Martial Champion Chapter 465

“The Ten Thousand Hands Immortal Capture Formation?” Chu Feng asked with uncertainty.

“This Ten Thousand Hands Capture Immortal Formation is a very powerful binding formation, trapped in it, almost no one can escape.”

“But this Ten Thousand Hands Tackling the Immortal Formation requires a very high level of Boundary Spirit Arts, and it is said that it cannot be set up by anyone other than a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master. If a blue-robed Boundary Spirit Master is able to set it up, then it means that the person’s Boundary Attainment is extremely high and is infinitely close to a purple-robed Boundary Spirit Master.” Zi Ling explained.

“If it’s that powerful, then wouldn’t we be in great trouble at this moment?” At that moment, Chu Feng also frowned slightly as layers of unease surged in his gaze.

After listening to Zi Ling’s explanation, he already knew how powerful this Realm World was, that it was an existence that was infinitely close to a Purple Robe Realm Spirit Master, and such a figure, coupled with a Heavenly Martial Seventh Level cultivation, was truly not something that they could fight against.



As expected, just as this Ten Thousand Hands Capture the Immortal Formation took shape, several gigantic hands came from all directions and grabbed the exquisite chariot that Chu Feng and his trio were in.

Even with Chu Feng’s full strength, they were unable to free the Chariot from it, and at that moment, the boundary world had already swept in, and with his palm out, layers of celestial power coalesced into a giant hand of celestial power, which gripped the Chariot.

At that moment, Chu Feng could feel that the layers of majestic celestial power were continuously squeezing the Chariot of Linglong, and it was obvious that the World World wanted to break through the Chariot of Linglong’s strange power and deprive the three of them from the Chariot of Linglong, so that they could be killed on the spot.

Under such circumstances, Chu Feng and the three of them had no way of retreating, so they could only pour all of their power into the Chariot to strengthen the Chariot’s Wonderful Armament, in order to resist the power of the World World.

As long as they hid within the Chariot of Linglong, they still had a chance of survival, but if they left the Chariot of Linglong, then they would definitely die.

“Three ignorant little brats, don’t think that I can’t do anything to you just because you are hiding inside the Wonderful Warrior, today I will let you turn into ashes together with the Wonderful Warrior!

Then, with a fierce wave of his hand, the giant hand of heavenly power danced and descended from the sky, and then with a “boom”, he smashed the Linglong Chariot to the ground.

After that, he kept on waving his huge hand and kept on smashing the Chariot into the strongest formation of the Boundary Spirit Guild, trying to smash this miraculous weapon through his absolute power.

And in the face of such a mad Boundary World, in the face of his mighty and unparalleled power, even the three of them, Chu Feng, were unable to resist this terrifying impulse, tumbling continuously within the Linglong Chariot, under tremendous pressure.

But after all, a strange soldier was a strange soldier, even if this Boundary World was even stronger, it was not something he could destroy just by saying he wanted to, even if he wanted to break the association between the Linglong Chariot and Chu Feng’s three people, he was unable to do so.

After some flailing, he entered the giant axe boundary formation that he had set up, and placed the Chariot of Delicacy on top of the strongest formation that was facing the giant axe boundary, and he wanted to use the terrifying giant axe to split the Chariot of Delicacy.

“Oh no, the power of this giant axe boundary of his is too strong, if it hits me, I’m afraid that this Linglong Chariot of mine will really not be able to withstand it and will be smashed into pieces by it.” Zi Ling said with a face full of panic.

“No way, you’re a wonder weapon, would a wonder weapon be so fragile?” Zhang Tianyi asked incredulously.

“No matter how strong a strange weapon is it is still a weapon, it is naturally difficult to resist in the face of absolute power, this Boundary World’s Giant Axe Boundary Formation, even the Boundary Spirit Guilder’s strongest Boundary Formation that has gathered several generations of ancestors was able to break through, let alone the Linglong Chariot that the three of us are pushing?”

Zi Ling, who was always calm, was also full of sorrow at this moment, as she could feel how powerful that Giant Axe Boundary Formation was.

If this Linglong Chariot was urged by an expert like his grandfather, it would definitely not be destroyed by this Giant Axe Boundary Formation, but if it was urged by the three of them, I’m afraid that right now, it would really be a big disaster.

“Three ignorant brats, suffer death!” As he stood in the middle of the formation, his hair and beard as well as his robes were windless, he only saw him shout out loud, and the giant axe, which was formed from the majestic boundary, slashed down towards the Linglong Chariot where Chu Feng and the three of them were.


However, at that very moment, the strongest boundary squirmed, and then the impenetrable boundary was like a wave of water that sucked the Chariot of Linglong into the boundary.


At that very moment, the giant boundary axe also fell down violently, directly smashing the strongest boundary formation into smithereens.

“Haha, it’s finally broken open.” Seeing that the strongest boundary that was protecting the Boundary Spirit Guild was finally broken open, the million elite army formed by the Boundary Clan’s people in conjunction with the four major powers were all wildly happy.

“This old fellow, finally, has come out of the world.” However, the Boundary World who had urged the Giant Axe Boundary Formation was frowning slightly, for he knew that it was not his Boundary Giant Axe Formation that had broken open the Boundary Spirit Guild’s Strongest Boundary Formation, but rather that someone had unraveled that Strongest Boundary Formation.

“Boom,” as expected, shortly after the Mighty Formation had dissipated, a majestic aura erupted from within the Boundary Spirit Guild.

The powerful aura was so overwhelming that anyone from the million elite army, except for the Boundary World, had difficulty resisting it and were blown backwards, some simply being blown out by tens of miles.

And just as this aura appeared, an old man dressed in white, also appeared above the sky.

This old man was no other than the one who, a hundred years ago, had been on par with the Boundary World and was known as a supreme genius, the Boundary Spirit Guild’s oldest ancestor, Gu Tianchen.

Today, Gu Tianchen’s aura was no weaker than that of Boundary World, and it was obvious that he had also stepped into the Heavenly Martial Seventh Level realm.

“Gu Tianchen, are you finally willing to show yourself? You and I have delayed our great battle for so long, it’s time to make an end to it today.” Seeing Gu Tian Chen, Boundary World surprisingly rose to the sky and laughed wildly, seemingly not too worried by Gu Tian Chen’s appearance, but on the contrary, he was very happy.

In response to the words of the World World, Gu Tianchen ignored them, but turned around and turned his gaze behind him.

Behind him, the Linglong Chariot was suspended in mid-air, and Chu Feng, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi had already stepped out from within the Chariot.

Gu Tianchen first took a look at the three of them before he said with a grateful face, “Three young friends, thank you for your hard work, I will definitely repay you for your kindness today.”

“But right now, I would like to ask the three young friends to step back, old man, I’m going to go on a killing spree.”

At these words, Gu Tianchen turned around violently, and his eyes, which had previously been kind, instantly shot out two sharp-edged rays of light.

But the most terrifying thing was that beneath the dark cloud, which was full of thunder and lightning, four huge boundary spirit gates had appeared, and four fierce-looking, huge boundary spirits had already crossed out from the boundary gates.