Martial Champion Chapter 459

“It’s really a boundary spirit from the Shura Spirit Realm, no wonder her power is so gloomy.” After hearing Daoist Qinglong’s words, Zi Ling also frowned slightly, and some changes surged out of her clear eyes, it turned out that she had also guessed long ago that Egg might have come from the Xiu Luo Spirit Realm.

“Xiu Luo Spiritual Realm? That legend-like, mastering the power of endless darkness, known as the Shura Spirit Realm among the Seven Spirit Realms, the strongest Spirit Realm?”

At this moment, there was no one more surprised than Zhuge Liuyun, although his current Boundary Spirit Art was far inferior to Chu Feng’s and Zi Ling’s, he had after all been a Boundary Spirit Master for so many years, and his knowledge of the Boundary Spirit Art was still relatively profound.

So naturally, he had heard which seven spirit realms were actually seven, and which of them was the most noble, the most arrogant, and the most powerful.

The most noble is definitely not the boundary spirit of the Shura Spirit Realm, and the most arrogant is not the boundary spirit of the Shura Spirit Realm either, but in terms of the most powerful, the most vicious and the most domineering, it is definitely not the boundary spirit of the Shura Spirit Realm.

Any Boundary Spirit Master who is able to obtain the approval of the Boundary Spirit of the Shura Spirit Realm is an extremely powerful being, or at least an extremely talented one, who will become a great Boundary Spirit Master in the future.

Now, Chu Feng had even received the approval of a Realm Spirit of the Shura Spirit Realm, what did that mean? It meant that Chu Feng’s potential was simply infinite, and it meant that Chu Feng was destined to become a great Boundary Spirit Master in the future.

To others, they might not understand what the Shura Spirit Realm represented, but Zhuge Liuyun knew the significance of this Shura Spirit Realm.

When he looked at Chu Feng again, his gaze was extremely complicated, filled with emotions that could not be described, because the potential that Chu Feng possessed had completely exceeded his imagination.

“Old thing, I told you not to call me girl, don’t you understand?” However, at that moment, Egg was furious, and actually raised his eyebrows and changed his face, shouting at Qinglong Daoist once again.

“Egg, don’t be rude, this is my ancestor.” Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade him, Egg’s character was already unrestrained, and he was like this towards him, let alone outsiders. He was truly afraid that Egg would do something too out of the ordinary.

“Hmph” At this moment, Egg wanted to say something else, but when he saw that Chu Feng had opened his mouth, then he bristled and swallowed back the words that followed, then he looked at Chu Feng and said, “How meaningless, a group of weak to pathetic scum, how dare they treat this Queen with such disrespect, forget it, go back. ”

With those words, Egg swung her delicate body, and between the slight sway of her short black feather skirt, she turned into a stream of light and swept into the boundary spirit gate, disappearing.

Seeing Egg leave, Chu Feng felt speechless, but there was nothing he could do. After all, Egg was already special, and perhaps in her eyes, the Green Dragon Daoist was really nothing, and could be said to not even enter her eyes, so he really could not say anything more about Egg.

As for the others, they would not dare to say anything about Egg. Although the people of the Qinglong Clan were somewhat offended by Egg’s disrespect for Daoist Qinglong, no one dared to say anything.

Because when Egg was angry earlier, they all felt an extremely terrifying aura, just like the aura of a demon from hell, so they were deeply aware that Egg was definitely an existence they should not mess with.

“Haha, the boundary spirits of the Shura Spirit Realm are indeed domineering enough, ah Chu Feng, you kid really give me a lot of credit, I like that girl.” Daoist Qinglong suddenly laughed out loud, not only was he not angry, but he looked very happy.

Seeing this, Chu Feng could not help but let out a long breath of relief, no matter how much Egg despised Daoist Qinglong, Daoist Qinglong was his ancestor after all, so Chu Feng, from the bottom of his heart, still respected Daoist Qinglong and did not want Egg to anger this ancestor.

However, although he was worried about his ancestor being angry, Chu Feng was equally worried about Egg being angry, so after everyone had dispersed, Chu Feng hurriedly asked secretly:

“Eggs, you’re not really angry, are you? My ancestor didn’t know how powerful you used to be, he looked at you as a young girl, and at his age, it was normal for him to call you a young girl.”

