Martial Champion Chapter 1798

This ……”

After hearing Elder Ximen’s words, Elder Dongfang’s brows were furrowed and his face was unnatural, he was still unwilling to make a move, he was not wanting to make an enemy out of the Snow-haired Immortal.

After all, even if they combined their efforts, they might not be able to kill the Snow-haired Immortal, but if they didn’t kill the Snow-haired Immortal, then the Snow-haired Immortal was bound to hold a grudge.

With the strength of the Snow-haired Immortal, coupled with her solitary character, if she held a grudge, then in the future, where would the people of his Eastern Imperial Clan dare to walk in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts.

Not to mention the clan, even if he was holding the Emperor Dragon Seal, if he encountered the Snow-haired Immortal alone, he was afraid that there would be a lot of bad luck.

Because the Snow-haired Immortal, was really too ferocious, otherwise how could he suppress two Imperial Dragon Seal-wielding Supreme Elders under the same cultivation level, knowing that the more Imperial Dragon Seals there were, the stronger the strength could be.

“Dongfang, we can’t just stand by and watch any longer, or else the reputation of my four great emperor clans will be buried in the hands of this snow-haired immortal today, and even if my four clans aren’t annihilated, I won’t be able to hold my head up in the Sacred Soil of Martial Arts in the future.”

“But if we join forces, with the Emperor Dragon Seal, and the strength of all the clansmen, we might be able to kill the Snow-haired Immortal, and in that case, not only will we remove our archenemy, but the prestige of my four clans will also flourish.”

After Patriarch Beitang said this, his sleeve robe flung out, and another golden dragon seal emerged.

Roar – as soon as the Emperor Dragon Seal came out, it transformed into a giant dragon, which was hundreds of metres long and crossed the sky like a golden auspicious cloud, dazzling and powerful.

“It seems that we can only let go.”Immediately after, Elder Dongfang also struck out.

Roar – another dragon roar, and another Emperor Dragon Seal struck out.

The four Great Elders of the four clans, each holding an Emperor Dragon Seal, surrounded the snow-haired Immortal.

“Hey,” however, just as Elder Beitang and Elder Dongfang, joined forces to attack, the Snow-haired Immortal’s eyes narrowed slightly, flashing a colour of cunning.

Subsequently, the Snow-haired Immortal used that Ancient Imperial Soldier to open up a path, and his body transformed into a stream of light, actually travelling through the middle of Elder Beitang and Elder Dongfang, and arriving in front of Baili Hangkong as well as Hong Qiang.

“Oh no, he’s trying to save people.”Seeing this scene, the guards who were guarding Baili Hangkong’s near front moved to block.

“Scram.”However, before they could move, the snow-haired Immortal merely moved with a thought, and a layer of mighty pressure swept out, and those guards were like kites with broken strings as they were bombarded and swept away into the distance, and by the time they landed, they were already bloodied, and none of them survived.

“Chu Feng, this master of mine, he treats you quite well, doesn’t he?”At this moment, the snow-haired Immortal, had already stuffed Baili Hangkong as well as Hong Qiang, all of them, into that boundary that guarded Chu Feng, allowing the three of them to be reunited.

“Many thanks, senior.”Chu Feng could already speak at this moment, but he did not call Senior, it was not that he did not want to worship the Snow-haired Immortal as his teacher, he just did not dare to.

This demoness, was simply too changeable, and the scene where she had experimented on herself that day was still fresh in his mind, so even if she had risked her life to come and save herself today, Chu Feng did not dare to trust this demoness.

“You little brat, could it be that you still hold a grudge from that day?”The Snow-haired Immortal saw through Chu Feng’s mind, but did not get angry and instead gave a moving smile.

“Snow-haired, I must kill you today.”

And right at this moment, those four Supreme Elders, not only had they already chased after him, but they were also surrounding the Snow-haired Immortal from all sides, and their eyes were bloodshot, their killing intent even thicker.

To know, just now, the snow-haired immortal killed, that is the four great emperor clan, the elite of the elite, not to mention that many people have the opportunity to become a martial emperor, just died, there are two Ximen emperor clan of the first grade martial emperor ah.

So at this moment, Elder Ximen, really hated the Snow-haired Immortal to the bone, and could not wait to eat her flesh and drink her blood, but even if this was the case, it would be difficult to resolve the hatred in his heart.

