Martial Champion Chapter 1797

Blood poured down like rain, this scene, perhaps very common, but at this moment, people were creeped out, after all, those who died, could be the elites of the four great emperor clans, each one of them was a half-imperial powerhouse.

Half emperor even if far less rare than the martial emperor, but also not everyone can reach the realm, right now, nearly a thousand half emperor instantly all dead, how can people not be shocked?

Especially the juniors, they were really scared, they had seen what it meant to regard human life as grass, what it meant to kill without blinking an eye.

“Xuefa, you are really looking for death.”

Seeing that his clan members were killed, Elder Nangong was thunderous at the moment, his big sleeves flung out, and the road of force was like a wave, rolling towards Xuefa one after another.

However, in the face of Elder Nangong’s attack, Xuefa even did not even dodge, just stood there, let that attack continuously bombarded on its body, not only did not lose a single hair, even the clothes have not broken half a point.

“Such an attack, it doesn’t even deserve to tickle me.”Xuefa laughed contemptuously, then raised his hand and grabbed it, and an invisible force attacked that Nangong Elder.

“Emperor Dragon Seal!!!”

Although that attack was invisible, but the Nangong Elder’s face changed greatly, he didn’t dare to dodge rashly, and could only take out that four-square Emperor Dragon Seal to make a defence.

Roar – once the Emperor Dragon Seal came out, not only did the golden aura shoot out in all directions, but it also emitted a dragon roar, and vaguely in front of the Elder of the Nangong Imperial Clan, a huge dragon hundreds of metres long actually appeared, coiled in front of his body.

Seeing that huge dragon, many people were in awe, they felt that under that huge dragon, Elder Nangong was absolutely safe, because there was nothing that could shake that huge dragon.

Clang – However, at the very next moment, that huge dragon was a body tremor, and then the space around it, all collapsed.

“How could it be, clearly the same Fourth Grade Martial Emperor, how could Xuefa’s battle power be so strong?”

Although he had blocked Xuefa’s attack with the Emperor Dragon Seal, Elder Nangong and the other three Supreme Elders all had their brows furrowed.

Just now, if it wasn’t for Elder Nangong, who had used the Imperial Dragon Seal, an imperial weapon, I’m afraid that he really wouldn’t have been able to block that strike from Immortal Snow Hair, but Immortal Snow Hair was clearly the same as the four of them, the same Fourth Grade Martial Emperor ah.

“Yo, so it’s the Imperial Dragon Seal.”The snow-haired Immortal laughed faintly.

“Emperor Dragon Seal, that’s the Emperor Dragon Seal? The inherited treasure of the four clans? No wonder… no wonder it’s so powerful,” Hearing these words, people all cast their gazes on the Emperor Dragon Seal in Elder Nangong’s hand.

It has been heard that the emperor soldier is strong, but how many have really seen it, after all, the emperor soldier is like a legend, it is a mythical thing.

“Emperor Dragon Seal? It is somewhat similar to the Heavenly Forbidden Dao Light Seal used by Leng Yue, but… there is also a great difference… this is an Imperial Soldier… a true Imperial Soldier… it is truly extraordinary.”

At this moment, Chu Feng was also quite surprised, no matter how strong the Heaven Forbidding Martial Technique was, it was ultimately a Martial Technique, but an Imperial Soldier was a physical object, and that kind of pressure was truly unrivalled.

“However, the Emperor Soldiers can be more than just you guys.”However, right at this moment, the snow-haired Immortal flung his sleeve robe, and a white light exploded out.

Boom – as soon as that object came out, not only did the heavens and earth tremble, even the pressure of the Emperor Dragon Seal was oppressed, and at this moment, a pressure that wasn’t the least bit weaker than the Emperor Dragon Seal was already emanating.

An Emperor Soldier, another Emperor Soldier, but upon closer inspection, people were doubly surprised.

That imperial weapon was actually a hairpin, that’s right, it was the hairpin that had been used to dish out hair for a daughter’s family.

This hairpin was silver-coloured and appeared to be made of silver, and although it was carved and engraved, from the outside, it was no different from an ordinary hairpin, and it was even not as gorgeous and good-looking as the current hairpins.

However, this hairpin was a true imperial weapon, and that kind of powerful pressure could definitely not be mistaken.

“What a strong ancient aura, this is an Emperor’s Soldier from the Ancient Era.”Chu Feng could already tell where this hairpin came from.

As a matter of fact, when that hairpin appeared, the gazes of the top experts of the older generation sent out by the Three Prefectures all became complicated, as if they knew that hairpin.

