging the man who had shot out explosively, causing him to land peacefully, free from heavier trauma.

“Many thanks to Lord Protector for coming to the rescue, Zhao Hu is not talented enough to walk through the ground floor.” That Zhao Hu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth before saying in a very ashamed manner.

“There is no harm, this formation is very strong, you can successfully step in, you already have extremely strong qualifications, in the future, if you cultivate hard, you will definitely have notable achievements.” The Underworld Lamp smiled and pacified, as he spoke, his palm opened and a healing elixir, flew into that Zhao Hu’s hand.

“Many thanks to Lord Protector.”

That Zhao Hu accepted the elixir, saluted and thanked him, then walked back into the crowd under the eyes of everyone.

After Zhao Hu, other people stepped into the big formation one after another, but most of them were just like Zhao Hu, they couldn’t even cross the tenth layer peacefully, and the one with the best result only came to the eighth layer, but couldn’t step into the seventh layer no matter what.

And after seeing that one after another, was the power of the big formation flying out of the outstanding juniors, people finally know the formidable array, but also know that the devil sealing sword powerful.

Finally, everyone ended up in failure, leaving only Xuan Xiaochao, You Xiehan, and Fu Fengming.

Only, at this moment, the three of them were looking at each other with complicated emotions on their faces, as if none of them wanted to take this step, didn’t want to compete for the position of this Sovereign.