Martial Champion Chapter 1805

This Chu Feng is really something, after so many years, another person has finally appeared amongst the Human Race that can fight against my Ancient Elf juniors.”One of the old men with a scar on the left side of his face sighed repeatedly as he looked at the direction Chu Feng had left.

“Counterbalance? With that Chu Feng? Elder Mo Shu, you are too high on him.”That junior, lightly snorted, although he had seen Chu Feng’s methods, he did not place Chu Feng in his heart.

“Young Master Royal Yin, if you were to fight that Chu Feng, how much certainty do you have of defeating him?”The old man called Mo Shu asked.

“Hmph, how much certainty? Naturally, it’s ten.”The man called Royal Yin first gave a light humph and then said with great confidence.

“Ten points? But that Chu Feng, even if he doesn’t rely on a supreme treasure, he is still able to fight against a First Grade Martial Emperor.”Elder Mo Shu frowned slightly, somewhat not quite believing it.

“If you don’t believe me, I will find a chance to fight him, and at that time, you will know that I am strong.”With those words, that Young Master Royal Yin turned around and left.

“Alas, Young Master Royal Yin is indeed exceptionally talented, but his heart is just too arrogant and he is too conceited.”

“And nowadays, there are many geniuses amongst the Human Race, so I’m afraid that it’s really as rumoured, that it’s the era of another emperor coming into the world.”

“If this continues, with Young Master Yu Yin’s nature, I’m afraid he’ll suffer.”Elder Mo Su, a flash of worry surged in his eyes.

“Brother Mo Su, I think you’re overthinking it, although Young Master Yu Yin is too conceited for his own good, he also has the strength to be conceited, you shouldn’t know that he’s about to break through to a Second Grade Martial Emperor.”Another white-faced old man said.

“Brother Mo Wen, are you serious about this?”Hearing this, Elder Mo Su was quite surprised.

“That’s natural, Young Master Royal Yin, I’m afraid that he’s going to regain the position of my Ancient Elves, the number one junior again.”

“Come to think of it, ever since Lord Princess stepped into the Martial Emperor half a year ago, the position of the first junior has always been Lord Princess’s, and now, it has finally returned to Young Master Royal Yin.”Elder Mo Wen, mentioning this matter was quite happy, as if he preferred that Young Master Royal Yin to become the strongest junior of the Ancient Elves.

“Young Master Royal Yin’s talent is naturally nothing to speak of, otherwise how could he have occupied the position of my Ancient Elf’s first junior for so long, but alas, Lord Princess has already grown up, so I’m afraid that Young Master Royal Yin will never have the chance to reclaim the position of the first junior again, and will only be able to be the second for all eternity.”Elder Mo Shu said with a smile.

“What do you mean, could it be that?”Hearing this, Elder Mo Wen was astonished.

“That’s right, Lord Princess, is now a Second Grade Martial Emperor.”Elder Mo Su, nodded his head and said.

“Haha, Lord Princess, you have truly lived up to your expectations.”

“This era is indeed the era where emperors will be coming out, but the emperor of this era is no longer the Human Race, but my Ancient Elves.”Hearing this, that Elder Mo Wen, also had a happy face.


And while most were still lingering, recalling the wonderful scene of Chu Feng and the others dueling with the four races earlier, the true fighting figures had already left, and the top experts in the three mansions were among them.


In the Heavenly Dao Mansion, the elder at the head was a Third Grade Martial Emperor, and those following him at the moment, there were a total of three people, two of them were also elders of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, only that their cultivation was inferior to his, all of them were Second Grade Martial Emperors, and as for the remaining one, he was a disciple, and naturally, that person was the first disciple of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, the head of the Celestial Generals, Leng Yue.

“Leng Yue, you should have really lost to that Chu Feng, right?”The leader of the elders asked.

“My disciple is incompetent and has dishonoured the reputation of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, please ask the Elder to condemn me.”Leng Yue was ashamed.

“Surrender what sin, it’s not that you are incompetent, it’s just that Chu Feng is too strong, this son… is indeed powerful, old me has lived for 7,937 years, I can’t even remember how many people I’ve seen, yet it’s the first time I’ve seen, such a powerful junior, when I say junior, I mean those who are less than a hundred years old, and I’m afraid that his age is less than thirty years old, isn’t it? “That elder sighed.

“Elder, this son dared to make a move against Leng Yue, he really doesn’t put my Heavenly Dao Mansion in his eyes, should I go and kill that Chu Feng?”A Second Grade Martial Emperor said.

“Do you want to kill that Chu Feng, or do you want the treasure on him?”That Elder asked.

“Elder, I just want ……”

“You don’t have to say it, I still don’t understand your mind?”Before that one could finish his sentence, the elder glared at him.

