Martial Champion Chapter 470

At this moment, Boundary World also exerted its full strength .

The sky around him began to squirm as he stood in the air, and then the space around him began to crumble and shatter, and then the invisible heavenly force turned into a shaped energy body and appeared around him.

At first, the heavenly energy swirled around him like a whirlpool, kicking up gusts of wind. Then, the heavenly force burst out as a long wind-shaped dragon and blasted against Gu Tianchen, who was attacking him head-on.


As the two faced each other, a boom that shook heaven and earth was heard, so powerful that even that Realmworld had difficulty resisting it, and was shaken backwards several steps in the air, his face turning a little pale, with a trace of blood even flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Gu Tianchen’s blood spurted out, and his immaculate white clothes had turned into a bloodstained coat, and his whole body was as weak as a broken kite.

“Old Ancestor!” Seeing this scene, the Boundary Spirit Chairman and the ruling elders all had their faces changed drastically, one by one, they rushed up into the sky and turned into streams of light, sweeping towards Gu Tianchen.

However, only to see that Boundary World wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then with a wave of his large sleeve, a majestic power burst out.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

“Oooh wow ~~~~~”

Before that Boundary Spirit President, as well as the many Dangling Elders could get close to Gu Tianchen, they were hit by the power that erupted from the Boundary World, each spitting blood and flying backwards, eventually falling to the ground viciously, all suffering from heavy injuries, either death or injury.

Immediately afterwards, he grabbed his hand and the majestic power turned into a raging suction force, sucking Gu Tianchen, who was still falling, over.

When Gu Tianchen was close enough, the World Champion grabbed Gu Tianchen’s waist with one hand and lifted him up high, looking down at the Boundary Spirit Guild, and said loudly to the crowd:

“Chu Feng!!!”

“Where is Chu Feng?!!!”

“Chu Feng you get out of here, if you don’t get out, I’ll kill this Gu Tianchen!!!”

With those words, Jie Shi’s other hand fiercely reached out and grabbed one of Gu Tian Chen’s arms, and then, with a “poof” sound, between a large amount of blood pouring out, Jie Shi actually ripped off one of Gu Tian Chen’s arms.

“Don’t !!!!!!!” At this moment, all the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild were completely panicked and shouted out loud.

“Hahahaha, Chu Feng, you coward, you don’t dare to come out?”

“Then remember, everyone here today is dead because of you.”

Faced with the shouts of the Realm Spirit Guild crowd, that Realm World instead grew more and more excited, and immediately afterwards ripped Gu Tian Chen’s other arm off hard and fast in full view of everyone.

The Boundary World was ruthless, and after each call for Chu Feng, he would inflict a poisonous blow on Gu Tianchen, and in the end, he even ripped off all four of Gu Tianchen’s limbs.

“No, please, please, please spare the old ancestor!!!”

“Lord Boundary World, we beg you, please don’t treat our old ancestor like this!!!”

At this moment, the crowd of the Boundary Spirit Guild was on the verge of collapse, one after another, crying out and even loudly begging for mercy, not to mention the women, even some of the old being elder level figures, were also full of tears.

They couldn’t bear to see their own ancestors being abused in such a way, and at the end of their lives, they had to suffer the pain of splitting their bodies, and they couldn’t even have a whole body after death.

But there was nothing they could do, because with their strength, there was no way they could stop the Boundary World, and those who went to do so were all severely injured by the Boundary World.

The Boundary World had not yet killed him because he had done it on purpose, he wanted everyone in the Boundary Spirit Guild to watch with their own eyes.

Let them see with their own eyes how Gu Tianchen had died at his hands, and let them see with their own eyes the abuse Gu Tianchen had received before he died.

Only then could he vent his inner rage !!!!

“Gu Tianchen ah Gu Tianchen, it is not that I am heartless in the Realm World, it is really because your Realm Spirit Guild juniors are too incompetent.”

“If that Chu Feng dared to stand and venture out now, I would never kill you today, but alas, he would have fled long ago, leaving you, the old ancestor, behind.”

“In that case, you can’t blame me for striking at you in spite of old times, blame that Chu Feng instead.” At this moment, Boundary World actually grasped his hand on Gu Tianchen’s head, wanting to bend Gu Tianchen’s head off under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

“Boundary World, if you want to kill me, just do it, stop talking nonsense.”

“Even if you kill me today and destroy my Boundary Spirit Guild, as long as the outstanding juniors of my Boundary Spirit Guild are still around, there will always be a time when my Boundary Spirit Guild will rise again.”

“I believe that with such an outstanding junior like Chu Feng sitting in charge, my Realm Spirit Guild will rise sooner or later.”

“He will surpass me, surpass the past generations of the Boundary Spirit Guild’s ancestors. Let my Boundary Spirit Guild rise to an unprecedented peak, will personally exterminate your Boundary Clan, will personally kill, all the forces that have come against my Boundary Spirit Guild today all by themselves, and will avenge us.”

“The demise of your Boundary Clan is already a great trend, and you Boundary World are simply powerless to stop it !!!!!!!!!”

Even though Gu Tianchen was already crippled, he had never frowned half a frown, and even when he was facing death right now, his face still remained unchanged, the demeanor of a great man was on full display at this moment.

“Good for you, Gu Tianchen, you are already a man who is bound to die, yet you still dare to speak out of shame.”

“Don’t worry, whether it’s that Chu Feng or the other descendants of your Realm Spirit Guild, they will all die one by one at the hands of my Realm World.”

“As long as my Boundary World remains, none of them will be able to escape, so you will all go and rendezvous in the underworld.” After hearing Gu Tianchen’s words, Boundary World’s face suddenly turned cold, and as he spoke, his eyes overflowed with murderous intent, and he was about to bend Gu Tianchen’s head off.


But at this moment, a boom suddenly rang out in the depths of the Realm Spirit Guild, and at the same time a majestic aura erupted, engulfing this heaven and earth and everyone here in just an instant.

At this moment, everyone’s faces changed dramatically as they discovered to their dismay that their bodies had been bound by that terrifying power, whether they were at the Xuanwu realm or the Heavenly Martial realm, they were all firmly locked by that terrifying aura, making it difficult for them to move a single inch.

In fact, even that Realm World, who was so powerful that he was bound in mid-air at the moment, could hardly control himself.

“I don’t know who is passing through here, please forgive me if I have offended you.”

It was extremely difficult for Boundary World to say these words, for he knew that this person who had struck was too strong, so strong that he was far above him, and in the face of such a strong person, even he had to lower his posture, otherwise all that awaited him was death.

“The person who is going to kill you !!!!!!!” And at this moment, a murderous and unusually loud voice also suddenly exploded in the direction of the Boundary Spirit Guild.

When this voice rang out, not to mention that Realm World and Gu Tianchen, almost everyone present had their faces changed drastically, and an incomparably shocked look sprang up on their faces.

This was because they could all hear that this person was no other than the person that Boundary World had been calling out to, Chu Feng!