“So this Ancient Imperial Soldier, has fallen into your hands, no wonder you have so much guts to dare to go against my four clans.”At this moment, the elders of the four clans, obviously all recognised the hairpin as well.

“Hmph, there’s just too much you guys don’t know.”The snow-haired Immortal was unimpressed, but he didn’t tell them why that hairpin had reached him, in a manner that looked down on the four clans.

But the elders of the four clans, wanted to speak, but then put it back, the snow-haired Immortal is already strong, and there is also the Emperor’s Soldier in hand, they really do not want to fight with the snow-haired again, even if their own clansmen have already been beheaded by nearly a thousand of them, but they are still a little afraid.

On second thought, a cunning gaze flashed across Elder Nangong’s eyes, then he turned his gaze towards Chu Feng and shouted:

“Chu Feng, if you commit suicide, I will release your seniors, otherwise I will immediately kill your seniors, so you can see for yourself.”

“Chu Feng is my disciple, his life and death is also determined by me.”However, before Chu Feng could speak, the Snow-haired Immortal, with a single movement of her mind, a dragon pattern boundary tightly bound Chu Feng.

Not only did she bind Chu Feng’s physical body, even the flow of force was also bound by her, she was trying to prevent Chu Feng from committing suicide.

Indeed, right now, Chu Feng’s life and death was something that Chu Feng himself could not decide, and everything was in the hands of Immortal Snow Hair again.

“Xuefa, if you do that, we can only kill them.”Elder Nangong, put a majestic killing intent that covered Baili Hangkong as well as the Hong Qiang duo.

“Kill them, it’s none of my business if you kill them.”The snow-haired Immortal spoke with disdain.

“You ……” Hearing this, the corners of the mouths of the elders of the four clans, all twitched.

Despite that, they did not kill Baili Hangkong and Hong Qiang, in fact, they knew very well that Baili Hangkong and Hong Qiang were the only chips they had to hold Chu Feng back, and they absolutely could not kill Chu Feng before he died.

“From the looks of it, you are nothing but a bunch of goons, and you do not intend to take revenge even if your clan members are killed.”

“Truly uninteresting, since that is the case, then this Immortal will leave.”After the snow-haired Immortal uttered these words, he was about to leave.

“Snow Hair, you are truly too deceitful.”And at this moment, Elder Nangong, who had forcibly suppressed his anger, finally exploded, not only did he explode, Elder Ximen also exploded.

Elder Ximen and Elder Nangong teamed up and each took out their Emperor Dragon Seal, and then attacked the snow-haired Immortal.

Because the Snow-haired Immortal’s words were simply humiliating them in public, and if they still endured, the prestige of the four clans was about to be wiped out today.

“Hmph, this is somewhat interesting.”However, even though the two elders were united in their attack, the snow-haired Immortal was not the least bit afraid.

Swish, swish, swish, swish – its hands swung, its two sleeves perfumed with wind, while that piece of the Emperor Armament Hairpin, which had also suddenly grown in size, cut through the sky like a sharp sword, and engaged the two Emperor Dragon Seals in a battle.

Boom Boom Boom Boom – In an instant, the roar resounded continuously, and the emperor’s might was even more surging and extraordinary, with raging ripples, like invisible thousands of armies, chopping in all directions.

Oooh ah – in an instant, many more people of the four clans died, not to mention the people of the four clans, even many onlookers were implicated, dead and injured.

“Block the emperor’s might.”Seeing this, the four great emperor clans’ clan leaders, also shot out, although they could not participate in the battle between the elders and Xuefa, they could not stand by and watch, they had to try to block that emperor’s might, to avoid casualties among their clansmen.

However, that emperor’s might was simply too strong, even though they were noble third grade Martial Emperors, they were unable to block all of it.

As long as they were within a certain range from the Emperor’s might, anyone under a Martial Emperor would be seriously injured, if not killed.

And seeing that that imperial might was so terrifying, many people were rushing to hide far away, not wanting to be implicated again, even the people of the four clans, those with low cultivation, were also rushing to leave.

Because at this moment, just that ferocious Imperial Might had already taken the lives of tens of thousands of people.

“Dongfang, Beitang, people have already so disregarded my four clans in their eyes, are you still not going to make a move, are you going to put the prestige of my four clans aside and ignore it?”Patriarch Ximen shouted hysterically.

He said this, to the extent that it wasn’t because he loved his clan, it was really because he and the Nangong Clan Chief had joined forces, and it was difficult for them to win against the Xuefa Immortal, and instead, they were suppressed by Xuefa. They had to seek help, or else they would suffer a great loss today.