And at this moment, that one didn’t retort, but lowered his head in a justified manner, as if he had acquiesced.

“Both of you listen carefully, before the Lord of the Prefecture comes out of the gate, you are not allowed to cause trouble for him, even if you want to deal with that Chu Feng, you have to wait until the Lord of the Prefecture comes out of the gate, otherwise, if you cause the Auxiliary Lord to become angry, no one will be able to protect you, do you hear me?”That elder said.

“Subordinate understands.”The other two Second Grade Martial Emperors, nodded their heads.


The Human King’s Mansion, at this moment, also had several Martial Emperor level elders that were on their way back, and the one at the head was also a Third Grade Martial Emperor, who was currently pondering.

“My lord, what are you thinking about?”One of the First Grade Martial Emperors asked the elder at the head.

“This son, Chu Feng, is too heaven-defying, if an emperor would really come forth in this era, I think it would definitely be him.”The elder in charge said.

“Isn’t there another Bow Emperor’s heir, that Zhang Tianyi? Perhaps that Zhang Tianyi, is even more powerful than Chu Feng, after all, he is the strongest junior.”Someone said.

“Strongest junior? It’s just a false name, believe me, Zhang Tianyi is definitely inferior to Chu Feng.”When the Elder reached this point in his words, he let out a sigh and added, “When the Emperor comes out, amongst the Human Race, it will not be my Human King’s Mansion that will be the strongest. If that Chu Feng really grows up, my Human King’s Mansion will only be able to look at his face in the future.”

“My lord, is the Emperor King really that powerful?”Someone asked.

“That’s natural, otherwise why is it called an emperor?”The elder said.

“My lord, why don’t we take advantage of the fact that that Chu Feng hasn’t grown up yet, how about my subordinate eradicates him?”That First Grade Martial Emperor said.

“Heh, just by you?”That Elder contemptuously glanced at him and said, “Second Grade Martial Emperors, all three of them were shot to death by that Chu Feng today, and among them, there is also the Dragon Mark Grade Imperial Robe Realm Spiritist, Immortal White Eyebrow, how certain are you that you can kill that Chu Feng, if you are only a First Grade Martial Emperor?”

“I ……” that First Grade Martial Emperor, couldn’t say anything, thinking about it carefully, he indeed didn’t have any certainty.

“Forget it, this matter needs to be discussed in the long run, report back to the Lord of the House, his old man will have his own decision.”The elder in charge said.

“Yes.”The rest of them responded.


The Hell Mansion, at this moment, was similarly discussing Chu Feng’s matter, but their reactions were completely different from those of the Heavenly Dao Mansion as well as the Human King Mansion.

“Lord Judge, according to your meaning, that Chu Feng is likely to become the emperor of this era?”A Second Grade Martial Emperor, full of excitement, asked that old man at the head, while the others were similarly excited.

The old man at the head of the group, his face was black, just like ink, and he was as thin as a bone, a real skin and bones, if he took off his clothes, it was just like a living dry corpse, it was very scary.

But don’t look at this old man looks scary, but his eyes are gleaming, especially his cultivation, is the fourth grade Martial Emperor, than the Heavenly Dao House and the human king’s house, this time sent the head of the elders are much stronger.

As for this person, he was a well-known figure in the Holy Land of Martial Arts, not to mention the patriarchs of the four clans, even the four clans’ supreme elders would not dare to be reckless in front of him.

This person, due to his blackened face and fierce aura, and within the Hell Mansion, was located in the Judge one, and was made a Black Fury Judge by the world.

“How is it, is not feeling very excited, think about when the Red Emperor, Emperor, Bow Emperor, Green Emperor four people, each for the king of the time, my human race is how majestic, is truly standing in the peak of the sacred soil of martial arts of the existence, even the ancient elves do not dare to wantonly.”

“But after the Qing Emperor, no one could suppress the Ancient Elves anymore, although the Ancient Elves seldom showed their faces, giving the world a feeling of seclusion.”

“But our three mansions know most clearly, how domineering the Ancient Elves are, so many relics, burial grounds, they occupy the most, many benefits, all of them are monopolised by them, seemingly not competing with the world, in actuality, they are true bandits, alas ……”

“However, if Chu Feng is truly able to become the emperor of this era, he will definitely back up my Human Race, at that time, let’s see if he, the Ancient Elf, still dares to be arrogant.”When Judge Blackfiend spoke here, he flickered his gaze, as if he had seen the arrival of that day, with a face of relief.

“What Lord Judge said is very true, but Lord Judge, why did you mention the Red Emperor, the Emperor, the Bow Emperor, and the Green Emperor, but only the Beast Emperor was not mentioned?”An elder asked in disbelief.