“It’s only really hard for you to ask him to call you Lord Queen in front of so many juniors.”

At this moment, Egg was lying playfully within Chu Feng’s spirit world and said with a skittish mouth, “Chu Feng, you are too underestimating this Queen, this Queen is not that petty, but from now on I won’t go out easily, call me again when someone bullies you!”

“And you say you’re not angry? You’ve always wanted to get rid of that spiritual world binding of mine, now you can, why don’t you come out again, just don’t be playful, this matter is my fault still can’t you?” Chu Feng advised bitterly, he really cared about the egg’s emotions.

“Idiot, this queen is doing it for your own good, stop talking nonsense and keep your fiancee company.” Egg skimmed his mouth, then with a daily smile, he turned around and pretended to sleep, no longer speaking, no matter how much Chu Feng persuaded him, it was useless.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, Senior Brother Chu Feng.” Suddenly, a burst of wild cries rang out, and Zhang Tianyi ran over with a face full of panic.

“Senior Brother Zhang, did something happen outside?” Seeing this, Chu Feng, on the other hand, frowned furiously and hurriedly got up to ask.

A few days ago, before Chu Feng had made his breakthrough, he had entrusted Zhang Tianyi to go to the Boundary Prefecture and find out about the current situation of the Boundary Spirit Guild, to prepare for Chu Feng’s future trip to the Boundary Spirit Guild.

And seeing Zhang Tianyi in this state, Chu Feng knew that something must have happened.

“It’s not good, now the Kyushu Continent can be said to be in complete chaos, and the Boundary Clan has declared to the public that you and I and Zi Ling have all been secretly protected by the Boundary Spirit Guild, which is why we cannot be found in the Kyushu Continent today.”

“Right now, in the name of crusading against the three of us, the Boundary Clan has joined forces with the Yuan Gang Clan, the White Hidden Sect, the Free and Easy Valley, and the Fire God Sect to gather an elite army of millions to attack the Boundary Spirit Guild.”

“Now that the great battle has begun, the flames of war have already swept through the entire Boundary Prefecture, the Boundary Spirit Guild is outnumbered and outmatched by the many layers of retreating defenses, and now they are all cowering within the Boundary Spirit Guild, with only the last barrier remaining, if they are overrun by the great army, the Boundary Spirit Guild will definitely perish.”

“Because as far as I know, the Boundary Clan is ostensibly under the banner of capturing you, but in reality, they want to completely eradicate this long-standing enemy of the Boundary Spirit Guild and want to take possession of the Shura Ghost Tower for themselves.” Zhang Tianyi said gruffly.

“The ancestors of the Yuan Gang Clan, the White Hidden Sect, the Prosperous Valley, and the Fire God Sect have all come out?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, all the Heavenly Martial Realm powerhouses have come out, vowing to destroy the Realm Spirit Guild.” Zhang Tianyi said.

“They’re throwing their weight around, it’s all or nothing.” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, what now? It’s small that the Boundary Spirit Guild has been destroyed, but if that Shura Ghost Tower is taken over by the Boundary Clan for their own use, then it will be a big deal.”

Just at that moment, Zi Ling also came over, she knew how Chu Feng was going to save Su Rou and Su Mei, so she knew the importance of that Shura Ghost Tower, to Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng did not panic too much, instead, he smiled lightly and said, “The Boundary Clan is using me as a reason to destroy the Boundary Spirit Guild, how can I not participate in this great battle?”

“Then when do we set off?” Zi Ling had already understood Chu Feng’s meaning.

“Now.” As Chu Feng spoke, he marched towards the exit of the Ten Thousand Bone Graveyard, with Zi Ling following close behind.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, wait for me, how can I, Zhang Tianyi, be missing in such a matter.” At the same time, Zhang Tianyi also chased after him.

Thus, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi, the three geniuses who were currently cowering in the Boundary Spirit Guild in the eyes of the people of the Kyushu Continent, flew towards the Boundary Prefecture, heading for that vast battlefield where battles were raging.