Martial Champion Chapter 460

It is the most prosperous state in the Kyushu continent, apart from Hanzhou.

Not to mention that there are more powerful people here than in other states, the people here also lead a much richer and more comfortable life than in other states.

But now, this boundary state, to which other states aspire, has fallen into a huge battlefield where battles are raging and miserable.

The four major powers of the Boundary Clan, namely the Yuan Gang Clan, the White Tibetan Sect, the Prosperous Valley and the Fire God Sect, had joined together to attack the Boundary Spirit Guild, erupting into the largest war on the Kyushu Continent in nearly a hundred years.

The war pervaded almost all parts of the Realm State, with the Boundary Spirit Guild constantly clashing with the Boundary Clan and other forces.

While they were winning and losing, it was the innocent civilians who suffered. The masters were so powerful that, intentionally or unintentionally, those without cultivation were always involved.

The Jiang Dynasty, the dominant power in the Kyushu Continent, did not intervene or even interfere in this war, which would affect the power pattern of the Kyushu Continent.

It was as if this war had nothing to do with them, but they just stood quietly within Hanzhou, watching with a cold sun, without saying anything.

At first, the war was fairly evenly matched. Although the Boundary Clan had united with the other four major powers, the Boundary Spirit Guild was no slouch after all.

But then, the Boundary Clan’s oldest ancestor, a supreme genius who shook the continent a hundred years ago, came out of seclusion, and his cultivation level had already reached the seventh level of Heavenly Martial Arts.

With that irresistible majesty of the Heavenly Martial Seventh Level, he led an elite army of one million and swept through the Boundary Spirit Guild.

The Boundary Spirit Guild was now retreating step by step and had been forced into their lair, opening the strongest boundary formation to resist the army of the Boundary Clan.

But the Boundary Clan’s ancestor was no simple character. With his Boundary Spirit means, even if the Boundary Spirit Guild’s Boundary Formation was strong, it was only a matter of time before it was broken open.

At such a critical moment of life and death, the Boundary Spirit Guild’s old ancestor was late in coming out, which caused the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild to be thrown into anxiety as well.

Faced with a dangerous situation where life and death were unpredictable, they resolutely sent the best of the young generation of the Boundary Spirit Guild out of the Boundary Spirit Guild through special means, trying to let them leave secretly.

At least if they survived, the Boundary Spirit Guild would still have a chance to turn around, but if all the younger generation died, then the Boundary Spirit Guild would really have to perish.

However, the Boundary Spirit Guild still underestimated the Boundary Clan. It turned out that the Boundary Clan had already prepared for this, and while they were concentrating on breaking the Boundary Formation, they had also sent people to guard the various places outside the Boundary Spirit Guild.

Therefore, not long after the Boundary Spirit Guild’s juniors had left the Boundary Spirit Guild, they encountered the armies of the Fire God Sect, the White Tibetan Sect, the Easy Valley and the Yuan Gang Clan, forcing the Boundary Spirit Guild’s juniors into a desperate situation.

“Master of the Yuan Gang Sect, Master of the Fire God Sect, Master of the White Tibetan Sect and Master of the Free and Easy Valley, my Boundary Spirit Guild has no enmity with you, why do you have to be so aggressive?” At this moment, the Boundary Spirit Guild’s vice-president’s face was somewhat pale, and his tattered clothes had some bloodstains on them, so he had obviously experienced a vicious battle.

And behind him were Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo and the rest of the best of the young generation of the Realm Spirit Guild, not many, less than a hundred, but these were all geniuses carefully selected by the Realm Spirit Guild, so they must not have any accidents.

But no matter, facing four Sovereign-level figures, even this Boundary Spirit Guild’s vice-president, a remarkable blue-robed Boundary Spirit Master, was still somewhat outmatched.

“Hahahaha, Vice President Gao, at this point, we won’t beat around the bush with you anymore.”

“We are here, not to capture Chu Feng, but to destroy your Boundary Spirit Guild, and you ask us why? The reason is that we all look at your Boundary Spirit Guild with displeasure, and it just so happens that the Boundary Clan has promised me a heavy sum of money for our help in exterminating you, so we have come, put it that way do you understand?” The Fire God Sect’s Sect Master, laughed loudly.

At the same time, the other three also laughed out loud, before they were all very scornful of the Boundary Spirit Guild, many times they were led by the nose by the Boundary Spirit Guild, but did not dare to say anything, but now they were finally able to have no worries and painfully fight against the Boundary Spirit Guild’s **, this naturally made them feel like raising their eyebrows.

“Several patriarchs, don’t talk nonsense with them, kill them quickly, then take their heads and go back to return to your orders, my family head will certainly give you heavy thanks.”

Just then, a young man in the middle of the crowd spoke up, this man was no other than the future patriarch of the Boundary Clan, Boundary Qingming.

“Boundary Qingming, you have the guts to fight me, Xu Zhongyu, alone, asking outsiders to help, what kind of skill do you have?” Xu Zhongyu roared in anger.

“Hmph, Xu Zhongyu, stop being naive, let me fight you alone? Can you win against me?”

“The two of us have been fighting for so many years, and we have never been able to share a victory, you and I both know very well that we can hardly win against each other.”

“Besides, this is a real war now, what my Boundary Clan wants is just the result of victory, without considering these processes in between, right now the four Patriarchs can easily kill you, there is no need for me, Boundary Qing Hei, to fight you alone at all.” Boundary Qing Hei smiled coldly, then looked at the four Patriarchs again and said:

“Four Patriarchs, still not making a move? If you don’t hurry, my clan’s patriarch will be fine, but if my clan’s ancestor gets angry, even I will be punished.”

“This ……”

After hearing the name of the Boundary Clan’s clan ancestor, the four clan lord level figures all had their faces changed, these days, they had witnessed with their own eyes, the fearfulness of that old ancestor.

Although the ancestors of their forces were not weak, they were all Heavenly Martial Sixth Level experts, and they were only one level of cultivation behind the Heavenly Martial Seventh Level of the Boundary Clan’s ancestor.

But the difference was too great, the Heavenly Martial Seventh Level was really far from being comparable to the Heavenly Martial Sixth Level.

“Vice President Gao, you can only blame your Realm Spirit Guild for not being able to behave, for being so blind in the first place, now don’t blame us for being cruel to you.” With an explosive shout, the four Patriarchs launched an attack on the crowd of the Realm Spirit Guild.

“I will fight with you!” Seeing this, Vice President Gao roared out in anger, and then exploded with his Heavenly Martial 5th level power, fighting with the four Patriarchs.

While several Sovereign-level figures were fighting, the other experts from the four major powers and the Boundary Clan, led by Boundary Qingming, launched an attack directly at Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo and the other juniors.

In this situation, the only one among the juniors who was able to fight was Xu Zhongyu, who was holding that fan of a strange weapon, emitting the aura of a Heavenly Martial Second Grade, and indeed had the style of a supreme genius.

However, he was facing his arch-enemy, KAI Qingming, as well as the old masters of the four major powers and the KAI clan, so he was soon overwhelmed and plunged into a crisis.