Martial Champion Chapter 468

The Shura Ghost Tower, which is tens of thousands of years old, is said to contain a huge treasure, but no one has seen what that treasure looks like.

But treasure aside, the Shura Ghost Tower is an absolute treasure for a Realm Spirit Master, as the spiritual pressure it contains can boost spiritual power.

When the Boundary Spirit Guild was first built here, it wanted to take possession of the Shura Ghost Tower for itself, so this Shura Ghost Tower can be said to be the most important thing for the Boundary Spirit Guild.

Even now, at the time of the Great War, the Boundary Spirit Guild still had many strong people stationed here, but when Chu Feng came here and asked to enter, the guardians did not refuse.

After all, they already knew about Chu Feng’s rescue of his Boundary Spirit Guild’s outstanding junior, and to them, Chu Feng was now the Boundary Spirit Guild’s great benefactor, so how could they refuse this request from their benefactor?

Thus, Chu Feng and Zi Ling entered the Shura Ghost Tower together, and with Zi Ling’s talent, ascending to that legendary sixth level was naturally not difficult, and could even be said to be, very, very easy.

Only, after Chu Feng opened the entrance to the seventh floor, Zi Ling encountered an invisible barrier that prevented her from stepping in no matter what, and this barrier was something that Chu Feng could not feel.

“Chu Feng, the invisible barrier on this seventh level is very powerful, unless there is a special means of breaking it, I cannot enter, so you can go in yourself, but be careful.”

Zi Ling stood on the sixth level and looked at Chu Feng on that seventh level, smiling sweetly, but within those beautiful eyes, there was some worry welling up.

She had long heard Chu Feng say that there was a demonic beast being held here, and that this demonic beast was very strong, having easily defeated two geniuses, Boundary World and Gu Tianchen, a hundred years ago, and was most likely a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master, and after a hundred years, it was believed to have become even stronger.

Coupled with the fact that the mysterious demonic beast, which informed Chu Feng that he would be able to raise his spiritual power by going to the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain, but was actually guarded by five great demon kings and had countless mechanisms that almost cost Chu Feng his life, Zi Ling felt that the demonic beast that was being held here was not that credible.

“Don’t worry, I have a good idea.” With a faint smile, Chu Feng turned around and walked towards the place where the demonic beast was being held.

Naturally, Chu Feng did not trust that mysterious demonic beast, and the reason why he dared to come here to free that demonic beast without rebellion was that he was naturally completely prepared.

After passing through the corridor made of strong boundaries, Chu Feng finally reached the end of a bounded cage, where a demonic beast with sharp teeth, bloodshot eyes and a pair of pointed ears was imprisoned.

This demonic beast looked somewhat thin and weak, and did not have a powerful aura emanating from it, giving it an extremely weak feeling, but Chu Feng knew that this demonic beast was a very dangerous existence, and one that he had to rescue.

“Hahaha, kid, you kid have finally come to me, this great master.”

“Haha, impressive, just two years, to actually become a blue-robed Realm Spirit Master.”

“How did you get close to that Shura Ghost Axe? Are my five little disciples alright now? Are all the little ones from the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain alright?” This demonic beast, as lively and active as ever, was even more ecstatic after seeing Chu Feng, asking questions non-stop.

“Although I was able to become a blue-robed Realm Spirit Master, it was somewhat related to you, but I actually relied on myself.”

“Back then, you clearly told me that by following the map you gave me, I would be able to find the tools to enhance my spiritual power, but you didn’t say that the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain was such a dangerous place, do you know that I was almost killed by you because of my carelessness?” Chu Feng’s face was icy cold and full of anger as he questioned.

“Hey, hey, aren’t you alive and well, if I told you everything, it would be meaningless, this is what makes it interesting now, at least it shows that this Grand Master I haven’t misjudged anyone.”

“Come on, come here quickly, this master handed you a boundary formation, as long as you cooperate with me inside and outside, after ten days, I can leave here.” This demonic beast grinned, not feeling the least bit guilty, but rather feeling that he had done the right thing.

“Let me help you get out? You can, but I simply can’t trust you right now, so if you want me to save you from leaving here, you will have to listen to me.” Chu Feng said.

“Wow? Kid, you want this great master to listen to you? Hey, hey, that’s fine, as long as I can get this Grand Master out, whatever you say, how can I listen to you?” The demonic beast didn’t refuse, instead it smiled and pursued the question, as if it could really do anything as long as it was allowed to go out.

“Buzz.” Chu Feng did not answer, but folded his hands and turned his intention, after a boundary gate emerged, the egg also walked out from within that gate.

“This is, the boundary spirit of the Shura Spiritual Realm!” After seeing the egg, the demonic beast’s pupils shrank and a look of surprise appeared on his face, then he said, “Wow, kid, you are powerful enough to be able to make a contract with the boundary spirit of the Shura Spiritual Realm, no wonder you were able to enter this place so easily, powerful, powerful!”

“Hey, little demon, you want to leave here, right? If you want to leave here, do as this queen says, set up a teleportation array for me.” As she spoke, Egg tapped her finger and layers of gas emerged, then in front of her body, she drew out a method of setting up a teleportation formation.

At the same time, Chu Feng had already begun to set up this teleportation formation.

“Hehehe, you little girl are formidable, to be able to master such a formidable teleportation formation, this teleportation formation is capable of evading the boundary that closed me off and teleporting some things from inside to outside.”

“Only the objects that can be teleported are too small, it’s fine for you to teleport some food to this master from outside, it’s almost impossible to teleport this master out.” The demonic beast did not set up the teleportation formation as Egg had said, instead, it smiled contemptuously.

“Who said to use this teleportation formation and teleport you out? I am going to teleport this in and tell you to eat it.”

With a sweet smile, a round black object appeared in Egg’s hand, the object was no more than the size of a fingernail, but it was emitting layers of black Qi, and upon closer inspection, the round object was, surprisingly, a small black cave head.

“You little girl are really unethical, to take such a poisonous object and ask this grand master to swallow it.” The demonic beast frowned slightly, but still had an indifferent smile on its face.

“Don’t worry, this thing won’t take your life, it will just bind your mind, if you have evil thoughts towards Chu Feng, it will torment you, but if you don’t have evil thoughts towards Chu Feng, it will never affect you.” The egg said.

“Hehehe, little girl, boy, you two think I can’t be trusted, I understand, and I can understand if you want to give me something like that.”

“But this moncler me, and why should I believe you guys? You guys say it’s not poison, what if it is, not to mention that for good reason, why would I want to eat something like this, what if it’s something that can bind my mind and you guys manipulate me to do in something I don’t want to do?” The demonic beast said with a bristling mouth.

“You have no choice, either set up the teleportation formation now and swallow it after teleporting it there, or the two of us will leave immediately and you can wait to die of old age within this Shura Ghost Tower.” As Egg spoke, he turned and took a step, wanting to leave, while Chu Feng also stopped setting up the teleportation formation and turned around to leave.

“Hey, wait, this great master has conceded, can’t I just eat.” But at that moment, behind Chu Feng and Egg, there was a sudden voice of compromise from that demonic beast.

When he looked back, Chu Feng’s face changed slightly, because he discovered that a teleportation array had appeared in front of that demonic beast, and that was precisely the teleportation array that Egg had asked it to set up.

This teleportation formation was very difficult to set up, which was why he had set it up for so long and still had not completed it, but it was such a difficult teleportation formation to set up that this demonic beast had completed it in just an instant.