Martial Champion Chapter 469

“Kid, hurry up and set up the teleportation array, pass that poison pill in for this grand master, this grand master will eat it.” The mysterious demonic beast, said with a smile, as if it was not at all afraid of that poison pill from the egg that would put it to death.

Seeing this, Chu Feng also hurriedly continued to set up the teleportation array, and although his hands were busy, his heart was agitated because the boundary art that the demonic beast had mastered was very powerful, and it was definitely not something that a blue-robed boundary spirit master could do.

Therefore, Chu Feng was almost certain that the mysterious demonic beast was definitely a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master, just as Egg had said.

And for a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master to be able to rescue Su Rou and Su Mei, and even help the Green Dragon Daoist to be reborn, meant that Chu Feng’s efforts for so long had not been in vain, and that it was all worth it.

After about half an hour, Chu Feng finally finished setting up that teleportation array, and after teleporting the poison that had been taken out of that egg, that demonic beast did not play tricks, but directly swallowed it in front of the two of them, and what made Chu Feng most helpless was that after such a terrifying poison had entered his belly, that demonic beast was even full of joy and shouted out a delicious taste.

“Alright, kid, I have swallowed this poison as you requested, below you will set up an opening boundary formation as I said, you and I will work together inside and out, and in ten days at most, this great master will be able to break through this boundary cage and leave this place.” After swallowing the poison, the demonic beast said.

“Senior, junior still has a few things to ask.” Chu Feng spoke once again.

“Kid, just say something, you can help me leave here and regain my freedom. As long as I can do it, I will try to help you,” the demonic beast was quick to ask, not talking nonsense, but patting its chest and asking directly. It was as if it would agree to whatever Chu Feng said.

After that, Chu Feng told the truth about what he needed the mysterious demonic beast’s help with, such as asking it to help the Boundary Spirit Guild win this great battle and rescue Su Rou and Su Mei.

As for the matter of Daoist Qinglong, since Daoist Qinglong had asked for his help by name, Chu Feng naturally would not ask for this demonic beast’s help without Daoist Qinglong’s permission.

And this demonic beast remained very forthcoming and agreed to these conditions of Chu Feng’s without hesitation, which caused Chu Feng to unknowingly have more good feelings towards this demonic beast.

After that, Chu Feng followed what this powerful demonic beast had said and began to set up the boundary formation from the inside and outside. This formation was very powerful, but it also took a long time to set up, a few days at the soonest, but no more than ten days at the longest.

In fact, compared to this demonic beast, trapped here for a hundred years, ten days was really nothing.

But right now, the Boundary Spirit Guild was in the middle of a battle with the Boundary Clan and the four great powers. Although the clash between the strongest could be earth-shattering, there were times when victory or defeat might actually be divided in just a split second.

But fortunately, this great battle was not a solo duel between the top powerhouses, but a duel between two forces. Whether it was the Boundary World or Gu Tianchen, they were not able to devote themselves to each other’s duel, but were constantly focused on their juniors.

Whenever a junior was outmatched by his opponent and in danger, they would divide their energy to go and help, which made the battle very long and the number of deaths very small.

And at the same time, people could not help but admire the strength of the two old ancestors, Boundary World and Gu Tianchen, who were not only able to fight powerful opponents, but could also protect the safety of the crowd with their own strength, something that no ordinary person could do.

Under such circumstances, the battle turned into a war of attrition. Although the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild did not suffer many casualties, the buildings of the Boundary Spirit Guild were destroyed, and it could be said that this huge force, except for the core area, had been left in a mess by the aftermath of the battle.

But this was not all. After a few days of fighting, Gu Tianchen, the old ancestor of the Boundary Spirit Guild, was a bit exhausted and gradually fell into a disadvantage, probably because he had just come out of seclusion and experienced a big battle.

“Suddenly, a terrifying ripple of energy exploded in the night sky, and a blinding light enveloped the sky and the ground, illuminating the heavens and the earth as bright as daylight.

But at the same time, a figure burst out of the ripple and shot fiercely into the monument, sending up layers of roar and a huge cloud of smoke and dust.

“Old Ancestor !!!!!”

At this moment, the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild all panicked, because they knew that the ripple was caused by Boundary World and Gu Tianchen, and that the one who fell from the air was none other than his Boundary Spirit Guild’s old ancestor, Gu Tianchen.

“Don’t panic, I’m fine.”

Just then, Gu Tianchen’s voice suddenly exploded from below, followed by his transformation into a stream of light that shot up into the sky and stopped in the night sky.

This was none other than Gu Tianchen, and at this moment his clothes were clean, without a trace of dust, and his face was also normal, without the slightest appearance of injury.

After several days and nights of battle, so many people had survived because of him. If anything happened to Gu Tianchen, then all of them would die.

But compared to the peace of mind of the ordinary members, the senior people, such as the president of the Realm Spirit and the elders in charge, were more panicked inside.

Because they could feel the change in Gu Tianchen’s aura, Gu Tianchen was injured and had suffered a serious internal injury, he was deliberately pretending not to be affected in order to avoid affecting everyone’s morale, but for this change in Gu Tianchen, even they could see it, how could the World Spirit not see it?

“Gu Tianchen, don’t hold on, this night is the end of your Realm Spirit Guild, even you won’t survive this night.” As expected, Boundary World once again laughed crazily, as if the Boundary Spirit Guild had already been defeated.

“Boundary World, don’t be arrogant, as long as I, Gu Tian Chen, am here, I will never allow you to run wild in my Boundary Spirit Guild.”

Gu Tianchen snorted coldly, and as soon as the layers of heavenly power came out from his body, the surrounding space began to distort, followed by cracks that began to appear, and finally, it actually began to collapse and shatter.

Then, with a single movement of his body, he turned into a fiery red light like a backwards shooting meteor and swept towards the World.

“Not bad, but unfortunately, even with your full strength, you are no match for me.” In the face of Gu Tianchen’s terrifying attack, Boundary World was not the least bit afraid, instead, at the corner of his mouth, there was a cold smile of contempt.