Martial Champion Chapter 466

The four realm spirits, standing in the air, each of them more than ten metres tall, were in human form but not human, with faces as hideous and terrifying as those of evil spirits, wielding strange weapons and emitting a powerful aura, these were four realm spirits from the Ghost Spirit Realm.

When these four Realm Spirits appeared, not only the people of the Boundary Clan and the four major powers, but also the people of the Realm Spirit Guild, their faces changed greatly and they were shocked by the four Realm Spirits in the air.

Such strength was comparable to that of the Four Great Powers’ ancestors, the Boundary Spirit Guild’s president, and the Boundary Clan’s current clan leader, Boundary Xingpeng.

From the aura, he was much stronger than the four old ancestors of the Yuan Gang Clan, the Free and Easy Valley, the White Tibetan Sect and the Fire God Sect.

The fact that Gu Tianchen was able to summon four terrifying Heavenly Martial Sixth Level fighters with a twist of his mind naturally shocked people, shocking them with the terrifying strength of this genius Realm Spirit Master.

“For an ordinary blue-robed Boundary Spirit Master, forming a contract with three Boundary Spirits is already the limit, this Gu Tianchen was actually able to control four Boundary Spirits with, his strength is also strong, I’m afraid that like that Boundary World, he is not far from being a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master.” Seeing the scene in front of her, Zi Ling said in a low voice.

“Four Boundary Spirits, each at the sixth level of Heavenly Martial, that’s too strong, isn’t it? No wonder it is said that Boundary Spirit Master is an amazing profession, it is really true when I see it today.”

Zhang Tianyi was also full of envy, it was the first time he had seen such powerful boundary spirits and the first time he was so envious of this unique ability of a boundary spirit master.

“This is nothing, legend has it that if a Boundary Spirit Master is strong enough to reach a certain level, he alone can summon an army of Boundary Spirits for his own use.”

“That kind of powerful Realm Spirit Master, although he usually walks just alone, if it comes to battle, even a clan power with an inheritance of ten thousand years would not be a match for him.” Chu Feng opened his mouth and said.

These were things he had heard Egg say, although the number of Boundary Spirits summoned by a Boundary Spirit Master was the standard used to measure a Boundary Spirit Master’s strength, as long as a Boundary Spirit Master was strong enough to reach a certain realm, it was indeed possible for him to be alone and summon an army of Boundary Spirits to attack the world and be invincible.

“Gollum.” Hearing Chu Feng say that, Zhang Tianyi could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva backwards, and the look of envy on his face immediately thickened to an extreme.

A Realm Spirit Master who carried around an army of Realm Spirits? What an amazing thing was that? He really wanted to do it, but unfortunately, he did not possess the spiritual power and was not destined to be a Boundary Spirit Master in his life, so his endless yearning could only turn into endless envy.

In fact, not only Zhang Tianyi, but also Zi Ling, who was also a Boundary Spirit Master, had her beautiful face turn complicated after hearing Chu Feng’s words.

It was because she could not help but imagine an image of a Boundary Spirit Master standing suspended in the air, commanding an army of Boundary Spirits to attack the world for himself.

It could be said that such an image would make one’s blood feel boiling just by thinking about it, but Zi Ling knew that even though it was also a Boundary Spirit army, the deterrent effect was different.

When it came to the deterrent power of boundary spirits, which boundary spirit of any spirit realm could compare to the boundary spirits of the Shura Spirit Realm?

So as long as she thought that in the future, behind Chu Feng was a group of boundary spirit armies from the Xiu Luo Spiritual Realm, even she was a little envious.


And just as the three of them were dazed, the four Realm Spirits summoned by Gu Tianchen had already launched an attack, only that the four of them that were fighting with the four of them were not humans either, but were also four Realm Spirits.

These four Realm Spirits, which looked somewhat similar to demonic beasts, were Realm Spirits from the Beast Spirit Realm. These four Beast Spirit Realm Realm Spirits, which had strength no less than Gu Tianchen’s four Ghost Spirit Realm Spirits, were summoned by the Realm World.

At this moment, the Boundary World had already risen into the air and stood in the sky, looking at Gu Tianchen with a smile, saying, “Gu Tianchen, you and I were in seclusion together, but you came out of seclusion several days later than I did, which already shows that your talent is inferior to mine, do you still want to defeat me today?”

“Boundary World, you are still as blind as you were back then. In fact, the Boundary Spirit Guild and the Boundary Clan could have coexisted, but you have to fight to the death.”

“Now, after a hundred years, you and I have changed from young men with great ambition to old men with wrinkles on our faces, from juniors in the clan to elders, with our life expectancy coming to an end, and we both don’t have many years left to live.”

“But you are still stubborn, and you even took advantage of my absence to launch an attack on my Boundary Spirit Guild, trying to eradicate it.”

“You are, indeed, a scourge, and for the sake of the peace of my Boundary Spirit Guild, I will, today, definitely eradicate you.” Gu Tian Chen said in a loud voice.

“Hahahaha, Gu Tianchen, want to eradicate me, do you have the strength to do so? You were unable to defeat me in the beginning, and you still can’t defeat me today**. Even if someone will win today’s battle, then, that person who will win will definitely be me.”

“And, I can tell you truthfully, you have come out too late.”

“While you were in seclusion, people from your Realm Spirit Guild had already secretly transferred your Realm Spirit Guild’s outstanding juniors out of the Realm Spirit Guild through a special teleportation formation, trying to let them escape a calamity.”

“But unbeknownst to me, I had already predicted that they would have this trick, so your Boundary Spirit Guild’s most outstanding juniors are all dead right now.”

“And without those outstanding juniors, your Boundary Spirit Guild is destined to be weaker than my Boundary Clan in the coming decades, so even if I don’t destroy your Boundary Spirit Guild today, your Boundary Spirit Guild is already defeated.” Boundary World laughed crazily.

And after hearing his words, the current president of the Boundary Spirit Guild, as well as several of the ruling elders, all changed their expressions greatly, and each of them looked ashen, and some of them even felt their legs go weak, feeling the sky spinning and fainting.

Even that Gu Tianchen’s brow was furrowed and his steady gaze began to flicker.

Because just as the Boundary World had said, outstanding juniors determined the future of this power, and if the juniors of his Boundary Spirit Guild had really met with misfortune, it would definitely affect the future development of the Boundary Spirit Guild, which would definitely be a huge blow to them.

“Boundary World, you must not speak nonsense, my Boundary Spirit Guild’s teleportation array is the heart and soul of generations of predecessors, how can you project that?” One of the ruling elders of the Boundary Spirit Guild refused to believe what Boundary World had said and loudly retorted.

“I’m babbling? Open your dog eyes and look carefully, why are the four Patriarchs of the Yuan Gang Clan, the White Tibetan Sect, the Fire God Sect and the Prosperous Valley not among my army now, where have they gone, can’t you think of anything?”

“Gu Tianchen, tell tell these ignorant juniors of your Realm Spirit Guild, tell them whether I, Boundary World, possess the ability to project the transmission array of your Realm Spirit Guild or not?” Boundary World laughed louder and louder, as if they were already winning.