“I heard that the Emperor Dragon Seal, the only way for its power to be truly unleashed is if four of them come together, just in time, let me see the power of this Emperor Dragon Seal of yours.”

“No, it’s my Emperor Dragon Seal.”At these words, the corner of the snow-haired Immortal’s mouth lifted into a greedy smile.

“To dare to peek at the Emperor Dragon Seal is an unforgivable offence.”At this moment, even the Eastern Elder was furious beyond measure.

The Emperor Dragon Seal was an ancestral treasure, the foundation of the four great emperor clans, and for the snow-haired immortal to even have such thoughts, he felt that it was unforgivable and had to be eliminated before he could do so.

“Kill, kill this demonic girl and rid the Sacred Land of Martial Arts of any harm.”The four elders joined forces.

“Set up a formation, help Lord Supreme Elder, get rid of this demoness!!!”At the same time, the patriarchs of the four clans shouted.

“Obey your orders !!!!!!!!!!”

After this, the word “Obey”, rang out together, and the strength of that voice was as if it was going to break through the clouds and enter the heavens.

After this, all the people present in the four clans, above their foreheads are all emperor words shining, then the four clans of elites, palms turn over, all appear a small gold medal, then all the people will be that gold medal buckle on their foreheads above the word God, the other hand pointed to the four supreme elders.

Swish, swish, swish, swish – in an instant, tens of thousands of small golden dragon silhouettes rose up out of the air and continuously swept into the bodies of the four supreme elders.

And at this moment, the emperor characters on the foreheads of the four supreme elders were not only shining more and more, the emperor dragon seal in their hands was even more powerful, and the four golden dragons were getting bigger and bigger and more and more lifelike, lifelike, with their scales fluttering, it was just like the four real dragons that were dancing in the sky.

Buzzing – under the suppression of those four golden dragons, the pressure of the Snow-haired Immortal’s Ancient Imperial Soldier that was catalysed was getting smaller and smaller, and even the light that bloomed, also became weak.

“Snow-haired, you don’t know what’s good for you, you dare to use your own strength to fight against my four great emperor clans, today, you won’t have enough to die.”Seeing that the Snow-haired Immortal was suppressed by himself, the corners of the mouths of the four tribes’ elders, finally overflowed with a smug arc.

“Who said that Snow Hair was alone?”However, right at this moment, a laugh suddenly rang out, followed by a golden spear that was a hundred metres long, directly stabbing into the Snow-haired Immortal’s battle circle, and began to fight with the Snow-haired Immortal, fighting those four golden dragons.

“You… it’s actually you, Luo Pan, how could it be you?”

At this moment, the elders of the four clans were also taken aback, because there was a person within those golden spears, and this person was no other than Immortal Compass.

“Immortal Compass, he actually came too?”Although people could not see Immortal Compass’s figure, they had heard his name.

“Shameless stinking monk, what are you doing here?”As a matter of fact, even Xuefa had a puzzled look on his face, and even when he looked at Immortal Compass, he had a hostile look on his face.

“Xuefa, you’re allowed to come and take in disciples, but you’re not allowed to come?”Luo Pan said with a smirk.

“Take in disciples?”Hearing this, many people were at a loss.

“Damn stinking monk, are you trying to steal Chu Feng from this Immortal?”It was the snow-haired Immortal who was the first to come to a realisation.

“Precisely.”Immortal Compass smiled and nodded.

“Ah? What? Immortal Compass and Immortal Snowhair appeared together, actually to snatch Chu Feng as their disciple? This ……”

Hearing this, many people opened their mouths wide in surprise.

Especially those juniors, each and every one of them were even more envious of Chu Feng.

What kind of status did the Snow-haired Immortal and the Luo Pan Immortal have? How many people who wanted to be their disciples could only think about it.

But now, these two people who never wanted to accept disciples were actually competing for Chu Feng’s disciple, what an honour.

But at the same time, some people also understood that it wasn’t that these two people didn’t want to accept disciples, it was just that they had a high level of discernment, and they had never been able to find a disciple that they liked.

But Chu Feng, was definitely qualified, otherwise how could they not hesitate to make enemies of the four clans, but also want to accept Chu Feng as a disciple?