Martial Champion Chapter 1802

I’ve known about the power of this golden arrow for a long time, it’s just that it’s even more powerful than I expected.”

“I wonder, if it will be able to relieve my old ancestor.”As Chu Feng spoke, he took out another golden arrow, strung and drew his bow, aiming it at the four Clan Chiefs who were entangled in a fight with the Baili Suspension, as well as the five Second Grade Martial Emperors.

“Ah? Chu Feng didn’t flee, but instead aimed his arrow at the four Clan Chiefs, could it be that he wanted to shoot the four Clan Chiefs? Those are four Third Grade Martial Emperors?”Seeing this scene, people were shocked again.

“Second grade Martial Emperor, die!”And at this moment, Chu Feng let out an explosive cry, and then he loosened the golden arrow in his hand.

Boom – the golden arrow streaked through the air, appearing to be a straight golden dragon, carrying a momentum that was strong enough to pierce through everything, and aimed at that one of the Second Grade Martial Emperors, and shot over.

That’s right, Chu Feng had not thought of beheading the four Clan Chiefs, well at least they were also Third Grade Martial Emperors, it was impossible for the Golden Arrow to be strong enough to behead them, this point of self-knowledge Chu Feng still had, so even if he did an experiment, Chu Feng would only be able to take the Second Grade Martial Emperors to do the experiment.


Seeing the golden arrow coming, that Second Grade Martial Emperor was also terrified, he knew that this arrow was unavoidable, and smartly, he used the power of the Half-Completed Imperial Soldier while executing the Earth Forbidden Martial Technique to block that golden arrow.

Rumble – when the golden arrow collided with that martial skill, it turned into a dazzling golden light that shot out in all directions.

And when that golden light dissipated, that Second Grade Martial Emperor, his body was drenched in blood, as many shocking injuries as possible, but in the end …… that was just a superficial wound.

He survived, that golden arrow could only injure him, but could not kill him.

“Ah? Not dead, that golden arrow was blocked?”The crowd marvelled.

“Sure enough, can it still only kill a First Grade Martial Emperor?”Chu Feng also discovered that although the golden arrow was strong, unless it took advantage of someone’s defences to sneak in secretly, it was simply impossible to kill a Second Grade Martial Emperor from the front, and could only kill a First Grade Martial Emperor.

“Bai Mei, what are you waiting for? He can’t kill a Second Grade Martial Emperor, why don’t you do it now?”The Nangong Patriarch shouted.

“Shame on you, little friend Chu Feng, we meet again.”

As the Nangong Clan Chief’s words fell, a figure exploded out of the ground and swept towards Chu Feng and Hong Qiang.

That person was no other than the White-browed Immortal.

At the same time, from the battle circle that was entangled with Baili Hangkong, two more Second Grade Martial Emperors swept in, and among them was the Second Grade Martial Emperor who had been shot and wounded by Chu Feng earlier.

This person’s killing intent was monstrous, and although he had come here with orders to kill Chu Feng, Chu Feng knew clearly that he had come more to take revenge, to avenge Chu Feng’s arrow.

“Second Grade Martial Emperor.”

Chu Feng drew his golden arrow and aimed it at the White-browed Immortal below who was closest to him.

“Hahahahaha……” The White-browed Immortal burst into laughter, and then a sufficient number of Boundary Defensive Shields continuously surfaced in front of his body, and those were all Dragon Mark level Boundary Defences.

The golden arrow, although all the defensive cover, all pierced through, but close to the white eyebrow Immortal, is already powerless, by the white eyebrow Immortal one hand grasped in the hand.

“Good arrow, but unfortunately, it can’t hurt me.”Holding the golden arrow in his hand, and watching that golden arrow lose its power and disappear into golden light in his hand, the corners of the White-browed Immortal’s mouth were filled with smugness.

“Chu Feng, I know that you are exceptionally gifted, and I also know that you have outstanding natural talent, honestly speaking, right now, if I were to kill you, there is really some reluctance to do so, but alas, I must …… today hmm?”

White-browed Immortal’s words had not yet finished, suddenly his pupils shrank, he was shocked to discover that Chu Feng had actually taken out a purple rocket vector from within his Qiankun bag, and had already aimed an arrow on the string at himself.

