Martial Champion Chapter 458

“Eh, good, it’s good to have that awareness .”

“Let’s put it this way, the power of the divine lightning within you is too strong, it’s simply beyond the control of you today.”

“This is a law, even if you can go against the heavens again, there must be a limit, too strong a power will cause great damage to your body even if you are able to exert it.”

“Just like, the reason why your spiritual power is already able to communicate with the blue boundary, but you cannot do so yet is the same, and that is your body, which is not yet able to carry that power.”

“So it’s better not to think about gaining the power of that divine lightning just yet, just be clear that there is something very powerful inside you and I believe that when you have enough power, that divine lightning will truly be used for you as well.”

“Right now, it’s better to quickly refine those Xuan Zhu and raise your cultivation level up, even if you kept hammering your spiritual power before and now your spiritual power is enough to communicate with the Blue Boundary, it’s not an easy thing to successfully obtain the power of the Blue Boundary.” Egg said gruffly.

“En, it’s time to break through.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

After that, Chu Feng carried Zi Ling to the bed, and after covering her with the blanket, Chu Feng did not have to go far, so he sat beside Zi Ling and began to refine the Xuan Zhu.

Because there were too many Xuanzhu pearls, it took a long time even for Chu Feng to refine them, plus communicating with the blue boundary was not a simple matter, so it took Chu Feng a full month to succeed.

A month later, Chu Feng had not only managed to break through to the seventh level of Xuanwu, but had also managed to obtain the power of the blue boundary, and had also mastered many means unique to blue boundary masters, such as opening the boundary gate, a means that Chu Feng had just mastered.


At that moment, a boundary gate had emerged, and Chu Feng was standing before that boundary gate, waiting for the egg to appear.

At the same time, Zi Ling, Daoist Qinglong, Zhuge Changqing, Chu Lanyu, Chu Yue and the rest of the crowd were all gathered around that boundary gate, staring at it with rapt attention.

Everyone was excited and even a little nervous, because apart from Violet Bell and Daoist Green Dragon, I believe no one here had ever seen what a boundary spirit was.

Especially that Zhuge Changqing, who was also a Boundary Spirit Master and was also Chu Feng’s master, could not help but exclaim, “This is the power of a blue-robed Boundary Spirit Master, to be able to release a Boundary Spirit and have a Boundary Spirit fight with oneself, it’s just too powerful!”

“I never thought that I, Zhuge Changqing, would be so lucky to have received such a remarkable disciple, to be able to become a blue-robed Realm Spirit Master at such a young age.”

“Look, it’s coming out.” Suddenly, a** shouted out, and everyone became even more excited.

It was because the boundary gate squirmed for a moment, followed by a stunningly beautiful young girl, who then walked out from within the boundary gate.

This young girl was too beautiful, with those big twinkling eyes, that firm little nose, those pink little cherry lips, that absolutely beautiful little face, simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Her skin was as white as snow, yet crystal clear with a rosy glow, and she wore a short dress made of black feathers, showing her snow-white shoulders and long legs.

This, naturally, was the Queen, Egg, who was the same as when Chu Feng first saw her, without a single change, still a sweet to the point of being a sweet and lovely young girl.

“Gollum.” At that moment, the people present could not speak, for they were all deeply attracted by Egg’s beauty.

In terms of looks, Egg was even a point better than Zi Ling, and in terms of temperament, Egg had both an innocent and lovely aura and a flirtatious and sexy allure, simply absolute perfection, unable to pick a single flaw.

Such a perfect appearance simply makes people feel like they are in a dream world, because how can such a perfect young girl appear in the human world? But right now, Eggs is just like that, appearing in front of people in real life.

In fact, even Chu Feng, who had met with Egg many times in the spirit world, was also amazed by Egg’s beauty at this moment.

However, Chu Feng knew that Egg did not belong to this world at all, and did not look like she was nice to herself, but in fact she was so high-minded and arrogant that she never seemed to have her heart set on herself, and arguably never on anyone, a girl with a good heart, but one that was inscrutable.

“Ah ~~~~~~~ so comfortable!”

After Egg walked out, first in front of the crowd, daintily stretched a small lazy back, before carrying her small hands, playfully walked to Chu Feng, smiled sweetly at Chu Feng, but did not speak to Chu Feng, but said to the purple bell beside Chu Feng, “Little Miss Purple Bell, do you still remember this Queen?”

“You, this aura of yours, that day at the White Tiger Villa, was it you who borrowed Chu Feng’s body to suppress me?” At that moment, those beautiful eyes of Violet Bell flickered for a moment, and a flash of surprise flashed across her handsome little face.

It was because the dark power that Chu Feng had emitted within the White Tiger Villa that day was simply too terrifying, and it still left her heart palpitating to this day, making it difficult to forget.

That was also the reason why Zi Ling later met Chu Feng at the Supreme Villa and only threatened him, but did not kill him, because she had scruples, and it was that dark power of Chu Feng that she was afraid of.

Although the thunder power that Chu Feng later displayed possessed the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, what was remembered most profoundly in Zi Ling’s heart was still that dark black power, for that dark black power was so terrifying that even her heavenly-gifted divine power trembled.

And at this moment, she finally knew where Chu Feng’s dark black power came from, and it turned out that it did not come from Chu Feng, but from Chu Feng, the Realm Spirit.

“Hehe, yes, it was indeed this Queen, but at that time, this Queen did not know that this fellow Chu Feng would fall for you, so she hit a little harder, Little Miss Violet Bell, blame Chu Feng if you want, don’t blame this Queen, yo.”

Egg smiled mischievously, that kind of smile could definitely charm countless people, in fact, at this moment, many people were bewitched by her smile, even the women were no exception.

“I won’t blame you, let alone Chu Feng, no matter what he does, I won’t blame him.” Zi Ling also returned the smile in a very kind manner, equally charming.

“This girl, I wonder which spirit world you are from?” Just then, Daoist Qinglong spoke up, and he likewise sensed an unusually powerful, yet terrifying aura that leaned towards the dark side in Zi Ling’s body.

“Unbridled !!!!”

“Girl is also something you can call, you have to call me Lord Queen!!!” But upon hearing the words of Daoist Green Dragon, Egg shouted furiously, his voice so loud that even the sturdy Ten Thousand Bone Grave Mound shook for a moment.

At the same time, Egg’s previously clear eyes surged out with an unblasphemous light that was extremely frightening, not from strength, but from an aura.

The egg that had transformed in this way startled everyone, and almost everyone’s face changed dramatically, and they couldn’t help but take several steps backwards.

At this moment, Egg was still the coveted little beauty, but had just transformed into a little devil that people feared.

Even the knowledgeable Daoist Qinglong’s face changed slightly, and after some thought, he smiled lightly: “Although I have never seen it before, this unique dark aura is the same as the one in the records, if I am correct, this girl is from the legendary Shura Spirit World!