Martial Champion Chapter 1801

Another half-completed Imperial Armament, just how many half-completed Imperial Armaments does this Chu Feng have?”Looking at the azure-coloured longbow in Chu Feng’s hand, people were doubly surprised.

After all, people already knew that Chu Feng had once seized the “Green Rainbow Sword” and the “Purple Rainbow Sword”, two half-completed Imperial Armaments, from the hands of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Imperial Prince.

Afterwards, he had conquered the famous devil sword “Evil God Sword” in the Moon Worshipping Cloud City, and previously used Ximen Feixue’s “Heavenly Immortal Sword”, but now he had taken out another half-completed Imperial weapon with such a high quality, which was really enviable.

After all, half-completed Imperial weapons were so precious that even the strong Martial Emperors of the four clans present did not all possess them, yet Chu Feng, a Half-Emperor, possessed so many of them on his own.

Swish – However, just as the people were envious, his right hand crossed from his Qiankun Pouch, and a golden arrow, too, was held in his hand.

With the arrow in his hand, Chu Feng immediately strung the arrow and violently drew his bow, then shouted, “First Grade Martial Emperor, die!!!”

Boom – as soon as this arrow came out, heaven and earth moved, and a sound that was superior to thunder suddenly exploded from the bowstring, and at the same time, only a golden light was seen sweeping past, and the First Grade Martial Emperor that was closest to Chu Feng had his body broken by the golden arrow.


When the golden arrow broke his body, that First Grade Martial Emperor let out a heart-rending, miserable cry.


And that …… was precisely the Martial Emperor of the Ximen Imperial Clan that had previously clamoured with Chu Feng.

“Huh? What happened?”Seeing that scene, not to mention the bystanders, even those other two Martial Emperors who were chasing after Chu Feng froze there.

For a moment, people were unclear as to what exactly had happened, and how that dang First Grade Martial Emperor had died just like that!

“First Grade Martial Emperor, die!”

Boom – right at that moment, Chu Feng let out another high shout, and at the same time, another golden arrow shot out.


Immediately after that, amongst the two Martial Emperors that froze there, there was another one who had his body broken by the golden arrow and began to scream miserably.

Along with the golden beams of light that continued to blossom from within his body, very quickly that Martial Emperor powerhouse exploded and died just like the previous one.

“Huh? It was that golden arrow, Chu Feng was using that golden arrow to kill the Martial Emperor.”Finally, someone reflected.

Before those two Martial Emperors died, both of them had their bodies broken by that golden arrow, were they not injured by that golden arrow?

Just what kind of treasure was this golden arrow? It was so painful to kill even a First Grade Martial Emperor, and with this kind of power, even a Second Grade Martial Emperor might not be able to stand it, right?

Swish – And just as the crowd was marvelling, Chu Feng pulled out another golden arrow.

“Huh?”Seeing that Chu Feng had already strung that golden arrow, that First Grade Martial Emperor who was closest to Chu Feng immediately had his nerves tightened and turned green with fear.

“Heh ……” Looking at the other party’s greenish face, Chu Feng then faintly smiled, and then suddenly aimed at one of the two Martial Emperors that were fighting with Hong Qiang and shouted, “First Grade Martial Emperor, die! ”

Boom – the arrow followed his heart, and as soon as that golden arrow came out, it immediately swept towards that Martial Emperor that Chu Feng wanted to kill.

“Damn it.”

However, just as that golden arrow was shot out, that Martial Emperor unexpectedly turned his body and concealed himself into the void.

It turned out that even though he had been fighting with Hong Qiang, he had also been paying attention to what was happening on Chu Feng’s side, and knowing that that golden arrow was powerful, he chose to flee at that moment.

Pfft – however, only to see that golden arrow slice through the void from the void, a blood appeared out of thin air.


Immediately after that, the Martial Emperor who had hidden into the void, also reappeared, only that at this moment, when he emerged, his body was already covered in golden beams of light, and then he exploded and died.

“First Grade Martial Emperor, die!”

Boom – however, right after that person had just died, another golden arrow burst forth, decapitating that other Martial Emperor who was fighting with Hong Qiang on the spot.

“Not good, Chu Feng’s golden arrow can indeed kill Martial Emperors.”At that moment, one of the three people who had begun chasing after Chu Feng turned around and ran.

Having watched Chu Feng shoot down four First Grade Martial Emperors, he knew that he absolutely could not be spared as well, and that he had to escape as quickly as possible in order to do so.

“This ……” while watching, the Hall of Fame First Grade Martial Emperor, being scared shitless by Chu Feng and fleeing, people did not know how to describe it, the mood at this moment was good.

“Escape, can you escape?”Chu Feng coldly laughed, and took out another golden arrow, and after shouting out that person’s cultivation, he let go of his hand and fired another arrow.

Boom – another arrow straightened through the air, even though that person fled very quickly, that golden arrow, as long as it left the string, was like a life-chasing talisman, that person ultimately still did not escape the fate of having his body broken by the golden arrow, and then bursting into flames and dying.

“Damn, this bastard is simply not human.”That two Martial Emperors who were entangled with the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad also turned around and ran away, not only using extremely fast body martial techniques, but also taking out their Escape Supreme Treasures to hide their whereabouts.

Boom Boom Boom – however, Chu Feng shot two arrows consecutively, and only heard two miserable screams coming from them, those two were already dead, dying under the golden arrows.

“This ……”

At this moment, the crowd was dumbstruck, and many of them were already too surprised to speak.

A full seven First Grade Martial Emperors had all been shot dead by Chu Feng in the blink of an eye, it was truly hard for people to not be surprised.

How could this Chu Feng be so ferocious? Was this still a junior? Was this still a Half-Emperor? Was this still a human being?

“Chu Feng, just how many other means do you have that I do not know about?”Beside the elders of the Heavenly Dao Palace, Leng Yue stood there.

It was only at that moment that her eyes were filled with fear, she still remembered that when she had fought with Chu Feng that day, Chu Feng had said that he had a supreme treasure that could easily take Leng Yue’s life, but he just didn’t bother to use it.

At that time, Leng Yue was still sneering and did not believe that Chu Feng would have that kind of treasure at all, but today, upon seeing it, she realised that she was so ignorant and ridiculous.

It wasn’t that Chu Feng didn’t have that kind of treasure, he did, because today, he had used that treasure to shoot down a full seven First Grade Martial Emperors.

It was just that Chu Feng had fought her that day and did not bother to use it, otherwise… she, Leng Yue, could not stand here peacefully and had long since perished under that golden arrow.

“Chu Feng, to think that you would have such a powerful thing, old me, today, I was saved by you.”Hong Qiang came close to Chu Feng, smiling from ear to ear, Chu Feng had truly given him a surprise.

At this moment, Hong Qiang’s body had several shocking wounds, there were fire wounds and knife wounds, the fire burned the skin black, and the knife wounds opened the skin into the bone.

From this, it could be seen that although Hong Qiang had held back two First Grade Martial Emperors, in reality, he was only barely holding them back, and was actually unable to fight one against two at all.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have suffered multiple injuries in such a short period of time, and if he continued to tangle, he was afraid that if he didn’t die, he would still have to suffer serious injuries.

So he was right, it was indeed Chu Feng who had saved him!