Martial Champion Chapter 1804

Kill !!!!”

The Love Cai Immortal had already been injured, and naturally knew that a high person had intervened, but the love of money and killing heart had already risen, and he did not pay attention to that high person, but instead, he shouted, and lit up his weapon, and stabbed over to Chu Feng.

Boom – however, only to see that black-robed person, raising his hand and slapping his palm, only to hear a miserable scream, the Love of Wealth Immortal was blasted out several miles away.

Although this palm did not kill him, when Immortal Aizai landed on the ground, he was already a bloody mess, heavily injured, and lost his ability to fight.

Pah – after this, that person then placed his palm on top of the boundary, his palm trembled, and his divine might was revealed, and under such power, the dragon boundary, like a mirror shattering, fell apart.

Subsequently, that person’s sleeve robe fluttered, and Chu Feng and Hong Qiang both fell under that person’s control.

“Senior, although I don’t know who you are, I would like to ask you to get out of the trap for my old ancestor, along with the two Immortals.”Seeing that that person had come to save himself, Chu Feng opened his mouth to request.

Hearing those words, that person froze for a moment, and then his sleeve robes rolled once again.

Hohohohoho – in an instant, the sky darkened, dark clouds rolled, and a majestic whirlwind even appeared from out of nowhere and landed in the middle of the battle circle between the Hundred Miles Suspension and the four Clan Chiefs.

The whirlwind rotates, simply unstoppable, although there is no power to kill, but within that whirlwind, the four clan chiefs of the hall, is also like a falling leaf, can only rotate with it, but can’t fight against it.

Swish – at this moment, that black-robed man probed his hand and grabbed it, and the Hundred Mile Suspension transformed into a shadow of light and fell into that person’s hands.

Immediately after that, that person brought the three of them, Chu Feng, Hong Qiang, and Baili Hangkong, and concealed themselves into the void.

“Where to escape?”

The four Clan Chiefs, leading the four clans’ armies, desperately went after them, but how could they catch up?

Not to mention the figure, that one’s breath even disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye, and that naturally included the Chu Feng trio.

“Ah? Chu Feng was saved, that person is so strong, he is actually a Fourth Grade Martial Emperor, who exactly is he?”

“Who else could it be, it must be Zhang Tianyi’s father, the owner of that fortress, other than him, no one has that ability.”People all turned their gazes towards that fortress.

And at this moment, the people of the four clans not only cast their gazes towards the fortress, but they were also filled with murderous intent, their eyes red with anger, and a majestic killing intent that covered the entire fortress.

Although they knew that Zhang Tianyi’s father was not a good person, but if they dared to save Chu Feng, then they were enemies of their four clans, and they would definitely not stop.

“All of you, speak with evidence, otherwise… don’t blame me for being impolite.”However, right at this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s father, however, swept out from within the fortress and stood on top of it, looking around at the four directions with the same murderous aura.

But he couldn’t be blamed for his anger, after all, it was indeed the crowd that had wronged him.

“This …… surprisingly isn’t him?”

Seeing Zhang Tianyi’s father appear, the people were even more taken aback, that black clothed man had long ago fled and was fleeing outwards, while Zhang Tianyi’s father had immediately appeared, which meant that the person who had saved Chu Feng was really not him.

But if it was not him, then who could it be?

Wouldn’t that mean that there was another Fourth Grade Martial Emperor level great figure that was Chu Feng’s backer?

The Compass Immortal was nothing more than that, the Snow-haired Immortal was nothing more than that, and that Martial Emperor wearing a bucket hat was nothing more than that, but now another Fourth Grade Martial Emperor had even appeared, which was truly astonishing.

Just how powerful was this Chu Feng’s backing? Wouldn’t he really be able to fight against the Four Great Imperial Clans that had been passed down for tens of thousands of years?

Thinking of this, many people’s hearts were already turning over, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

Chu Feng’s appearance out of nowhere was really quite something.

“Shameless old mongrels, this Immortal will not play with you anymore.”