Most importantly, as a Dragon Mark Grade Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist, he was able to deeply feel that the power contained in that Purple Arrow Vector was far above that Golden Arrow Vector.

“White-browed Immortal, farewell forever.”Chu Feng faintly smiled, then shouted, “Second Grade Martial Emperor, die!”

Rumble – there was another loud sound, only this loud sound was even more ear-piercing than the previous golden arrow, and under that loud sound, the violet arrow vector transformed into a straight line of fiery light that swept towards the White-browed Immortal.

“Not good.”The White-browed Immortal secretly screamed that it was not good, and turned around to escape.

But unfortunately, that purple rocket vector was a life-saving arrow, and its speed was far higher than that of the White-browed Immortal.

At this moment, the White-browed Immortal could only escape while setting up a boundary to block the purple rocket vector.

However, his boundary, in front of the purple rocket vector, was like nothing, not only was it easily pierced through, but it was also unable to block the speed of the purple rocket vector.

Pfft – in the end, the purple rocket vector, still in full view of everyone, pierced through the white-browed Immortal’s body.


In the next moment, the White-browed Immortal let out a miserable scream, and his body began to burn with hot purple flames, indeed purple flames, and those purple flames were very strange, with teeth and claws, like countless harsh sclerotic hands, in a piece by piece, tearing apart the Snow-haired Immortal’s physical body.

Under this situation, the snow-haired Immortal soon flew into ashes and died under that purple flame vector.

“Master !!!!”

Among the crowd, a cry of pain, as well as incredulity, came from the White-browed Immortal’s disciple, Meng Xiaoyan.

And this cry was also telling people that the one who had just died was not only a Second Grade Martial Emperor, but also an Immortal, one of only ten Dragonlance Grade Imperial Cloak Boundary Spirit Masters in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts.

“Damn it.”

At that moment, the two Second Grade Martial Emperors that had already approached Chu Feng immediately turned pale and immediately stopped their steps.

It was because after decapitating the White-browed Immortal, Chu Feng had simultaneously taken out two more violet rocket vectors and had already aimed them at the two of them.

“Second Grade Martial Emperor, die!”

Rumbling – rumbling – Chu Feng did not give those two a chance to escape, and as the two arrows were fired, those two were burned to ashes by the raging violet fire just like the White-browed Immortal, and died under the arrows.

“Heavens, this isn’t a dream, is it? That Chu Feng is also a little too terrifying, in the blink of an eye, he actually killed three more Second Grade Martial Emperors, with this kind of strength, who can stop him?”

Many of the older generation were in awe, and those of the younger generation were even more out of reach.

Is this still a junior? Among the juniors, who could easily kill a Martial Emperor like this? This is simply a move that no one has done before or since, since ancient times, no one can do.

The crowd, truly, was in awe !!!!

Right now, although Chu Feng, in one breath, had killed seven First Grade Martial Emperors and three Second Grade Martial Emperors.

However, there was some loss in Chu Feng’s eyes, as he had used nine golden arrows and three violet arrow vectors in one breath.

Among the arrows obtained that day, there was only one golden arrow left today.

These arrows were too precious, if he didn’t use them, but instead took them out and sold them after today, they would definitely be worth a lot.

But unfortunately, in today’s situation, he had to use it, or else his life would be hard to protect, but those arrows were too precious, and Chu Feng still felt somewhat reluctant to part with them.

However, after looking at the ten Qiankun bags in his hands, Chu Feng then smiled, although he had used up nine golden arrows and three violet arrow vectors, but from the White-browed Immortal and the others, he had obtained many supreme treasures.

At this moment, in these ten Qian Kun Bags, not to mention anything else, there were seven Half-Completed Emperor Armaments alone, and other supreme treasures in various aspects were countless, especially the White-browed Immortal.

Inside his Qiankun Pouches, there was truly a wide array of items that could be described as everything, especially the items needed by a Realm Spiritist.

The only regret was that although there were many treasures here, there wasn’t a single cultivation treasure, but these treasures were worth a lot, and Chu Feng would be able to take them to sell them in the future, and would also be able to exchange them for many heaven and earth wonders that could be used for Chu Feng’s cultivation, so Chu Feng was still very happy.