Martial Champion Chapter 464

“Old man help !!!!!!!!”

A shout from the Boundary Star Peng resounded like thunder in this sky, and even the people within the boundary were able to hear some of the aftershocks.

Such a cry for help caused that old ancestor level figure of the Boundary Clan, Boundary World, to open his eyes with a jerk and cast his gaze in the direction of Boundary Xingpeng.

At this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s body trembled, for what he felt was not only the gaze of the Boundary World, but also two invisible sharp blades penetrating his body, as everything about him was seen through and he truly felt the terribleness of the Boundary World.

“Chu Feng, younger sibling, run away.” In just an instant, Zhang Tianyi was in a cold sweat and hurriedly shouted out loudly before darting in the direction of where Chu Feng was.

At that moment, as if they had planned it long ago, the three of them “whooshed” directly into the Linglong Chariot.

After entering the Chariot, the three of them combined their strength and pushed together, which increased the speed of the Chariot several times, but the three of them did not escape, but flew once again into the millions of troops, using the power of the Chariot’s strange soldiers to start killing.

“Where did these three brats come from? How dare they fight against my clan, they are really looking for death.”

With a slight frown and a roar from the sky, the Boundary World flew out of that majestic giant axe boundary formation and swept towards the Linglong Chariot with a might that trembled the heavens and the earth.

“Old thing, is being a seventh level Heavenly Martial being so great? If you have the guts to chase after me, you’ll be lucky if you can catch me!!!” After a mockery-filled curse came from within the Linglong Chariot, Chu Feng rushed out of the crowd and swept around the Boundary Spirit Guild.

“If I don’t kill you today, my name won’t be Boundary World.” What kind of person was Boundary World, when he was scolded by a small stroller like Chu Feng, he was naturally furious, and he threw a punch across the air. This punch was thrown with a surge of heavenly power, like a backwards shooting meteor, and even a large hole was blown out of the sky.

But not only was the Chariot extremely fast, it was also extremely agile, and with a beautiful turn in the air, it dodged the punch.

There was a scene in the sky of an old man chasing a chariot and launching attacks around the Boundary Spirit Guild.

After the Boundary World had gone after Chu Feng, the Boundary Giant Axe Formation also stopped moving because it did not have this top powerhouse to urge it on, which allowed the Boundary Spirit Guild’s strongest formation to avoid the crisis of being breached for the time being.

“What’s going on? Why did that Boundary World suddenly stop attacking?”

“Also, why are there loud curses coming from outside at this moment?”

“This voice …… seems to be cursing the Boundary World, what kind of person is so bold as to curse him?”

The sudden change of events caused the experts of the Boundary Spirit Guild, one by one, to be puzzled and full of incomprehension, but they were happy because of it, not because of anything else, but because at least for the time being, they were free from the crisis, and after fighting for days and nights, they were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Go and see what’s going on.” The Boundary Spirit President, too, had a slightly changed face and ordered his men to go and investigate, for he did not think that an old fox like the Boundary World would stop attacking for no reason at all.

And very quickly, several experts flew to the edge of the great formation to check it out, and when they rushed back, they were undoubtedly not with joyful faces, yet full of complicated emotions.

One of them, an old man, respectfully reported to the Boundary Spirit Guild, “Lord President, yes, it was Chu Feng, it was Chu Feng and Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi, who were urging a chariot to draw away the Boundary World, which prevented him from continuing to urge the Great Formation to break my boundary.”

“Chu Feng, it was actually him?” Upon hearing this, the Boundary Spirit President’s expression also changed drastically, followed closely by an indescribably complicated look gushing out on his face.

Only after a long time did he say with relief, “I never thought that at a time of life and death for my Realm Spirit Guild, it would be this young man who would risk his life to save me… It seems that all the help I gave him before was worth it, but on the contrary, it was far from enough.”

“Boom, boom, boom.”

At this moment, outside of the Boundary Spirit Guild, whether it was the sky or the ground, there was a constant roar, a terrifying destruction that continued to explode in the sky and underground.

At the same time, the extremely unpleasant curses of Chu Feng’s three people resounded, and such curses, along with the roaring sounds, had resounded for more than a full hour in the blink of an eye.

In this situation, the Realm World became increasingly angry, for he was unwilling to be tricked by a few brats, so he simply ignored the Realm Spirit Guild and instead kept chasing after Chu Feng’s three people indiscriminately.

As for the million elite army, they were also quite helpless, even this Heavenly Martial Seventh Level supreme powerhouse was unable to take Chu Feng’s trio, let alone them. Right now, they were not even strong enough to push that Giant Axe Boundary Formation. They could only stand on the ground and watch the action.

“Haha, old bastard, you’re not much better, it seems that in the hundred years you’ve been in seclusion, all you’ve done is eat and sleep, right? Didn’t see you get any stronger at all, huh?”

“That’s right, that’s right, I think he’s lived to the age of a dog, and he’s still a genius who was shocked by the continent a hundred years ago, I pooh, if I cultivated for a hundred years, a random fart would be able to kill you.”

Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi cursed extremely hard, and the more they cursed, the happier they became, because they just wanted to make the Boundary World move, they just wanted to stall for time, to gain one more point.

Although they didn’t know when the old ancestor of the Boundary Spirit Guild would come out of the gate, by doing so, they would at least be able to buy some more chances of survival for those ten million members of the Boundary Spirit Guild.

“Three ignorant brats, don’t think that I don’t know your intentions, but you are still too young to fight with me.” Suddenly, that Realmworld actually stopped in mid-air and did not move, as he folded his hands and struck out a strange hand seal.

Immediately afterwards, layers of energy ripples spread out from his body, and a majestic boundary formation emerged, enveloping the entire Realm Spirit Guild, and at the same time, Chu Feng’s three people were also imprisoned here.

“Not good, this old thing has unknowingly set up such a majestic formation, blocking our retreat.” Upon seeing this scene, Zhang Tianyi, who did not know much about Boundary Spirit Masters, opened his mouth wide in surprise as a touch of fear surged onto his face.

This was because he knew that even if the three of them exerted their full strength on this Lingering Chariot, they would definitely not be a match for that Boundary World, this Boundary World was much more powerful than that old ancestor of the Sword God Valley back then, a true Heavenly Martial Seventh Grade, and his battle power, however, was much stronger than an ordinary Heavenly Martial Seventh Grade, after all, his reputation as a genius was not an empty one.

“Don’t panic, it’s just a closed formation, we still have a lot of room to escape, with the speed of this Linglong Chariot of mine, he still won’t be able to catch up to us.” Zi Ling said confidently.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang ……” But at that moment, that boundary formation, a writhing, followed by actually bursting out countless gigantic hands.

The three of them were really unable to enter or retreat, and the only fate that awaited them was to be caught.

At that moment, even Zi Ling, who had previously been calm and collected, changed greatly, and her purple eyes were filled with astonishment as she exclaimed, “Could it be that this is the legendary Ten Thousand Hands Tackling Immortal Formation?”