However, right at this moment, the snow-haired Immortal suddenly bellowed, then threw out an object, and immediately, thick smoke rolled out, obscuring the line of sight.

“Gentlemen, we will meet again.”And at the same time, the Compass Immortal also then took out the same item, and after throwing it out, the same thick smoke rolled out.

And as that rolling smoke spread, the two had already taken the opportunity to escape.

“If you guys don’t chase me, today’s matter will be cancelled out, if you dare to chase me, I will make sure that your four clans won’t have peace.”The snow-haired immortal not only escaped, but also openly threatened.

“Damn it.”At this moment, the four great emperor clans, a total of six supreme elders, were all trembling with anger, but no one went after Snow Hair and Luo Pan.

In fact, if they really wanted to retain Snow Hair and Luo Pan, they could still do so. But even if they did, what could they do?If they could kill the two of them, they would have killed them long ago, wouldn’t they let the two of them hold them back for so long?

If they continued to tangle, and pushed the two of them into a killing spree, he was afraid that the losses of his four great emperor clans would be more than that.

But the more this happened, the more unwilling they became, the more angry they became, and the more they hated Xuefa and Luo Pan.

They had ambushed for a long time, prepared for a long time, and carefully planned for a long time, but in the end, not only did they let Chu Feng escape, it seemed as if they hadn’t even injured Chu Feng.

And then looking at them, they could really have suffered heavy losses ah, under the Martial Emperor not to mention, even the Martial Emperors had suffered heavy deaths and injuries, the most speechless thing was that ten of them were Martial Emperors, surprisingly, they were still killed by Chu Feng’s own hands, and even the White-browed Immortal had died in Chu Feng’s hands.

But in the final analysis, this was all the trouble caused by Snow Hair and Compass, if they had not interfered, would Chu Feng have been able to escape? He would have died in their hands long ago.

However, knowing that the guilt was all on Xuefa and Luo Pan, they could only let them go, after all, right now, their men and horses were not suitable for Xuefa and Luo Pan to fight to the death. If they wanted to get rid of them, they had to think of another way.

However, no matter what, today, this battle they were defeated, and defeated completely, the heavy loss was not only the cultivation of many years of Martial Emperors and the four clans’ elites, but also the dignity and face of his four great imperial clans.

Therefore, at this moment, the four great emperor clans are really suffocating, everyone’s face, are ugly to the extreme.

They really couldn’t figure out how a mere Chu Feng could have so many people backing him up?

However, no matter how much the Four Great Imperial Races were suffocating, they were unable to stop the mouths of the crowd, after all, today, people had seen Chu Feng’s strength with their own eyes.

Not to mention that the four great imperial tribes themselves felt that, even the bystanders today were clear that the four great imperial tribes were enemies of Chu Feng, and were afraid that their future days would be very difficult.

After all, this son of Chu Feng was simply too heaven-defying.


And right now, outside of the crowd, within a piece of emptiness, there were three silhouettes hidden, and these were three people who, although they had the appearance of humans, had somewhat special looks.

Yellow hair, green eyes, tall stature, to be more than the ordinary human beauty, even if two of them, obviously is already a bad old man, but also than the ordinary human old man, to be much more handsome, at least when they were young, is also a beautiful man.

Especially these three, only that junior, is born a pair of, like a woman’s face, ordinary women in front of him, are eclipsed, the beauty is too beautiful, if he is a woman, is a beauty, but such a look, but less a point of masculinity.

But leaving aside the looks, this man’s cultivation, but some extraordinary, he is at most only ten years older than Chu Feng, is an absolute junior, but he is a Martial Emperor, a real first grade Martial Emperor.

As for the five old men behind this man, they were even more remarkable, not only were they all Martial Emperors, but they were also two Fourth Grade Martial Emperors.

These two were on the same level as the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders, Immortal Compass and Immortal Snow Hair.

These three, all of them were from the Ancient Elves.

No, to be precise, they were people from the Elf Kingdom